Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges (Genesis)

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1000mg Delta-8 THC Cartridges by CBD Genesis!

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No Vitamine E
Lab Certified
Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).
This CBD oil better is way better than the other brands I have tried. I ordered the Loopy flavor and it smells just like Fruit Loops. Will definitely order again! - Jill 

Product Description

New carts as of 4/1/2021

Hit harder, cost less, more potent, clog less, taste better.

Learn more About Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges

Delta-8-THC products are exploding in popularity, as people look to enjoy a completely legal marijuana-style high. And with one of our CBD Genesis Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges, you can do just that!


Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges contain rich levels – 1000mg in this case – of delta-8-THC. This compound is a legal cannabinoid from the hemp plant, that bears a close resemblance to the psychoactive and federally prohibited delta-9-THC. Delta-8-THC induces a mild psychoactive high, making it popular for recreational use, and potentially for therapeutic use.


If this is your first time hearing about delta-8-THC we’re sure you have a few questions. We’ll start by showing you our collection of Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges, and then discuss the benefits of vaping and the legality of delta-8-THC in more depth.

Introducing Our Delta-8-THC Cartridge Collection

All of our Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges have been tested by the independent Green Leaf Lab laboratory. This ensures they conform with legal requirements, and meet our sky-high standards for quality and purity. We do not use any vitamin E acetate in our vaping products. You can access up-to-date lab reports by clicking on the link in the description.


Each cartridge contains 1ml of e-liquid, with more than 90% pure delta-8-THC, per the lab reports. The rest is comprised of tiny quantities of other cannabinoids, making for a full-spectrum hemp experience. These vape cartridges have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – hence why we sent them off for independent testing!


Strawnana (Hybrid): As the name gives away, Strawnana blends together strawberry and banana, making for a delicious cartridge. This fruity hybrid is great for starting your day in tasty fashion, and also serves as a good pick-me-up if you’re slumping in the afternoon.


Diablo OG (Sativa): This is an invigorating sativa-dominant vape cartridge, and brilliant for improving your motivation and focus. The cerebral effects of Diablo OG terpenes, combined with the psychoactive delta-8-THC, are perfect for enhancing your creativity. As this is a stimulating cartridge, we recommend enjoying it in during the first half of your day.


Grape Ape (Indica): This glorious indica is a cross between Afghani, Skunk and Mendocino Purps, all well-known strains in the cannabis scene. Grape Ape packs a fruity punch, and is associated with a body buzz and classic couchlock effects. Because of the all-round calming nature of this cartridge, it’s best saved for the evenings, when you have ample time to chill and sink into your sofa.


GG#4 (Hybrid): Gorilla Glue #4 is a dependable hybrid strain, offering a beautiful balance of energizing and relaxing effects. This vape cartridge will put you in a happy and euphoric mood, and is the perfect option for topping up with throughout the day. This strain is renowned for its unique combination of coffee and chocolate aromas and flavors.


Gelato (Hybrid): This is an interesting hybrid that vapers tend to find kicks in more quickly than other strains. The exact reasons for Gelato’s super-speedy effects are unknown, but it may be related to the strain’s terpene profile. Like any good hybrid, Gelato works a treat at any time of the day. This cartridge boasts a delightful woody and citrus flavor.


Candyland (Sativa): This stimulating, sativa strain is a cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Grandaddy Purple, and sometimes goes by the name ‘Kandyland’. It’s a brilliant delta-8-THC cartridge for perking up your mood, and giving you those classic cannabis giggles. In addition to the energy and creativity boost, Candyland may also alleviate pain and muscle tension.


Sherbert (Hybrid): A hybrid vape cartridge, Sherbert leans more toward being an indica than a sativa, but is a well-balanced strain, great for vaping at all hours. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sherbert is known for its potency. Expect a strong couchlock, but also plenty of mental clarity.


Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid): A famous name in the world of cannabis, the delta-8-THC version of Girl Scout Cookies is simply a must-have. This intense vape cartridge will get you into a delightful, euphoric state within minutes, and also give you some pleasant body tingles. Girl Scout Cookies has a slightly sweet flavor, combined with hints of skunk.

What makes Delta-8-THC legal?

So, how come there is this federally legal form of cannabis on the market? Firstly, delta-8-THC is the real deal, and delivers a similar high to the more common, but prohibited delta-9-THC.


But crucially, what makes delta-8-THC legal is the wording – or rather the lack of it – in the Farm Bill. When the federal government legalized hemp, the only cannabinoid restricted was delta-9-THC (to less than 0.3% of a product). Lawmakers never considered delta-8-THC. That’s why products with rich levels of the compound, such as these vape cartridges, can be manufactured and sold across America.

3 benefits of vaping

Just like CBD, there are a variety of ways to consume delta-8-THC. Here are three key reasons why you should choose vaping over any other method.

Fast-acting experience

If you want to get high as quickly as possible, then vaping is the best approach. When vaping, the cannabinoids are inhaled into the lungs, passed into the bloodstream and then the brain, where they can engage with cannabinoid receptors – a process that takes just seconds. Therefore, you’ll start feeling high within a couple of minutes. In contrast, if taking delta-8-THC in an edible, it may be an hour or more before you start experiencing the effects.

Better for your health than smoking

Smoking is the other method for getting delta-8-THC into your body rapidly. But smoking comes with more health risks. Even though smoking hemp flower is less risky than smoking tobacco, since it doesn’t have the very addictive nicotine, smoking is still bad for the lungs. In contrast, even though vaping comes with some risks, scientific researchers have reached a consensus that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Therefore, if you are health-conscious but want fast effects, vaping makes total sense!

Discreet, yet full of flavor!

As we’ve covered, our delta-8-THC vape cartridges are bursting with authentic and intense flavors. You’ll certainly love the high, but you’ll also revel in the vaping experience itself with a Gelato or Girl Scout Cookies cart. Yet even with all that flavor, vaping is still pretty discreet. Compared with smoking, nothing gets burned during the vaping process, so it doesn’t produce that strong and notorious odor. With vaping, you can get your hit, without having to worry about getting noticed!

Final thoughts

Delta-8-THC products are an exciting new entry to the legal hemp market, and we’re delighted to stock a broad range of sativa, indica and hybrid vape cartridges. If you’ve already tried one, please drop us a comment with your thoughts and experiences. We would love to hear from you, and other vapers would, too!

316 reviews for Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges (Genesis)

  1. Tony

    These are all good carts, been hitting them for months. 1 thing: Turn your shit down to 7 watts. Trust me, they hit cleaner and last longer.

  2. Cooper

    Didn’t like the taste of girl scout cookies or GG#4. Not sure what the girl scout cookies were suppose to taste like (thin mint maybe?) but all I tasted was pine (mint + terpenes). As for their effect they both worked well. I didn’t have any problems with the cartage so far. I’d be interested in trying other flavors. Overall a good price and good effect.

  3. sarahagray1984

    So far I’ve tried the Candy Land, Skywalker, Wedding Cake, Strawberry Cough, Grandaddy Purp, and the GG#4. My favorite overall flavor was the Strawberry Cough, it has a nice berry taste that with a heady herby finish. My least favorite was the Grandaddy Purp. I think it’s just not the flavor for me, though, because with all three of the brands I’ve tried it in, I thought they all tasted heavy and perfume-y. The others all tasted pretty good, with the Wedding Cake and GG#4 being my next two favorites. The Candy Land works great for mornings, the Wedding Cake for throughout the day, and even though it’s a hybrid, the GG#4 makes me sooo much sleepier faster than the indicas. They all worked very well for what they’re intended, though, and they really do seem to last longer than other brands. My only issue was that the Grandaddy Purp cart was clogging and leaking out of the bottom a lot, sometimes it bubbled up into the mouthpiece if I sucked too hard trying to clear the clogs. I haven’t had any issues with any of the other five I’ve purchased through them and would still 100% recommend this brand though. I will absolutely be purchasing more

  4. Danielle Kelly

    I love these carts, especially the new design. For the level of effect, the lung pain is livable. I have been buying these since February and I will continue! 10/9 would recommend!

  5. John

    These aren’t my favorite carts, but they’re better than any of the other brands sold by CBD genesis. The terpines in GG#4 were a little harsh at first, but seemed to mellow with use. At least as potent as any other carts I’ve tried.

  6. Dillon Tyndall

    These are hands down the best Delta8 carts out there. Flavors are great, but more importantly, they last MUCH longer than other carts. I’m sure that this is because Genesis is actually putting 1000mg of Delta8 in there, unlike other brands. I vape these carts at 3.0v – 3.2v and they last twice to 3 times as long as other Delta8 cart brands.
    Also, I have yet to have 1 clog on me. I’ve used other brands and they clog INSTANTLY it seems. Never had that problem with these Genesis carts. We love you Genesis! 😀

  7. John

    Very consistent and smooth. A very nice feeling from them!

  8. abbottstephen17

    the new carts are amazing!!! ordered 6 of them! OG kush is such a good taste!

  9. Todd

    Excellent value compared to the major brands. Shipped quickly, as always

  10. Jose

    I enjoy all your Delta 8 carts, they really help melt away my anxiety and there great for sleep.

  11. Keith

    The vape cartridges are great!

  12. Keith

    The vape cartridges are great!

  13. Lauren

    Helps me sleep, get through the day
    Always come back and purchase

  14. William

    Excellent Product!

  15. Jade

    Amazing! Perfect way to end a busy work day to help me relax. Highly recommend

  16. jennifer

    Does all the good things of a THC vape without the paranoia!

  17. Michael W

    I love the D-8 cartridges for my arthritis pain, especially Gelato, Candyland and Sherbert. Great prices and very good customer service. Trying the pre-roll joint for first time and have found it be quite effective. Mike

  18. Michael W

    I have been ordering products from Genesis for several years now and have never been disappointed with their prompt service, delivery and pricing. Just started trying the Delta 8 products and have found them to be more beneficial for my severe neck and back arthritis pain. Experimenting with the different carts and have some are better for help with relaxing and sleep, while others help during the day giving me energy and more mobility for daily therapeutic exercise. Great company, thanks for all you do.

  19. Theresa

    Love the Grape Ape. It’s much more of a gentle vape but still has great flavor. Will 100% buy these again.

  20. Sophia

    I really like these and i really enjoy the high. they taste a little like parmesan cheese which is weird but it may have just been the one i bought. but id buy them again

  21. Hannah

    Great Product!

  22. Laura

    These vapes are my favorite to get. I’ve tried a few different ones.
    Only issues would be, clogging. More time then not.

  23. JR

    Love the new carts. Great price. Maybe work on some of the sweeter flavors like Candyland and Wedding Cake as they haven’t been as tasty lately. Excellent potency.

  24. Brian Nucci

    Great product and price! Fast shipping! One of the best I’ve tried!

  25. William

    I love ordering from the CBD Genesis company they are totally professional they’re very informative and help at the drop of a hat without question. I am the lifelong customer and have told a few friends and they’ve become customers as well. The products are outstanding well put together and the informative process about the is precise. This is not fly by night company this company’s here to stay and does a wonderful job pleasing me as a customer.

  26. Jeanne


  27. Gary

    As always, my order got here fast, and in perfect condition. The Genesis GG#4 Cart, is the best I’ve used thus far. Takes away my pain, and gets me to sleep pretty fast. Well worth the low cost and great quality… I don’t buy anywhere else, and been here for years…. Thanks guy, great job ! Thanks as always ‘Suzie,’ your the greatest ! 😉

  28. Erica Knight

    I always enjoy and get the most out of the CBD genesis carts! This time I got GG a hybrid and it was awesome. I use a hybrid to relax in the evening and this one didn’t disappoint. Very good for movie night or after a long day of life!

  29. Erin

    Does great for pain and keeping me calm. Also customer service is great!!

  30. Vickie

    I actually bought this for a friend and she said it’s a good product.

  31. Vickie

    I actually bought this for a friend and she said it’s a good product.

  32. Gypsy

    I love these cartridges and i the site makes it easy to find what u want. My last order got lost in the mail but CBD Genesis replaced my cartridge for ko extra cost, expedited my shipping & they threw in an extra for me. They take good care of their customers here and i appreciate that very much!

  33. Kerry

    Excellent vape cartridges, my daughter uses these, I prefer the gummies. These are her number 1 CBD vape choice, and she’s tried many!! I highly recommend this product, and this site!!! Amazing variety of produsts, incredible prices(with lots of promotions,) and the customer service representatives are extraordinary! I will not buy CBD products anywhere from here, and I recommend doing the same. This store and team is the best!!!

  34. Kerry

    Excellent vape cartridges, my daughter uses these, I prefer the gummies. These are her number 1 CBD vape choice, and she’s tried many!! I highly recommend this product, and this site!!! Amazing variety of produsts, incredible prices(with lots of promotions,) and the customer service representatives are extraordinary! I will not buy CBD products anywhere from here, and I recommend doing the same. This store and team is the best!!!

  35. Joe

    Great job here, had a bad review once , have ordered 3+ times since then and its been perfect good job guys thankful to have found this site highly recommend

  36. Mike

    I really like this product,it actually helps with my back pain, I hope to try more and I’m definitely getting more from you. Thank you

  37. Matthew

    Love these carts and disposables! Blueberry Lemon Haze was delicious ann got the job done!

  38. LB80

    Good Stuff About 2 Order Mines Again… And Kudos On The NEW LOOK GENESIS👍🏾

  39. Jenifer

    The BEST!!!!

  40. Jenifer

    The BEST!!!!

  41. Willie

    Great Delta 8!

  42. Richard

    I love the products and the awesome service. I would highly recommend these guys

  43. Eric

    Great flavor awesome effect!

  44. Jam Flex

    Pretty good carts, no leaks or clogs and a decent price. Probably the best quality I’ve had so far.

  45. Rodrigo

    Great flavor, doesn’t clog that much, good high

  46. Hope

    Excellent as always!

  47. aryan khalili

    Some best quality cartridge. Love it.

  48. WILL

    Was really happy with the purchase and will definitely buy more.

  49. Jesse Merriman

    These carts are great for the price, but every one I’ve had eventually has a leak/clog problem. it happens when you store them horizontally for a bit. I end up having to let them heat up before I can even pull.

  50. Jack

    was really good, felt like normal delta 8. just a little more clear headed

  51. mhucker526

    Great stuff, loved it and tasted amazing!

  52. Daniel

    I liked these carts, but one leaked a little. Overall good!

  53. Joe Skaar

    Bought 2 carts they were great could reallyfeel the high, but my third cart i got was sherbert, absolutely terrible could barely feel a high from but then also looking at the cart closer, it had tiny little glass shards in it, so idk if you guys are trying to kill me or what but I saw another bad review on the sherbert cart so maybe just avoid that one, other than that great products would 5 star it but you know the glass shards kinda sketchy

  54. Gary

    Once again, Genesis does it! I have ordered now, several times the GG#4, and like all the other Genesis products I’ve used over the 3-4 years I’ve been with this company, it worked perfect! For me, that means pain relief, and sleep! It delivers… Excellent product for this. Customer service? Did I mention they have the best people and service of anyone in the industry! Yes, I men that and have been around some, but have never seen the help and care and genuine passion and concern, This company, really is a giving and caring and generous people… They have helped me in times of drought, and in times of plenty. They have produced a product that delivers what it says it will, and there are NO better folks to deal with in the industry… Y’all need to seriously consider these folks and their products, especially the Genesis brand! Thanks guys. I’m not going anywhere!

  55. benedict.zombiekiller.anthony

    I bought the Sherbert kind and all it did was make me cough. I didn’t feel what I would typically feel with cbd or D9, nothing, just coughing. I’m not sure what yall did with this cartridge but it’s a pass for me and I might buy another pre-roll or try the flower. The pre-roll gave me the effects it should have.

  56. Saif Sultan

    Definitely the best carts ever. I have tried almost all of the vape carts on their website and some on other websites, and this is definitely my favorite vape cartridge of them all, for a bunch of reasons. Before I begin, I just wanted to say that CBD Genesis has the best customer service ever. They did some extremely amazing things for me when I had accidents and losses, etc., and I’ll never forget how amazing and generous they are. I’m truly grateful and happy for them. My favorite strain is definitely Sherbert (I also love Candyland a lot, as well as Grape Ape), it feels the most potent to me, and feels very similar to the effects of real weed/vaped weed (D9), and the best part is that it’s significantly much less harsh than other vape pens, so you can take more and get higher, and it also requires seemingly less to get high too. I just really love the effects of this vape pen and I especially love that the effects last soo long, compared to other vape pens, which can feel really much shorter. Also, it has a really good taste. To be honest, it’s basically perfect and I’d highly recommend their D8 carts. I’ve also gotten their D8 dry herb flowers once and it was the best ever. It got me so high, it was unbelievable. I actually felt like I got higher than with real weed, but it felt different and highly refined. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find this same listing but I am still satisfied fully with their other products, it’s just that this one is definitely the best to me right now, out of ALL D8 vape pens I’ve tried. Thank you so much CBD Genesis!

  57. Jolyne F.

    Now that I’ve tried a couple more of the flavors (GG#4 and Candyland) I can easily say that these are one of the best cart brands on the site! GG#4 is easily my favorite cart I’ve had as of now, amazing high and great taste. Candyland is also a great one, though it’s a bit of a throat hitter if that turns you off. Very nice head high, great for giggling and joking around with friends lol, as well as giving you a nice boost of energy. No complaints, and easily a costumer for life! You’re doing yourself a disservice by skipping these ones.

  58. Kasch

    Girl Scout cookies, is a good high, honestly cannot tell the difference between d8 and d9. Very calming but not tired. I would say euphoric.

  59. Kaitlyn Schmalstig

    Diablo one made me super annoyingly talkative lol if you have social anxiety then, I suggest Diablo ! I have also tried GG#4 and it made me super calm, its like all my worries went away at least for a couple hours 🙂 LOL.

  60. gavinmelchior

    This cart is amazing! Worth the buy 100% i am a veteran delta 9 smoker, and this cart hits the spot, super clear headed “high” on this stuff, clear head with a warm fuzzy feeling. Tastes great and lasts awhile as well. dont waste your time thinking about it and just get one! Wont regret it, I know I dont!

  61. LB80

    Starting My Year Off The Right Way … With The Right Ppl And The Right Products. (CBD GENESIS Is The Only Way)Diablo O.G. Really Brings Out The Psycho-Active Part When Trying D8. Here’s 2 A Much Better Start And Much Better Year👍🏿

  62. Julie Livengood

    Excellent product and my new go to cart. This company is amazing all across the board!! 10 out of 10!!! Don’t change a thing!!!!!

  63. deathix

    I just got this for the free effex gummies. I thought with the plastic piece you might get formaldehyde poisoning, since the very first versions of ecigs were kind of plastic too much. And did in fact do the damage of formaldehyde poisoning, but these are not testing positive at all for infectious diseases or even formaldehyde poisoning. and since it’s at the top, they do not generally tend to heat up to the top with proper usage of your ecigarette device. I bought a CBD FTP battery since they are a higher wattage and mAh. I do get a good puff off of these, and I don’t use too much for relief, unlike flower. If I wanted to quit smoking, I’d use these $39.99+++ cartridges. But be ware of poor quality made cartridges, as they tend to overheat and cause diseases. Sherbert is my favorite now, and I honestly got the benefits I desired. I have PTSD, and an assortment of physical illnesses, including seizures, ischemic stroke, and every cardia up to omnecardia. I got a couple of contacts with people who can help me, and they were making the entrouge effect of cannabis happen for medicine, and patented the idea. I was able to discover THC8 in weed plants to have a more stable high, and it is the same for hemp. It was designed with either SSRI or Antipsychotics in mind. The properties of THC8 that help with depression, anxiety, and super activity of any sort also tend to help heal the kindling effect patients had. While THC9 consistently had pesticide residue destroy it’s stability, it is apparent that THC8 still drives okay, george.

    I would recommend this product, and it has a very saught after flavor, as sherbert this perfect is yummy! And the benefits are easier to get while being sabotaged by your enemy.

    LOL, I’m really too high to rate this product, guess I’ll be sleeping tonight, and enjoy a merry christmas tomorrow!

  64. Drew420

    I got the Sherbert and Diablo OG. They’re both good . My favorite of the two is the Sherbert. It tastes just like Sherbert

  65. Jolyne

    So far I have only tried Diablo OG, Grape Ape, Sherbet, and Girl Scout Cookies – and certainly intend to not only try more, but come back to the strains I enjoy! Unlike the other brand of carts I tried (the Honeyroot Gelato), these carts tend not to clog as often, and when they do, are easier to get unclogged. Excellent flavors, great highs, and insanely fast shipping and delivery!

    Diablo OG – I can’t exactly describe the taste, but it’s certainly good; great for giving yourself a boost of energy and staying awake, as well as a pleasantly subtle head high.
    Grape Ape – What can I say, it’s a very grape-y flavor; incredibly good body feeling from this one, and probably the best for nighttime I’ve tried so far.
    Girl Scout Cookies – the only way I can describe the taste is like a slightly sweet lemon-y and skunk flavor; great hybrid with amazing high and beautiful body feel.
    Sherbet – probably the most accurately named cart, it really does taste like sherbet; another good hybrid, very relaxing yet stimulating at the same time with a nice couchlock feel.

  66. Erica Knight

    I ordered candy land and the 1st one wouldn’t work so after a quick email to the site, they sent me a replacement in no time! I’m not digging this particular one, just doesn’t do what I need. That being said, I ordered it for that reason so I can figure which I prefer and/or like so it wasn’t a total loss. The awesome customer service has made me a customer for life!

  67. Walterene Morrison

    If I could give these carts 10 stars I would! They are smooth, not at all harsh on the throat like other carts I’ve tried; And the flavors are amazing! So far I’ve tried Strawnana & Gelato. I love the fruity flavors in the S/N, and that good ole Gelato flavor is the closest to the REAL thing that I’ve tried! I love how a few hits makes me feel chill and alert, and more hits will definitely put me to sleep LOL, which I don’t mind bc I sometimes have trouble sleeping. What I’m saying is, I can’t wait to try more!!!!! 🙂

  68. Sha P.

    I first ordered the Diablo OG cart and let me tell you, these carts are a must have! First of all, this thing lasts forever. I ordered the cart about two weeks ago and still have half of it left! I’m a tree top fan when it comes to delta 8 carts, but I’m completely transitioning over to these! Taste is on point, the cart comes completely full. If I could give it more stars I would!

  69. Michael McCoy

    Love it. Girl Scout Cookies. Better than I expected.

  70. Chantal

    So so sooo good. I’ve bought several but this last time I ordered the Diablo og. & wasn’t disappointed. Great taste. Great feeling. Gave me a good clean feeling boost. That Worked great for my anxiety. Also seemed to help my lower back & knee pain. Have ordered from cbd genesis several times now & I have no complaints. They ship very quickly. Their products are some of my most favorite & Have become the products I use every day. From wanting some pain relief to wanting to sleep better they have something to cover it & everything in between. & the customer service has been the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Can’t sing enough praises for them truly.

  71. AJ

    These are awesome. Flavors are out of this world ! Potent high.

  72. williams_1610

    Bought Grape Ape, totally relaxing. Will be coming back for more.

  73. Danny C.

    Candyland is by FAR the best high I’ve ever had. It is a really fun buzz.

    GG#4 was super strong and put me to bed with a smile.
    Diablo OG actually helped me stay awake to watch a late movie and I was happy to accidentally learn that it is also great for chronic back pain.
    These carts are the most potent of any I have tried. Delivery is very fast! Like 3-4 days free of charge fast.

  74. Jared Buckner

    This cart beats all the others I’ve ordered on this site. AMAZING FLAVOR #4
    Helps with many ailments, great quality. Absolutely superb medication.
    I can’t even express how nice the flavor is on the GG#4.
    The price is great.
    Such a freaking amazing company. I’d love to work for em lol
    If you haven’t ordered a cart yet you should.

  75. Dawn

    Great for pain and sleep highly recommend

  76. josiah

    Amazing flavor did not expect it

  77. jgoodell74

    Affordable and great product

  78. Lyudmyla

    Always good!

  79. George

    Great product

  80. Princess

    One of my favorites! I will definitely be back for more!

  81. Kim

    This is very good. I will be purchasing more. This is why I give this item a definite 5 stars

  82. Roy

    They have done a good job with their products.

  83. Brian

    Great potency. Mixes well

  84. Michael

    Great products and great prices. Super fast shipping and a great company to do business with. Buy here , Thank You

  85. Brian

    I love this product. Really relaxes me.

  86. Brian

    Great product. Really helps relax me.

  87. Lana

    Good flavor and fair prices

  88. George

    Great price for a great product

  89. Catherine

    Always love this. , taste great and my pain just melts away.

  90. clarice

    Really good thinking of trying another flavor. I like it. Helps with my feet and leg pain when I get off work. Helps me to sleep a little better.

  91. Elizabeth

    I love it

  92. Kassandra

    The taste is amazing I’m definitely buying again.

  93. Tyler

    The flavor is spot on! I felt slight relaxation with the maximum dosage but the flavor is hard on coils in a vape and seems to dissipate the coil and flavor quite fast. But right on the money for flavor and fast I mean FAST shipping and free samples. Nice job thank you!

  94. Jean

    I have purchased this product from this company many times. The service they provide is top notch, and I love the HempleBox juice also!!

  95. Catherine

    Love this stuff..takes my pain away and makes me sleep a lot better…

  96. Amanda

    Great product works well for me with my various medical and mental health conditions. Fast service and shipping. I recommend you to everyone.

  97. Jordan

    Amazing product! !!!

  98. Mike

    well, ive been using this in my juice in the morning and in the evening I put a dropper in a shot of juice before bed and works wonders. i haven’t used it in a vape , but i will say it works and helps me with joint pain during the day and sleep at night. i purchased the slush and wow very flavorful, so next will be the Simply, says it no flavor.

  99. Gabrielle

    Shipped very quickly! Love the product, tastes great!

  100. Dujuan

    Great product! My wife says shes loving CBD Vape Juice. She’s a fan.

  101. ROSANNA

    Very good flavor and quick service . Always enjoy doing business with this company.

  102. NEL

    Great taste and effective. I got the crispy flavor. It tastes like vanilla ice cream. No complaints!

  103. Melissa

    Delicious and smooth. I vape almost constantly because of my migraines and this little bottle lasts for ever. The taste and smell of Smoothie is excellent. I\’ll definitely be checking out other flavors.

  104. ronwjetsfan400

    Down right the best cdb E-liquid I’ve ever had.

  105. Catherine

    I absolutely love this product

  106. Jordan


  107. Jordan

    Works very well. Love it

  108. GERALD

    No hassles at all with the order and the jolly flavor is outstanding!

  109. Cyndi

    Always top notch product! Recently had an issue with my order being lost and they replaced the order and even over-nighted the product to me! Excellent customer service!


    1st time ordering. Great price. Fast service. Will continue to order. I like all the information they provide about their products. Everything you need to low before purchasing. No hidden surprises.

  111. 3stab0n

    They can’t say this for legal reasons, but my roommate and I think this tastes exactly like Bomb Pops (red white and blue popsicle). The flavor holds up well, even after having filled a few tanks already. Not too overwhelmingly sweet in my opinion, which I was worried about.

  112. Sonseray


  113. Steven

    Love it i order a bottle a week it works like a charm and i sleep like a baby everynight!!!


  114. calperez

    I got both the unflavored to mix with my e-juices and the Crispy in 1000 mg. Both are great for my pain management program. Great value.

  115. Zachary

    Flavor was good. The slushy kinda burnt my throat though

  116. Steven

    I got the 500 mg this time it’s powerful Hemplebox I my favorite brand and works like a champ

  117. Wyatt H.

    Absolutely love Hemplebox’s juicy flavor its like smoking the most savory and delicious jolly ranchers. I cannot wait to try the slushy flavor.

  118. Steven

    I love this product Juicy is my favorite flavor. I use about a bottle a week as vape juice to help me relax and sleep
    5 STARS

  119. stevehoney43

    This is the best CBD juice i have found on the market the price is great the quality is HIGH the flavor is fantastic. I order a bottle a week and i couldn’t be happier.

  120. Elizabeth

    good seller

  121. naylor.megan

    Tastes great, but no relief from anxiety or any relaxing effects like other cbd products I’ve had.

  122. Harry gonsoulin

    Amazing product i will Highly recommend it

  123. Erin

    this product is geat, arrived quickly and tastes amazing

  124. Steven

    Another great flavor the Strawberry Banana was delicious. I have tried all the Flavors now and the only one i didn\’t like with the Slushy it was just too tart for my taste.

  125. William

    I like the hemple box a lot better than the genisis ,genisis bottle very hard two open and is very messy,the e juice was hard two mix after shaking 5 min
    And very thick,sticky

  126. artbyjennak

    The dropper is thin enough to be inserted into a Kandypens Rubi pod hole for easy filling without the need for a syringe.
    I bought the 1000mg strength “Crispy.” Be advised, this flavor is super intense and saturated! It can almost be too rich at times. It reminds me of a rich caramel custard or creme brulee. (I’m looking forward to pairing it with my morning coffee.)

  127. Matthew

    Great for vaping not too thick doesn\’t burn up coils and the cbd does the trick for anxiety

  128. sharptooth321

    Oh man… I absolutely adore this juice. Only tried one so far, the “Loopy” flavor. Definitely tastes like Fruit Loops. I have the 1000mg dropper and Vape it through whatever is available. The nostalgic flavor, along with the CBD “exhaling anxiety” feeling. (You know what I’m talking about! CBD is like magic) Anyway…. it was only the second CBD product I ever tried and now dozens later still remains in my top 2. Can’t speak for the other flavors, personally, but I second the vote for a stronger version of this. Maybe in cartridge or concentrate? It’s just too great.

  129. Steven

    Nom Nom Nom

  130. matt

    I bought the Juicy flavor, it tastes great in my vape and seems to work well.

  131. Jason

    Great juice. Smells wonderful and vapes perfectly. 100% delicious.

  132. Jason

    Great juice. Smells wonderful and vapes perfectly. 100% delicious.

  133. Hillary

    I think the flavor is great and it definitely helps to even out my adrenaline disorder.

  134. Michael

    This product was listed in tinctures and E-juice when I bought it. I was looking for a tincture and ended up with an e-juice

    • Genesis

      Thats because it can be used as either/both. Tincture can/should only be used as such. However most, if not all, ejuices can but used as both vape and tincture.

  135. jacob

    i loved it, flavor was very nice, and it definately exceeded my expectations! I have been recommending it to all my buddies that vape, and a few of them enjoyed it just as i did! oh, and the juice came really quickly, which was a nice surprise.

  136. steven

    HempleBox has the Best Flavors its very potent and puts me right to sleep!!! I love this product and has fast shipping and great customer service. I HIGHly recommend this product!!! Its Legit!!!

  137. Steven

    This product is the bomb the staff is great i always get my products a day before they are supposed to arrive. The LOOPY flava is AMAZING!!! THIS IS THE ONLY SITE I ORDER MY CDB FROM!!! BEST PRICE ONLINE OR LOCAL AND WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!

  138. Josh

    Best CBD effects in a vape juice I’ve ever purchased. I recommend the 1000mg

  139. Josh

    Best CBD effects in a vape juice I’ve ever purchased. I recommend the 1000mg

  140. Steven

    Best value taste and customer service.

    Customer for life

  141. Raymond

    The crispy flavor of this product in 500 is my favorite. It’s fantastic!

  142. stevehoney43


  143. Sydney

    Came really quick! Exactly what I purchased as well!

  144. Ryan

    It taste and works great! Would recommend a little less PG and more VG instead.

  145. Joe

    The smoothie flavor is awesome, definitely calms my usually high anxiety

  146. Edwin

    I\’m satisfied with this CBD product. The taste is great and it is effective for anxiety/depression.

  147. Jane

    Great, I ordered Crunchy, will probably try a different flavor next time, but there will definitely be a next time

  148. Kimberly

    tastes horrible…a lot to get used to since having to switch to a much better tasting product that is no longer sold on this site.

  149. Kimra

    Crispy is delicious

  150. ROSANNA

    Awesome and amazing service and product. Was just thinking today that I need to order another flavor .

  151. Pamela

    Great for for the price and fast shipping

  152. jason

    i enjoyed my time while i was at their store front. he was easy to communicate with. their house brands are excellent. i also like hemple box. have a wonderful day

  153. Genie

    Love this so much! Tastes delicious:)

  154. Kimra

    Still my go-to CBD vape juice because it’s effective, delicious whether vaped or used as a tincture, and reasonably priced.

  155. Evan

    Maybe if I had stronger than 100 it would have got a better rating but since this is a first for CBD I feel that it should have helped with the pain I deal with. I haven’t decided if I want to spend more on something that I’m not sure will help. It would be nice if you could send out a little trial of 500 and 1000. If it works I’d definitely biy

  156. kalegh

    Excellent product. Good taste. Works perfectly in any vape. Lowest cost brand as well.

  157. Sam

    Great product! Great taste and eases my anxiety.

  158. Rose

    Works well, tastes good

  159. Kieran

    I like this company a lot, and the Loopy flavor is the most accurate to the name/description I’ve tasted so far. Very tasty. I will continue to buy from them.

  160. Amy

    Tastes like fruit loops perfectly and I love the benefits of the CBD oil for the help it has been for me… best place for the price as well!

  161. Matthew

    Sour/bitter taste, can possibly taste better to others.

  162. Jennifer

    The flavor was just gross. Still had the same great effects, but was completely unusable because we just couldn\’t stand the Crispy.

  163. Mary

    Great price and quick a shipping. Hemplebox is a great product.

  164. 3stab0n

    I prefer this over the Koi stuff. I haven’t tried all the flavors, but Smoothy actually tastes a bit like Runts candy

  165. SugarBlasphemy

    I love it. The Jolly flavor is great . It eases my anxiety and helps me sleep at night

  166. Kia

    I absolutely love it. It arrived here pretty quickly and the flavor is amazing . I ordered the 100 mg jolly flavored , and it works well. It eases my anxiety and helps me sleep at night.

  167. Kimra

    Fantastic flavor and won’t gum up your vape coil!

  168. Kimra

    Fantastic products and service as usual!

  169. David

    Great product, tastes good, helps with Anxiety

  170. Michael

    great product

  171. Jonathan

    I’m very happy with this purchase. I ordered “Loopy.” It smells just like fruit loops and it takes the edge off my anxiety.

  172. Kelly

    The simply is good by itself, almost refreshing. It mixes well and works even better.

  173. Ron

    So a few weeks ago I got the smoothie flavor of this product. I wanted to wait awhile and use it alot b4 I left my review. So I’ve bought this in 250 as the slurpy and the smoothie and I have to say the smoothie is very disappointing in comparison. The flavor just feels so off. But the strength is still spot on and hemplbox is still my favorite e-liquide so I have to give them high praise.

  174. Kelly

    It’s an amazing product. Works quickly, there’s no taste so it mixes very well with any vape juice.

  175. Tamara

    Second time ordering and will continue. Love the product and fast shipping time!

  176. Dianna

    I absolutely love this product and will be ordering it again. Thank you for all your help and extremely polite staff.

  177. Kyle

    Good but the cap was broken when I got it.

  178. Brenda

    I like that fact that you have a no flavor vape oil so that I can change up the flavor anytime I want to.

  179. Brenda

    I like that fact that you have a no flavor vape oil so that I can change up the flavor anytime I want to.

  180. diannava

    I purchased the Strawberry Banana Smoothy CBD e-liquids and I love it. Really is a great product and highly recommend . It’s a really strong /smooth flavor and has helped with the pain. The company is really great to deal with and very pleasant customer service. This will be the only place I purchase my CBD e-liquid.

  181. Mariah

    I always get the simply because it’s flavorless and I can just add it to whatever vape juice I’m already using. It helps instantly with my migraines and arthritis.

  182. Kimra

    As always, a pleasure to receive my favorite CBD. Hats off to excellent customer service too! The postal service messed up delivery but you made it right, and the package even came early. Thanks!

  183. Jeremy Wayne Petoskey

    The CBD oil for my vape works great. I love the pricing and the flovor mixes with my regular flavors very well. Shipping was very fast and I look forward to buying and trying other flavors.

  184. Melissa

    Has really helped with my anxiety. I will be buying more.

  185. Ron

    Amazing, the flavor is fantastic and it starts working right away. It’s also big enough that it will last u a long time. I wasn’t disappointed in anyway I’m definitely buying this again.

  186. Mark

    Pretty good CBD juice. Slushy tastes like blue raspberry. The taste does change a bit when vaped though.

  187. Kimra

    Great service and product as usual!

  188. Ashley

    I feel like the juice didn\’t do anything to me but the flavor of the slushy is amazing! I\’d get it again if it had a bigger effect.

  189. Bianca

    Great product and nice flavor

  190. Marissa

    Recieved order very quick! Love this juice!

  191. Shelly

    Love it, and the flavor is amazing!

  192. Kimra

    Awesome service and products as always…as much as I like to try new things, I haven\’t found any CBD products I like better!

  193. Charles

    So far it’s been okay. I’ll go up in strength the next time

  194. Kimberly

    Quality products and fast shipping. I ordered on a Monday and had my CBD on Wednesday. I am a repeat customer and am very satisfied.

  195. jceballos217

    I said to myself I’ll write a review if I order a second time and I just did. Great stuff, fast shipping.

  196. Jason

    Good stuff

  197. Wesley

    Great product. Works well, tastes good, and the price is right. I would order again in a heartbeat

  198. Angelica

    Good quality and flavor. It also arrived quickly.

  199. kd_aughenbaugh

    I ordered this in 1,000 mg in the loopy flavor and I received 30 mL of loopy in 100 mg strength. The cap and bottle look to have different threads so the seal is not tight on the bottle. I wonder how much of my vape juice spilled in transit because the package clearly had vape juice on the inside of it. I have emailed customer service about this problem and I hope it will be rectified. Overall horrible first experience ordering this product. Only positive was the prompt shipping. I paid WAY to much to receive 100 mg strength. Not a happy customer.

  200. Kimra

    Fantastic as always!

  201. Brian

    Didn’t like the added pg vg.

  202. jake

    I liked this juice a lot 5 stars

  203. Larwrence

    HempleBox simple is perfect to mix with any flavored vape juice I have. Tastes great and helps with my aches and anxieties. Love it highly recommend!

  204. Elizabeth

    I had wanted a different flavor but it as sold out. They suggested Smooth as a replacement, boy am I glad they did. It is an awesome flavor!

  205. Aaron

    Excellent juice

  206. Michael

    Love the smoothie favlor, loopy ins\’t bad either. Good price and good juice!

  207. Gabriela

    Great loved the flavors and the cbd was so relaxing

  208. Melissa

    Awesome taste and helps with my back pain

  209. Rose

    Enjoy it. Not strong but did not want to strong.

  210. Liliana

    The juice tastes great. Ive never used CBD and havent seen a significant effect yet. I get headaches through out the day bur since i have been vaping this i havent had as much. Also this liquid seems to be thin cause when i refill my vape with this specifict juice it leaks.

  211. Canek

    first time I bought these brand and seems very good , froot loops flavor taste amazing

  212. Justin


  213. Crystal

    Quick response to questions….fast shipping. Will purchase from again.

  214. Roy

    Delicious and works wonders for anxiety. Will purchase again.

  215. Carson

    It taste awesome but the milligram wasn’t quite strong enough for my back pains, so I will definitely go on a bigger dose then 100

  216. Troy

    This one seems work really well. 5 to 7 hits is all I need.

  217. Aaron

    Awesome Juice

  218. Mamadou

    2nd purchase. Solid in all aspects. Good service

  219. Michelle

    I love my Hemplebox CBD. Great taste and quality CBD.

  220. Sarah

    I love the blue slushie cbd vapes juice. Can not wait to get more .

  221. Lori

    Amazing product.. knowledgeable staff and very fast shipping..I would highly recommend this product and this site/store to everyone I know….look forward to ordering again real soon

  222. John

    I purchased the fruit loops flavor and it literally smells just like the cereal. Ever since I’ve been puffing on it I swear my metabolism has improved and I’ve read studies that support that. Really enjoy the product and the price is also a good deal!

  223. Ivan

    Great product, on time, & very tasty

  224. Cameron

    Very good product

  225. Allison

    Such a great product. Really relieves me of anxiety.

  226. Anthony

    Really tasty

  227. Randall

    I am giving it 4 stars because it doesn’t list the PG/VG

  228. Amy

    Slushy is great! Soo good, and anxiety relieving!

  229. rachel.nicole.bailey

    I really enjoyed loopy can’t wait to order a new flavor! Thank you for the fast shipping!

  230. David

    Very good flavor. Would definitely recommend or buy again!

  231. Jill

    This CBD oil better is way better than the other brands I have tried. I ordered the Loopy flavor and it smells just like Fruit Loops. Will definitely order again!

  232. tsaxed

    Still my favorite! Wish I could buy it in a bigger bottle

  233. Ambyr

    Jolly is my favorite. I buy the 1000MG one and I will never go back to any CBD juice again! It isn’t too overpowering and doesn’t have a nasty taste like some CBD juices do. This product is way beyond a 10/10!!

  234. Michael

    loopy flavor tastes exactly like fruit loops, great to vape

  235. Jeremy

    I love love love this product I already got about 5 friends to purchase from this website!!!

  236. Ronnal

    neither good nor bad

  237. Tamara

    Very fast shipping and awesome flavor. The product is not harsh on my throat which is a huge plus. This was a first for me purchasing CBD vape oil and I am very impressed when it comes to the difference that I am noticing with my PTSD and my anxiety. Will be purchasing more in the future!

  238. Alex

    Very smooth, nice taste

  239. Conner

    Tastes good and hits smoothly. Would definitely recommend

  240. Tabbatha

    Great price! Wonderful product! Will be ordering again soon.

  241. Kimra

    There\’s no other brand for me!

  242. Kimra

    Still my fave.

  243. Kimra

    Great fast service with no hassles ever, even when I got the wrong flavor, it was quickly corrected. I’ll never buy from anywhere else!

  244. Gleanna

    I’ve tried both the Slushy and Loopy flavors in 250mg so far. Definitely like the Loopy better. The slushy flavor was overpowered by the earthy taste of the CBD IMO. The Loopy shines out a little bit more but it’s not fantastic tasting by any means. Def do get a cerealy taste but not so much the fruit loop. That being said, I do love this stuff because of what it does for me. It’s calmed my crazy brain down. I have depression and anxiety, which I am on RX meds for but the CBD helps take up the slack. I vape it periodically throughout the day and i don’t feel like I’m as stressed or worried about every little stupid thing anymore. It’s like the “off switch” so to speak. For that reason, I’ll keep using it but I may try out the Smoothy next time and see if I like that better.

  245. Stephen

    I really love your products and will be ordering again

  246. jodibarker76

    Bought both Jolly and Slushy. The flavors were outstanding and the product left me thoroughly impressed. I definitely recommend this product.

  247. Nathan asher

    Juice tasted good and arrived on time, will buy again but next time I\’m getting the second weakest instead of the weakest

  248. James

    Got the flavorless option so it could be added into an already great tasting vape.

  249. jborczynski

    I was amazed by this product. Great juice and I got the Loopy flavor and it tasted just like fruity pebbles. Definitely recommend.

  250. boilx

    I got the crispy 250 and loopy 500. Both work well and are as good a product as Koi, only different flavours. Will buy again.

  251. Megan

    I am in love with the product. I use the 100 as my regular vape and it works wonders for my anxiety and insomnia. The flavors are perfect, not too sweet but not under flavored as well. Would recommend this time and time again! I would love to see some new flavors too!

  252. Allison

    Awesome. Tastes great and very effective for my chronic pain and insomnia

  253. CANDACE

    Okay, stuff.

  254. kayla

    Jolly is a great flavor, excellent quality and fast shipping

  255. Ray

    This gets 3/5 for one simple reason, the price. Maybe if this is how you have fun or go about recreation then this product is for you, if you use CBD as a pharmaceutical alternative then this stuff is way to expensive. It’s got great taste and doesn’t gunk up coils but I don’t think I will buy again

  256. Allison Cash

    Hemplebox Slushy is awesome

  257. Allison

    Geat stuff

  258. Allison

    Awsome hemplbox slush

  259. Mamadou

    I bought the cbd loopy in the 250mg concentration. It is a solid vape that tastes just like fruit loops with a slight aftertaste from the cbd, which is common with all cbd vapes. I trust this company for the quality of the cbd oil without the presence of synthetic cannabinoids.

  260. Lorna

    I love all the Hemplebox flavors! This is my favorite vape brand.

  261. jakebuchanan15

    I’ve already written a previous review on this product, but I wrote it for the loopy flavor. While I love that flavor, I’ve recently tried the Jolly and I like it even more. I use the 500 mg and it works perfectly mixed 50/50 with my regular vape juice. I highly recommend it!

  262. Lisa

    good product fast shipping

  263. Dwaine

    I love it just wish i brought a stronger vape than 100 it is awsome

  264. Larwrence

    Taste great and mixes perfectly with my Crunchy squares 6mg ejuice! With be a regular buyer of this Hemple Box CBD Crunch! Love it!

  265. Kimra Simmons

    Great stuff! My absolute favorite, and I don’t see that changing…ever

  266. Brenda

    Really liked

  267. Nicole

    It helps me a lot I really love the smoothie flavor.

  268. Elijah

    I ordered the Loopy and i love it taste and vape perfect A++

  269. Sam Fisher

    Blue slushy flavor is god awful compared to koi blue. It’s like vaping ky jelly and is horrible not worth saving $10. I can’t speak on the other flavors as I haven’t tried them. From personal experience koi flavors are either sickly sweet or synthetic and need to be mixed but I prefer them to this.

  270. Kyle

    I recently went up in mg from 300, to 550 with CBD Genesis to now 1000 mg with HemlpeBox CBD. The packaging looks great and the delivery was fast. Once I began to use the juice, first thing I noticed is that there is a considerable difference in the viscosity from Genesis being much thicker than HempleBox. The 1000mg from HempleBox is completely clear and runny in comparison to Genesis and others which has a noticeable thickness. I chose the Loopy flavour which I found very tasty. The potency after a few days of comparing back and forth seem like the 550mg from Genesis was a more noticeable effect than the 1000mg from HempleBox. As it was described as a product from CBD Genesis I felt like there would be a consistency in potency. I will be going back to CBC Genesis for my next purchase.

  271. Albert

    Very smooth taste. Great product. Will definitely order again.

  272. Tammy

    Omg I love the CBD cape juice that I got it taste so good and is help a lot….

  273. Abrian

    Got the loopy flavor in 500 mg. Tasted really good and helped great with reducing my anxeity. Will order again.

  274. amymichelefl

    I really liked this. I purchased the 250mg Loopy flavor. It has a subtle effect but is helpful for my MS and neuropathy pain. It vapes quite well.

  275. Imane

    Great flavor

  276. Petros

    Really helped with joint pain from constant training. Just wish there was a no PG option.

  277. Haley

    Love the taste! Good flavor and works great! Would recommend this brand to any friends and family!

  278. Haley

    Love the taste! Good flavor and works great! Would recommend this brand to any friends and family!

  279. Mike

    Best place to buy cbd vape juice, I got the flavor loopy and it tasted exactly like froot loops its amazing.

  280. Angela

    It was ok the flavor was too flavorly,the mg is too much for me,but the delivery was great!!

  281. Ben

    Great stuff just wish it came in larger bottles

  282. Alicia

    Love it

  283. Loverne

    Taste great!

  284. winston

    This is a great product but it needs to have a little more flavor and some how to get the pollypropallen out and use a healthy additive

  285. Cynthia

    Works well taste great will purchase again

  286. Cynthia

    Works well taste great will purchase again

  287. Stephanie

    Easy ordering. Very informative articles on website,and fast shopping. Product is great too. Over all very happy with my order.

  288. Billy

    Potent and good MG, but this is vape NOT drops…not advertised as vape until you blow up a pic…It’s still a great product…

  289. Lisa

    I enjoyed it and helped me with my pain

  290. Sharon

    Great product at reasonable prices!

  291. Kimra

    Delicious and a great price. Also a nice clean vape

  292. Michelle

    I got the chrispy flavor and it is good. It tast like Connamon Toast Crunch. Yummy.
    Unfortunately, it is the only flavored juice I have and I am getting tired of it. The CBD….I can’t tell there is any in there.

  293. Martin

    It’s pretty decent I got the 1000 mg unflavored it relaxed my body to make it through the day but it wasn’t as strong as I expected . But the flavors are awesome and the price as well

  294. Spencer

    Love it! Flavor is beyond expectation

  295. Michelle

    Purchased 500 mg Jolly (watermelon) and was pleased. But next time I plan to raise the stakes.

  296. Joseph

    The taste was really great! Clouds productions was very nice. Very smooth vapor and great on the lungs. No bad aftertaste and it’s not too sweet either. Solid packaging and fast shipping.

  297. Thomas

    Good product really happy about no chemicals added. Also very prompt shipping and a quality product

  298. Sarah

    Amazing! Jolly taste delicious!

  299. Ervin

    I didn’t really taste anything with the one I got loopy

  300. Albert

    Really good flavor without any harshness. Has already allowed me to cut some of my meds in half.

  301. Koby

    Really smooth flavor, love the taste.

  302. Jalissa

    After having pain from serveral surgeries. I could say this works better then taking narcotics. This is miracle liquid in a bottle. I purchased 500mg, Jolly favor.. It does taste like cough medicine..

  303. Allison

    Awesome stuff. Tastes great and the effects were spot on

  304. Layla

    Works great! Just what I need when I have a hard time calming down. Been having some good sleep as well.
    I got the Slushy one and while it does taste like a slushy (the shaved ice with the syrup kind) it does have a medicine taste to it as well. Not a gross taste though, would recommend it.

  305. Melissa

    And this one too great flavor will be ordering again

  306. Geraldine

    You guys are right on it!! Shipping is fast and you are right there to answer any questions! Thank you!

  307. Curley

    I previously gave this product 3 stars… Since then, I let a friend try the product, who enjoyed great results… It may be that my tolerance level is too high. I\’ll take a break, and try this product again…

  308. Shane

    Excellent shipping and great taste .

  309. Kimra Simmons

    Fantastic service, quick shipping, and friendly customer service. This is my new favorite site for ordering cbd. Keep up the good work!

  310. Seth

    So far every time I’ve ordered it has been great! The products are good quality, good priced, and I’ve even received a free item with my purchase from time to time.
    I would recommend anyone to this site for any CBD needs.

  311. Alvin

    First of all love the products and order process. I’ve ordered twice and will order from you again. This last order even arrived a day earlier than I expected however and I’m not one to complain I did not receive my free sample of CBDoobie you were promoting for orders over $100.00 and my order was a little over $200.00.

  312. judypburnside

    This is my first time using CBD oil and I really enjoy it. I think the 100mg is an inexpensive and awesome choice for beginners, I paired this with a $7 vape I got on ebay, so it was worth it haha. The jolly flavor tastes like watermelon jolly ranchers, but it isn’t super overpowering, which I actually really like. I think if it were more flavored it would make my mouth and stomach feel weird. About the service.. this website and company rock. I ordered this juice on a Tuesday afternoon and had it by Friday morning. I’ll be trying slushy next.. thank you hemplebox!

  313. Martin

    It’s freaking awesome I love it it right there with the koi CBD but the front loops flavor is dope

  314. curley.birdsong

    I give this product 3 stars on taste alone… I purchased the loopy, and the taste was SPOT ON! As far as effectiveness, I experienced much better results from other products. I regularly vape CBD oils, but I didn’t feel the calming effect as much with this one (250mg). I may try the 500mg to see if it yields better results. Lastly, the bottle is opaque, so you will not be able to see how much juice you have left. The next bottle I receive, I plan on transferring to a cobalt or brown bottle.

  315. scottleecarr

    Excellent product, great price, and fast shipping. I bought Jolly and it tastes amazing. I will only buy from this company from now on.

  316. Jake Buchanan

    I’m loving this Hemplebox CBD. I’ve tried several varieties of CBD & this one is by far the best in terms of taste and quality. It’s completely changed the way I deal with chronic pain. The loopy flavor is the only one I’ve tried, and it’s a great fruit cereal flavor that doesn’t give you vape tongue. Trying jolly next!

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