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The CBDistillery’s CBDol Topical CBD Salve is designed to deliver our hemp-derived CBD oil through your skin to your body. It has a pleasant aroma thanks to the addition of Lavender, Tea Tree, and other essential oils. Read some of our reviews and hear what our customers think!

Check out this premium CBDol topical CBD salve from CBDistillery

The market for cannabidiol (CBD) creams is certainly a growing one, and CBDistillery are getting in on the action with this premium CBDol topical salve. Made with hemp-derived CBD oil and a selection of other natural and therapeutic ingredients, this product is more beneficial for the skin than regular cream. The salve has 500mg of CBD, making it fairly potent for a topcial.


We’ll identify the benefits of all the ingredients used in the salve in this review, and delve into the available cannabinoid science to suggest some benefits.  

Made with an array of high-quality, natural ingredients

All of the ingredients used in this CBD topical salve are safe for application on the skin, and are designed to deliver maximum relief from your ailments. Please note that none of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. The CBDol topical CBD salve is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions.

CBD oil

The CBD oil used in this product has been extracted from the mature stalks and stems of industrial hemp, a  legal type of cannabis sativa that has a rich concentration of CBD. The therapeutic benefits of CBD are getting lots of focus nowadays in the cosmetic industry, after the discovery that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is active in the skin.


CBD can be used for pain relief, to reduce inflammation, and has a range of antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are effective against infections. The antioxidant effects may also exert an anti-aging effect, the concept of which will be explored later.


Lavender gives the topical salve a pleasant aroma. It also contributes significantly to its overall beneficial value. Extracts from this plant are anti-inflammatory, and can be used to tackle skin irritations and reddening that may have occurred due to spending too long in the sun. Lavender may help to reduce acne symptoms and relieve blotchy patches on the skin. It also has an antibacterial effect.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia plant, which is native to New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. It has a long and glorious history as a natural remedy, and holds lots of benefits for the skin.


Firstly, tea tree oil is an anti-inflammatory that can help to ease swelling, redness and inflammation. Secondly, the oil is antimicrobial so can be applied to help ward off and treat infections. Finally, tea tree oil may be effective at soothing the symptoms of psoriasis, an autoimmune disease. All in all, it’s a fantastic addition to this topical salve from CBDistillery.

Essential oils

A smattering of essential oils have also been infused into the salve. In general, these can help with inflammation issues, and relieving burns, while protecting from further harm after getting a scrape or cut. Including them into this product just shows the lengths that CBDistillery have gone to develop a world-class CBD cream, harnessing the potential of a wide selection of plants.

Topical CBD for pain

If you are experiencing pain, and not getting the desired relief from painkillers, or ingested CBD products, then you may want to try using this topical salve instead. CBD creams are effective for several types of pain, and are especially useful if a certain area of the body is responsible for your discomfort. CBD topicals are brilliant for relieving localized pain, as the cannabinoids interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in that specific region. Apply this salve liberally to the affected area every few hours for the best results.

CBD arthritis cream

Arthritis is a condition that more and more people are finding can be soothed by using CBD products. This salve in particular is teeming with anti-inflammatory properties, thanks not just to the CBD, but the lavender and tea tree oil, too.  


Topically administered CBD works to ease joint pain, and can be helpful whether you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Both types of arthritis are caused by irregularities in the immune system, which CBD works to solve by regulating the ECS. The CBD also has a general analgesic effect that makes it easier to live with arthritis.

CBD cream for skin complaints

Skin complaints are problematic not just since they affect quality of the skin, but because they can have a scarring impact on mental health. Our confidence can be degraded by having oily skin due to acne or patchy skin because of psoriasis, just to name two examples. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are potentially helpful for both of these conditions.


The calming collection of compounds found in this CBDol salve are great for relieving burns, reddened skin, patchiness and more. This CBD topical salve is nurturing for the skin, as opposed to some other creams which take a more heavy-handed approach.

CBD topical cream for anti-aging

Sadly, there is no total panacea for aging, but there is a way to stave off the effects of extrinsic aging. This allows you to stay looking younger for longer. One reason why some people appear to age faster than others is because of exposure to free radicals. These molecules make it more difficult for the skin to produce new skin cells, as they destroy DNA.


However, a CBD salve rich in antioxidants can help to shield the skin from nasty free radicals so that this effect does not occur at the same rate. We can all be impacted by free radicals, as they are found in exhaust fumes and also ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, some are affected more than others, as they are also present in tobacco smoke.

Final thoughts

This salve of 500mg CBD from CBDistillery is a superb all-purpose CBD cream for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net. You don’t even need to have a specific reason for using it. You will find that the topical has so many benefits that can be harnessed in various situations.


8 reviews for CBDol Topical CBD Salve (500mg) – CBDistillery

  1. Joan

    I usually use cbd genesis 500 but because of the reviews decided to try this…I myself like the genesis better the smell is a light fragrance of marijuana were this smells like eucalyptus it works but I get a slight reaction of itching after I use it!

  2. Tara

    This is the best pain cream. There is no bad smell, it only takes a little bit. The coverage is awesome and it takes care of even severe pain automatically.. love it!

  3. blowdart4

    Grandpa has essentially no cartilage left inbetween the lower spinal discs, this along with the distillers 5,000mg sublingual oil has drastically reduced the amount of pain killers he takes, awesome to see the mood enhancement as well

  4. Nick

    This company makes amazing products. This works wonders on my sore back and anything else on my body that hurts. Works really fast and nice smell also.

  5. kainge

    This has a lot of good stuff in but does not work well for Neuropathy pain. Do pretty good on muscle and joint pain. Smells great.

  6. Anthony

    This is amazing !

  7. Rena

    This stuff is miraculous. I have used on several co-workers who had various pains and in 5 min or less, gone. They are amazed. I have already gone through 3 jars. I won’t be without it.

  8. Monica

    Great stuff works wonders for my back pain .only downside it’s a small bottle for the price.

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