Delta 8 THC Flower Buds (Genesis)

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Delta-8 THC Flower! 88% Delta-8 THC, in a premium hybrid strain: Cascade.

Size: 3.5g (Eighth) OR 7g (Quarter)

Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).
this stuff when you see it in low light it look black take it in the sun and WOW !! watch it shine and the buzz is a neat lil thing its got going !! thanks CBD Genesis - Amanda D Vradenburg 

Product Description

Your Guide to Delta-8-THC Flower Buds

Delta-8-THC products are the new and legal way to get high! That’s right. This special, legal form of hemp flower will give you a psychoactive high, in a similar way to marijuana.

Delta-8-THC flower buds have high levels of the delta-8-THC cannabinoid, which has a close chemical resemblance to delta-9-THC. This hemp flower meets the legal requirements set by the Farm Bill, and has less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. CBD Genesis stocks a special hybrid strain of hemp called Cascade. This flower is available for purchase in 3.5g (one-eighth) batches.

But what is delta-8-THC? How does it differ to cannabis? And how can you use delta-8-THC flower? We’ve got the answers to all of those questions and much, much more in this comprehensive guide!

What is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8-THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, and interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce its effects. This compound is very similar to delta-9-THC, except for a few atomic bond differences. When US lawmakers decided to legalize hemp, the only cannabinoid they were worried about restricting was delta-9-THC. So, thanks to a legal loophole, companies can legally sell hemp products with high levels of psychoactive delta-8-THC!

Differences between Delta-8-THC and regular THC

While touted as the legal form of standard THC, delta-8-THC does have some important differences. Sure, it will give you a recognizable psychoactive high, but handily, delta-8-THC flower promises less paranoia and anxiety than regular THC!

Introducing our Delta-8-THC flower buds

Cascade hemp flower is rich in delta-8-THC, and its terpene profile provides hybrid effects. The delicate balance of sativa and indica properties means you can expect physical stimulation and a cerebral boost from Cascade. But you can also anticipate reduced anxiety, improved mood, and perhaps even some pain relief and muscle relaxation.

And it’s that balance of hybrid strains which makes them ideal, whether it’s early morning, mid-afternoon or evening. There’s no intense couchlock to worry about, or any excessive stimulation and euphoria to stop you from getting on with your daily tasks.

What can I do with Delta-8-THC flower?

The versatility of hemp flower sometimes goes unappreciated. The reality is that delta-8-THC flower has a wide range of uses, and there are several ways you can extract its benefits.

Smoke it!

Think flower, think smoking. Puffing on a joint or ripping on a bong are the images that spring to mind when thinking of hemp or cannabis flower. This classic method of consumption is perfect for savoring the flavor, and for getting high as speedily as possible. With our Cascade delta-8-THC flower, you can roll up a fat joint and enjoy solo, or with friends!

Vape it!

Smoking hemp is not as dangerous as smoking tobacco, as it doesn’t have the same potential for addiction. But for those concerned about the health of their lungs, vaping is an ideal alternative that greatly reduces the risks, while still delivering that potent, fast-acting experience. With vaping, the lungs aren’t exposed to all the toxins and carcinogens that are present in smoke. Experts in the United Kingdom have estimated that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Make oils, edibles and creams!

If you fancy getting hands-on, you can also make your own products out of delta-8-THC flower for personal use. This is a great way for hemp enthusiasts to get more familiar with the plant, and experiment with different types of consumption for less.

For instance, with homemade edibles, you can enjoy a high that lasts much longer than with smoking or vaping (although it does take longer to kick in). With homemade tincture oils, you can get fast-acting effects, and completely eliminate the negative effects of inhalation. And with homemade creams, you can sample the potential therapeutic effects of delta-8-THC, such as pain relief and improvements to skin condition. However, you can’t get high from delta-8-THC in cream forms, as the cannabinoids remain in the skin and are not transported to the brain.

Delta-8-THC and drug tests

Delta-8-THC flower may be legal, but unfortunately, it probably won’t stop you from failing a drug test. As mentioned, delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC are very similar, and the compounds are therefore broken down into very similar metabolites. Hence, a drug test that can detect regular THC will most likely be able to detect delta-8-THC as well. This isn’t absolutely definitive, as there is very little research on delta-8-THC. But from what we know, it’s probably not worth taking the risk.

Final thoughts

We’re excited to stock Delta-8-THC Flower in our collection at There’s no better way to get high right now than with a totally legal, and top-quality product. Indeed, just being safe in the knowledge that delta-8-THC is legal will probably go a long way to relieving any anxiety and paranoia!

Have you already experienced our delta-8-THC flower? We would love to hear your thoughts. Did you get the effect you were looking for? How do delta-8-THC buds compare to marijuana buds? Let us know in the comments!

26 reviews for Delta 8 THC Flower Buds (Genesis)

  1. A. Whitfield

    I’ve ordered it a few times. I like it! Everyone I’ve recommended it to likes it!

  2. Lillian Nottingham

    Fastest shipping, HIGH quality Delta 8-THC is a legal way to get the benefits of THC! I order weekly and highly suggest you do as well! Coupons and sales make it affordable as well! I am a very pleased customer!

  3. Michael

    Sample this love it! Hope to get more!

  4. James Willis

    Delta 8 is a life saver im from and live in Georgia where delta 9 is illegal i still smoke it but when i dont have delta 9 i stock up on delta 8 i love it because its real weed and not like k2

  5. Prof. Alan

    It\’s not delta 9, but it will do just fine.

  6. Norman

    Very quick and responsive service. High quality product. Thank you

  7. Michael

    nice price thank you !

  8. emily hensley

    This d8 flower right here is amazing , great effect and very affordable . Since buying this d8 flower i have not bought any from another brand i only buy this flower now

  9. Gary

    I’m actually surprised i’ve tried alot of delta 8 bud and this one is the most effective by far Cascade is the name I wont forget 👍💯

  10. Sierra

    Honestly kind of weird. It’s not as good as normal flower but it’s not bad. It doesn’t make for very good joints imo but it’s decent in any glass pieces.

  11. Louise

    Good head place…but very harsh smoke .

  12. Erin

    This is great when you just need a “pick me up” or to relax. I’m.a chronic pain patient and have used this with great results.

  13. Lillian Nottingham

    The Delta 8 THC flower is awesome! I order it weekly and highly recommend it.

  14. Eric

    I was very pleased with the Items I received.
    The product was a nice surprise and very calming without the nervesness. Thanks again!!

  15. Tony

    Awesome! Smokes great with a very nice buzz!

  16. Karisma

    These Delta 8 Flower Buds are great, they give you a good but. It heals your pain.

  17. Karisma

    These Delta 8 Flower Buds are great, they give you a good but. It heals your pain.

  18. LB80

    Once Again This Flower Did The Trick I Smoke A Blunt After Workout And C U 2Morrow World. THANKS GENESIS👍🏿

  19. LB80

    When U Provide Good Quality At A Quality Price It Becomes A Quality Magnet. NUFF SAID…👍🏿


    100% hands down one of the best products on the market right here, I would have to say the Genesis delta 8 flower is probably my favorite product that I have tried on here so far (although they have all been amazing) and it comes from one of the best companies you could ever deal with!! Everyone I have ever dealt with at CBD Genesis has had amazing customer service skills and genuinely seems to care about the customer and their experience, (which you almost never find anymore) I really can’t say enough good things about the whole Genesis team! I have introduced everyone I know to this site and I now have friends from around the country ordering from CBD Genesis on a regular basis. (Who are having the same experience that I’m having I might add) Yall really have gained a customer for life here!! Thank you again to the whole CBD Genesis team!!

  21. Terry Cochran

    Very good flower will order again. It gives a nice mellow high thanks cbd genesis!

  22. Sha P.

    This product surprised me! Best cbd flower I’ve tried so far. The quality of this product is top notch and the proof is in the pudding! Gives an incredibly relaxed feeling while not making you sleepy. I love to roll up on Sunday mornings before cleaning up the house, this just gives me that extra boost to do so! Must buy lol

  23. dgh3tt013

    100% will continue doing business with Genesis. They never fail to deliver top quality items. This stuff is great, gives a nice relaxing feel.

  24. Amanda D Vradenburg

    this stuff when you see it in low light it look black take it in the sun and WOW !! watch it shine and the buzz is a neat lil thing its got going !! thanks CBD Genesis

  25. Chantal

    I’m a heavy thc smoker. & I’ve strictly been smoking this stuff or about 2 weeks & im not sure if I’ll ever switch back. As long as they have this I’ll use it. Ya don’t get that paranoid & more anxious than you were to start with high. It’s a real chill laid back good mood kinda high. Strongly recommend. Have already bought again.

  26. Sam Pagenkopf

    Overview: Among the market of legal hemp products, this is one of the more effective ones, and not bad at all. The flavor is not my favorite. If it was more tasty, I would give it 5/5.

    Quality 5/5: Good moisture, slightly sticky. Mid sized dark green buds, not much stem/leaf. Comes in a plastic jar, and the flower leaves moisture on the sides. I was impressed by the quality.
    Flavor 2/5: If you have tried most CBD flower, this is similar. Earthy/dirt flavor, sort of medicinal taste. Doesn’t taste bad or make me cough, though.
    Effects 5/5: Pretty strong effects, what you’d expect from a hybrid. Relaxed body, creative mind, no headache like I get with d8 vapes. Go listen to 2pac.
    Value 5/5: I forgot to weigh it, but it seems like the right amount. $39.99 for 3.5g = $11.4/gram. But I got a 20% discount because of a holiday 🙂

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