Funky Farms 510 Battery

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The Funky Farms Battery is a brushed aluminum encased battery with a 510 thread connector and is 280mAh and 2.8V. Each unit comes with a micro USB charger included. This battery is recommended for use with the Funky Farms Pre-filled Cartridges and other 510 compatible cartridges.

Instructions: Simply screw the cartridge of your choice into the threading. Click the button 5 times to power the device on and off. When on, just hold down the button and draw to activate. Includes a micro-USB cable for charging.

Best battery I have ever perfectly with ANY CBD Cartridge....I've tried so many....very impressed. - Su Su 

Product Description

Why the Funky Farms Battery is a best-seller

Getting the right vape battery is essential for anybody who wants to take their CBD wherever they are. Vape pens are the perfect type of portable vaporizer – they’re slender, stylish, offer lots of discretion and are incredibly easy to operate. Funky Farms have come up with their own CBD battery pen, which is designed to work seamlessly with their CBD cartridges.


In this CBD battery review, we’ll discuss all the qualities of this particular product, and go over what you should look for when purchasing a vape battery for your CBD needs.

Long battery life

Perhaps the best bit about the vape battery from Funky Farms is the remarkably long battery life. Imagine this situation: you’ve had a stressful day, you’re on your way home, and you want to enjoy a few draws on your vape. But you can’t because you’re out of battery. If anything, that’s just going to stress you out even more!


This won’t be a problem with the Funky Farms battery, which has been built to last for the duration. This even applies to the keenest of CBD vapers who enjoy regular sessions throughout the day to keep themselves topped up. The extremely long battery life offered by this product will have you covered in all situations, and you will never be at risk of having to go without a hit.

Compatible with all 510-threaded devices

The Funky Farms battery has been made so that it can primarily be used with the cannabidiol (CBD) vape cartridges that they market. However, the 510-threaded design on this battery means that it can be used with literally any cartridge.


We have a huge selection of CBD cartridges on our store at, and with 510-threading the standard, you could mix and match this vape battery with any of them! If you are looking to put together your own low cost vape pen, you should certainly pick up this premium battery.


Intended for use with Funky Farms CBD cartridges

Funky Farms pride themselves on developing CBD products that are a little bit different from those that all the other brands are making. Their CBD cartridges certainly fit that bill. While many companies choose just to make products with CBD, Funky Farms have also chosen to incorporate terpenes.


These really enhance the taste to provide an authentic vaping experience, and the MCT carrier oil used increases CBD’s bioavailability to make the benefits more potent. Terpenes are completely non-psychoactive, but the delicious, cool flavor of the vapor will give cannabis users fond memories.


Vaping is meant to be fun, and an activity that you can enjoy alone or with friends. It’s great to just sit back, put your feet up and relax with a wonderful cartridge, that not only tastes amazing, but optimizes your health thanks to the CBD. Why not get a Funky Farms CBD cartridge to go with this brushed aluminum vape battery?

Funky Farms cartridges are available at!

In fact, you can purchase disposable CBD vape cartridges from Funky Farms right here at We currently have five in our range to choose from!


Thin Mint: Enjoy this mentally uplifting and physically relaxing hybrid cartridge!


Grand Daddy Purple: Relax to the max with this classic indica-dominant e-liquid!


Gelato: Relieve pain, insomnia and nausea with this beautiful hybrid cartridge!


Lemon Cake: Get a pungent blast of citrus with Lemon Cake, a sativa-dominant cartridge!


Frosty Watermelon OG: Sample all-round CBD relief with this light-tasting vape juice!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Funky Farms pre-filled cartridges are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do not endorse this product as a treatment for medical conditions. Consult with a physician if you have an illness and need medical assistance.

Final thoughts on this Funky Farms CBD battery

The Funky Farms CBD battery has everything that you could ask for from a vape battery. Simplicity is key when making a battery, and vapers favor practicality over a device that is loaded with all kinds of features that nobody really needs!


Vaping, and especially with cartridges, should be a hassle-free experience that doesn’t require you to set up or maintain anything. With Funky Farms equipment, that can become a reality.


If you are somebody who currently smokes CBD-rich hemp flower, but is considering making the switch, CBD cartridges are much healthier, and offer pretty much the same experience, in regard to the effects and the flavor. We have an extensive collection of vape cartridges, from Funky Farms and other brands in our store. These cater to all strength requirements – every CBD user can find the perfect combination.

17 reviews for Funky Farms 510 Battery

  1. Jose Cruz

    First one that came in was defective…went into the trash but company sent out 2nd battery and it was perfect, thank you!
    I like the dial to change voltage, good price and simple to use.
    Customer service is top notch and you made a customer for life!

  2. Puffington

    Decent battery holds charge very well and long duration. Would be a 5 star review but the on button has flaked out a couple times and not worked sporadically and the battery is only a couple months old.

  3. Yeesoon

    I always get vape pens at CBD Genesis. They have fast shipping and great products!

  4. Christopher

    Can’t beat the price. I use as a travel battery.

  5. Christopher

    Nice go to battery..or a nice backup. Price is right.

  6. gene6589

    I’ve been using this battery for quite a while now and it’s holding up very well! Still holds a charge for quite a while. It also has a nice solid feel. It was purchased as a replacement for a cheaper battery, but the cheap one didn’t last long. You get what you pay for! So far, so good!!!

  7. Tucker

    This battery has a long life and a pretty short charge time, and you can adjust the voltage a bit to get it to hit the way you want. I’ve been using it about a week now and it’s performed really well so far.

  8. Dakota

    Works great and just as described.

  9. Kimberly

    My new favorite battery!
    I love the USB charge.
    Slender fits in your hand perfectly.
    A great buy. Especially with discount or buy one get one!

  10. Kimberly

    So far so good I love the charging system and the different temperatures

  11. Brian

    I like this battery, just wish they would include directions for us 1st time users. I contacted their cust support, very friendly and helpful.

  12. Laurie TATE

    works great, except for no instructions. you need to hold it down for 5 times after a full charge, then a light will flash to show it’s on. press button to vape.

  13. Stevo

    Nice, Simple Battery that has a good low voltage that works great.

  14. Su Su

    A good battery makes all the difference. When vaping CBD oil, you’re supposed to vape it at the LOWEST HEAT SETTING. Finally a battery I’m not wasting my money on! The hardware this site sells so far has been totally reliable. I shop with confidence every time! Thx guys 🙂

  15. Penny

    Love the battery but there are no instructions with it. Charge the battery for a few hours, press the button 5 times quickly to turn it on, a light will flash 5 times to show it is on then press and hold the button down while vaping (a light will come on while you are holding the button down when vaping). Turn the battery off by pressing the button 5 times quickly and the light will flash 5 times to show it is turning off. If you the press the button And the light around the button doesn’t light up then the battery is turned off.

  16. Matt

    Good battery

  17. Su Su

    Best battery I have ever used….works perfectly with ANY CBD Cartridge….I’ve tried so many….very impressed.

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