Flavored CBD E-liquid by Genesis (100ml/1000mg)

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100ml / 1000mg

Delicious juice. I have no complaints about this. It tastes great, it smells great, the price is great. It's super smooth, creates great clouds. - Pamela 
THC Free
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

Product Description

CBD Genesis vape products do not contain nicotine or vitamin E acetate.

CBD e-Liquid Flavored

Introducing CBD Genesis, our most concentrated, best-selling CBD to date. It can be vaped by itself, added to any e-liquid, or even taken sublingual (1-3 drops under the tongue is a good starting point for sublingual use). CBD Genesis helps with relaxation, anxiety, stress and sleep.


  • CBD Isolate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural and Artificial Flavorings

This 100ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD. Available in two flavors, Blue Raspberry Candy, and Strawberry Apple.

Get to know CBD Genesis E-Liquid

E-liquids are among the best-selling products in the CBD Genesis range. Many people enjoy their cannabidiol (CBD) by vaping it, loving the instant relief that it provides. We have listened to what customers want, and have developed a selection of CBD vape juice products for all users.

56 reviews for Flavored CBD E-liquid by Genesis (100ml/1000mg)

  1. Irene

    Loved everything about this – the taste , And the relaxation. This is my go to product.

  2. Matt

    Great flavor! A life savor for helping my anxiety.

  3. James

    This product works very well, helps with my chronic knee pain. Also I like the flavor. The shipping was quick.

  4. Dawn

    Really did not like this juice. I order the prefilled from you guys alot but did not care for this. I still have a full bottle.

  5. Kim

    Love this item. I’m hoping you’ll bring it back again soon.

  6. Melissa

    excellent for affordable price. Pleasant taste

  7. Patricia

    This is a great bargain and very effective for my back pain! While I am not as fond on the blue raspberry candy flavor, it is still a negligible issue for the price!

  8. Dillon

    Best bang for the buck! I always order at least 1 bottle of this. I mix this with a co-flavored 3mg nicotine in my mod, and by itself in my RPM40.

  9. William

    Very nice stuff and great price and fasttttttt delivery. Class a place

  10. Agnes

    CBD vape juice is a great product. It is all natural and it doesn\’t interfere with other meds. Helps my pain immensely.

  11. pamhoffman71

    I just got my order (shipped fast) and THANK YOU for the free gift! I’m enjoying the taste of this juice, and notice it has a calming effect. I paid much more for 1000 mg, somewhere else. This deal can’t be beat.

  12. Aaron

    First purchase from this company and I am extremely satisfied, would definitely recommend. These guys are legit. I actually had an issue with my order that required me to follow up and they treated me like I was their only customer. The after the sale customer service was phenomenal. Shop with confidence, they go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied.

  13. Robert

    The flavor was good ( strawberry apple ) pain reduction was fair . It is a little harsh on the throat after 3 hits . Nothing is perfect with any CBD products IMO but this one dose have some benefits .

  14. Cec

    This shit is amazing. It’s helped as a sleep aid. it’s helped with my depression anxiety and ADHD. It’s amazing and will definitely be getting bought again

  15. Robert

    Worked very well in many categories

  16. Samantha Schell

    I just got my order today, shipping was very fast and free which is one of the main reason I ordered from this website , I hate paying for shipping! Also im very impressed with the price and size of this cbd juice , I’ve been vaping it and it helps so much with my aniexty, im in the process of quitting smoking ciggarettes so my aniexty is worse than usual and i needed something to calm my nerves! This really helps ! Also I have issues sleeping and this has helped me relax a lot so I can fall asleep easier ! This might be to much information but im going to through it out there for the women , it’s my time of the month right now..which is always very very painful and miserable for me and this has helped with the pain a lot and also makes me feel happier and less crappy! I will be a lifetime costumer , im 100% going to continue to order this cbd vape juice so please dont ever discontinue it , I can’t go without this …now that i no all the things it can help me with its a game changer for me !!!

  17. Amanda

    Love love love it. Will be ordering again.

  18. Amanda

    Love love love it. Will be ordering again.

  19. Craig

    Great taste, good product. Excellent service as always! ✌

  20. Linda

    I really like it has a really good flavor and works

  21. Jocelyn

    Ordered 4 more. 1000 mg CBD in 100ml. Great taste like an E-liquid-good value and effective too. Made by CBD Genesis-Blue Raspberry or Strawberry Apple. Definitely recommend.

  22. Agnes

    Product is reasonable priced. It is great because I have trouble sleeping and this product helps me immensely

  23. Agnes

    Great product. Reasonable price. CBD vape juice to me is a great. It beats taking pain killers and other medicines for my knee pain.

  24. Agnes

    CBD vape juice is great. It helps me with my pain for my knee.It is better than getting a cortisone shot.

  25. Agnes

    Very good product for me. Helps very much with my condition.

  26. Kim

    I Love this genesis CBD e-liquid 1,000 mg. And even better, It now comes in a larger bottle. I’d highly recommend this product.

  27. Jocelyn

    Great taste and value. Recommended!

  28. Joy

    I have been a customer for over 2 years with CBD Genesis and LOVE their products and sometimes even more importantly is their unsurpassed service. Good service and good products go hand in hand. I have many customers in my shop that totally depend on the products I receive from CBD Genesis. I would rate them a 5 star company. So very proud of all their loyalty and hard work.

  29. Kate Evans

    Very good. I recieved it fast! Love it. Will order more

  30. Julie

    I got the strawberry apple and I love it! It has a good flavor and you can’t beat the price. It would be nice if there were more flavors available. Thank you!

  31. Jeffery


  32. Jeffery Goodell

    Perfect, flavorful, high mg. I love it!!

  33. Jeffery

    Perfect, great flavor, high .mg… I love it!!

  34. Agnes

    I purchased cbd oil flavored last month. I have pain from neuropathy in both my legs. By taking this it really helps with my pain

  35. Dillon Tyndall

    Ok Ok. cbdvapejuice.net you have finally forced my hand to review. xD

    Been getting my CBD from here for a few months now. Love the 60ml 1000mg and just tried the Kanna 30ml 1000mg. I get my CBD from here because it’s the best bang for the buck and it works. Case in point.

    I am placing my review (after many ignored texts) because they sent me a CBD Genesis candy bar 50mg free with my most recent order. I won’t have a chance to try it as I am giving it to my grandmother. But I do very much appreciate the gift, therefore… this review. 🙂

  36. Gary

    really tasty on its own or mixed with mint!

  37. Carl

    Very good product

  38. Ronald

    Excellent product at a great price. Received my order very quickly. Customer service is wonderful.

  39. Cjs

    Greaat deal for quality product..

  40. Cimu

    Great taste and decent effects. Note that this is a 60mL bottle. More liquid than most, but actually 500mg/30mL.

  41. Cimu Wang

    Great effect and nice strawberry-apple taste. The bottle is 60mL, so it’s 500mg per 30mL, which is the usual standard size. The size of the larger bottle affects concentration/strength.

  42. Steven

    Very good!

  43. Angie

    Blue raspberry candy is very good nice cloud tastes like a jolly rancher and at such a great value! I will try the strawberry apple!

  44. Pamela

    Delicious juice. I have no complaints about this. It tastes great, it smells great, the price is great. It’s super smooth, creates great clouds.

  45. Pamela

    This juice is super yummy and fragrant. Mixes well with other juices too.

  46. Kim

    I like this product.

  47. Tom MacMillan

    thank you my wife enjoys this flavor very much she does not care for the erthy taste of the regular cbd. i to like the flavor you folks make it so hard to choose what cbd to use thank you. please keep up the great products and awsome shipping you have customers for life here

  48. Richard G

    This is my first time using the Genesis eliquid. I have used the tincture in the past and prefer it over any other brand. The eliquid has not disappointed great taste and delivers CBD effectively!

  49. MARISA

    if you have pain this is the one you want

  50. e_cole

    The Blue Raspberry candy is delicious and it works well. I have to admit that it took a little time after I vaped to realize how well it was working … I paid the full $39 price for it and just found it on sale and have already ordered more. I purchased an Ovnstech JC01 battery kit and I can fill directly from the e-liquid bottle because the bottle has a tiny opening to use to fill carts, etc. Impressed. I have been using CBD Genesis with no nicotine Defiance eliquid because I love the CBD Genesis effect but don’t like the taste … this premix is just WONDERFUL.

  51. Rebecca

    Great taste with very little funky aftertaste! Good cloud. Had a good calming effect, but for 1000mg I expected it to be a little stronger than it was.

  52. PLAYDOH01

    Helps with the aches and pains thru out the day

  53. Drew

    I will buy this, now that i see/finally noticed that it is 1000mg!

  54. Hamzah

    Love this stuff you guys are amazing !

  55. Roslyn

    This is an absolutely splendid product! The value and quality are outstanding. I love the blue raspberry flavor. I felt relaxed and my body inflammation was cut in half with the strong dosage I purchased. 10/10 will become a repeat customer!

  56. bobbi

    Very smoothe and tasty. Helps with the aches and pains thru out the day

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