CBDistillery CBD Isolate Slab from Hemp (1g)

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

  • 99+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate derived entirely from Industrial Hemp Oil that was extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the plant.
  • Made from NON-GMOPESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.
  • This product comes in the Crystalline (Powdered) form making it extremely easy to work with as an ingredient.

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Product Description

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients. This product contains absolutely NO THC.

Check out the CBDistillery CBD Isolate Slab

This concentrate from CBDistillery represents superb value, and is one of the most efficient ways to take high doses of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). With a purity level of more than 99 percent, almost 1000mg of CBD can be found in this one-gram pure CBD isolate product.


This post will focus on how CBDistillery makes their isolate, and the ways in which you can use it. We will also go over some potential uses for this concentrate.

Pure and potent hemp-derived CBD extract

This isolate powder has been created using an extract from industrial hemp, a plant that is rich in CBD. The CBD hemp used by CBDistillery was grown without pesticides, and is non-GMO.


The extract has been extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the plant, and was manufactured into its crystalline form using the supercritical CO2 extraction process. This method is used by many of America’s leading CBD brands, as it helps to generate the highest quality extract possible.

Absolutely no THC

Furthermore, this is a CBD-isolate concentrate, and does not contain any THC, the primary and often notorious psychoactive ingredient that is found in strains of cannabis sativa. Hemp-based CBD products are never psychoactive in nature, however depending on the type of extract used they may sometimes have a small amount of THC. This is not the case with the isolate from CBDistillery. It is therefore the perfect CBD product to take if you get drug tested at work or in other situations.

Perfect for dabbing and vaping

The beauty of a crystalline CBD-isolate is that it is very versatile, and can be used in a number of ways. One method of consuming a crystalline concentrate is by dabbing it. You can do this by heating up the crystal on a nail and inhaling the vapor directly.


Those who prefer a more standard way of vaporizing can enjoy this concentrate in compatible vaping devices. This also makes the use of concentrates much more portable – ideal if you need strong CBD relief on-the-go.


The CBD in this crystal isolate is in its active state, and can also be used to boost the potency of an e-liquid. Crystals can be dissolved into your favorite vape juice to provide an extra CBD kick.

You can even take it as an edible

It often goes forgotten that CBD concentrates, including this crystal isolate, can be consumed as if they were a regular edible. Why might you want to take a concentrate in this way? It is particularly beneficial if you want potent CBD relief, but for the effects to last for many hours, so there is no need to top up your dose. To take this product as an edible, eat it directly or dissolve into a beverage to enjoy the effects at a more gradual rate.

General benefits of CBD concentrates

Concentrates are appealing to CBD users who have conditions that cause acute and severe symptoms. It’s not always easy to treat these with slow-acting CBD products. Sometimes, the fast effects of vaping standard e-juices are still not enough to get the necessary relief. But with concentrates, you can get the benefits of CBD-rich hemp oil in seconds, while taking much stronger doses then you could with any other CBD product.

How this CBD-isolate slab could help you

Before we expand on the therapeutic possibilities of this CBD-isolate slab from CBDistillery, there are a couple things to mention. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This article should not be considered as medical advice.

Sleep deeply and peacefully

Is insomnia or another sleep illness preventing you from getting rest and recovery at night, and leaving you feeling fatigued during the day? Or is it anxiety and stress that is stopping you from falling asleep? If you have sleeping issues, then the powerful effects of this CBD-isolate slab could help you out a lot.


CBD has several benefits for sleep. Firstly, it has a general regulating effect on the body’s circadian rhythm, which promotes a healthy sleep pattern over time. Secondly, CBD nurtures the body to get more deep sleep. This phase is critical to mental and physical healing and for banishing fatigue.


The strong, sedative effects of this concentrate a great at providing the full body relaxation and mental calm that is needed for getting to sleep.

Fast relief from all types of pain

CBD is a potent and effective natural painkiller, and the leading reason for taking the substance according to recent research. As it so easy to deliver higher doses of CBD with this concentrate, it is brilliant for relieving pain of all types.


86 reviews for CBDistillery CBD Isolate Slab from Hemp (1g)

  1. james

    Tastes good and definitely gives physical relaxation at least

  2. Drew

    Great product and fast shipping!

  3. Poul

    Nice relaxing effect

  4. Jonathan

    5 stars

  5. Madeline

    So easy to use, i drop in my coffee , relaxes me

  6. John

    Great products,great service,ordering is easy peazy. Love everything about CBD Vape juice ! And the surprise gifts so I can try other options are awesome! Thanks.

  7. Robert

    I am a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. I purchased a sample of this product and tested it in my lab using a Waters Acquity HPLC/MS, it is over 98% pure. Amazing quality. Waiting for it to come back in stock so I can get more of it. Buy with confidence as the purity of the product is outstanding.

  8. Dr.Dabbins

    Delicious! Clean taste with a little bit of floral cherry flavor..
    What else was I going to write?
    *takes another dab*
    Ahh yes. Pain, stress or anxiety is gone within minutes. You can feel a sublime feeling radiating from your chest. I feel like at 100% once again.

  9. Carralyn

    Pretty decent

  10. Mario

    Great price, very nice effect.

  11. Christopher

    Great stuff, very little taste (if any). Gets me nice and relaxed quickly for bedtime after a few concentrate pen rips

  12. Samuel

    best price..hard stuff..worked fast w quick relief, good shipment and tracking

  13. Joldi

    Love it

  14. Tanya

    Love it.

  15. Nikola

    Perfect for dabbing. Pretty much the best CBD/dollar ratio.

  16. Greg

    The best products and best value of all the competition out there, this is where I always buy all my products from and I will continue doing so ,you are number one in my book.

  17. rileyj562

    This stuff is really good, clean hits, instant releif! definitely recommend this product.

  18. Mackenizie

    Great product works well

  19. Curley

    This is a very good product. It dissolved easily (I used it in a vape juice) and it was pretty effective. I just wish I had gotten the isolate powder instead.

  20. jacob

    this stuff was awesome! definitely would recommend to any who dab.

  21. Uriah Jay Johnson

    CBDistillery’s slab is good to vape, not too harsh, and easy to load. I do not think it is quite 99% CBD however compared to other concentrates it is not a bad deal at all. I have been a customer for almost a year and never been let down. Thank you cbdvapejuice.net !

  22. davidnesteby

    Good, definitely works. Looking at the lab tests, it’s 99.5+% of CBD and not CBDA, so it doesn’t need to be decarbed for use, which makes it ideal for mixing it in with food/drink. That leads to the only con, there’s no terps and is basically flavorless. Great for making edibles, but if you intend on vaping, I’d recommend the Genesis CBD Isolate as it’s at the same price and has a nice flavor when vaped.

  23. Adam

    My first attempt at a CBD isolate and this packs a punch. Not super tasty but definitely enough to help me fall asleep. I pack this in my mighty with a concentrate dosing capsule.

  24. TranceGoddess

    Effective and consistent in quality. I personally like to mix it with some terps for added flavor.

  25. Drew

    very clean, quality is on point, getting ready to make another purchase right now!

  26. Ryan

    Easily the best product I have tried. It delivers immediate relief of my anxiety, relaxes my body, and is easy to use whether you dab or put it under your tongue. I have ordered over 10 times, it is consistent, pure, and potent. Cbd vape juice always delivers promptly, anyone looking for a legal way to take the edge off should try this product.

  27. Canek

    good product and cheaper

  28. jaygarcia3454

    Great concentrate, I hear nothing but good feedback on CBDistillery products especially there concentrate. Gives me all the effects I need to maintain. Will be buying again thanks.

  29. jborczynski

    Tried Some of this for my headaches, works great!!!

  30. Mike

    It’s incredibly strong. A little goes a long way. Works very well. Except it’s harsh on the throat. Other than that I’d most definitely purchase this product again.

  31. Dennis

    Great product really potent.

  32. Steven

    This packs a big cbd punch. It can be a little harsh, but it just takes a small puff to work.

  33. Canek

    excellent for dabing ,greate test

  34. Mary

    Very smooth.

  35. Debra

    Great for anxiety, just drop it in your pocket or purse.

  36. Frederick

    The purity of this slab is by far superior!

  37. P.arca

    Best Isolate that I have used so far. Fast shipping which is really a must,everything I have ordered has arrived in 2 days which is crazy. I love this place!!!!!!!

  38. Sam

    good taste

  39. Ryan

    Great product (a little harsh though) and over the top customer service!

  40. Mary

    Also very tasty and hits well.

  41. techwhiz

    Excellent quality, the slab was easy to break up into dabs and I also dissolved some in PG for vaping.

  42. Hopely

    Delevery time is good coming on time and fast

  43. Natalie

    Love this stuff! So smooth and takes the pain right away.

  44. Jennifer

    Great products good customer service

  45. Debra

    CBD isolate slab is really effective for pain and anxiety, easy to use.

  46. Debra

    CBD isolate slab really helps win and anxiety, easy to take. Thanks Cbdvapejuice for providing quality products and speedy service, your a life saver!

  47. Debra

    My favorite go to for pain and anxiety. Thanks CBDVAPEJUICE for fast service.

  48. Debra

    Pure CBD isolate slab is my favorite for anxiety and pain.

  49. Debra

    This is one of my favorites, no taste and can just chew it up. CBDVAPEJUICE really help and has fast curious service. CBD really helpful with fibromyalgia and arthritis pain.

  50. James

    great product

  51. Debra

    LoveCBD Isilate Slab great pain relief for fibromyalgia and arthritis pain, also helps with insomnia. Love CBD Vape juice for GREAT service and for providing products that make life much better. Thanks CBD Vape juice you are great!!!!

  52. Debr

    Tried pure CBD isolate slab, Love this product. Just pop it in your mouth and chew it up. Works great for arthritis pain and fibromyalgia pain. No bad taste. Love CBDVAPEJUICE they are great, fast service!

  53. Adam

    Great product! I use it with terpenes for dabs, mix it into vape juice, and in food. I use CBD as a helper to my regular medications for ADHD, Bipolar, and Chronic back/sciatica pain from D.D.D.. I can\’t say that it takes all of my pain away, but it definitely takes the edge off.

    CBDVapeJuice.net/CBD Genesis has top prices and quick processing.

  54. Raymond

    Feels great, hard on throat

  55. Russell

    This is my first experience with CBD concentrate, I’ve used mostly e-juice in the past. This stuff seems pretty high quality, definetely relaxing and soothing. So far I’ve only vaped it from a concentrate pen, my only complaint is that it can be a little harsh on the throat, although it is probably more pleasant from a rig or anything with water filtration. I’m really interested in adding it to a homemade tincture. For the price and quality I would certainly said it’s worth trying.

  56. Jake

    I really liked this product. It was clean, tasteless, vapes well, is edible and well-tolerated with no discernible odor . I need to get more. NOW.

  57. John

    Pure, clean, vapes well, is edible and well tolerated with no discernible odor. I need to get more. NOW.

  58. lonlon2727

    Really good, every person should try , it does help in a natural way, + you have a really good customers service on the website. Will be back again for sure!

  59. J_teether

    This was my first product through this site, and I was thoroughly impressed.

    First of all, the shipping is discreet and extremely fast. For people who rely on CBD for pain and anxiety this is awesome. I can’t praise this site enough for that.

    As for the CBDistillery isolate slab, I also have rave reviews. I dab this on a quartz banger as well as a portable e-nail and it is so extremely pleasant. You get the nice cherry taste of CBD with big clouds and the feel of dabbing the “real” stuff. The feeling of relaxation is almost immediate when taken this way and I would highly recommend it, but it can also be eaten, mixed into vape juice, etc.

    I love this stuff and will definitely order again.

  60. Allie

    This product has to contain THC, as blood tests and urine tests have both proved that in my system after using this product and being sober for months prior. I was almost terminated as a patient because of this.

  61. jake

    I love this 5 stars

  62. Austin

    Excellent product! Definitely will purchase again!

  63. Marc

    Wish I could give this product more than 5★ because it’s amazing, definitely some of the best isolate I’ve ever had, great clean taste and smooth intake with instant relief, no more anxiety or trouble sleeping for me! If your thinking about purchasing this, DO IT, don’t wait because u will definitely not be disappointed in this product and it also comes packaged magnificently and in a glass container that’s super thick which I really like!

  64. Michael

    By far one of the best products I\’ve gotten from CBD Vape Juice. Relaxing, instant relief, WONDERFUL taste. No waxy or off-putting flavors. 10/10 will buy again.

  65. Rebekah

    If I could give this product TEN stars, I would!! First, let me explain, I’m not a weed smoker (I actually have an adverse reaction to marijuana), and was extremely hesitant to even try CBD in any form. After discovering I was suffering from an assortment of autoimmune diseases that had brought on a number of troubling symptoms, and on the cusp of reluctantly being prescribed a combination of antianxiety, antinausea, pain, and stronger sleep medications (after already having been taking Trazadone with little success), one of my older sons (who is quite the expert on the subject of natural healing) was finally able to talk me into trying CBD isolate (since my adverse reaction was most likely due to THC), rather than being forced to take several prescription drugs similtaneously. We ordered this brand online, and it came in a crystalized slab form, that did not dissolve in liquids, so my son broke off a tiny piece and I just chewed it up into a fine powder mixed with my saliva, and ate it, then took a drink of water to get all of it down.

    IT WAS LIKE MAGIC!! Approximately 15 minutes later, I felt a sort of warm wave wash over me, and the BIGGEST surprise is it COMPLETELY took away ALL OF MY PAIN!! I’d never even had Tylenol or Motrin work like that before!! It helped symptoms I hadn’t even taken it for (it increased my energy, increased my ability to speak up in tense and stressful situations, and helped me stop sweating so much), but even better, not ONLY did it swiftly eliminate ANY need for ANY of the new prescription drugs I was doomed to rely on, I was also able to quit taking ANY sleep medication I had previously needed! It also has the pleasant side effect of removing any and all menstruation issues that have plagued me for quite some time!!

    The most noticable, (and my favorite) aspect, is how it swiftly eliminates my TERRIBLE anxiety!! I wouldn’t have believed it until I experienced it for myself…CBD CURED my anxiety!!! Just CURED IT!!! Now I carry it in my purse at all times, and when needed, I just pop a little bit into my mouth and viola….my anxiety melts away (as I’ve also noticed I need it fewer and further between, too)!! And my appetite?? Back to normal (even a little better!!

    I highly recommend!!

  66. Fred

    Ok not as effective as other brands

  67. Daniel

    Real relaxing stuff

  68. Daniel

    Vapes well, fast shipping. Great product!

  69. Jacob

    Love it.

  70. JORDAN

    Perfect. Works after a few minutes.

  71. boilx

    This is my favourite product thus far. Take two little bits the size of a grain of rice two to three times a day. Best value as well

  72. Jeremiah

    Great Product

  73. tammy

    You need to get this back in stock.

  74. tammy

    Always happy with my order. Still waiting on my 20% off code. Thank you.

  75. Dylan

    Fast shipping, good quality. Will definitely shop here again.

  76. Austin

    Great product

  77. boilx

    This stuff slowed me down like a hammer. No back pain after 1/2 hour, no anxiety and a deep need for a nap. I normally vape, so when this arrived i grabbed a little chuck and chomped it. No flavour and easy to take a big dose when needed. That said i will make the rest into an oil or vape juce as in this form its to concentrated for my needs.

  78. Raymond

    The name says it right. Consistently great product, high quality clean isolate with absolutely no additives. This iso is as versatile as it is potent, the sky’s the limit. Will always buy in the future

  79. danielolague97

    Good quality crystals! Help me with my anxiety

  80. Javier

    Pretty good a bit harsh but overall nice

  81. Ray

    Excellent product! Tastes great on it’s own or can easily be mixed into favorite drink/food without it tasting like bitters. Also great for dabbing or however you prefer your CBD.
    A++ will buy again

  82. Tim

    What a great product

  83. Tyler

    Loved every single bit of this product, was very pleasing and I was also very surprised.

  84. Ray

    Awesome product

  85. MythBard

    I like this isolate. Nice gram, clean sort of medicinal taste with quick relaxation effect. Hits a little harsh but we’ll worth the price.

  86. kheythcalhoun

    Wanted to try for a while highs really hard but good flavor

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