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Sprinting to find that perfect strain might be difficult, but the race is almost over. Our Exclusive Hemp White Runtz hybrid flower is at the finish line, to hand over the first place title of tokes. Similar to its namesake, Runtz is a strain of CBD that delivers a long lasting, genuine flavor experience, of eating delicious, fruity candy. Like most comfort foods, Runtz is best enjoyed in the evening.

This sativa and indica strain hybrid can relieve stress, pain, assist with settling that insomnia, and help your overall state of relaxation. If you like the taste of sweet tarts on your tongue, and a hint of diesel on the backend, you’ll feel like a winner smoking with White Runt

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Product Description

White Runtz CBD Hemp Flower 

Quickly becoming one of the most popular in California, White Runtz is a strain originating out of LA, and is the perfect fit for any hybrid lover. Its fruity terpene profile could be best described as candy, and leaves the room filled with a tantalizing aroma of sweet treats and earthy citrus. White Runt nugs tend to be larger, and have reddish orange pistils in contrast with its forest green body.

As its name implies, the “white” in White Runtz, comes from its tichromes, tiny hairs which are covered in large white crystals, blanketing over every bud. The White Runtz high is just as satisfying as the flavor, with a .28% level of THC, the long lasting and relieving effects of CBD are spine-tappingly fast acting.

Although White Runtz properties have been known to spark creativity, this strain promotes relaxation, and has been said to best be smoked by those who struggle with anxiety, chronic stress, and pain.

Girl Scout Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

Name so sweet, you can’t wait to eat? We at Exclusive Hemp have one-upped the cookie competition with our Girl Scout Cookie CBD Flower. Known to deliver full body relaxation, without making you feel heavy, this delectable dessert strain will leave your mouth watering after every hit.

Don’t be fooled by its sweetness, this strain is predominantly potent, and can potentially lead to a sedative high. In contrast, with the taste of sweet chocolate, sugar, citrus, and earthy aromas, this strain can also provide you with energy and creativity, and is highly recommended to be enjoyed with the company of others. So why not share a cookie?

Sundae Driver Hemp Flower

If you’re a fanatic for flavorful flower, then you’ve come to the right place. Exclusive Hemp Farms Sundae Driver CBD flower is a chocolate connoisseur’s dream come true. This strain comes in hot, like a sundae, packing a sweet, creamy, ice cream-like flavor, that can satisfy any sweet tooth. With a slightly sugary exhale, the aroma of this flower tends to be earthy, mixed with berries, and topped off with a rich chocolatey overtone. Exclusive’s Sundae Driver will leave you with a strong body high, and is recommended for relaxation, treating insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. With this flower, you’re in for a real treat!  


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