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  • Superb soft gel capsules encased in a sensational hemp seed shell
Under 0.3%
Lab Certified
These capsules are my savior! I get them every month and take one daily. They help with my anxiety and overall pain, as I am often sore from my job. - Michael 

Product Description

Ingredients: Purified Water, Geletin (All Natural), Glycerin, Hemp Extract, Hempseed Oil


  • Soft Gel Capsules
  • 75mg each x20 (1500mg bottle) OR x40 (3000mg bottle)

Learn more about Genesis CBD Capsules

Our very own CBD Genesis capsules can bring you efficient cannabidiol (CBD) relief. These non-psychoactive supplements have lots of CBD, but have less than 0.3% THC, so there’s no potential for intoxication.


Capsules are renowned for providing a steady flow of CBD. They work for a longer period than some other CBD products, such as tinctures. With CBD Genesis capsules, you won’t feel the benefits until the capsule is digested and the oil is absorbed. But once the effects do start coming, you can expect to experience all-day relief.


In this post, we’ll go into more detail about the ingredients used in our CBD Genesis capsules. We’ll show you how to maximize them and outline some common reasons for taking CBD in capsule form.

Ingredients used

CBD Genesis capsules are made with hemp seed oil and hemp extract, purified water, glycerin and gelatin. Many people find it easier to swallow softgel capsules than harder alternatives. They have now emerged as the number one way of taking oil-based supplement products.


The bioavailability of CBD is low in comparison to some other substances. Soft-gel capsule delivery promotes a more reliable and effective CBD experience than harder capsules. The latter are also more prone to cracking.

Why use CBD capsules?

Working out how to take your CBD can be one of the biggest challenges for a new user. This is especially so for those yet to try hemp-based products and are daunted by the range of options.


Capsules are great because taking them is no different to any other supplement or medication. Just work out how much you want, and you can guarantee taking the exact same dose every time. You’ll then be able to judge more clearly the effect that various doses of CBD have on you.

To improve mental health

CBD is being touted as a natural remedy that can help with a number of conditions. It may also be of use for more general issues related to mental health. Several investigations suggest that CBD can reduce symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, the neuroprotective and neurogenesis properties of CBD could be vital to reversing damage from brain inflammation. Some research indicates this could be responsible for depression.


The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is implicated in cognition, and the central nervous system is teeming with cannabinoid receptors. It’s no surprise, then, that CBD can have therapeutic value for our psychological health. CBD also promotes hippocampus growth, which may have a positive effect on short and long-term memory.


Last but not least, smaller doses of CBD have been associated with increased wakefulness and higher levels of focus. This could mean great potential for CBD Genesis capsules as a natural, non-addictive study aid. They could also be used as a focus supplement for work.

For immune system regulation

Regulating and strengthening the body’s immune system response reduces the threat of viruses and bacteria. It also negates the risk of the body turning on and attack itself, as happens with aggressive inflammation. CBD has shown great promise as a substance that boosts the immune system.


This is because of the close connection between the immune system and the ECS. When we take CBD, there is increased activity at the CB2 receptor. When compounds bind with this receptor, they exert an anti-inflammatory effect. More specifically, there is the suppression of proteins, such as cytokines, which trigger inflammation.

As a supplement

CBD is great as a supplement that helps us to stay physically and mentally healthier. Some people take lots of capsules each day, keeping them in a ‘stack’. CBD oil capsules are a very good supplemental dietary product, thanks to the regulating effect on the ECS.

Regulation of the ECS encourages good bone and reproductive health. It can also improve our mood over the long-term, while reducing sensitivity to pain. CBD can also lower cortisol levels, and as a strong antioxidant, it’s great for brain health, too.

Capsules are discreet

There is still a lot of confusion with CBD among the public. Not everybody knows or appreciates that hemp-based products are legal and non-psychoactive. So, it’s no wonder that some like to be private about their usage of CBD. With capsules, you are afforded the ultimate discretion and efficiency.


CBD Genesis capsules do not smell and are contained in a small tub for easy access. Furthermore, with capsules the process of taking them is very simple – just swallow with a glass of water. There is some evidence that taking CBD alongside fatty foods boosts potency, by making the CBD easier to metabolize.

Dosing with CBD capsules

Our capsules are infused with either 75mg of CBD. With 20 capsules in a tub, or 40 capsules, this amounts to 1500mg and 3000mg total CBD in each tub. A 75mg dose is just right if using CBD as a daily supplement. However, those taking capsules for sleep or pain relief may find that 2 capsules are more effective.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). CBD capsules are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with a physician if you are in need of medical assistance or are considering changing your prescription medications.

Final thoughts

This CBD Genesis Capsules review has hopefully shown you more about how CBD can be beneficial. We’ve also tried to explain why this product in particular is enjoyed by consumers. Here at CBD Genesis, we have put a lot of thought into how are capsules can stand out from others. We chose to make them with soft gel so that they are easy to take.


Having two distinct doses also helps people to work out the effects of different amounts of CBD. Low doses can work better than higher doses, depending on the problem you’re trying to remedy. So, it is always worth keeping an open mind about CBD and be prepared to experiment with different strengths.


112 reviews for Genesis CBD Capsules

  1. blroyzo

    These really help with pain as well as sleep!

  2. Catherine

    Always like. Good for maintaining a regular balance through the day fm

  3. Catherine

    Good for a steady dose of cbd

  4. Ralph

    Purchased for my spouse to aid in some RA relief for pain, anxiety and help sleeping. It has made a huge positive impact on her. Thank you.

  5. Marilyn

    My wife benefits so much from these! She takes one every morning. She says it helps with stress, anxiety, and decreases pain. Great product!

  6. Vickie

    Fantastic product. Helps with my anxiety to the point where I no longer take my prescribed meds. A friend turned me on to this and I can’t thank her enough. Definitely a quality product.

  7. Anain

    Works for pain

  8. Theresa

    My elderly aunt uses this for severe arthritis and stenosis in her spine. She tells me Genesis CBD gives relief from the pain she feels. She has been taking it for over a year now and is happy with the product.

  9. Nancy

    Easy to use, just feeling calmer

  10. Amanda

    Best in the business takes me from no go to all go !! amen to this brand thanks CBD Genesis

  11. Ray

    I will always swear by this product. For me it has helped immensely with my depression and anxiety. It makes me happy everyday.Try this without hesitation. The 1500mg is my favorite and worth every penny.

  12. Gavin

    The 25mg dose has worked very well to alleviate work related anxiety. It took about three days as a daily to really feel the effect, but since has been a great supplement to my daily routine.

  13. Shirley

    Good product. Pricey.

  14. Shirley

    The GenesisCBD CAPSULES are on point. I feel so much better when I I take this capsule. Very good product. Th price is too steep for my budget but t they are good and deliver good results for me.

  15. Amanda D Vradenburg

    these are amazing do what they say they will do for sure best BRAND anywhere !!

  16. Nancy

    I am still undecided, after only 2 weeks.

  17. Logan

    Take it daily for knee pain. Its been a blessing

  18. Lawrence

    I use for my knee pain. Works great!

  19. Anain ramos

    I bought these pills for my mom, she has chronic pain and she went from taking all kinds of pain meds to taking nothing. Cbd has been a life changer. Shes got energy and she seems like a brand new person. This was a life changer not only for my mom but for all of her kids and family. This has been a godsend.

  20. Ann

    The capsules are my favorite which is ironic because I was most skeptical about them. All I can say is, I took one in the morning for a few days, forgot about it, but then noticed I had a really awesome day and was beginning to accumulate a lot more awesome days; life just seemed “better.” My mood was smoother, I felt happier, and had so much less anxiety. I have been off of and on antidepressants for years and my doctor said we could start to think about stopping if this continues. Woohoo!!

  21. Ann

    I had no idea that CBD could have such a positive effect on my overall health. I had ordered some from a random site on the internet and felt nothing. I now take 1 capsule every morning. My anxiety has all but disappeared and my migraines continue to get better.

  22. Crystal

    Excellent product as always!! I am never without it! My chronic pain has eased up to the point of me being able to enjoy life again!

  23. Crystal

    Genesis CBD Capsules have been a life changer for me and my chronic pain! Finally something that not only helps daily pain, but helps with the anxiety I struggle with as well!

  24. Jessica

    I take these during the day and most nights to help with chronic pain. This has pretty much taken the place of muscle relaxers prescribed by my doctor.

  25. Joshua Gooden

    These are fantastic. I use both these and ecocaps to manage my anxiety/stress, and these are great for taking a little bit more off the top. Potent!

  26. Ken

    Great. My wife loves them!

  27. Ralph

    Used for muscle pain and anxiety and 2 a day have really made a difference.

  28. Felecia

    Still a FAVORITE!

  29. Gary

    Nice to have for the times you need it.

  30. Sam

    These capsules are the most effective cbd I have found for chronic pain. Would highly recommend & will order again.

  31. Felecia

    These things are AMAZING! I didn’t realize just how much they quell my anxiety AND the pain I experience from an autoimmune disease…until I accidentally skipped a day. Wow!

  32. Mike

    I take one every morning and it helps with my anxiety.

  33. partylitelv

    These worked well for my pain and anxiety. Will order again, and would recommend.

  34. lightningholt48

    I use CBD daily and the pills are great for consistent doses. Ill keep buying this as long as they sell it!

  35. Felecia

    These capsules are life changing for my son. He is 20 years old and is autistic. He also has ADHD and bipolar disorder. Even on his medication he was always so antsy and we saw frequent outbursts. He was all over the place. We decided to try CBD. He takes a capsule with his medication everyday. There are no interactions with his medication and we’ve seen SIGNIFICANT improvement. He’s so much more calm and able to focus. His outbursts are few and far between. I can’t even explain what it’s like to go from everyday chaos to peace. I would highly recommend these capsules to anyone.

  36. red77ray

    I reviewed this product before and I am giving it another 5 star review since I have been using this for over a year and I still love it! This product is amazing. I buy only the 1500 mg pills. I take around four a day and it works better than any of my anxiety and depression pills combined. Sometimes when I need to wind down fast I have taken six at one time. I’m just being honest and I am calm and flying high when I take this many. I am not telling anyone to do what I do so follow directions. But I know that when I take six I feel so good to infinity. I gave some to my boss that had tried CBD from other companies and suffers with joint pain and found no relief from the CBD before. So I gave him a bottle of this and he is a believer now. With this brand CBD you know for sure that it works. There is no guesswork here. Everyone should try CBD Genesis 1500mg pills.

  37. Michael

    These capsules are my savior! I get them every month and take one daily. They help with my anxiety and overall pain, as I am often sore from my job.

  38. Lisa

    Working great for me! Helps with pain control.

  39. April

    I’m able to sleep through the night.

  40. Christina

    I have been taking 1500mg oil & these did not help me at all! Company is GREAT to order from! I guess I will keep trying different things.

  41. Tiffany Hathaway

    These gel caps are the most convenient way to take CBD. Small and easy to swallow. 25 mg dose has been very effective in helping with symptoms due to a rare neurological and vestibular disorder. So glad I discovered the power of CBD!

  42. LeAnne

    CBD Genesis is a great place to shop for CBD products. I trust the ingredients and have always been pleased with my purchases.

  43. william

    My customers are using the capsules mostly in the morning to start the day to start the day off right.

  44. Gabriel

    Excellent product. 100% recommended. Helps me treat pain, dizzyness and anxiety. Will buy again for sure.

  45. DENISE

    Excellent service

  46. Sonseray

    I love your product and really do work on my back and my anxiety I’m Glad You Came Down on the price because I couldn’t afford $100 a bottle so thank you

  47. Kareemah

    Great products fast delivery some of the good one go out of stock fast but other than that no complaints!

  48. Tracey

    Perfect. Love them

  49. Tracey

    Awesome stuff take daily

  50. Joseph

    Capsules make it easy and convenient to carry a dose of CBD on myself. Helped a bit with pain.

  51. Tracey

    These capsule are a life changer.
    Very fast shipping. Won’t buy from anyone esle

  52. Jaimie

    very helpful for pain and anxiety

  53. Kalen

    Good Product…. only issue i have is my last order i only had 16 CBD capsules in what was supposed to be a 30 count bottle very unhappy with this purchase!

  54. Kalen

    Amazing!! I have side pain and anxiety and they work magic!!

  55. Tracey

    These pills are amazing off all prescription meds can’t live without them
    I take 1 of the 750 daily and it works all day for me

  56. Davetta

    Really helps with pain and sleep.

  57. Kalen

    Theyeeeeeer Great!!!

  58. Kalen

    Great product, works for me

  59. Staff

    These gel caps are unbelievably effective. From pain relief, to anxiety relief……i always hoped one day they’re would be a magic pill that would make me feel happy, motivated, yet relaxed and not constantly worried about everything….well that magic pill has arrived. Try it, u’ll see. It’s crazy that something like this exists. I hope they never run out. I’m still stunned at it’s effects. Thank u thank u thank u Genesis! These have changed my life.

  60. adam

    They. work. well. for. me.

  61. shutterbug8888

    Great product….easiest way to take CBD oil.

  62. Kam biggs

    Can vouge for either the 25 or 50mgs. Great stuff by a great company. Id reccomend nabbing their gummies to use alongside them, or currently I use the 2,500mg cbdistillery droppers alongside the 50mg caplets. One caplet in the morning then a few (3 or less) half dropper fulls and im anxiety free.

  63. Kam biggs

    Used the 25mg decided to move up to the 50mg, these and the cbdistillery 2,500mg droppers have been fantastic. Depression/anxiety/pain are these two items strengths for sure. Just make sure you arent going above 250mg a day, diminishing returns.

  64. Matthew

    I tell everyone suffering from pain about this product. Not a “cure all” but helps with many ailments.

  65. Sonseray

    I love your product I will order again and it comes early in the mail which is a plus thank you

  66. Joseph

    I take it in the morning with my vitamins and works most of the day

  67. Sonseray

    I love my products i will order soon

  68. Christopher

    Nice to take capsule iright when I wake up in morning. It helps with my anxiety

  69. Cameron

    amazing product! Great for Anxiety and OCD. Relaxed, present.

  70. Molly

    I have only been using this for a short time with one dose just at night. It seems to be working in some fashion, as in better sleep but I haven\’t noticed an alleviation in pain. I plan on adding another dose during the day and will see what happens

  71. Matthew

    These gel caps are great for a person who doesn’t vape or like the taste of a drip. I got these for my fiancé because she kept forgetting her juice. Now she takes one in the morning and one before bed. She has been pain free, sleeps like a rock and is less stressed. I read in other reviews the work immediately and had my doubts. I don’t anymore, they’re amazing.

  72. Ben

    These pills work great its been helping with my pain anxiety.

  73. blowdart4

    works well, helps with pretty much everything, use in place of motrin/tylenol

  74. Kalen

    Love this product… Will purchase again…

  75. Kalen

    Good stuff…

  76. Joy

    Many of my customers really love the pill form and say they help to keep anxiety down thru out the day, and curbs pain also.

  77. Cameron

    Great for travelling, quality product!

  78. Bryan

    Not a fan

  79. Kalen

    Good stuff… Really helps… It’s my chill pill.

  80. Matthew

    Purchased this for my fiancé because she doesn’t care for the taste of tinctures. She loves them. Takes one in the morning with her meds and has no pain all day. Her stress level has decreased ten fold and she sleeps like a baby now.

  81. Gene

    The Genesis capsules are convenient on the go. I vape in the morning and take the gelcap\’s along for later in the day.
    Always quick delivery!

  82. joe

    These capsules work like magic, I had so many sleepless uncomfortable nights in bed but until I gave these a shot it literally changed my life for the better

  83. felixrobinson626

    These capsules are phenomenal, they kick in pretty quick and they do wonders. Affects include focused, energized, calm, relaxed, less anxiety, more social engagement, joyful and an overall sense of clarity. My customers love this bottle too so I highly recommend this product. Anyone looking to just live a happy and more satisfying life or just looking to get help with medical conditions should give these a try, I use these just for feeling great but they help with my ADHD, anxiety, offset appetite, bipolar disorder and then some.

  84. Jennifer

    Quick and easy ordering and delivery to Australia! Thanks so much!

  85. Katie

    I struggle with anxiety and depression. Taking one of these a day sometimes 2 depending on how my day goes, but it’s usually 1 has really helped me manage myself with the help of therapy. I can take these at work, before I drive, anywhere I want and its great! I couldn’t imagine my life without these anymore, they’ve improved my quality of life 10x.

  86. Katie

    These help me through my daily life, I can definitely tell when I forget to take one for the day. I struggle with anxiety and depression, with the aid of these and therapy things are looking better! I can’t imagine not having them now (In a non addicting way, they just improve my quality of life). It’s also so nice I can take these wherever and when ever.

  87. Gene

    Genesis CBD products have become my “go to” source for CBD extracts. The capsules are no exception. Knowing that the capsules contain 25mg of CBD make it easier to plan dosages on the go. I am just about to place my second order.

  88. Richard

    Capsules CBD quality is consistent. Lower si joint back pain, works better then opioids. I’m allergic to anti inflammatory opioids and pain opioids. Herbal medicine only thing you need. 🌿✌🏼

  89. Heather

    reduces anxiety without side effects. Not groggy or sluggish during the work day. Perfect!

  90. Heather

    perfect dosage for relieving my husbands anxiety without making him groggy or sluggish.

  91. Kaile


  92. Harry

    Tried to capsules to relieve the pain in my back. Doing a good job but not quite getting rid of all of it. But doing well enough that I would use the product again. I do recommend it for people with back pain. This is my first time using it so it may take some time to relieve all the pain.

  93. Jamianne

    These capsules have been incredibly helpful. I have fibromyalgia and my pain is a lot less severe. It has also eased my anxiety!

  94. Crystal

    Amazing! These CBD capsules have changed my life! My mood is much more stable and I have a lot less anxiety!

  95. Richard

    I’ve tried other capsules with 5mg more per pill. This CBD has a better quality and works well. I have SI joint displacement due to small roof falling on my back almost 7 years ago. Since I’m allergic to inflammatory medicine, I just dealt with discomfort. Thank God for CBD & herbal remedies. You need to give this product a try. ✌🏼🌿

  96. Michael

    I\’ve been on the pills for over a month now and I feel fine. My knee pain is easying up.

  97. Lawrence

    Great product I will reorder soon!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  98. Kaile


  99. Kaile

    They truly work wonders.

  100. Kaile

    They truly work, it’s a subtle feeling after taking one, but the overall feeling is calm, collected, and concentrated. They also work wonders on migraines.

  101. Blair Arnold

    THESE ARE, BY FAR, THE ABSOLUTE BEST CAPSULES SOLD ON THIS ENTIRE SITE!! DEFINITELY A MUST BUY ITEM!! MUST TRY!! These are similar to liquid-gel type capsules SO THEY START WORKING ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!! HANDS DOWN, BEST CAPSULES SOLD ON THIS SITE!! If you’ve never tried this product, I HIGHLY recommend you “buy em & try em”!!

  102. Isra

    Love it! I will buy again.

  103. Michael

    I\’ve been on the pill for 3 weeks now & I sleep better and my knee feels better too.

  104. Penny

    These pills are great for pain. Safe to take, as they have no \”euphoric feeling\” or \”high\” of any kind. I have chronic back pain and find consuming CBD oil really takes the edge off. It\’s a bit pricey, but when you\’re in pain, anything is worth a shot.. I\’ve been taking CBD oil for a while now, and I still cannot get an answer from my doctors as to what is causing the pain. Thank God nature provides… GIVE IT A TRY!

  105. Amber

    I’ve only been taking this a week or two but so far so good!!

  106. Laura

    I bought these for my young adult daughter for her anxiety symptoms. She is happy with them and I have observed that her mood has improved. I would definitely recommend these.

  107. Felicia

    It was good

  108. Daniel

    My morning go to ! Perfect for those who don’t smoke or don’t like the taste

  109. Travis

    If you do not vape and hate the taste of many sublingual tinctures this is an effective and great alternative.

  110. Bruce

    Finally a supplement that helps me get through my daily tasks without all my anxiety. Thank u.

  111. Star

    These work quickly and last hours…thank u CBD Genesis!!

  112. Coco

    These pills are off the chain…replacing my xanax. I never thought any kind of pill would ever replace that!!!!

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