CBDistillery Cartridges (200mg)

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This vape cartridge contains no THC, VG or PG offering a healthier solution for those looking for a quick and effective way to administer CBD.

Requires a 510 threaded battery.

It looks like this cartridge can be refilled. If so it is an even better bang for the buck! I liked the strawberry lemonade. Smooth and nice for a beginner - Bonnie 
THC Free
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

Product Description

Learn more about CBDistillery Cartridges

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and terpenes, with these premium vape cartridges from CBDistillery. Designed to make your CBD vaping experience hassle-free, cartridges are angled towards those looking primarily for efficiency and ease-of-use.

In this review, we’ll explain why these CBDistillery products are some of the best CBD cartridges for sale on our store. We’ll also highlight the unique properties of the various flavors that we stock. We’re convinced that you’ll love these cartridges as much as we do!

Contain 200mg of pure CBD

Infused with 200mg of pure CBD, taken from a natural industrial hemp extract, this product has a potency that will appeal to all CBD users. The effects of CBD can change a lot from a small to large dose, and these cartridges allow you to sample the full spectrum of CBD’s properties.

CBDistillery is renowned as one of America’s premium CBD companies. The extraction method they use conserves the health benefits of hemp, so that you get the maximum therapeutic value possible.


Hemp-based products are permitted for sale in all 50 US states, providing the THC content is kept below 0.3% of the its overall weight. CBDistillery have exceeded these requirements, eliminating all THC from this CBD product. This is appreciated by users who are looking for drug-test friendly CBD cartridges. These tests search specifically for THC because of its psychoactive properties. Taking a THC-free product gives full peace of mind to this type of CBD user.

Made with PG and VG, and 510-threaded for convenience

It is standard practice for e-liquids to be made with carrier oils, and CBDistillery takes the approach of many CBD brands by using a combination of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The former is vital for sweetening purposes, while the latter ensures that the vapor does not hit hard on the throat. Both contribute to increased vapor production, a popular feature with those who like to generate big cloud  when they vape.


The cartridge comes with a standard 510-threaded design. This ensures that it can be firmly attached to any mainstream vape battery on the market. The universal compatibility of CBDistillery cartridges is not just useful, but a necessary attribute.

Advantages of CBD vape cartridges

These disposable vape cartridges come ready for use, and the high-quality design ensures that you won’t have any leakage issues, however you choose to store your device. This is great for people who like to carry their CBD with them at all times, whether in their pocket or in a bag.


Cartridges are more efficient all-round than regular vaping, where you have to add the e-liquid yourself. You don’t have to spend time cleaning out the tank, replace parts or conduct any maintenance whatsoever. Just make sure that your vape battery is fully charged if you want to use your cartridge on-the-go!  

Lots of flavors to choose from

These CBD cartridge effects are enhanced in comparison to those made with CBD-isolate extract, thanks to the inclusion of terpene profiles. These chemicals are abundant in hemp, and the second most important class of compounds following cannabinoids. They give identity to a strain, embellishing certain beneficial properties. Let’s take a closer look.


Please note: these cartridges are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These cartridges are being sold purely as supplemental dietary products.  


Strawberry Lemonade: The terpenes in the Strawberry Lemonade cartridge produce a sativa experience. This is considered to be energizing, giving you a physical boost while providing a pleasant cerebral effect.


This CBDistillery cartridge may help those suffering from fatigue, and those in need of motivation or a creative spark. The mood-boosting effects can be harnessed to lift you out of a depressive slump. Strawberry Lemonade can also be used to reduce stress and relieve pain symptoms.


Grand Daddy Purple: Some of you may have heard of ‘Grand Daddy Purple’ in relation to cannabis. While the terpenes in this cartridge are the same that you would find in this strain, terpenes are totally non-psychoactive – so there’s no risk of intoxication.


The effects of this cartridge are more in line with an indica, a type of strain renowned for providing natural relaxation. Great for when you’re feeling stressed or troubled with anxiety, a blast of Grand Daddy Purple can also help those affected by insomnia.


GG#4: Gorilla Glue #4 cartridges offer a mixture of sativa and indica effects, although the terpenes are ultimately indica-dominant. In terms of effects, this cartridge administers efficient relief from pain and inflammation, and can also be used for migraine management. A few draws on GG#4 will help to put you in a good mood, and also encourage better sleep quality.


Lavender Vanilla’ and ‘Grape’ cartridges are also available for purchase.

Healthier than smoking, and the same rapid delivery

Vaping has much in common with smoking, in regard to the CBD experience itself. These mark the fastest ways to benefit from CBD, as the intake method is essentially the same. Where vaping does outshine smoking, however, is in the health department. When vaping a cartridge, the e-liquid is only warmed rather than burned, so no carcinogens are produced. This makes it much healthier as a way of taking CBD, without negatively affecting the relief you’ll experience.

If you are looking for a CBD product that is comparable to, but safer than smoking, then try experimenting with cartridges from CBDistillery.

Final thoughts

The vape oil in this product is of premium quality, and will give you consistent blasts of delicious, therapeutic vapor. Whether you plump for 200mg of Strawberry Lemonade, Grand Daddy Purple or any other cartridge that we have on offer, we are sure that you will love the flavor and overall experience that these disposable vape cartridges give.

21 reviews for CBDistillery Cartridges (200mg)

  1. jesse

    Great stuff! This is well priced and high quality.

  2. Brittney

    Love these cartridges and this is my favorite flavor. Disappointed in the shipping speed because I paid for expedited shipping and it taking a week to get here. Why did I pay extra when it’s taking the same amount of time to ship .

  3. Sarah

    Tastes amazing and gives a good feeling and calms me down

  4. evanscoy97

    I had the “Gran Daddy Purp” and I must say I definitely enjoyed it. The product is good quality and made well in my opinion. It definitely did its job. Also I have to say this site and the people that run it are amazing! Very nice respectful people who actually care and that’s not so easy to find nowadays so my hat’s off to CbdVapeJuice and the great people behind the screen!

  5. Patti

    Very happy with the products from CBD Vape Juice!! I will order from them again!!

  6. barbara


  7. Kayla

    Awesome product was very smooth great taste.

  8. John

    This is my first CBD cartridge, after using tinctures in the past. I was recovering from a knee injury and this helped relieve some of the stress and inflammation on top of an ibuprofen regimen that had stalled.

  9. John Owens

    Great product but only .5 mg . Didn’t last very 6

  10. Lee

    Nice and strong cbd carts. Arrived quickly too.

  11. Elizabeth

    Honestly, this was a dud. I bought five cartridges and every single one leaked. I tried a few of them, and ended up shorting out my pen because the oil got everywhere. Not to mention making a mess out of my car and purse. I’ve had great experiences with single use CBD cartridges but wouldn’t recommend this one. Stay away!!!

  12. roy

    I’ve only purchased from one other provider and this product is really harsh on my throat and lungs the other had great results and no discomfort.

  13. Whitney


  14. Tanya

    Customers love it.

  15. Bonnie

    It looks like this cartridge can be refilled. If so it is an even better bang for the buck! I liked the strawberry lemonade. Smooth and nice for a beginner

  16. Richard

    The GG#4 really helped my inflammation and offers am incredible night sleep, highly recommended.

  17. Tiff

    Very smooth. Good quality CBD, good flavor profile. Well made cartridge, no issue with leaks and a nice mouthpiece.
    The packaging wasn’t fancy, so I did not expect such a good quality product. Very impressed, researched the brand and found they are one of the best.

  18. Angela

    I didn’t like the lavender and vanilla cbd cartridge. It was harsh on throat.

  19. Canek

    one of my favorite products form cbdsitillery

  20. Richard

    Great product great for anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation. Thanks to the great service of the product arrived quickly. Highly recommend giving this a try for yourself!

  21. Nick

    CBDISTILLERY is one of the best companies for CBD. They know what they are doing and have great products.

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