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I am a vape novice but this stuff works great to relieve my anxiety. And there is no better service than CBD Genesis. - Charles 

Product Description

30ml Bottles with great flavors!

Watermelon Mint
Strawberries & Cream
Tropical Mango

Free the Leaf CBD E-Liquid Review

Free the Leaf is an e-liquid line from the very popular Green Roads CBD brand. These cannabidiol (CBD) vape juices are non-psychoactive, and made with a top quality pure CBD extract from hemp. We have this CBD vaping oil available in two strengths – 200 and 400mg – and three awesome flavors: Watermelon Mint, Tropical Mango and Strawberries & Cream – perfect for those who like a fruity vaping experience.


This article will focus on the benefits of taking CBD in a vape pen, and on why you can trust that this Free the Leaf e-liquid will deliver the results that you are looking for. We’ll show you in detail how to use the product, and the conditions it may provide assistance with.

Made with a premium CBD extract from Green Roads CBD

There is no better brand in the industrial hemp CBD industry when it comes to the quality of the extract. Green Roads leaves no stone unturned in developing their premium products, hence why they use a pharmacist-formulated solution in their CBD oils and vape juices.


It’s really important to buy CBD products made with excellent extracts because of what the hemp plant gets up to while it’s in the ground. Hemp is fantastic for the soil, purifying it as a bio-accumulator. However, this means that hemp accrues all sorts of unwanted byproducts when growing as a result, which is not necessarily ideal if making a product for human consumption.


Green Roads CBD takes care of this potential issue by using the CO2 extraction process, with a licensed pharmacist on site at all times to make sure that each step is carried out correctly. Green Roads then gives the customer with extra assurance that their products are up to standard, by subjecting them to a third-party lab test and posting the results online.

Infused with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG)

Every e-liquid must have a carrier oil of some form, as this makes it possible to vape the extract. Free the Leaf vape juices are made with two of the industry’s most popular carrier oils, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).


The former serves as a thinner, making it easier for pens to vaporize the e-liquid, while the main role of the more viscous VG is as a sweetener. Both ingredients produce large plumes of vapor when heated, a most desirable effect for vapers who want to recreate smoking without the downsides.

General CBD e-liquid effects

Most CBD users are drawn to vaping because of the speed at which the cannabinoids get to work. Inhaling is quicker than other methods because the CBD gets into the bloodstream right away, after being absorbed through the lungs. Therefore, vaping is popular among those who only get relief from their ailments through a fast-acting product.

How to use CBD e-liquid

There are multiple ways in which you can use a CBD e-liquid, and believe it or not, they do not all involve vaping. If you plan on vaping, however, ensure that you have a device which is compatible with vape juices, as some are designed to only handle wax or dry herb.


In a vaporizer: The easiest way of vaping CBD is by filling up your vape tank with e-liquid. If you want to make the vape juice more potent, mix in some CBD-isolate crystals and get a much stronger hit.


For those who like to constantly change their vape oil, it may be better to use a dripping atomizer. These work by dripping a small quantity of e-liquid onto the atomizer and inhaling directly. Seasoned vapers often prefer this technique, although because of its complexity, dripping tends to be done either at home or in a vape cafe.


Under the tongue: You don’t always get the opportunity to vape, particularly if you are in a public area, or with others who don’t like vaping. But this certainly does not mean that you have to go without your CBD, since you can use these Free the Leaf e-liquids just like a tincture, by applying the vape juice under the tongue.


During extraction, the CBD is transformed from CBDa to CBD, meaning the therapeutic benefits are all there and ready to harness at room temperature. This is a nice and discreet consumption method to be aware of, and saves you from having to purchase both an e-liquid and a specific tincture product.

What to expect from Free the Leaf CBD E-Liquid

Free the Leaf vape juices are available in two distinct potencies, which offer quite different effects. Much of this is because of how CBD works in a low dose compared to how it works in a higher dose. We are going to run through a few possible uses for each strength now. Keep in mind that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and that CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Benefits of the 200mg

The 200mg is where new CBD vapers should start, and familiarize themselves with low quantities – especially if planning on using CBD to become more wakeful and mentally alert. CBD has shown impressive potential as a cognitive booster, producing a neuroprotective effect in the brain region where motivation and memory is regulated.

Benefits of the 400mg

This stronger e-liquid is perhaps suitable for beginners who want relaxation with CBD, and for those hoping to improve their sleep pattern. The higher dose is also recommended for people who want natural pain relief, and an effective opioid substitute. Inflammatory issues, as well as anxiety and depression may be manageable with CBD. For these three, the 400mg vape juice would likely yield more success.

Final thoughts

This pure CBD e-liquid is cheap and stunning value considering the supreme Green Roads quality. We have a few products from this brand at, and invite you to browse through them by clicking on the brand category.

10 reviews for Free The Leaf CBD Eliquid

  1. Lebrandon Jones

    Yeah All Thee Above… It Really RELAXES U Will Purchase More From CBD VAPE JUICE✌🏿

  2. Michael

    Quality product and taste ! Highly recommend this. Super fast shipping . Awesome company , Thanks agin

  3. liza

    One of the many products that I tried and one of my favorite… My one and only place to by my CBD products!

  4. Brianna

    Strawberries and cream flavor doesn’t taste as good as I thought it was going to.

  5. Anna

    For starters it taste great its starting to work on my pain issues and the combo of the orange candy is amazing

  6. Charlene Cha

    Great flavor and love the mellow.

  7. Cameo

    Love the flavor I will be ordering this again

  8. Mark

    Strawberry and cream. Very sweet but added to other juices makes them taste really good. CBD level seems good. This is now something I buy every order.

  9. Michelle

    It’s not too potent but I like the taste for sure.

  10. Laura

    I feel terrible writing this but I\’m not sure where else to address this. I use the 400mg of the Tropical mango and I love it and the smell of the strawberries and cream is delicious, however when I tried it it burned and had a horrible taste that made me almost throw up. I am not sure but it\’s nothing like the tropical mango so I don\’t think that the strawberries and cream is supposed to taste this way. Not sure if it was a fluke or a reaction to the heat. I wish it didn\’t taste like this because I really like the mango. If there is anyway to remedy this it would be great.

  11. Carlos

    Great representative enlighten me in the different types of CBD and was able to make a a good decision purchase

  12. Sabrina

    This liquid is amazing! I don’t Vape it I use the ends of my tongue and it helps me get a really good night’s sleep and feel great! I highly recommend this if you are needing to feel restful. This website I’ve used to purchase many CBD products and this is my favorite.

  13. Jeffery

    Awesome, bold, flavor at a great price!! I use the 400mg and it is right on point and helps to control my muscle spasms that are associated with Parkinson’s Disease. I don’t think I’ll be shopping anywhere else.

  14. Maria

    Tried this one before and I like the flavour. it seems to have nice calming effect too

  15. e_cole

    I like this product for refilling my own cartridges and to use during the day. The CBD Genesis products are excellent and I use them heavily but this is more “fun” and I don’t need to be too relaxed at work. This was and amazing price for 30 ml which is why I jumped on the 200 mg version …

  16. Charles

    I am a vape novice but this stuff works great to relieve my anxiety. And there is no better service than CBD Genesis.

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