CBDistillery – Terpsolate (1g)

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

This flavorful CBD product is a combination of 99+% Pure Solvent Free CBD Isolate and Strain Specific Terpenes.  1 Gram units.

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Product Description

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, terpenoids

13 reviews for CBDistillery – Terpsolate (1g)

  1. Canek

    excellent for dabing ,greate test

  2. Sam

    the best one

  3. Katie

    I feel as if I got a bad product because it tastes so chemically that I don’t even want to use the rest of it. Leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth and throat. I was super excited for this product and now I’m disappointed.

  4. Steven

    Tasted great at the start, and a little chemical taste at the end. It had a very relaxing effect very quickly.

  5. adam

    Great product

  6. Timothy

    Is good but prefer all other cbdistellery terpsolate better. Not liking liking the taste of this one. Great effects

  7. Gene

    This is strong stuff. I wouldn\’t recommend vaping this directly, as it\’s crystalline form is an irritant and hard on the lungs. It\’s best used as an additive to mellow wax or shatter.


    Bubba Kush was Killer. Great taste again and very satisfying.


    Always tasty..


    Amaaaaazzzzzing!!!! Killer taste Super Strong.

  11. Angie

    Awesome stuff

  12. austinspinning

    Wasn’t the best but had a good taste

  13. justin2659

    This product is the best I’ve tried! Very potent and quite tasty.

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