CBDistillery Terpsolate (1g)

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This flavorful CBD product is a combination of 99+% Pure Solvent Free CBD Isolate and Strain Specific Terpenes.  1 Gram units.


Product Description

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, terpenoids

Your guide to the CBDistillery Terpsolate

The Terpsolate from CBDistillery is a special type of cannabidiol (CBD) concentrate, that incorporates CBD-isolate benefits with terpenes. This combination makes for a powerful CBD dabbing experience that is more therapeutic benefit just contained CBD on its own. A revolutionary concept from CBDistillery, the Terpsolate is a breath of fresh air to the concentrate market.


We have four types of CBD Terpsolate available in our store (Jack Herer, Tangie, Blue Dream and Cherry Pie), and we are going to look at the unique qualities of each in this post. We will also analyze the third-party lab report for this product, and offer some information on dosages.

Created with 99%+ CBD isolate extract

The base of this CBD oil concentrate is an industrial hemp-derived extract, which has a natural cannabinoid profile that is high in CBD. It’s essentially non-psychoactive because of the low levels of THC.


Any THC present in the hemp plant material is then separated out during the CO2 extraction process, a method that ensures the concentrate is pure, solvent-free and tasty to vape. As indicated by the isolate description, this CBD product is THC-free. Terpsolate is the preferred CBD product for users concerned about drug tests.


This process is perhaps even more important with a concentrated product. It’s imperative to remove any byproducts that may have been in the hemp. The outcome is an isolate product which contains more than 99% CBD. Weighing in at 1g, this means that Terpsolate consists of nearly 1000mg of CBD.

Infused with terpenes

What distinguishes the Terpsolate from concentrates in general and other products in the CBDistillery range are the terpenes. These chemicals are found naturally in hemp, but in this case are added in separately to a CBD-isolate extract. This is the only way to make a concentrate that has both CBD and terpenes, but no amount of THC. Let’s find out more about what the various terpene profiles bring to each concentrate.

Jack Herer

Named after the famous cannabis activist, Jack Herer is a hybrid of indica and sativa terpenes. This is a great concentrate for those suffering from chronic stress, and can also be beneficial for depression and anxiety. Users note that these terpenes can help with creativity and provide mental clarity. This Terpsolate has a spicy and piney flavor.


The terpenes in the Tangie Terspolate are sativa-dominant, and perfect for those needing an energy boost, whether due to fatigue, a lack of motivation or any other form of malaise. The uplifting effects can be wonderful for those experiencing low mood and stress. If you want a Terpsolate concentrate to help you with focussing for study purposes, then be sure to give Tangie a go.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream terpenes deliver a hybrid experience, that is ever-so-slightly sativa-dominant. This is a really popular strain of cannabis, and the terpene profile here make for a great CBD product, too.


Those affected by fatigue will enjoy the energizing properties of Blue Dream, and especially if looking for painkilling effects, too. Blue Dream is a great Terpsolate to chill out with if the stresses of day-to-day life have been getting the better of you. It’s also good for headaches, depression and anxiety.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is another hybrid, but this one is more indica-dominant than some of the other Terpsolates that we stock. This concentrate is also great for dealing with chronic stress, and can be used to combat chronic headaches and migraines.


Those with depression may benefit from the uplifting properties of Cherry Pie, while the analgesic effects are helpful for people experiencing pain and inflammation. Last but not least, this Terpsolate could do the trick for those with an irregular appetite.


Any of these Terpsolates will still provide the regular effects that have become synonymous with CBD. This is particularly the case for those taking high doses of the terpene-infused product, as CBD will always produce a sedative effect in these quantities. However, those looking for something specific with their CBD may appreciate will certainly find that the right Terpsolate benefits them more than a regular CBD product.


Please remember that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This CBD product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual weight loss results will vary.

Third-party lab tested by ProVerde Laboratories

The report shows that all of these CBD Terpsolate products have rich levels of CBD, but that no amount of delta-9-THC is detected whatsoever. A few milligrams of cannabidivarin (CBDV) has been picked up in the extract. The reports, which you can read in detail in the ‘Lab Tests’ section, also identifies which terpenes are present.

What’s the right CBD isolate dosage?

The best CBD-isolate dosage for you depends entirely on what you are taking CBD for in the first place. There is no exact science to this, and trying out different doses is the only way to really know how much you need, and how your body responds to CBD.


We recommend that you start with small amounts and gauge the effects, which will always be noticeable a couple of minutes with concentrates. Starting small is even more important concentrates as they contain such high levels of CBD.

Buy CBD isolate wholesale

This CBD Terpsolate from CBDistillery is the perfect concentrate to stock if you are starting a CBD business of your own. It is completely unique thanks to the addition of terpenes, and will help your company to stand out from the growing crowd. Sign up for a Wholesale account, and we’ll be in touch with prices on all the CBD isolate for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net.

Final thoughts

CBDistillery have struck gold with the Terpsolate. Many concentrate users want more than just the CBD, but cannot afford for THC levels to build up in the body, as can happen with this type of product. Adding the terpenes afterwards resolves this issue entirely!


30 reviews for CBDistillery Terpsolate (1g)

  1. James

    Awesome product and fare prices.This product is very effective and the whole experience ordering from this company is positive. They are good people that care about their customers.

  2. James Davis

    The Blue Dream terpsolate I ordered is amazing and was delivered quickly and I have to say that I am impressed with the the people working at cbdvapejuice.net. They are just real and honest awesome people that want you to be happy with your purchase and value their customers over their bottom line.

  3. Dr.Dabbins

    Jack Herer has a strong smell of terpenes, tastes good, smokes well, and doesn’t have too much of the lingering aftertaste you sometimes get.

    It’s definitely strong and hits quickly. Compared to some of the competition I have had, I am not looking back. This stuff blows them away when it comes to the effects and price.

    Personally for me I felt relaxed, anxiety and pain dissolve away, and if you use the right amount you can breeezeee through your day.

  4. Samuel

    tried blue dreams, .99isolate , broad spectrum and jack herer…jack herer is the best..all of them i receive quick relief and calming effect…………..

  5. William

    Great smell and taste. Perfect for dabbing!

  6. Ailbee

    Great product, flavorful and effective. The web sight was relatively easy to maneuver, 3rd party test results are available for review, and the product arrived undamaged and in a timely manner (I think it took about 4 days to arrive). I plan on ordering this and the Wax again. I think the Tangy is the tastiest so far. 👍

  7. Alexander

    Amazing taste

  8. Greg

    Are you really seem to enjoy Cbd Stillery along with their other concentrates, my only wish would be, more variety like wax’s,Crumble and slabs, lower cost, or the percentage of product for the same price 2 g instead of One

  9. David

    Quick delivery

  10. David

    Great delivery time and products

  11. Jake

    beautiful as always. dabs well. high quality effects. i love every strain. tangie and jack for the mornings and cherry pie at night after a long day of work

  12. DJ

    On time and accurate service

  13. Jake

    so good

  14. Jake Bayuk

    the jack and the tangie are absolutely amazing. taste is on point. effects are strong and work very well. just bought the other two to try them! love this product

  15. Chris

    Taste is good. Didn’t have the chemical flavor at all, but it does smell almost like Vic’s Vapor Rub. I’ll buy again

  16. Erin

    Love it

  17. Monty

    Wasnt even mixed well, I was sampling for resale not a very tasty product.


  18. Canek

    excellent for dabing ,greate test

  19. Sam

    the best one

  20. Katie

    I feel as if I got a bad product because it tastes so chemically that I don’t even want to use the rest of it. Leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth and throat. I was super excited for this product and now I’m disappointed.

  21. Steven

    Tasted great at the start, and a little chemical taste at the end. It had a very relaxing effect very quickly.

  22. adam

    Great product

  23. Timothy

    Is good but prefer all other cbdistellery terpsolate better. Not liking liking the taste of this one. Great effects

  24. Gene

    This is strong stuff. I wouldn\’t recommend vaping this directly, as it\’s crystalline form is an irritant and hard on the lungs. It\’s best used as an additive to mellow wax or shatter.


    Bubba Kush was Killer. Great taste again and very satisfying.


    Always tasty..


    Amaaaaazzzzzing!!!! Killer taste Super Strong.

  28. Angie

    Awesome stuff

  29. austinspinning

    Wasn’t the best but had a good taste

  30. justin2659

    This product is the best I’ve tried! Very potent and quite tasty.

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