Coastal Clouds CBD Vape Juice (30mL) – Tropical Lemonade 750mg

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– Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Natural and organic flavoring, Cannabidiol

Product Description

An iconic glass of icy cold lemonade, condensation beading and dripping down the side of a tall Collins glass…what could be better? Well, how about a tropical twist and a relaxing dose of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract? With every 30mL bottle of Coastal Clouds’ Tropical Lemonade CBD Isolate Vape Juice, simply shut your eyes when inhaling to instantly be transported to the last time you enjoyed a glass of lemonade in the summer sunshine. With an extra tangy tropical twist and the mellow notes of 750mg natural hemp extract, vaping this e-Liquid is a pleasant experience from start to finish. Refreshing and invigorating flavor combines with cannabinoids can elevate your mood and ease pain from the inside out- all with the convenience and discretion afforded by your regular vape! Whether you’re a brand-new CBD user or have tried quite a few CBD products, you’ll enjoy the experience of Coastal Clouds Tropical Lemonade CBD Isolate Vape Juice.


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