DeltaXL – Delta-8 THC Vape Juice

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Awesome stuff! Really does good when you have nothing else left. Stopped me from suffering from seizures and pain. - deathix 

Product Description

DeltaXL Vape Juice comes in 500mg or 1,000mg Delta-8, in 60ML. Available in Sour Diesel,
Grandaddy Purple or Pineapple Express. Formulated with delicious terpenes, DeltaXL vape juice
makes for great vape clouds in addition to the potent effects that you will enjoy again and

13 reviews for DeltaXL – Delta-8 THC Vape Juice

  1. mhucker526

    Good taste. Nice for puffing throughout the day.

  2. Amberlea

    Terrible nothing like the carts. Hoping company sends me the other brand offered in more potency since I went as far as buying all new vape systems after being told it was my rig….nope. it’s the juice. Fint waste money couldve bought 7 carts not of delta 8 oil NOT vape JUICE. It’s not anything alike. Even though I was lead to believe they’re the same. They’re certainly are not …I hopw they send the WOW mango 4000 so I can at least recommend something else instead of these wasteful carts or fake delta juice. . . I am so so so bummed.

  3. P. R.

    Doesn’t work st all. I wasted my money on this.

  4. Trey Keifer

    Even though it does burn the cartridge a little, the 1000 mg Helps me throughout my day with. I chose this product because I have went through so many different medications for depression and anxiety. And they never work. But I tend to trust this product because it has been helping.

  5. Maria Nobile

    Doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money.

  6. panicbound

    Not only is there zero effect, it also will ruin nearly any cartridge pod.

  7. Shymamma

    Does nothing at all

  8. Walterene Morrison

    I ordered the 500mg in Granddaddy purp, and like the other review said, it has little to no effect. I tried vaping this by itself and didn’t really feel a difference, but I find that vaping this after my Delta 8 concentrate cart tends to add a little boost, and I also enjoy the smell & flavor.

  9. Saylor McCarty

    The 500mg bottle was very weak felt little to no effect disappointing

  10. phillip ferguson

    I got the 1000mg it make me melo and tired but I don’t enjoy it.

  11. deathix

    Awesome stuff! Really does good when you have nothing else left. Stopped me from suffering from seizures and pain.

  12. Julie

    Awesome product absolutely LOVE this brand!!! Thank u!!

  13. klr0501

    It works!! It does what it says it does. Nice Pineapple vape flavor. Always fast delivery!

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