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Benefits of this CBD empty cartridge

Are you in need of a new cartridge to go with your vape pen? Then look no further than this product which is designed to give you the best CBD vaping experience. This empty cartridge has been made to work with high quality CBD e-liquids produced from industrial hemp, and is compatible with all the leading vape batteries on the market, and every battery featured at CBDVapeJuice.net.


This post will focus on all the benefits offered by this empty cartridge, and also touch on some general advantages of CBD vaping with cartridges. Please be aware that none of these CBD products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with a health care professional if you are struggling with a medical condition.

Works with 510-threaded batteries

Perhaps the most important thing about this empty cartridge is that it is perfectly compatible with all vape batteries that you will find nowadays by virtue of being 510-threaded. This is standard for all vaping equipment, and has become a necessity given that many vapers like to modify their devices.


Each and every vape battery that we feature on this website – including the Vertex Slim and the Funky Farms Battery – are also 510-threaded, meaning you can fit this cartridge to them and use your preferred vape juice at your leisure.

No leaks

When using two pieces of vaping equipment that are not from the same manufacturer, you always have to be aware about the possibility of leaks. However, the top quality design of this empty cartridge ensures that your vape pen will not leak, whichever battery you choose to make up the combination.


It is imperative that vape pens do not leak given that many vapers like to enjoy the e-liquids while on the move. Whether you keep this vape cartridge in your jacket pocket, jeans pocket or handbag, you won’t have any issues.

Ergonomic mouthpiece

If you are vaping with a cartridge, you definitely want to have a mouthpiece that you enjoy drawing from. The ergonomic design of this mouthpiece is really pleasant and feels nice against the lips. You can easily take small and short draws, or bigger and longer draws, without experiencing any problems.

Compatible with all e-liquids

As this is an empty cartridge, you can add any e-liquid that you want and use it with your chosen vape battery. Some CBD users, and in particular those who are worried about failing drugs tests, like to stick with CBD-isolate e-juices. People who want to enjoy all that the hemp plant has to offer may prefer using a full-spectrum e-liquid.


You can use low or high potency products, vape juices with PG and VG carrier oils – whatever floats your boat. You may not want to vape CBD at all – those who would rather consumed flavored or nicotine e-liquids can do so with this empty and refillable cartridge. Although we must say, it does work wonderfully well with a high quality CBD oil.

A low-cost, sustainable option

This cartridge represents great value for money and has been built to last. For a small investment, you can get a brilliant piece of kit that will last for ages and provide you with an optimum vaping experience.

3 benefits of CBD vape cartridges

CBD vape pens have taken the CBD market by storm, and shows no signs of slowing down. Vapers love the convenience of them, but that’s not all. So what else appeals to those who like to vaporize their cannabidiol (CBD)?

Maximum efficiency

The frustrating issue that many CBD users find is that the molecules themselves cannot be absorbed very efficiently. This low bioavailability could be a drawback, but vaporizing has a maximizing effect on each CBD compound. In a nutshell, your extract goes further and is much more therapeutic. For regular and heavy CBD consumers, saving money with a more efficient CBD product is certainly welcome.

Fastest way to get relief

Imagine the following scenario: you’re pushed for time and haven’t had your daily dose of CBD, but cannot afford to waste time with a cumbersome consumption method. CBD cartridges to the rescue!


There is simply no quicker way to get relief with CBD, and it’s even the fastest method for vaporizing. No faffing around with filling your tank, or carrying out regular maintenance. Just screw on the cartridge, and when it’s finished – dispose!

Vape pens are discreet

Compared to toking away on a CBD-rich hemp joint, vaping with a cartridge is rather discreet. It’s also preferable to some of the bigger vaporizers, which are notorious for creating plumes of smelly vapor. Vape pens are small, and you can use them in public without getting noticed – great if you like to top up your CBD dose throughout the day.

Exploring CBD cartridge effects

CBD cartridges bring you all of the benefits that you can usually get from taking CBD. As we have mentioned, the main advantage of a cartridge is the unrivalled onset of effects. Cartridges are, therefore, ideal for multiple sclerosis, a form of neuropathic pain. The quick relief really helps to quell symptoms. Anxiety sufferers can also benefit from the efficiency of a CBD cartridge.

Buy CBD oil cartridges wholesale

We have plenty of CBD cartridges for sale here, and if you are planning on setting up a CBD business of your own, then why not make a wholesale purchase from us? Many of our products are available to buy wholesale, including cartridges. Register for a wholesale account and we will contact you with a detailed list of prices.

Final thoughts

This CBD cartridge review should have given you a better idea of why getting an empty cartridge and filling it with an e-liquid of your own can be a great way of vaping CBD. Hopefully you also know a little more about the general benefits of CBD cartridges and vaping.


8 reviews for Empty Cartridge

  1. Brenda

    Top quality plus there were 2 extra gifts with package. Fit on my cartridge perfectly.

  2. Laura Harris


  3. Jane

    Love this cartridge. I’ve been filling it with the ‘CBD GENESIS’. It’s easy to fill and hits really well. No leaks. I love its convenience. Infact, I just ordered another one as I’m not sure how long they last? I feel I’ve already got my money’s worth out of my current one anyway. The customer service of this company is outstanding. Definitely, will be back for future purchases. Thanks CBD GENESIS👍

  4. Richard

    The staff is always helpful with any issues with your order, great cartridges for a great price!!

  5. ray

    Thank you for the fast shipping, this is Price Utah and it took 5 days to reach us here, what can I say other it’s Utah. My Wife and I use the CBD’s and it really helps us with the cakes and pains, our boys got it for us on my birthday 9.13. And they where going to get us a refill but you know how that goes, my oldest granddaughter told me about you so there we are full circle, so again thank you and in about 6 months we’ll order some more thanks. RAY Buckland Sr.

  6. Richard Gillis

    Works great no leaking recommend!

  7. Tiffany Baierl

    Love this. Really easy to fill and use, minimal leakage and fits my 510 batteries.

  8. Grant


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