CBDfx 20mg Chill Shot – Lemonade Flavor

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

Who would have thought that a CBD drink could be so refreshing? Ready to drink, our Chill Shots are loaded with 20mg of full-spectrum, organic CBD chock full of cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, and vitamins. Perfect as a morning ritual, midday pick-me-up, or a nightly treat, our Chill Shots have to be one of the tastiest and most satisfying ways to dose yourself with CBD. You’ve had a long day — it’s time to kick back, relax, and Chill Shot.

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Product Description

Who would have thought that a CBD drink could be so refreshing? Ready to drink, our Chill Shots are loaded with 20mg of full-spectrum, organic CBD chock full of cannabinoids, amino acids, terpenes, and vitamins. Perfect as a morning ritual, midday pick-me-up, or a nightly treat, our Chill Shots have to be one of the tastiest and most satisfying ways to dose yourself with CBD. You’ve had a long day — it’s time to kick back, relax, and Chill Shot.

Refresh your day with a delicious Chill Shot that also grants you 20mg of full spectrum, organically grown CBD. The only other active ingredient? 200mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to lower the body’s stress and cortisol levels. Forget about drinking over-caffeinated “energy drinks” that make you feel jittery — sometimes it’s easier to focus when you chill out, not amp yourself up more.

  • Organically Grown
  • Natural source of vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in Cannabinoids & Terpenes
  • Full spectrum hemp oil with amino acids & fatty acids
  • Delicious lemonade flavor
  • Non GMO
  • USA Made

Our CBD Chill Shots are ready to drink, and are even better served cold. We spent a lot of time formulating the perfect Lemonade flavor to make getting your daily dose of CBD a refreshingly delicious treat. And best of all, CBDfx is committed to bringing you products that pass our incredibly rigorous standards of quality and sustainability. We invite you to view the lab reports on every batch of products we produce, and the hemp used to make your Chill Shots will always come from 100% organic plants.

Common Questions:

  • Can “hemp energy drinks” get you high? First of all, the idea of a ‘hemp energy drink’ is a bit of a misnomer. These so-called CBD energy drinks don’t give you the same kind of jittery, caffeine-like energy you might be accustomed to. In fact, many people report that the effect is more like a calm focus rather than a boost of raw energy. And secondly, NO — CBD is a compound that is totally distinct from THC, the compound associated with feeling “high”. Although you may find that you are less stressed or experience pain relief, there is no impairment or feeling of being “high” that comes along from dosing with CBD.

  • What are some CBD hemp drink benefits? Understand that CBD is still in its relative infancy in terms of being understood and thoroughly researched by the medical and scientific communities. Therefore, we can’t make any claims about what CBD will or won’t do for you. However, there is an abundance of research showing some extremely promising initial results in regards to its potential as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) option; as a potential part of a pain management scenario; and much more. Our Knowledge Hub contains more details about what the research currently shows in regards to CBD.

  • Can you drink CBD and still get the same benefits as vaping? Absolutely. One of the best things about CBD — and the hemp plant in general, really — is the flexibility that comes along with it. CBD can work when vaped, eaten, applied to skin, drank, or taken as a tincture. That’s why we offer so many different CBD products at CBDfx: our goal is to help people find their perfect method for dosing CBD each day (or as necessary).

A guide to the CBDfx Chill Shot

The CBDfx Chill Shot is an energizing drink infused with cannabidiol (CBD) – it’s packed with lots of beneficial, natural ingredients, and made from organically-grown hemp extract. This beverage has a delicious lemonade flavor, and is a unique way of taking your CBD. The Chill Shot is best enjoyed ice cold.


In this post, we’re going to show you how to best use the Chill Shot, and go into more depth about why it’s such an excellent CBD product. Remember that CBD is non-psychoactive, and that you won’t get ‘high’ from using it.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

This CBD-infused drink is made with a 20mg full-spectrum extract of the hemp plant. These extracts are popular with many CBD users, because they offer more therapeutic value than CBD-isolate products. With a full-spectrum product, the CBD is complemented with other non-psychoactive compounds, notably cannabinoids and terpenes. Some research suggests that the effects of CBD are enhanced in whole-plant extracts – this is often called the ‘entourage effect’.


Terpenes help to improve the flavor of a CBD product, as these are aroma chemicals with a potent scent and taste. But these compounds also deliver extra health benefits, which vary depending on the terpenes. The CBDfx Chill Shot is made in the United States from an organic, non-GMO extract and is laboratory tested before going on the market.

Other ingredients in the CBDfx Chill Shot

The full-spectrum extract is by far the most important ingredient in the Chill Shot, but the other ingredients used, such as citric acid, help to distinguish it from other CBD products and infused beverages.


200mg of the powerful amino acid L-Theanine has been loaded into the CBDfx Chill Shot. Known for alleviating stress by reducing levels of cortisol, L-Theanine works in tandem with CBD. This amino acid is a popular supplement for those with high blood pressure, and is also found in green and black tea. L-Theanine is believed to influence mood and sleep by affecting levels of the hormones serotonin and dopamine.


As well as combating stress, L-Theanine could also help with improving cognitive performance and mental focus. CBD is also thought to have the same effect in low doses. L-Theanine also promotes relaxation and can reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Amino acids and fatty acids

There are also plenty of other amino and fatty acids in the CBDfx Chill Shot. In supplement form, these can increase muscle growth and tackle fatigue, perhaps by improving quality of sleep. Amino acids can also speed up recovery times, reduce soreness and boost mental clarity.

No caffeine

While being styled as a CBD ‘energy drink’, there is absolutely no caffeine in the CBDfx CBD Chill Shot. Caffeine may deliver a short-term spike in energy, but the drawbacks include the jitters and mental dependence. With the Chill Shot, CBDfx have developed a natural energizer with non-addictive ingredients that have no notorious side effects.

The benefits of taking CBD in a drink

Taking CBD in a drink means that you’re getting the benefits of the cannabinoid orally. The result is an extended experience with CBD, rather than the relatively short and sweet one that comes from vaping or using a tincture. But why else would you want to take a CBD oil drink?

Energy boost

When we call the ‘Chill Shot’ an energy drink it’s important to clarify exactly what this means. The energy is not likely to manifest as it does in a highly-caffeinated drink, where the effects are immediate. Instead, you can expect a gradual supply of mental energy, which provides you with improved concentration and alertness.


With just 20mg of CBD, there isn’t going to be any feelings of sleepiness or drowsiness from taking the Chill Shot. As there is no THC in this product, it won’t cause any physical or psychological impairment.

Immune system booster

CBD is often used as an alternative to prescription meds for ailments, but it’s also growing in popularity as a daily supplement, for its regulating effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS).


CBD can help to strengthen the body’s natural defense systems by managing inflammation as an immunomodulatory compound. The cannabinoid’s influence protects us from invasive threats, while preventing out-of-control inflammation.

Efficient and discreet

The Chill Shot is a really efficient way of getting your daily dose of CBD. The drink is ready to go straight away, although it’s preferable when chilled down. The CBD is already active and equally distributed in the beverage. So, if you didn’t want the whole thing in one go, you could take half which would work out to 10mg of full-spectrum CBD.


The CBDfx Chill Shot also gives you discretion when taking your CBD hemp oil. Even though the drink is teeming with terpenes, as there is no heating involved, you don’t have to put up with the pungent smells that come from smoking or vaping flower or e-liquids. This means you can drink your Chill Shot at home, in public, or even when you’re at work.

Lab report

CBDfx have adopted the same approach as most top hemp-based CBD brands, by having their products lab tested. This process involves hiring a third-party laboratory, in this case California’s Steep Hill Labs, to analyze the CBDfx Chill Shot.


Their report details the quantity of CBD in the product and what other ingredients are included. This information is freely available and accessible under the ‘Lab Tests’ tab on this product page.

Final thoughts

The CBDfx Chill Shot is unlike any other product in the CBDfx range. This product is perhaps most helpful in the mornings or early afternoons when you need your concentration levels to be at their peak. That said, the relaxing effects are perfect if you’re looking to wind down and destress after a long day.


10 reviews for CBDfx 20mg Chill Shot – Lemonade Flavor

  1. Frank

    Awesome flavor.. Awesome effect!!

  2. Jason

    this gives you a super boost. great taste and just right in size.

  3. Gregory A feulner

    Nice smooth flavors and relaxing effects.

  4. Steve Bevill

    Works for sure

  5. Jules

    paired in a gift bag with lollipops

  6. Justin

    Drink it cold . If your looking for a little buzz this is the thing

  7. Jorian Grant

    I wasn’t to fond about the taste, so I couldn’t even rate the effect.

  8. Angie D

    Wasn’t as effective as I thought it would be. I had ordered something in red bottle previously called Relax. Can’t find on website. But would love to buy again

  9. Clara

    I did not love the flavor, but overall I felt like it did help me to relax.

  10. Andrew

    Instant relief

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