Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

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No Vitamine E
Lab Certified
Under 0.3%

This product contains less than 0.3% THC

New cartridge design is 1.25ml, the cartridge still contains 1ml of oil.


Product Description

-350mg CBD Cartridge

-Broad Spectrum

-Universal 510 threading

-Wickless Coil

-3 terpene infused flavors

-Zero (0%) THC

-Terpene Rich

-Highly Concentrated


Full spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, natural terpenes

Get to know Funky Farms CBD cartridges

Funky Farms CBD cartridges are packed with premium quality cannabidiol (CBD), and have all the attributes to make for a great vaping experience. We have an extensive selection of CBD prefilled cartridges from this well-respected brand, each with a unique profile of terpenes. Funky Farms have designed their cartridges to deliver a variety of effects.


This post will discuss the general qualities of these CBD cartridges, and the special features of each individual product. We’ll finish up with some general advice on using vape pens and cartridges.

Loaded with 350mg of broad-spectrum CBD (No THC!)

Funky Farms have opted to make their cartridges with a broad-spectrum CBD extract. This shows their desire to put quality and effectiveness first. Whole-plant industrial hemp extracts are packed with a smorgasbord of therapeutic properties, thanks to containing the full array of hemp plant compounds – and most importantly, a myriad of cannabinoids and terpenes.


However, Funky Farms full-spectrum extracts are slightly different from those of other CBD brands. This is because they have managed to successfully remove all of the psychoactive THC cannabinoids. Most full-spectrum products have a little bit of THC in them (but less than 0.3%) by nature of being a whole-plant hemp extract.


That Funky Farms have managed to take out the THC but keep their product full-spectrum is great news for those who love CBD, but are concerned about drug tests, either at work or somewhere else. You can safely consume as much Funky Farms CBD as you like, and never be in danger of failing a test.

Made with MCT oil

The other crucial ingredient in these cartridges is the medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) oil. This fatty-acid rich substance embellishes the extract, boosting potency above normal levels. The natural bioavailability of CBD is low, due to molecules being large and difficult for the body to metabolize. MCTs optimize this process, so that your cartridge lasts longer and is more beneficial to you.

Thin Mint

These terpenes produce a hybrid effect, and are therefore useful for several ailments. The most common reasons for using Thin Mint cartridge include for relaxation purposes, and to naturally enhance mood. The benefits of this cartridge are excellent for those affected by depression, and also insomnia. An improved night’s sleep thanks to Thin Mint also helps to reduce fatigue.


If you are feeling stressed out or are in high levels of pain, you may want to try this hybrid cartridge. It can also have a positive effect on your appetite – but don’t panic, you won’t get the munchies!

Grand Daddy Purple

Suffering from insomnia? Then the indica-dominant qualities of Grand Daddy Purple are what you need for great, rejuvenating sleep. The sedative terpenes combine well with the soothing effects of CBD, so it’s unsurprising that these cartridges also work well for pain relief.


For mood improvement, stress or simply to chill out with after a long day, the calming effects of Grand Daddy Purple will take your mind off things so that you can rest and recover. This cartridge is renowned for having a sweet and citrusy taste, with a smattering of earthy undertones.

Lemon Cake

A popular sativa-dominant cartridge, Lemon Cake is ideal for when you aren’t on top of your mental game. The energizing, cerebral qualities are perfect if you’re lacking focus or need a spark of creativity. The cognitive benefits are good for your general mental health, and may have a positive effect on memory.


Lemon Cake is also great for pain, and for tackling fatigue at a moment’s notice. The analgesic effects make this cartridge useful for all kinds of pains. As you’d expect, Lemon Cake packs a citrusy punch.


This is another brilliant hybrid cartridge that can be used to manage a range of conditions. Gelato can have a modulating effect on your endocannabinoid system (ECS), and is effective at treating pain. Therefore, those with fibromyalgia or migraines may benefit from using Gelato.


Other benefits include relief from insomnia, while the terpenes help to bring the anti-nausea qualities of CBD to the fore. Gelato may get rid of the pesky aches and pains you suffer after a tough workout, and also protect the muscles.

Frosty Watermelon OG

Enjoy a blast of fruity goodness with the Frosty Watermelon OG cartridge from Funky Farms. The tasty vapor will help make your stress and anxiety a thing of the past. This product has an authentic taste and promotes relaxation, making it effective for pain, sleep problems and more.


None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. These cartridges are supplemental dietary products. Those with a medical condition should consult with a physician.

Universal 510-threading

The 510-threading on all of the cartridges in the Funky Farms range means they can be used with just about any vape battery that you’ll find. This universal compatibility reduces your overall costs. If you don’t have a vape battery at present, we recommend the Funky Farms battery, which you can find in the ‘Funky Farms’ category on our site.

Are CBD oil cartridges right for you?

Disposable CBD vape cartridges are the most suitable CBD product for those who just want to vape great-tasting CBD with no strings attached. These cartridges have been manufactured with your convenience as a priority. No maintenance, setting up or accessories are required to get the full Funky Farms experience with cartridges. The simplicity of cartridges makes them the preferred product of those with busy lives who like to vape throughout the day.

Final thoughts

We are delighted to have a wide range of CBD cartridges for sale from Funky Farms at This highly concentrated CBD product is awesome value, and we’re certain that you can find a cartridge that suits your requirements, in terms of taste and effects.

89 reviews for Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

  1. Jeffery

    Genesis us the place order ur cbd from. Wouldnt recommend any other place but genesis. They giv good deals a free stuff every once in awhile. Fast free delivery an great quality products.

  2. MARY

    Smooth. Good taste. Reduces my reaching for a cigarette.

  3. George

    The best CBD vape juice I\’ve found so far. Excellent results for sleep,decreased nightmares, pain relief and anxiety.

  4. Jeffery

    Bought funky farm frosted watermelon an it was great like always. Got a jolly green mango for free with purchase so cant complain about it bc it was free but its alittle harsh an didnt like the taste an it doesnt help me like the funky farms does. Wouldnt buy it

  5. Tory

    I really like these cartridges. They’re stronger and other brands I’ve tried that allegedly have a higher mg

  6. JOE

    The flavor of the granddaddy purp was excellent, I only wish Funky made these in multiple strengths, but overall these are quality carts.

  7. Jorge

    Good quailty

  8. Jeffery

    Got 3 cartridges 2 worked fine as usual but other one wont hit i just get little air thru it but wont burn. So had to pour it n a empty cartridge an now i can smoke it but i wasted a good portion of it cuz it isnt easy to pour witout out it leaking down out outsides.

  9. Jeffery

    Got 3 cartridges 2 worked fine as usual but other one wont hit i just get little air thru it but wont burn. So had to pour it n a empty cartridge an now i can smoke it but i wasted a good portion of it cuz it isnt easy to pour witout out it leaking down out outsides.

  10. Jorge

    Good products

  11. Jim

    This was also great!!

  12. Marciana

    I purchased funky farms Frosty Watermelon the flavor wasn\’t pleasant it was harsh to vape. Overall the product is effective and works well I would purchase again in a different flavor next time.

  13. Jeffery

    Not what i was hoping for. I got the ac diesel b4 an wasnt happy with it. I figured id try a different kind an got the berry wine an its tiny bit better then the ac but still not satisfied with it. Prob just me but i dont care for the flower nugs an i wont order it again. Ill stick with what i know works for me. Thats the funky farm vapes.

  14. Kimra

    First time trying a cart, and I really like it! The taste is like pine which may be a bit strong for some. I’ve tried the apple peach all in one product and it was delicious so I’ll be trying more

  15. Rick

    This product is very effective for alleviating my pain

  16. Jeffery

    Great products an excellent customer service. Very helpful with any questions or problems u may hav an seems to really care about their costumers. This is my to go to place to get any an all my cbd.

  17. Dennis

    We received it within two days and the order process was straight forward. The product taste great and works as advertised. We will purchase again.

  18. Scott

    Good introductory cartridge.

  19. Paul

    Very happy with Funky Farms flavor of Gelato. Next time I may try a higher mg. Good quality.

  20. Alexander

    Great taste

  21. Jeffery

    Get all my vape cartridges from great products an get my products within 3 days everytime. Two thumbs up all the way.

  22. John

    Love the gelato. Helps with stress and sleep

  23. J Riley

    This is the best vape cartridge I\’ve tried. I appreciate the expedited shipping options.

  24. John Owens

    Gelato is my favorite. Helps with stress

  25. Jeffery

    Always enjoyed the funky farm cartridges an like that i get a coupon code to save some $. Always keeps me coming bak for more…

  26. John

    Love the gelato and grandaddy purp. Both help with stress and sleep

  27. Jeffery

    Funky farms has the best vapes i hav yet experienced. Taste great an works as well

  28. Chris

    Powerful stuff with a great terpene based flavor. Not quite the same taste as a straight marijuana based vape but very close and the strength is phenomenal. It\’s so powerful that I actually only use it at night or on the weekends when I want deep relaxation.

  29. Keallanii

    It is great it gives me a sense of calm I struggle with anxiety and slight depression I honestly love cbd ❤️ Life savers foreal

  30. Chris F.

    Product is heavily diluted and almost clear in color, not brown like shown in the picture. Product is effective but lacks potency compared to others. Rather than diluting product to make it less expensive they should offer cartridges with higher potency.

  31. Angie

    I love these cartridges because I can feel the results almost instantly! I got too impatient eating CBD because it took awhile to digest but these cartridges are instant and amazing!!

  32. Rhonda

    This one is great with the flavor of lemon cake high milligrams of cbd and the atomizer is great it really rips

  33. John

    Smooth, tasty, and effective. A great product that has greatly improved my intestinal issues. CBD works.

  34. Whitney

    This is delicious

  35. Whitney

    This is AMAZING!

  36. Jeffery

    Funky farms is #1 vape in my book. Helps my stress an relieves some pain after a long day of work

  37. Jeffery

    Besides little trouble with the mail latly, this is a great business. I only order my vapes from here. The funky farm vapes are the best tasting an works better for me then any other vapes i tried.

  38. Erin

    Cart came broken so I lost some oil, hence why I didn’t give 5 stars 🙁 luckily I had an empty cart I could use to salvage the rest though. Cbd effects are great, helps me sleep and helps with anxiety [and tastes so good]

  39. J Riley

    These cartridges taste so good and work so well. The site is great and they have options for expedited shipping which I really appreciate. CBD relieves my life-long neck pain where nothing else ever has. I highly recommend the product and the site.

  40. Jeffery

    Good product… only cbd i use now

  41. Greg

    Great product. love the brand. quality Everytime.

  42. John

    Smooth. Tasty. Will buy again.

  43. Heather

    Shipping was super fast and the price was right! This particular strain has really helped with my anxiety. Highly recommend.

  44. Paul

    Great service, very helpful!

  45. Audrey Rodriguez

    This is a really good product I have already purchased thin mint lemon cake and gelato they work excellent My dad even sold one from me lol Also this is a wonderful website to purchase from I have bought many products from this company I recent received one of the cartridges broken Which didn’t bothered me but they sent me a brand new one right away their customer service is the best customer service I’ve ever received from any store!!!

  46. Braishna

    Honestly, I’ve heard it was better cartridges out there but i refuse to leave funky farms alone lol Idk, i just love them. I wish i could get them wholesale so i can introduce and sell them in my neighborhood. I know so many people suffering from depression and anxiety. This is the answer! 2/3 deep hits when i feel that anxious, shaky, feeling of running out of time, heart pumping, feeling and before you know it, 2-5 mins it’s gone! 😘👌🏾

  47. Cara

    I already was a fan of funky farms.
    Great prices.

  48. Tom


  49. Matthew

    I’ve tried the watermelon og and the purple and love them both! The carts hit harder than any other I’ve tried and I’ve had no problems with leaks. I love the taste of these. If recommend trying the funky farms carts. Super fast shipping. No complaints whatsoever.

  50. John

    Great product! Very smooth vape oil with no harshness. Will buy again. Great price too!

  51. Noushin

    This has helped my boyfriend with his anxiety

  52. Tattoosabrina

    The first time I tried Funky Farms Watermelon was when I bought a cartridge at my local smoke shop. I loved it so much that I went online to see where I could buy more. came up in my search engine and I’ve been buying my products from them since March. I started using CBD to deal with pain from arthritis and 4 herniated discs. My life had been pretty miserable before I tried CBD. I’m experimenting with products to see what works best for my pain and so far Funky Farms Watermelon and Granpappy Purple really help take the edge off. I’m so grateful to have found this website with good prices! Thank you from upstate New York!

  53. Braishna S Daniels

    Gelato is my favorite! They’ve recently changed 300mg to 350mg. I believe i taste the difference. However, i don’t think they went up in CBD itself. Still decent tho.

  54. Fish

    I’m new to this. Thin mint is great. It looks like they will last a long while. I find it to be smooth and tasty. Definitely relaxing. I think I’ll benefit from this by way of anxiety relief and better sleep judging by a small sample size. Higher quality than a couple others that I’ve tried out (by far). I think I’ve found a go to that is priced right and pleasant.

  55. Kat

    Hi I have tried all but the grandaddy purp waiting on my order, I am trying to find the two one for day and one for night I was told yellow cupcakes is mire for daytime keeps you more energized ( anyone agree) and grandaddy for sleep relaxations dies anyone have any advice on this ? Gelato so far my fav trying watermelon og and lemon now really great products ✌️

  56. Elaine

    I love all the funky farms cartridges although I found watermellon to be a bit off in taste to me. I ended up adding some watermelon vape juice to it to touch up the favor. I purchased a CBD Vape kit and the funky farms cartridges will not work in that and the cartridges are fussy about which battery I use on them .. the inexpensive ones do not have enough power. I will definitely buy more of these because Granddaddy Purple (my bedtime buddy) doesn\’t seem to be available from anyone else.

  57. brandon

    Ok product for on the go. Had a problem with it leaking when putting it on the battery.

  58. Amy


  59. Chasity

    i bought Granddaddy purp. best one ive ever tried if you wanting indica strain. helps me sleep through the night

  60. Blair Arnold

    ***Anyone dissatisfied, PLEASE READ!!***

    If ur experience with cartridges is limited or if u vape nicotine/e-cig’s ONLY.. These smaller cartridges take a minute or 3 to “re-wick” the juice right after you puff it. So if these cartridges are burning ur throat, most likely YOU’RE PUFFING ON IT WAY TOO OFTEN, TOO SOON OR UR WATTAGE/VOLTAGE IS TOO HIGH! If this happens, just set it down for like 5-10 mins and you should be good. PLUS IT WILL TASTE WAAYYY BETTER AGAIN! (unlike the older silica wicks) Hell, I’m using the FUNKYFARMS battery which is made for these and I have to press & release the fire button several times every hit, so I wont vape all the juice on the coil & get a “dry hit”!!
    If ur having issues with them leaking most likely you might try puffing a little easier/slower. Also, if you ever blow into the cart it will pressurize the tank & FORCE it to leak. I’ve ordered 10+ of these carts and I’ve never had issues with any of them! However, every cartidge (even same brand) has what I consider to be a ‘learning curve’ tho. Every cartridge is just a tiny bit different.
    I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED with every cartridge! The terpines (flavor profile) are SPOT-ON!! DEFINITELY WILL CONTINUE TO ORDER THESE CARTS. Gelato was my favorite, but it didn’t wick as quickly as the lemon cake, I guess they’re sold outta Gelato when I wrote this review. 😔😔😔

  61. Tiff

    I enjoyed the product. It was smooth and not harsh and had a nice quality porcelain or glass mouthpiece. The reason I’m only giving 3 stars is because it leaked, so I’m not sure the cartridge was the best quality. Wasted product=Wasted money.

  62. Christopher Reardon

    Using gelato awesome works amazing! Sleep like a baby and take my pain away! For those who leave negative reviews such as leaking is a bunch of BS I’ve had several of these and the pens not once have mine leaked. Also for the guy saying his throat is burning after 10 mins and says he don’t know what’s in this stuff lol you should always read what your putting in your lungs. The prices are spot on for great quality products. You will always get someone who’s saying their shit leaked to get free stuff! Then you got Storm the iron lung guy who’s throat and lung are burning after 10 mins asking what’s in this stuff read the ingredients no different then your edv except Cbd oil. Will keep ordering from you guys this stuff works and you guys made it affordable thank you keep the good work up!

  63. Ej

    This is the best cartridge I’ve ever tried, they don’t burn and turn a brown color the flavor was there the whole cartridge for only a 1ml 300mg cart, man they pack a punch. Also the most affordable by a mile.

  64. Canity

    Gelato is awesome!!

  65. Emily Burton

    While I liked the juice. My cartridge leaked. So I maybe got to use about 1/4 of it. I wouldn’t order again.

  66. Samuel

    Works great. It helps me with my gout.

  67. Ej

    These are absolutely fire. taste = 🔥 , effects = 🔥, price = 🔥. I think it all speaks for itself lol.

  68. Joey P

    Best vape when you need quick results on the go.

  69. Nicole

    Have tried most of the funky farm cartridges. Grandaddy purple taste like licorice. Gelato and lemon cake are pretty good. Haven’t tried watermelon OG but very excited to try it. Cbd genesis has awesome customer service and for that reason itself I wont buy from any other site.

  70. Thomas

    The lemon cake is just meh at best flavor wise.

  71. Kaylee

    I was worried when I got my first tank because it was leaking but after speaking to customer service and having them send a new one to me I have not had any issues and I am really enjoying it for my pain, the CBD oil is really something else.

  72. J Riley

    These vape cartridges are the best I\’ve tried. Great pain and anxiety relief, and taste so good.

  73. Stevo

    Best CBD Cartriges on the Market in my Opinion. The Grand Daddy Purple (Indica) is the BEST by FAR for me. Followed by the Frosty Watermelon OG in 2nd place (Indica Hybrid). The Lemon Sativa and Gelato Sativa Hybrid are my least favorite and it’s Mainly because, I believe that in order to get a bang for your buck with Hemp products; it’s better to go with Indicas. FYI: If you consume this Cartridge in 2 days like me, even MCT Oil can produce discomfort in your lungs or throat, just like PG and VG. ( Depending on the person)
    If this happens, go for CBD Isolate from this Website. It’s Wonderful and you can ingest, Vape or combust it.

  74. David Addis

    Very potent! Tried the Gelato and tastes good and fast acting. You would think you were vaping the real stuff. Now I want to try all the flavors.

  75. AMBER

    Shipping was great however, this granddaddy purp honestly taste like gasoline. I can’t even vape it. So I’ll be tossing it and getting another brand since I can’t return.

  76. Monica

    Not sure. I got a headache soon after. Don’t want to be a jerk .
    Just want my monies worth… not a headache.

  77. Joey P

    Funky Farms is top shelf CBD product, the Gelato is my favorite. Can’t go wrong with any of the products. CBD Genesis is the best web site for all your CBD needs hands down.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  78. Crystal

    Good product, even better service from this website! Love the fast shipping

  79. John

    I\’ve tried lemon cake, frosty watermelon , and gelato. Frosty watermelon is good, but I think gelato has an even better flavor almost peaty

  80. Lars Anders

    I won’t say that this cbd oil tastes like frosty watermelon but it’s sweet & tastes good. Not too harsh even if you hit it heavy. I like to take 3 rips then call it quits for a bit. Quells anxiety and I’m going to be dozing off soon. Good cbd gives me nice dreams so we’ll soon see if this deserves an extra star….

  81. France

    The Frosty Watermelon OG is absolutely incredible. I’ve tried the other flavors, but, only the Granddaddy Purp and Watermelon OG really work for me. I was disappointed with every other flavor, sadly. Thanks to the Watermellon OG, my mom doesn’t smoke buds anymore. The cartridge provides quick relief from pain and anxiety.
    I love this cart because of what it does for my anxiety/depression/irritation issues. GREAT product and awesome taste!

  82. Storm

    This is for the lemon cake….it is so extremely harsh that my throught and lungs are still burning after 10 mins …..i have vaped similar carts before and never had this issue also i vaped e cigarettes for 3 years and never had this issue i dont know whats in this stuff but i will not order it again

  83. Jimmy

    Great oil carts. The ceramic heating elements themselves are cutting edge and give a great hit between 2.4 – 3.2 volts. Effects are noticeable right away.

    Lemon Cake has an amazing smell and taste. The effects on my anxiety kick in quickly after one or two puffs. Really helps prevent social anxiety specifically.

    Grandaddy Purple is not as smooth, but great for winding down in the evening.

    Best quality to price ratio compared to any other broad spectrum cart on the market.

    Customer service and free shipping through were both amazing.


    I am not a fan of actual lemon cake but this lemon cake CBD OIL IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!!! Definitely would recommend this

  85. John

    These are the best cbd cartridges I\’ve tried. Panda Stix are also very good and have a wooden mouthpiece, but do not last as long.

  86. Kim

    My favorite flavor! Alternating with the pineapple express does wonders for pain relief.

  87. Tif Caldwell

    This product is amazing, and all three flavors are yummy. It has helped with my depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

  88. Justin hinson

    Great product, helps with anxiety greatly love it

  89. Gus

    So far so good! I got the frosty flavor, it tastes great and the cbd effect is very good! I puff heavily and I actually don’t have to take too many puffs to feel the cbd.

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