Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer (Rasta Limited Edition)

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Product Description

This is a unique opportunity to own a one of a kind, hand painted DRAY RASTA vaporizer. This series of Vaporizers was inspired by Bad Bunny and Friends, with his dynamic taste in colors and style we designed this one of a kind finish.This is a must have for the aficionado.

This device has been through 4 different paint finishes to end up with this colorful masterpiece. This is the same workings as the DRAY, however a little extra care and pampering went into this unique model. Reserved for only aficionado people worldwide. Get yours today.

What’s included: 1 DRAY Dry Herb Vaporizer – RASTA COLOR USB Adapter with cable 1 Cleaning Brush 1 Pack of cleaning swabs 1 Manual 1 Pair of Tweezers Very cool storage

Check out the Dray Dry Herb CBD Vape Pen

We are proud to present the hand painted Rasta Limited Edition of the Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer! This cannabidiol (CBD) pen has a super cool design, and has everything that you could ask for from a portable device. Perfect for vaping your CBD herb, the pen has extensive temperature control and a quartz chamber for quality vapor production.


In this CBD vape pen review, we’ll take you through how to use a CBD pen and look at what products you can use with it. We’ll then go through the features of this DRAY VASTA vaporizer and finish up with some information on how vaping CBD may benefit you.

How to use a CBD vape pen

Using the DRAY VASTA really is a piece of cake. You’ll need some dry herb to begin with to add to the chamber. Don’t pack the chamber too tight, or you’ll end up vaping your herb inefficiently and not get maximum benefit.


For a more intense and viscous vapor, ramp the temperature up higher. But to really enjoy the flavor of your flower, try experimenting with the lower settings. The beauty of this particular portable vaporizer is that you can fine tune everything until it is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Enjoy CBD Genesis hemp nugs with this vaporizer

We wholeheartedly recommend our very own CBD Genesis hemp nugs for use with the DRAY RASTA. We currently have 15 types of flower for you to choose from, offering a range of non-psychoactive sativa, indica and hybrid herb. This device really does justice to the quality CBD-rich hemp flower. It’s great for helping you to relax and unwind.


Please note that CBD hemp nugs are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Hemp nugs have not been approved for medical use, so should not be used in lieu of prescription medication. We suggest that you research the potential benefits of CBD for yourself, before deciding whether to buy CBD nugs.

What makes this the best CBD vape pen?

This premium vaporizer is fantastic for a number of reasons, ranging from practicality, to aesthetics to vaping experience. Here are a few of the DRAY RASTA’s best qualities.


Awesome Rasta limited edition design

Where else to start but the gorgeous Rastafarian design. Hemp and cannabis are linked to Rastafari culture. So it makes complete sense to harness the green, yellow and red colors to make this limited edition product.


Even better, it’s handpainted, so you know you’re getting a product that has been made with a lot of love and care. On top of that, the grippy material and ergonomic design is ideal for portable use. The DRAY RASTA fits nicely and securely in the hand, and is ready whenever you need it.

Full temperature control

Quite a few vape pens offer temperature control, but this is often only with a couple of pre-set temperatures. This vape gives you much more interactivity, as you can set the temperature to one-degree intervals (between 385 and 430°F). Enthusiasts will be pleased about this, since some strains are thought to be best at a certain heat. With the DRAY RASTA, you can play around and really get to know the hemp you’re vaping.

Quartz chamber

You can always tell the quality of a vaporizer by the metals that have been to used make it. The chamber of the DRAY RASTA is made with quartz. This metal serves to enhance vapor flavor, and not leave you with an unpleasant, metallic taste. With a quartz chamber, it’s much easier to take strong hits, because of the higher temperatures. However, remember that this is a vaporizer, so there is no burning, and therefore no nasty carcinogens to worry about.

Super cell battery

The DRAY RASTA is manufactured with a supercell battery, which gives it a long lifespan. Just what you need if you’re an on-the-go user who likes to vape a lot. The 1800mAh battery takes around two hours for a full charge, and will last for about one hour of continuous use. The powerful battery means that heat-up times are quick, making this device even more convenient.

Easy to clean

Let’s be honest, nobody likes cleaning their vaporizer. But there’s no getting around it. You need to carry out maintenance often if you want to keep enjoying top vapor quality. Thankfully, cleaning is made easy with the DRAY RASTA. A cleaning tool and q-tips are provided with the kit. An extra screen is also included, so you can carry on vaping while you’re cleaning the other.

USB adapter for charging

The DRAY RASTA has a USB port which makes for easy charging. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll never have to go without power again. Think of all the places that you can find USB charging ports nowadays. They’re on public transport, your computer, television and even games console. This handy type of charging just confirms that this really is a fully portable vaporizer.

How vaping CBD may benefit you

Vaporizing is generally talked about as something to help people smoking. And sure it can help with that, especially when using CBD products, which appear to have anti-addictive effects. But there is much more that CBD vaping has to offer.


For starters, CBD is a unique substance, functioning as an optimizer for the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Vaping CBD also delivers efficient relief from pain, treats immune system issues and may make major positive effects to your mental well-being. If you vape, but haven’t yet tried nicotine, now’s the time to start with the DRAY RASTA.

Final thoughts

The DRAY RASTA is definitely one of the premium CBD vape pens for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net. Experienced vapers will love its features, and it’s awesome for beginners, too.

2 reviews for Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer (Rasta Limited Edition)

  1. Jameson Larsen

    My girlfriend thought it was stupid when I bought this, but we both tried it and now we both love it. It’s worth it.

  2. Sue

    high quality worth every penny and super reliable i vape it wherever i please

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