CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

Sativa = Ascending

Indica = Descending

Note: The CBD hemp flower is not pictured due to merchant policies by credit card companies that restrict the images we can display. Only the package is pictured.


Product Description

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Genesis Nugs are grown outdoors in a licensed Oregon farm and perfected genetically to have a high CBD percentage and virtually no THC.

Note: The CBD hemp flower is not pictured due to merchant policies by credit card companies that restrict the images we can display. Only the package is pictured.

Warning: It is highly advised to act responsibly and treat this like a cannabis product, as it does look and smell like marijuana. We are not responsible for anyone confiscating this product and/or getting arrested or fined for having this legal product in your possession because of the misconception of what it actually is. Buy and consume at your own risk.


Bring Instant Relief to Your Life with CBD Hemp Flower

Cannabidiol (CBD) flower is hemp flower that won’t get you high but provides the soothing relief and relaxation that is synonymous with smoking marijuana. With the hemp industry growing rapidly, CBD has flourished through its calming yet effective presence it has on the body due the copious amounts of health benefits obtained from CBD hemp herb. Not only does cbd hemp flower aid in relaxation, but assists in the reduction of pain experienced through various health conditions.

What is CBD?

CBD is the key in having a non-psychoactive euphoric experience. Found in the cannabis plant, it has become well-known for its ability to provide therapeutic healing to both mind and body. CBD flower contains rich phytocannabinoids comprising the cannabidiols together into a therapeutic compound, creating a harmonious effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Our products conform to federal regulations and are made to contain no more than 0.3% THC. Low concentrations of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol are kept at this level to preserve the purity of the CBD extracted, ensuring no psychoactive effects are felt.

The True Nature of CBD Flower

CBD nugs are perfect for those who want an experience that reminds them of cannabis, but will not leave them paranoid or sluggish. Cannabis has grown in potency and the recreational strains being sold with at 20% THC and higher are not suitable for those who prefer the therapeutic benefits of cannabis with no psychoactive trip.

The hemp nugs from CBD Genesis at CBDVapeJuice.net are laboratory tested at 0.3% THC, meaning its levels are too low to get you high. On the contrary, our CBD flower does contain high levels of CBD so having confidence that smoking our hemp nugs won’t get you high is easy. These test results also offer a secure way to relax for those who may be drug tested at work and cannot risk having high levels of THC in their systems.

If CBD Comes From the Same Plant, Why Won’t I Get High?

As CBD and THC are both cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system, the way they influence the system is not comparable. THC is psychoactive because it is an agonist of the CB1 receptor, which affects mood, appetite and other variables. Meanwhile, CBD is an antagonist of the CB1 receptor. Therefore, it’s impossible for CBD products like hemp flower to get you high when taking them!

Enhancing Your Life with CBD

CBD products have not been approved as having medicinal value by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and we are not suggesting that you stop taking medication in favor of CBD. However, as a health supplement, there are many reasons – both mentally and physically – why you may strongly consider consuming CBD flower.

Some find the relaxing and calming effects of CBD nugs helps them deal with anxiety, and CBD can also boost mood. Others have experienced less stress, a calmer immune system and reduced pain thanks to CBD.

Smoking or vaporizing CBD flower is the fastest way to enjoy CBD’s benefits – this is due to to its entrance through the ECS. Current research indicates that CBD has a balancing effect on the ECS, which may explain why users report relief from their ailments. This is thought to happen due to the notion that CBD helps to reduce inflammation. The intake of such a substance through inhalation can yield results that tend to be rather instantaneous, which is why this tends to be such a popular choice among our plentiful options.

A World of Bountiful Options

Check out our unique range of hemp nug strains. Select from strains such as Tropic Thunder, Electra and Royal Purple, all of which offer the potent relief you’re looking for but vary through its delicious aromas.

Making Optimal Use of Your Flower

CBD hemp nugs need to be ground up before they can be vaporized and many enjoy the cooler hit that comes from vaping it. To vaporize your flower, you will need a device that is designed to work with dry herb. If you prefer smoking, the flower doesn’t necessarily need to be ground up and can be picked directly from its stems if smoked through glass, ceramic, or silicone. Rolling our flower into a joint or blunt is another option for our smokers as well. For an instant effect, pack a bowl in a water pipe and enjoy its accelerated effects.

CBD flower can also be used to make edibles, like regular cannabis. Edibles work differently than vaping or smoking CBD flower due to the slower rate at which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream via the stomach. Edibles are fit for those who want relief throughout the day or night without having to up their every day CBD dosage since the effect is so long lasting.

Final Thoughts

Expect premium fluffy nugs with a tasty aroma when you buy from CBD Genesis. Whether you’re smoking, vaping or infusing CBD herb into edibles, you’ll be glad to have chosen flower from CBD Genesis.

Please note that the contents of this article are for informational purposes and should not be treated as medical advice. CBD products have not been approved by the FDA. Contact a doctor if you are in need of medical assistance.

125 reviews for CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs

  1. LyleBabcock

    I have tried a lot of various cbd concentrate products and the hemp nugs completely blow them all away. Seriously there is no comparison when it comes to the effects. I will def be a repeat customer.

  2. Jenna

    I am smoking the berry wine right now and I love it. I usually get my cbd from a dispensary but it’s a lot pricier, this is a bang for your buck compared to that. It feels relaxing, like a relaxed buzz but not in a head high kind of way, more so body. I came back to order a second kind and figured I’d drop this. 🙂 if you’re skeptical of this, don’t be. They smell great too!

  3. Hamzah

    This is the best Cbd with out a doubt I’ve tried! I am a fighter and have many aches, stress and Notting helps like cbd from cbd vape juice! Love you guys

  4. John Ed Moore

    I tried diffrent hemp flower nuggs from shops in my area and none compare to the bubba kush (indica) i got from here i instantly fell in love with it super relaxing im talking about fall out on the couch relaxing will be trying diffrent strains. You have you a loyal customer here.

  5. Richard Gillis

    Catatonic great for inflammation and for a good night sleep

  6. kaitlynbeck

    So far I’ve tried Cool Mint and Sweet Tooth! I love both. Hit smooth, smell amazing. Can’t wait to try more strands.

  7. Khyla

    Great product will be ordering again.

  8. William

    My order of Pineapple Haze is extremely dry and crumbles to almost dust when you try and break up a bud and also burns up quickly with little to no affect. Going by other reviews I hope this is just a old batch and not the normal seeing that some reviews state how sticky their buds were. Trying the damp paper towel trick to try and add a little moisture back into the buds to see if it will help in results of burning and effects of product. At this time can only give 3 stars and struggled to give that but buds did look good and smelled ok.

    • Genesis

      That is very unusual Will. Haven’t heard that issue yet from anybody else. Let us know if the same thing happens to the next one you view/try.

  9. Peter

    Good hard hitting, but smooth smoke

  10. Robert

    Electra is the current favorite, but I\’m interested in these new strains. The 2 I\’ve tried were fantastic and so sticky. Better use gloves If you break it up by hand or you\’ll have the aroma all day long.

  11. Robert

    Tasted good smelled great, worked like a charm. After a long shift at work I can finally get some quality rest with this.

  12. saffron_moon

    Wow!! I just want to say that the cool mint is absolutely fantastic!! Very smooth and it really help me sleep! So far I love CBD Genesis!!

  13. Henry Morgan

    The Haze is amazing, puts me to sleep and relaxes me. I think is a Great strain specialy in Looks Aroma and Big Nug. I got this for my Wife and she Loves it. I have also try pineapple Haze they work very similar to the Haze Strain. OVERALL I GIVE IT 5 STARS. Cbdvapejuice.net have done it again. I am not sure how Hemp Cbd looks like Haze or how they did it, but they did it. I also wish they Had more TEST RESULTS OF THE NEE STRAINS AND PICTURES… well thats my honest review. I will try another strain later.

  14. Corben


  15. Joseph

    Smells great and smokes great

  16. Rhonda

    I’ve been trying different varieties..all smell good bc and look good…so far my favorite has been the Catatonic..still have a few yet to try..and as always..great service and delivery!!

  17. Faith

    The hemp nugs were awesome, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Wow I really like the look of the nugs , quality and quantity excellent. No complaints here , your delivery speedy. Thanks for all you do for people like myself. (Peace and much Success)

  18. kaitlynbeck

    Absolutely love the nugs! Tastes good and hits smooth.

  19. Amy

    Great people and fast delivery!

  20. Amy

    Customer service is very good and you can’t beat that price

  21. Katie

    The smell was better than any plug in or candle. It was a mild feeling when I Vaped it and took the edge off. About to try a new one! Great price. Thank you!

  22. Peter

    Good smoke. Burns smooth…

  23. Peter

    Smooth smoke, Great hitter!!!

  24. Lowell

    It tastes and and works great

  25. Jefferson

    Tsunami is awesome! It’s legal, doesn’t show up on drug tests, doesn’t contain thc, but will give your body the relief it needs after a long days work to relieve muscle soreness or pain. Also your face will go numb which is nice.

  26. jeffhkirby26

    This stuff is awesome! The tsunami strain is nice. Can’t wait to try some of the others!

  27. Karisma

    Great product help with my nerve pain.

  28. Danielle

    Still great 😊😊😊

  29. martin

    Got the Cataonic strain and was great smoke.. little harsh on the throat, seems like it could have been cured better to preserve the terpene profile because it didn’t have much flavor but it extracted nice into coconut oil for a very effective topical.

  30. Paul

    Outstanding product!

  31. Megan

    Helps me with my chronic illness surprisingly

  32. Edith

    Love CBD Vape will be ordering again in a few days also shared your site with a few other friends love your site I give five ⭐️ rating

  33. Amy Lilly

    I’ve almost tried all of these and gonna try more this month

  34. Amy Lilly

    This is the best stuff for pain and anxiety and I’ll be ordering more and this store is the best customer service ever!

  35. Joseph

    Giving 4 stars because it was pretty dry. I think I’m spoiled from my 1st order of the cool mint strain. Did the trick though.

  36. Joe Robertson

    Giving 4 stars because it was pretty dry. I think I was spoiled with the higher concentration in the cool mint strain. Still a very effective flower though.

  37. Jen

    I have yet to try a strain that I didn\’t like. The indica do seem to pack a bit more of a punch but this product is great either way. I\’m so happy I found it.

  38. jen.s.oliver15

    This is such a great product. I can’t get enough of it!

  39. Michael W

    These are great!! I began taking Genesis tinctures in 2016 for pain relief and have now included these Genesis hemp nugs, which is relieving arthritis pain and neuropathy in my legs. I have tried other brands, but I keep returning to Genesis because of their products and services are above reproach.

  40. Danielle

    Love the taste and hope to get more. I wish there will be more selection to or have more description on the product on flavor and effects before purchasing so I don’t have to google or something.

  41. Adriana

    So far, Catatonic has helped me chill out when my anxiety is high especially before bed 🙂

  42. Amanda

    have done this already lol love you genesis

  43. douglas

    After watching a few episodes of Bong Appetite’ I wanted some options to infuse in cooking…the mugs make a perfect fit and the smoke is great also.a new version of the term ” comfort ” food…..another great product for PTSD symptoms….

  44. Amanda

    everyone loves the hemp nugs they were far better than I expected every strain was different in its own way and the smell and taste where on point thanks Genesis

  45. Anna

    Love this product. I get the strain Cool Mint and it has a nice effect where you do actually feel a little high, but not in a way that\’s overwhelming. It helps my anxiety a lot and helps me relax after a stressful day.

  46. Katie

    Great!! Love this product and will definitely be purchasing more very soon!

  47. Josh

    Out of all of the gummies/zape juices/tinctures the hemp buds gave me the best benefits out of everything I’ve tried. Beautiful looking nugs and they all smell FANTASTIC.

  48. CBD Master MASON 33rd Degree

    The HAZE and the Pineapple Haze are kinda the same.. but it does look and smells like HAZE…..
    after trying both they are both nice and reminds me of that oldskool HAZE.. Great JOB! Thanks CBDvapeJUICE

  49. Jerry

    Our Customers Love them!!

  50. Temeka Rachelle

    I love these hemp nugs. My favorite variety is Cool Mint, though I’ve also used Catatonic and really enjoyed it. Cool Mint has an amazing scent and flavor, plus it results in a very calming effect that helps me with my sleep problems. Catatonic is also relaxing, but less so for me than the Cool Mint. See which works best for you – I LOVE that there are lab test results available on the site! I love these products and will use them for a long while. Best price and best quality that I’ve found online.

  51. Amanda Vradenburg

    ok the DC hemp is super tasty holy sweet hemp nugs

  52. Amanda Vradenburg

    i got the 13 kinds and the sweet tooth was the nicest looking the quarters look to have two kinds in them some really dark purple almost black nugs then green and even red the first hit i took i could feel it the calming sensation that was the catatonic , each one smells amazing thanks Genesis

  53. Debra

    My favorite CBD, Love CBDVAPEJUICE fast service. They always make things right!

  54. Joe Robertson

    Very nice and effective. Immediate results after a couple pulls on dry herb tank. Is there anything stronger than cool mint?

  55. t.rachelle.ellis

    I love these hemp nugs. My favorite variety is Cool Mint, though I’ve also used Catatonic and really enjoyed it. Cool Mint has an amazing scent and flavor, plus it results in a very calming effect that helps me with my sleep problems. Catatonic is also relaxing, but less so for me than the Cool Mint. See which works best for you – I LOVE that there are lab test results available on the site! I love these products and will use them for a long while. Best price and best quality that I’ve found online.

  56. hannah strother

    My husband has very bad anxiety and he decided to try this. Helps mellow him out and he enjoys it! I toked a little with him and it’s very good!
    So glad he made this purchase.
    We use the Royal Purple strain.

  57. Michael

    Good value

  58. Eric

    Super Awesome Product!!!! Buy It Now

  59. Cherie

    Nothing calms my anxiety like these hemp nugs do!

  60. Peter

    Good nug size . Tastes ok had better. Catatonic is still my favorite.

  61. David

    OMG! This is for Tropic Thunder. Amazing relaxation, peace of mind and overall good feeling. Also amazing for sleep. First time I smoked, I overdid it and fell asleep! What a great product!

  62. General Pantera

    Thought of giving 4 stars cuz trim seems to be getting a little law and some of the flower isn’t my personall cuppa tea/. But I can’t not give 5 for dat haze. Someone put some blood sweat and years into their breeding game. Top notch. Really I’ve at least somewhat liked all I’ve tried. But the Pineapple Haze and AC diesel are probably my faves. Big ups to the crew for dealing with shipping issues promptly and courteously. Always a pleasure.🙏

  63. Tony

    Love this product. Helps me with my anxiety and allows me to relax.

  64. David

    Holy crap! By far, the most effective, relaxing and sleep-inducing CBD ever!

  65. at.moonlight.music

    great product it’s a little harsh to smoke.

  66. zva252

    Love it! Helps me get to sleep during those restless nights when i’ve had too much caffeine or life and my anxiety kicks in.

  67. Robert

    I love it

  68. tess

    Really great do not hesitate because there is no picture. Perfect to offset negative side effects from certain strains. Buying forever.

  69. T. Rachelle

    Excellent product. Smells and tastes great, good effect too. I recommend Cool Mint for maximum impact.

  70. Averie

    Makes me extroverted

  71. Monica

    Truly an indica with awesome effectiveness. My fiancé an I loved it. Trying tropic thunder next.

  72. davidjvogel

    I left a review earlier the first time I tried Catatonic. This is my follow up. I am 100% serious!
    I spent over a thousand dollars on different CBD products, even more on worthless MJ crap (did not like the feeling), and finally found a company that grows hemp with pretty much zero THC, which means all the benefits of actual MJ but no high! Catatonic has literally killed my manic episode. Not even 2 days, my episode is gone. I already posted a link to this product on our discord server for those with bipolar disorder/insomnia. I will recommend Catatonic to anyone with similar issues, insomnia, stress, seriously anything you want to relax from… I will even be giving this website to my psychotherapist. I am SO glad my google searches (it took a while) eventually turned me to CBD Genesis Nugs. This NOT a paid-for advertisement 😉 This is a totally and way over over the top satisfied customer! Sorry if I shared too much, but I want everyone who wants to relax to try Catatonic!

  73. Cheri

    Awesome product I cannot wait to try other varieties !!

  74. Clayton

    I was very impressed with the quality of the product and how quick my order came in. Will definitely order from you again!

  75. davidjvogel

    This is for the catatonic strain. Absolutely the most relaxing CBD product I have tried thus far and I have tried a lot of them looking for something exactly like this. Also great for falling asleep. Will definitely be buying again and trying a few more strains too!

  76. CBD Master Jonathan

    I have order from here always, from day one customer. for some reason my order was delayed. it took like 12 days to get to me.(usually takes 2-3 days)and when it did package was cut and open. missing 2g so I only got 5g Jar had no seal
    I was afraid to use it bc I was told the Seal wrap was missing, and it sure was it had no seal. I am not sure what happend but CBDvapeJuice is send me a Replacement asap( I wasn’t even aware they did that. ( THANK YOU! This Had a wrap seal and Bubble wrap also I weight I and it was 7g
    overall I order the Super Haze, BEST CBD Nugs I have ever tryed, Good Price lots of Nugs Good Taste Looks and smells amazing I am Shocked at this product, Lots of good vapor. slept like a baby. I give it five stars and I will Buy again

  77. Jonathan

    Good product. High quality, dense, sticky buds. Just what the Dr. ordered!

  78. Jonathan

    Impressed with this Product. Will be back for more.

  79. Philip

    Best quality cbd I have ever had. The royal purple helps with sleep and anxiety. Also the shipping is extremely fast. Every order has only taken 3 days to arrive at my door unlike other places. Hands down best place to order !!!

  80. George Andres

    I ordered the Royal Purple and i have to say i far exceeded my expectations. Look amazing and smelled great. Smoking it was smooth too. Definitely recommend it, and will be buying again very soon.

  81. ms.toni82

    I love it. I tried Pineapple haze and at first the the taste was tabacco-ish but it was the way I used it. The smell is amazing and it really relaxes me so that I can sleep. I suffer with severe insomnia so I’m in love❤. Definitely ordering again

  82. Domenic

    Good strain and smokes good 👍

  83. Ching Yu

    Probably best you can get online. CBD Genesis game is high. Hard to beat for the price.

  84. Jen

    I love this stuff. The quality is top notch and the customer service is excellent. My questions were answered right away and once it was delivered I knew I would be a repeat customer. Tropic thunder is what I ordered first but I plan on trying them all!

  85. Debra

    Love Nugs, very helpful for pain and anxiety. Thanks cbdvapejuice for fast , friendly service.

  86. Frederick

    I love to see my customer’s reactions to this product. I always keep a sample bottle that is open, so they can smell it and touch it. It’s so good, sometimes they just won’t put it down.

  87. Frederick

    This time I tried the “Elektra” Great looking Bud’s, wonderful Aroma, does the job and gets to the point!!!

  88. Frederick

    I ordered the “Tropic Thunder” Hemp Nugs. Oh how beautiful the huge Bud’s looked. When I opened the jar, I was fumigated with a wonderful scent of a skunky, citrusy, and sweet Aroma. Was a true joy to smoke. How wonderful life is.

  89. Barbara

    Excellent product. High in CBD and nice full buds. Great for pain relief from my Crohn’s. Only side effect I didn’t like was that it fills your taste buds; but that’s a small price to pay for the relief from the pain.

  90. Philip

    Best quality cbd I have ever had. The royal purple helps with sleep and anxiety. Also the shipping is extremely fast. Every order has only taken 3 days to arrive at my door unlike other places. Hands down best place to order !!!

  91. Brian


  92. Mr. Adrian Nicholas Coleman

    Geeat for pain relief and i have a lot of health issue thank ypu

  93. Rykerj779

    This CBD flower helped with my anxiety a lot great product!!!

  94. Jonathan

    My first order was CBD Genisis Hemp Nugs. I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The quality and aroma of the product was outstanding. I tried the Lifter strain and was immediately in a better mood, distressed, calmer but with a more focused mind. I was also able to sleep through the night with the most restful uninterrupted sleep I remember having for ages. 5 stars from me. The only problem I have is trying to decide what strain I’m going to try next and that’s the kind of problem I like to have.

  95. catefairchild

    Great product, will definitely order again

  96. Canek

    greate !!

  97. Patrick James

    Product is good but the product is over the legal amount of thc 0.3, most being 0.4 0.5 0.6 if your worried bout drug test do not buy this product

    • Genesis

      It is not over the legal amount, which is measured in delta-9 THC, not total THC (which is mostly comprised of THCA)

  98. Jill

    7g turned to 6.8g after trimming so not too much waste with product. Super Haze had great appearance, smell and taste. Already ordered 2 more.

  99. Jerry D Rogers II

    I have reviewed this product before but after another order I would like to add that the super haze has thick and dense nug structure and is covered in red hairs and smells awesome but the electra has the best effect that surprised me a good bit because I thought that the cool mint would have the best effect after looking at the lab tests cant wait to get the next order in the mail
    trying DC hemp , sweet tooth and catatonic. will report back!!

  100. Chris E

    I have to cool Mint and is most agreeable and satisfying! I recommend it fully and I’m shure you would too. Am hoping too see the rest of the lab tests for the latest, it helps too pick with a fuller profile, thank you☆☆

  101. philip arca

    Royal purple is amazing!!!! Helps with sleep and anxiety. This is my first time buying Flower and i am very impressed with its effects. I dose before bed and feel great when I wake up.

  102. bigaaron16bb

    Orderd electra and. Coolment .tryed a little of both. Cool ment seemed to help .with my back pain no feeling. Of being mellowed out or relaxted .all and all a good strain for. Akes and pains . Electra gave me a a nice feeling of. Relaxation mellowed out all around good feeling . Both strains are worth trying for sure . sure

  103. Evan

    Great product

  104. Thomas

    Great seller at my retail shop! Lots of repeat customers means this is working for so many folks! I only wish they would disclose the total amount of CBD on the packaging (or anywhere for that matter) and the specific strain!

  105. Travis

    I have tried all the strains offered by CBD Genesis and by far the two best strains are pineapple haze and super haze. The smell, taste, and effect of both strains is superb.

  106. Trista

    Great product! I ordered Royal Purple and it has helped my anxiety immensely. I smoke a little every day and my family has noticed a positive difference. Im looking to try another strain for pain but will definitely purchase again.

  107. Lance

    I was very surprised and impressed by it s aroma and pain relief as I just got out of surgery it helps me relax and works great
    I very much like it’s smoothness and I don’t cough tearing out my stitches, highly recommended

  108. Dale

    Perfection as usual!

  109. Joe

    Worth the money.

  110. big joe

    Good product. And a price to match.

  111. big joe

    Taste good. Smokes good. And is an all around good product if your interested in trying cbd. Wether or not you’ve tried cbd products in the past, this is not a product to let pass.

  112. Tracey

    This stuff was killer!

  113. Peter

    Nice big buds, tastes good, very please with this CBD product.

  114. Travis

    The emerald smells better than the royal purple , however, both strains taste great and give an overall nice feeling. Very nice quality product

  115. Happy Reviewer

    For all of you, wanting the best this product has to offer, “Cool Mint”.

  116. bgroese

    Awesome deal!! The quality of the product is fantastic it helps me so much with my pain and anxiety. Even helped me with my depression. Took a few days of use before I really had noticed pain relief, but almost instantly puts me in a better mood. I placed two more orders after trying this. On top of that the customer service for this website is just top notch answered all my questions quickly and the shipping is spot on arrived very quickly! I’ve used a couple of other sites, but so far this is the best one. I will definitely be a customer here for a long time. CBD hemp Flowers have been a life changing product for me. Can’t wait to try more!

  117. dachrismaster

    Very good product for the price, defently recomend, will be buying again.
    I purchased the emarald star and will be trying more.

  118. Anna

    I love this product! It\’s so affordable for the quantity and it came with a piece.

  119. A Happy Reviewer

    Just from the names they we’re exactly what I expected. “Emerald Star” is more of an sativa relaxing feel, “Royal Purple” on the other hand is a strong body relaxation, for the price and amount this is definitely love right here.

  120. David


  121. Brittany

    Most amazing CBD on the market! Strong, relaxing, smells great and tastes even better!

  122. Jeremy

    Great product royal purple is great strong relaxing feel..

  123. Ryker

    Great quality for the price!

  124. Dale

    perfection and a great value!

  125. Jerry D Rogers II

    I really was surprised by the quality for the price. The Packaging was nice not too flashy seem to be airtight. If I’m being honest I feel like some not all but some nugs we a little under trimmed but not at all what I would say is leafy. I would definitely buy again especially if they released some new and better strains. I would also like to see a wider range of sizes. all and all a great product try it

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