Ecocaps Bottle – 30 CBD Capsules (30mg each)

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC
Industrial Hemp Extract containing Full Spectrum CBD
  • 30 Capsules Per Bottle
  • 30+mg Per Capsule
  • 900+mg Per Bottle
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Product Description

900+mg Active CBD
Naturally Rich & Organically Grown

Lab Tested For Quality Assurance
Non GMO | Gluten Free | Vegan

Servings: 30 Capsules Per Bottle (30+mg each)

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil:

  • Complex proprietary blend
  • Other ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (vegetable cellulose, water)

Suggested use: Take one capsule in the morning to jump start your day and one at night to rest your soul. Store in cool dry place.


Exploring the benefits of Ecocaps

Cannabidiol (CBD) capsules are well-liked by users for their simplicity. They’re no different to any other tablet or supplement, and the beneficial effects are typically detectable within the hour. With Ecocaps by CBD Drip, you’re assured of a consistent CBD dose, with each capsule containing the exact same quantity of CBD. The capsules are made with the finest industrial hemp extract, are non-GMO, gluten free and vegan-friendly – great for healthy regulation of the endocannabinoid system.


Every Ecocaps tub contains 30 CBD-infused capsules of 30mg strength – this adds up to 900mg of active CBD with each purchase.

How Ecocaps work

CBD capsules have much in common with edibles in terms of how they react with the body, and Eco caps are no different. The therapeutic effects are not felt immediately after taking, because the CBD cannot be released until the capsule has been digested. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the stomach, and this translates to more gradual results than with tincture oils and vape juices. While the hit is not as instant, stretching out the effects of CBD can be more economical and preferable for some conditions.


Furthermore, the CBD may promote better gut health with Ecocaps – because the CBD must be digested, there is increased opportunity for the compounds to interact with cannabinoid receptors in this region.

Daytime use

If you want to enjoy Ecocaps during the day, either at work or elsewhere, take a capsule or two depending on your requirements early in the morning, with a glass of water. This gives the CBD plenty of time to kick in, and allows you to strengthen your dose with another capsule if necessary should you need stronger relief after an hour or two. Ecocaps are ideal for relieving inflammation and pain management. CBD can also offer a pleasant, uplifting effect to enjoy throughout the day.

Evening use

Ecocaps are versatile, and are just as good in the evening as in the daytime, albeit for different reasons. Struggling to get to sleep, or stay asleep? Troubled by pain or anxious thoughts? CBD administered in capsule form will take care of those concerns, and provide a full night of relief, to help correct your sleep pattern and eliminate fatigue.


Ecocaps are made using a whole-plant extract, from excellent strains of industrial hemp – this is confirmed by the third-party lab-test report. The full-spectrum CBD used by CBD Drip is analyzed by SC Labs. They have confirmed that Ecocaps are rich in CBD, contain less than 0.3 percent THC, and consist of minute concentrations of other helpful non-intoxicating cannabinoids, such as cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabidivarin (CBDV).

40 reviews for Ecocaps Bottle – 30 CBD Capsules (30mg each)

  1. Lenore

    I have found my purchase of Ecocaps to be useful in helping eliminate the pain in my knees–I use the 170mg capsules once a day

  2. Lenore

    I use the 170mg capsules and have found that I have more energy and enthusiasm in my daily activities

  3. Virginia Wolf

    I have been a chronic pain patient for years now (rheumatoid arthritis, plus others). I have recently added the EcoCaps to my medication regimen and it has really helped! One of the problems with long term use of opioids is the chronic constipation; I could not believe how quickly the cbd fixed that! It has allowed me to cut out one of my prescriptions for that problem. It also has really helped my sleep which has gone to sh!t since I hit menopause. I really highly recommend EcoCaps for anyone, but especially anyone on chronic pain opioid maintenance. It’s a great addition.

  4. Dennis

    These are great. They help you sleep.

  5. Penny

    I purchase this stuff every time I get paid, it helps me ruction through the pain. It’s not a cure all but it’s the closest thing I’ve found. Try it! Buy it! Find relief!

  6. Penny

    This is hands down the best product ever and I am so happy to have found it.

  7. Dana

    Power ful

  8. Deanna

    These are good but I think we either need a different brand or stronger dose

  9. Joan

    Helping me have less pain & i’m sleeping better.

  10. shelley

    I love this product it puts me into a good mood and my knees don’t hurt I can wake up easier. just wish it was cheaper.

  11. Bruce

    This product performs as advertised. It does help relieve some of my chronic spine and leg pain.

  12. lonlon2727

    My mom is absolutely anti weed, it took some time to get her to use some of these products, but i’m so glad that i insisted, she have really bad back pain, it does help her without having to take many pills that have consequences..! thanks for that!!

  13. Andrea

    This is my new go to for pain They are awesome

  14. Jay

    So far pretty good .

  15. Bryan

    Amazing product. Fast shipping

  16. KJ

    Work great will order again

  17. Kevin

    These pills are great for pain management. All the minor aches and soreness from work are lessened. Not having to take Aleve everyday, and on worse days only needing to take a lesser dose to manage is significant to me. Great product.

  18. Joy

    Very pleased with this product. Good feedback from those who have purchased it.

  19. Joy

    Very pleased with this product. Good feedback from those who have purchased it.

  20. Jonathan

    Seems to be working okay. I prefer Diamond CBD Vape Additive for stronger Effects.

  21. ctennerhotmail

    These products worked really well for me. They capsules take about 15 mins to kick in, but they leave you with a long lasting, subtle relaxing feeling. This company is great! Very fast shipping!

  22. Richard

    Waiting for it to kick in.

  23. Alison

    Really helps with my anxiety, absolutely amazing!

  24. PENNY

    I continue to recommend this product to anyone who suffers from pain.
    I am grateful for this product.
    Amazing results.
    Worth a try.

  25. Emily

    I purchased this product for my husband since he has a constant flare up of his sciatica. He has been taking them for almost a month now and seems to help him get through his shift at work. This is an amazing product and I will be purchasing more and might try some different t products

  26. dko

    Great product, I find two capsules effect for me


    Have been using since April to combat chronic pain. It’s worth a try if you have no other options. It’s been night and day worth of difference. I’ve gone without it, no withdrawal, no discomfort. I can tell when it’s out of my system, and when the pain resurfaces. The level of irritability is what first calms. Please, if you’re looking for pain relief, try cbd oil. It’s a shame doctors don’t typically advise for it. But when you tell them you take it, they applaud you. Cannabis is medicine, most of us know, many of us don’t have the support. Thank you vape juice, for allowing such ease of access. 5 stars.

  28. Savannah

    Took my son thats high functioning autisum off his meds and put him on CBDVAPE Ecocaps active cbd, he has his personality back, more alert, active, sleeps good, all around happy.

  29. dko

    Great product! Shipping was fast and free which was the cherry on top!

  30. Johnny

    pills really worked out for me they help relax at night help with minor pains

  31. Aykut

    First time with cbd, I take two at night and it works well. I sleep well, Got lower back issues and this seems to work well and makes it more bearable!

  32. Jason

    I have been using this product along with the cbd genesis vape juice daily and it has helped with anxiety, depression and pain management. I have also noticed a significant reduction in gastrointestinal discomfort since I began using both the vape juice and the capsules twice per day.

  33. Michael

    I\’ve been on the pills for 2 weeks and I feel great. The pain in my knees are subsiding.

  34. osbornejesssam

    I purchased this to help with my pain and bipolar disorder. It helps me sleep at night but not very helpful during the day when I need to be very active at work. I just want to relax. Lol I feel great after a good nights rest. So I will just keep taking this at night.

  35. Daeshin

    Great product. I’ve purchased these particular CBD capsules twice, and while they are “pricey”, these capsules provide the most effective dosage of CBD in my opinion. 30MGs is a LOT, and taken throughout the day (I usually take three)I can safely say any dis-ease (pain, anxiety, lethargy) is removed rather quickly, and I find myself more interested in daily functions. I do not reccomend taking CBD -while- smoking cannabis, if you are a user. While it seems like the two work hand in hand (considering the cannabis plant carries approximately %40 CBD–not sure about ratios per gram / weight or whatever) I found that the pure chill coming from the CBD is overrun by the head-high. Essentially I am suggesting buyers enjoy the CBD on it’s own, not as a replacement for any other medication, but with the intention of carrying this herbal supplement’s full power to it’s full potential. Hemp and Cannabis plants are a gift to humanity, and it is best to praise them as individuals. (:

  36. Brandon

    I’ve found it’s better in the PM than AM (because it says to take it in the morning for energy and at night to help sleep). It makes you want to relax.

  37. Russell

    I’m a believer this product works great

  38. Blair Arnold


  39. Luke

    Purchased these for my girlfriend to combat severe back pain after Rx didn’t work. Sharp pain and muscle tightness are relieved. A+

  40. susu

    Gives u energy!!!

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