CBD HMU – Pain Eraser (Body Lotion)

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Product Description

CBD HMU Pain Eraser Body Lotion is a mixture of MCT oil, hemp seed oil, emulsifying wax, essential oils and CBD, perfect for on the go relief and treating specific spots on your body. This lotion is great for use on sore muscles either from working out or injury, can assist with helping ease pain from cramps, customers also use this lotion for helping with arthritis pain too. With scent options in this lotion of both unscented and a lavender compound, it’s perfect for those sensitive to scents or for anyone looking for a relaxing lavender aroma! The lotion itself is great for all skin types and is absorbed quickly and will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed!

  • strength: 333mg, 1000mg
  • scents: unscented (ice), lavender (ice)


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