Delta 8 THC Dab (Genesis)

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Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).

Product Description

Delta-8 THC Dab by Genesis!
450mg CBD, 450mg Delta-8 THC!

8 reviews for Delta 8 THC Dab (Genesis)


    I have been ordering these for a while now and I have always liked them (hence why they are always on my order) but the new packaging that I received in my most recent order is exactly what the product was missing. It has always been a good product but with the new little syringe it made it easy to use. Absolutely love it and will continue to buy, as always thank you to the CBD Genesis team for the great products and wonderful customer service that you continue to offer!!

  2. Terry Cochran

    That was a damn good dab ! Damn I feel good thanks cbd genesis

  3. PosthumousMood

    Not a huge fan of the consistency, or the flavor but it works I feel good and it’s a good budget item. Nice if you wanna try delta8 or if you are a long time user.

  4. AJ

    Bought one of these and was pretty impressed but they are not as potent as other D8 products you can find on here. The flavored dabs are much better.

  5. deathix

    I bought six of them. I think brown is indica and clear is sativa. The juicy slimy stupid potion looking isolate in the center stuff… Was okay. I had to smoke a fair amount to get it to work. I think cbd genesis has some extra time to spend on the formula… Otherwise I don’t think people are going to go for it unless it fits their budget.

  6. Amanda D Vradenburg

    okay a few came melted big mess but was worth it !! BOY HOWDY ! THIS IS THE WAY TO GO ! ITS SO CLEAR ITS HARD TO SEE IT ALL AT the bottom lol the taste is amazing thanks CBD Genesis and weighed over waayyyy over !!

  7. aekaulia

    Slimy? Yes, but I was able to squirt a dab on to my tool with the syringe and it would stay put. Maybe the consistency of toothpaste. Easy to use. It is exactly 1ml by volume, not sure what the weight is. EXTREMELY POTENT! I highly recommend this if you’re seeking that delta 8 feeling. Start with a small dab. Delivery took a day and a half. Thanks Genesis!

  8. serafinosemail

    This was so runny and ended up weighing less then a gram due to it being more like slim then actual wax/dab. Would recommend the carts more then this stuff but it is a good product hence the 3 stars.

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