CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum (1 gram)

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

Love this stuff, my current favorite cbd product, bought 3 grams this time. Will get more in future. Prefer to order here than direct from manufacturer. Better service, price and selection. - Timothy 
Under 0.3%
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Product Description

The CBDistillery is proud to present one of our newest offerings to our cannabis connoisseurs. Our 80% Broad Spectrum CBD Wax is a delightful mix of CBD and CBG—a true profile of our high-quality hemp. It’s pure and natural for all your CBD needs in a convenient wax form.

Learn more about CBDistillery Wax

This broad-spectrum CBD wax from CBDistillery is a powerful concentrate that brings out the best of the hemp plant. The wax has a total weight of 1 gram and contains 800 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) extract. It can be taken in multiple ways, but will most often be used for dabbing or vaporizing.


We will go through a few of those in this review. We’ll highlight the benefits of using broad-spectrum CBD in a concentrate. We’ll also pick out some therapeutic uses for this cheap CBD wax.

Made with a whole-plant, CBD-rich hemp extract

This product is made by using the full extract from an industrial hemp plant. It’s fairly rare to see full-spectrum CBD used in a concentrate.


However, this serves to make it a more potent wax than many others on the market. Rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, this CBDistillery wax has a strong and tasty flavor. It’s delicious whether you choose to dab or vaporize it.


Another quality of using a full-spectrum extract as opposed to CBD-isolate is that it brings out the entourage effect. This synergistic reaction is what makes hemp-derived CBD products famous and so effective. Hemp oil is more therapeutic when taken in this form because all of the cannabinoids are able to work together. It’s believed that this enhances the effects of CBD in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Also contains cannabigerol (CBG)

The CBDistillery broad-spectrum wax is also infused with cannabigerol (CBG). Another non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBG is found in lower concentrations in the hemp plant. CBG provides extra beneficial effects.


Scientists have not studied CBG as much as they have CBD. But we do know a few things about the compound. For instance, CBG is an anti-inflammatory and helps to stimulate appetite. CBG is antibacterial, antifungal and may help to treat disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.


Like with most cannabinoids that have been researched, CBG is a neuroprotectant and antioxidant.


As a broad-spectrum product, the CBDistillery wax may contain a little bit of THC. However, this is still a legal CBD wax because there is less than 0.3% of the compound in the overall product. That is the threshold set by the federal government.

How to use pure and natural CBD wax

CBD oil concentrates are more versatile than some people give them credit for. These products are mostly popular as they can be used to quickly administer potent doses of CBD. For some ailments, fast and strong relief is the only way to genuinely benefit from taking CBD.


Dabs: Wax and concentrates in general are unique, in the sense that they can be dabbed. This makes for a more powerful and fast-acting experience than regular vaping. The concentrate must be heated up on a nail (either manually or by using an electric nail).


Then inhale the vapor as it is produced. You will need a dabbing rig if you want to consume the CBDistillery wax in this way.

Vaping: Some high-quality vaporizers are compatible with waxes and concentrates. This is perfect if you want a portable and efficient method for taking wax.


You can enjoy a hit anywhere just like you could with a standard e-liquid. Just be sure that your vaporizer is capable of handling wax, as otherwise you could ruin your device. Some vapes are designed just for wax, while others are multipurpose.

Add to hot beverage: CBD and the other cannabinoids and terpenes in wax are already active. Perhaps you want a discreet way of using the wax, or desire a method of consumption that lasts longer than normal. Melting this CBDistillery product into a hot drink is the best way to harness CBD wax as an edible. It allows you to benefit from this product in ways that you didn’t think were possible.

3 reasons for using this wax over a standard isolate

Before we divulge further on these potential uses, we must give a full disclaimer. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This CBD product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

For anti-inflammatory effects

The delightful mix of CBD and CBG makes this a superb wax to use for inflammation relief. Recent studies suggest that cannabinoids may be the future of anti-inflammatory treatments. The side effects from CBD concentrates are much fewer and less severe than with certain drugs. And the effects are arguably better, thanks to regulating role of cannabinoids on immune system response.

For fibromyalgia and migraines

Fibromyalgia and migraines are two conditions that have left researchers confused for decades. The symptoms can be hard to explain, and it has been difficult to find effective remedies.


However, a growing number of people are turning to CBD for natural relief from these illnesses. We know that CBD is good for reducing pain, doing so by influencing the ECS. Moreover, it looks increasingly likely that these conditions may be caused due to problems in the ECS. The best trick to regulate a dysfunctional ECS is by taking CBD.

For all-round mental health benefits

Put simply, broad-spectrum CBD wax has lots of general benefits for mental health. It helps to lift mood, reduce symptoms of depression and even suppress anxiety. Regular doses of CBD boost cognitive health and memory. They may also enhance focus and concentration.

Buy CBD wax wholesale

The broad-spectrum wax from CBDistillery could be the perfect product to sell in your business. To find out more about our wholesale prices for this unique type of concentrate, please register for a Wholesale account. Purchasing CBD wax for sale in bulk helps to cut your costs. This is vital for any start-up company.

Final thoughts

Wax made with all of the hemp plant tastes better and has more health benefits than a standard CBD concentrate product. Our users love this full-spectrum oil for many reasons. To find out more, please read the reviews.


48 reviews for CBDistillery Wax – 80% Broad Spectrum (1 gram)

  1. Jaime

    I use this wax for pain relief (chronic neck/shoulder pain), and I really like it. It works immediately, and while it does not relieve my pain 100% (nothing does, really), I do find that it helps.

  2. Robert

    Very nice product

  3. Kaili

    Its flavor sucks for how expensive it is.

  4. Robert

    All was perfect

  5. John Andrea La Russa

    this really helps knock out my back pain! I like to add a bit of this to a bowl of my favorite CBD flower for maximum pain relief & either vape the combo or smoke it – both are excellent!!

  6. Kyle

    Awesome and effective product. Dabable and edible. Better deal than on cbd distillery website.

  7. Jason

    Great taste and strong effect just wish it was from organic hemp and you could get a discount on bulk purchases.

  8. Luis

    Love this wax dab man 🔥

  9. ggabegonzalez

    Favorite wax of all time!

  10. Drew Davis

    I love my cbd dabs but this stuff tastes horrible. I honestly can not say there is any cbd in it because I get zero benefits and cbd has some great benefits. I even had a friend who also only uses cbd dabs and she had the same results.

  11. William

    Excellent product. Great For Dabbing. Will definitely purchase again.

  12. Ailbee

    Great product, flavorful and effective. The web sight was relatively easy to maneuver, 3rd party test results are available for review, and the product arrived undamaged and in a timely manner (I think it took about 4 days to arrive). I plan on ordering this and the Terpsolate again.

  13. Patrick

    Absolutely a wonderful medicine

  14. Alexander

    Second time buyer

  15. James

    It worked great for putting me into the mood of sleeping and also the quality of my sleep. I personally smoke before I sleep which lowers my REM sleep but using this after smoking definitely makes me feel like Im getting more REM sleep. The only downside is I am extremely drowsy in the morning and dread getting up.

  16. Samuel

    good stuff…rather hard, substantial amount, price was the best, fast shipment was great with tracking

  17. Joldi

    Love it

  18. Ryan

    works as expected, tastes and smells great

  19. Stephany

    This is a great product. It has an earthy herbal taste, but I epxcted that since I’m familiar with wax products. This is one of the best ones I’ve tried for mindful relaxation and some mild pain relief.

  20. Silvie

    I’m glad that I found something what really works for me. Thank you

  21. ggabegonzalez

    Best wax in the market!!!

  22. parker

    wish you could break it up more with your fingers id like a flat wax

  23. Paul

    Great stuff ! Good smooth smoke and relaxing , long lasting effects. Would definitely recommend and plan to order more. Also shipped promptly.

  24. Amy J Whatling

    Broad spectrum has become my favorite product. I dab it with my nectar collector, and I love the relief of anxiety, and pain I get. I sleep very well, and all night long while using the product. I love it!

  25. ggabegonzalez

    My favorite!

  26. Jonathan

    Its ok. It tastes and smells kind of like hemp. It was a decent sized amount for the money, but I prefer shatter and isolate with terpenes better than this stuff.

  27. Drew

    my absolute favorite of my order, broad spectrum is the way to go!

  28. Joseph

    Wonderful isolate. Helps with my anxiety and puts me to sleep quickly after a rice grain sized dab.

  29. Joe Robertson

    Love this isolate. Helps my anxiety instantly. Rice grain size dab before bed and out till the morning.

  30. Kimra

    First purchase, and I have to say I’m very pleased. Tastes like a flower which is very pleasant and is also effective.

  31. Jason

    Potent product! Can feel instant calming, will be purchasing again.

  32. David

    After trying Genesis Nugs, everything is dwarfed in comparison.

  33. Jason

    Love the potency of this CBD wax. Will buy again!

  34. Rob

    I love this wax. It works well and the taste is great. Don’t over heat the banger

  35. Canek

    excellent for dabing ,greate test

  36. ggabegonzalez

    This is by far the best wax available. I love how easy it is to use. It usually last me about a month before having to re-up.

  37. Mary

    Very tasty.

  38. Nick

    Nice flavor and great effects. Melts good and works great in a vape pen

  39. Mary

    Tasty and hits well.

  40. KYLE

    The taste is a bit harsh but the effects are plenty strong with dabbing.

  41. Steven

    Loved the taste of it, but it was a little harsh on the lungs. It was very strong, and I could feel it right away.

  42. joshua mullins

    Perfect cbd wax in all most every way. It hits you hard.like a big bong toke.works very fast.i set to 14 or 15 watt.one bad thing it is about $55 with shiping but not to bad.you probably get 100 great hits of the one gram.so about 55 cents a hit.dont have to put much in. Put in and just melt a little.nice hard hits.will buy again.is get when you need something stronger than cbd oil.very fast acting.work great with my brain fogger tank.

  43. Hunter

    This taste so nasty . I hit it 2 times and the second time I threw up . I send my other one back.

  44. J_tronique

    I’m a huge fan of the taste of this. it’s slightly lemony, a little woodsy. I think I can feel the CBG in this, as well as the CBD. A little goes a long way in a quad pen! Great handling, big clouds. Very calming. The first time I used it, I used a bit more than needed, but ended up with a great headband effect. This is my second purchase of the product. Lab reports are available on the manufacturer website, but sadly they do not mention terpenes, if added. A great product!

  45. Linus

    the effects are there for sure, but the taste is horrible. I’ve had some pretty nasty oils from dirty plants but never taste this bad. It is just because it is hemp but i still have a full gram cause i dabbed it once and was disgusted

  46. Kam

    This and the moonrock crumble are best cbd wax out there

  47. Timothy

    Love this stuff, my current favorite cbd product, bought 3 grams this time. Will get more in future. Prefer to order here than direct from manufacturer. Better service, price and selection.

  48. Timothy

    Love it, my favorite current cbd product

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