CBD Flower (Genesis Hemp Buds)

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Premium organic CBD flower from CBD Genesis. Enjoy however you choose, such as in a blunt, bong, pipe, or one of our dry-herb vaporizers.

Under 0.3%
Lab Certified
Pesticides Free
Sticky buds, excellent product, fast shipping, What's not to love? Wish I could afford every strain. - Stephen 

Product Description


Green House Bubba Kush

  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Sleep

Common questions:

Is CBD flower illegal?
No. Even though CBD flower looks and smells like normal weed, the authorities don’t care about aroma and appearances. What they are bothered about is THC content. A ruling in the 2018 Farm Bill means that industrial hemp products – like CBD flower – must have less than 0.3% THC. All of our CBD flower products conform to this legal requirement.
Does CBD flower have a strong smell?
Yes, CBD flower has a strong aroma, just like that of marijuana. And technically, they are the same plant, except for much different CBD and THC levels! But the pungent smell of CBD flower doesn’t come from the cannabinoids, but from the terpenes. CBD flower is laden with terpenes, which bring therapeutic effects, flavor and, yes, a strong smell. That’s why we use smell-proof packaging, to keep that powerful aroma under wraps!
Do CBD buds have any THC?
CBD flower will likely have trace levels of THC, but this will always make up less than 0.3% of the product’s overall weight. Flower may also have small concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which is THC in its preactivated, non-psychoactive form.
Will CBD flower make you fail a drug test?
The chances of failing a drug test with CBD flower are very slim, but technically not zero since there is a very low quantity of THC. You can take as much CBD as you like without failing a test – it’s only the THC that gets flagged up. However, as THC lingers in the body for weeks, regular flower users could, in theory, find their THC levels build to problematic levels. To fail, it would probably require a very strict test that sets an extremely low THC threshold. But we cannot guarantee that you won’t fail a drug test with CBD flower, so do keep this precautionary advice in mind.
Does CBD flower make you high?
No, CBD flower will not make you high. CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects – these all come from the THC. Per federal law, hemp flower must have no more than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to cause a psychoactive effect. Furthermore, CBD blocks the effects of THC anyway.
How do you smoke it?
The most common way to smoke CBD flower is in a joint. You can either roll your own, or get some empty cones and fill them yourself – that way, you’re always guaranteed of a smooth and even smoke. CBD flower can also be smoked in bongs, pipes and bubblers. Bongs are perfect if you want a bigger hit of CBD!
Do you ship discreetly?
Yes, we know how important discretion is to our customers – the last thing you want is for people to think you’re buying weed! With our stealthy and discreet smell-proof packaging, there’s no way that your deliveryman or neighbors will know what you’re purchasing.
Can you cook with CBD flower?
Yes, you can cook with CBD flower, although not straight away. First, you have to decarboxylate your buds, make an extract and infuse it into butter or an oil. Then, you can proceed with any of your favorite recipes, and give them a CBD twist! However, if cooking with CBD flower and flower extracts, never exceed 350°F, or the CBD will burn off and you’ll lose the benefits.
Does CBD flower give you the munchies?
No, CBD flower will not give you the munchies. The intense hunger pangs from marijuana come from the THC binding with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Without getting too technical, CBD doesn’t affect the body in the same way, and therefore won’t give you the munchies!
Does smoking CBD flower make your eyes red?
CBD flower may make your eyes red, although this seems rare. The “red eye” effect from consuming cannabis comes from the vasodilation that THC causes in the eyes. Since CBD flower has such a small concentration of THC, it’s unlikely that you’ll get bloodshot eyes. But don’t rule out a slight red tinge.


Your Quick and Easy Guide to CBD Flower

CBD flower is like marijuana in every way, except for one – it doesn’t get you high! It’s not packed with psychoactive delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but is loaded with the decidedly non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Per federal law, hemp products must have less than 0.3% THC.

At CBDVapeJuice.net, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to CBD flower. We have more than a dozen high-quality, lab-tested strains, offering a range of effects. With so many options, we guarantee you’ll be able to find one that matches your needs. There are a few things you must check and look for before buying CBD flower.

What does CBD flower do?

CBD flower is typically associated with relaxation. Many people use CBD buds to alleviate stress and anxiety. Indeed, this non-intoxicating flower is a great way of reducing certain cannabis side effects, including anxiety and paranoia.

CBD strains may also provide physical benefits, such as pain relief, through interactions with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Much more scientific research is needed on CBD, but importantly, it’s safe and non-addictive, so you can experiment with confidence.

CBD flower is generally classified into three categories: sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Each has a unique terpene profile, and therefore produces slightly different effects.

Sativa strains

These are the perfect CBD nugs for lifting your energy levels and getting motivated for the day to come. Sativas are renowned fatigue-busters, and also have some pleasant cerebral properties, which can help to boost your focus and creativity.

Our sativas: Emerald Star, Lifter, Sweet Tooth, Sour Patch, Green House Lifter

Indica strains

These strains are preferable if you want all-round relaxation. The calming terpenes in indicas make for even more stress and anxiety relief. Meanwhile, the physically relaxing effects create a body buzz and ‘couchlock’ effect. Indicas are perfect for winding down with in the evenings, and may also be useful for sleep.

Our indicas: Catatonic, Tropic Thunder, Green House Bubba Kush

Hybrid strains

As you may have guessed, hybrid CBD flower strains blend together the best of sativas and indicas for a balanced experience. You’ll get the energy boost without the anxiety, and the relaxation without the sleepiness. Hybrid buds are great throughout the day, and a good investment if you just want to buy one strain.

Our hybrids: Super Haze, Cool Mint, Electra, DC Hemp, AC Diesel, Tsunami, Green House Electra

How to use CBD Flower

CBD flower is popularity because it has several uses. With a bit of knowhow, you can use it to make just about any CBD product you can think of.


Most people enjoy CBD buds by smoking them. Inhalation is the fastest way to get CBD active in your body, and also provides that classic, flavorful smoking experience that’s synonymous with smoking regular cannabis. Of course, smoking isn’t exactly risk-free, but it’s less dangerous than normal smoking as it doesn’t contain an addictive component, like tobacco does with nicotine. Basically, if you decide to stop smoking CBD flower for any reason, you won’t have any problems quitting!


You can minimize the health risks posed by smoking by vaping your CBD flower instead. Instead of burning the herb and generating a myriad of carcinogens, vaping just cooks the flower, so you aren’t exposed to so many nasty compounds. Even better, vaping CBD nugs doesn’t create as much smell as smoking them does, and the effects hit just as quickly as when smoking.

In edibles

You can also use CBD flower extracts to make edibles (and oils and topicals too!). CBD flower extracts are often infused into butter or coconut oil, and can then be used to make pretty much any recipe of your choice!


504 reviews for CBD Flower (Genesis Hemp Buds)

  1. Caressa

    definitely recommend, would purchase again, my main source for cbd flower

  2. Nanetta Hall

    I was surprised at the quantity and quality of the nugs. Shipping was super -fast, and the packaging was extremely discreet. I have become a customer for life!

  3. Carmaria

    Love it

  4. Rajkumar

    Great bud excellent product

  5. Sherry

    CBD Genesis is my go to place for CBD.
    I like the quality of their products, their helpfulness when there is a problem (very rarely).
    I very rarely get five stars, but CBD Genesis deserves it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  6. Heather Walker

    I was kind of skeptical at trying CBD products. I tend to go towards the natural way of healing the body and have been into herbal supplements, essential oils, and eating as organic as possible. I suffer from anxiety and my cousin suggested your company. She’s been using your products for awhile, so I began to do my research further into the overall health benefits of CBD. Because she too is all about natural healing and refuses any sort of chemically grown products or processed anything… I knew I could trust your company and products. I’ve now been smoking your CBD flower for over a year now and I couldn’t be any more happy with your product. It’s helped in more ways than just anxiety! I use some in my essential oil rollers, I smoke it, and have even steeped a small tiny bit with green tea. I love the products you sell and will be a forever customer! Thank you for helping change my life in finding a natural way to heal my anxiety instead of taking pills that have little to no effect.

  7. Aledra

    First time trying Delta 8.Great effects, but it still give me more of a THC feeling. So I’ll continue to puff on CBD with the low .3% . I’ll still recommend and still purchase from here.

  8. Lillian

    Great product

  9. Lillian

    Great product

  10. Anthony

    These hemp nugs definitely give me a body high and, briefly, a bit of a head high as well. I use them primarily after a long day at work, to unwind and feel less aches and pains from my physically demanding field of work. Always the best from Genesis!

  11. Gabriel

    The nycbd blue was dank as f&@$k and smelled and tasted phenomenal

  12. kyler

    Its alright for what you get priced. Its pretty leafy and stemmy. Theres seeds too. But overall, the smoke was good and everything went according to plan. Would buy if it were cheaper or higher quality harvested buds.

  13. Keith

    Genesis flower is always my favorite!

  14. Keith

    I’ve had the Genesis flower and some Vapes . They are all good but I just prefer the flower taste and feeling. And the customer service is always above expectations! Suzie is the BEST !

  15. Anthony Abato

    Whether i go for the premium hemp nugs or the regular, I have never been disappointed. Excellent aroma and i love the ritual of smoking without having the effects of THC. Definitely a nice body high.

  16. Chantal

    The best delta 8 bud on the market. It’s the only one I prefer to buy. Not to mention the company is great. Fast shipping. Great customer service.

  17. Laura

    Absolutely love this stuff ! Very smooth and mellow. Will buy again and you should too !

  18. Wayne

    I use this in addition to the tincture to get rid of stress and anxiety.

  19. Kayla

    Great taste and works great! Smells good too!

  20. Kimberly Lee

    Only place I order from now. Tastes great, smells great, great prices, great nugs, SUPER fast shipping. I ordered early in the day and they literally shipped it out same day. I may have been lucky that day but, I was so surprised at how fast I received it. Will continue to order! <3

  21. Jeffrey

    Great! Will buy again.

  22. Chantal

    I’ve bought several of these. Catatonic, AC Diesel, Green House Electra (bought 3x). I’ve been beyond pleased every single time. I will continue to buy for as long as they have it. This is the best cbd flower I’ve ever tried. The Catatonic lulls me to sleep so well. It’s a staple in my nite time routine. It’s a body calm, chill mind kinda vibe. The AC Diesel is a good mix between body chill & calm but active mind. Green House Electra has been my favorite so far of these even tho I love them all. Green house Electra goes with me everywhere. She picks me up when I’m down. She gives me a boost when I’m draggin. She gets me together. It’s the best ready to get up & go type feel without being excessive or draggin you down when it starts to ‘wear off’. It definitely gives me a clear minded motivated feel. I love the taste of all three. It’s very much so a good full bud type taste in my opinion. Try them. If your iffy get the eighth but I almost guarantee you’ll come back for more. I’ve already rebought several times over. & the customer service is superb. If you’re iffy ask them, im positive they’ll help you decide which to try. Happy Toking 💚💚

  23. Eric

    Packing is good.
    Shipping was good.
    A little dry but not crumble satus upon opening.
    Smell was great.
    Smokability was good.

  24. canabidol

    I am sharing.

  25. cbd complete oil

    I will be on the lookout for more of your work.

  26. free shipping cbd 2018

    Thank you for sharing.

  27. Karisma Powell

    This product is great as always.

  28. Thomas W

    Good product. I didn\’t seem as potent as I had expected, but I would purchase it again.

  29. milkacandi

    Sour patch totally relax my ptsd. I highly recommend this company!!! Fast delivery aswell💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  30. Chantel Owens

    Sour patch
    It was amazing I have no polar disorder and I
    Needed to relax and slow down my manic behaviors I rolled a joint of sour patch and I promise I could feel my anxiety and manic behavior vanish !!!!!!

  31. Janice

    Amazing products I always come back for more.


    First of all the shipping is super fast. The product is awesome and the price was good. I have been purchasing from these guys for a while now and they never disappoint.

  33. Jameson Larsen

    My girlfriend and I had gotten two of them, and we both just really like the stuff that we had gotten. I can’t wait to try the other ones.

  34. Sam

    Third time ordering this brand from CBD Genesis; always arrives faster than expected, great quality.


    This taste great and not harsh. Very smooth and takes affect immediately. As someone who suffers from anxiety, since I started smoking this I haven’t had to take my anxiety meds. I plan on trying all their strains.

  36. Joshua Porch

    I’m reviewing Sour Patch and Sweet Tooth which I just received today.

    Sour Patch I’d give a 3/5 star rating because of low smell and so-so nug structure. Effects and flavor once vaped were great though and tastes just like some Sour Patch Delta 8 distillate I have.

    The Sweet Tooth I give 5/5 stars! It smells strong and lovely, the nugs are spectacular looking and are large and dense. Looks and smells like an Indica but the effect is definitely Sativa, though a heavier behind the eyelids feeling than most sativas, the body and vision effects are definitely energetic. I LOVE it and will combine with CBG and Delta 8 for an even more amazing experience!

  37. Sherrie

    Lightning fast delivery. Very, very good bud!

  38. Dottie

    I only buy from Genesis, because of the quality of product. I have been purchasing from them for 3 years and Genesis is the only company I trust to always receive a quality product.

  39. aliciahewitt24

    I’m a beginner with CBD, and I was skeptic at first about this product giving me energy, but it does!! I would like it if there were more buds. I had many stems in my order, so I didn’t get what I paid for. It was dry too, and burnt very quickly. Overall, I’m satisfied and will always have this particular product on hand.

  40. Lita

    Catatonic is the solution to my sleepless nights, Thanks CBD Genesis!

  41. John

    You have to try this still one of my favorite nuggets

  42. Ambrose Moonchild

    Ordered the tropic thunder strain. It’s amazing!!! Helps with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chronic body pains.

  43. Melody

    I ordered the Catatonic flower buds, this is the best Indica I have ever had. It gives me the best “body high”. I have Fibromyalgia and severe insomnia. I smoke just before bed and sleep like a baby!

  44. Samuel

    The nugs were the bomb

  45. Charles

    As with every time the flavor & smell are consistent I did a review last week it\’s not there ! But i will continue to Order the CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs way to go CBDVAPEJUICE.NET Have a Safe Summer Charles.


    Wonderful per usual. Catatonic is a life saver for sleep. I went from taking 2 z-quill to one. I purchased 3 times and the quality remains the same.

  47. Anthony

    Best hemp nugs I’ve found! Great service and really fast delivery thanks CBD GENESIS!

  48. Bill

    Love it w and works well for my pain!!

  49. George

    Great quality as always

  50. jennifer

    great products great company best all the way around never buy from another company.

  51. Anthony

    The hemp nugs are the best. Wish they offered it by the half oz or ounce, so I could purchase in bulk! Catatonic is my favorite strain, best “body high” I’ve gotten yet from any CBD product.

  52. Allison

    My fav strand of CBD from my fav CBD website

  53. Anthony

    I luv sweet tooth hemp nugs they are not to harsh and give me the perfect relaxing mood.
    Great job CBD GENESIS you are the best with the best prices and fast shipping keep up the good work!!

  54. Samuel

    Great stuff

  55. Keaton

    This is my favorite strain so far. The effects are instant and last over 4 hours. Of course there is no euphoria associated with this flower, however I do feel myself experiencing some joy from using.

  56. Christina

    I recently started ordering CBD Genesis Hemp Flower. As a medical professional, I highly recommend this product. I have chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. I have purchased several strains. I recommend the indicas especially for back or neuropathic pain. It’s very effective. I like to vape it in a convection dry herb vaporizer. Not only has it helped with the problems mentioned above, but it has also helped me to lose weight. I’ll definitely continue to order this high quality product.

  57. Joseph

    Helped my anxiety and sleep problems

  58. Leandra

    Some bottles were less nugs then the other ones everybottle was a different affect , didnt get deliverd in right mailbox was told i would get sent a new package and never did !!!!

  59. Clifford


  60. Jonathan

    Great product. Very happy with it

  61. Brian

    Great product. Really helps with my anxiety and neck pain

  62. Clarence

    Can’t wait to order more, this product took me by surprise when I smoked it! Definitely felt more calmer and relaxed by the end of the session

  63. Clarence

    Very good smoke and I will be ordering from them again!!!

  64. Princess

    I am always satisfied whenever I order from this seller. The nugs are potent and smell great! I will be buying again soon!

  65. Peter

    Ok flower. Pretty good smoke

  66. William

    As always very satisfied with CBD VAPE JUICE products. Will continue to use them and recommend them to my friends

  67. Jonathan

    Great product!

  68. Lowell

    It’s very good Lifting

  69. Victoria

    I got the Greenhouse Lifter and the SuperHaze. Loved the Greenhouse Lifter more than the superhaze! Helped with everything! Will be ordering more. Shipment was fast!! Two favs right now are Greenhouse and BerryWine !

  70. dud.mail2013

    Husband and i love the Genesis brand in general. I typically order the e-liquid for myself and the flowers for him. Recently sent one to my mother in-law who also is a fan of the cool mint flower.

  71. Charles

    I really enjoy this product think I will Order Some Green House Lifter Soon.

  72. Anthony

    I ordered Sweet tooth hemp flower and so far I like this the best really good stuff and I want to thank CBD Genesis for staying open to fill orders during this hard time!! Stay safe you guys!!!

  73. John

    Excellent quality. Product exactly as described. Prompt delivery. Thanks again.

  74. William

    Enjoy CBD Buds they help me relax & sleep better

  75. Robert

    Great product helps for my back problem
    I will continue using your products.

  76. al

    Great stuff!!

  77. Charles

    After trying a few different names. All are good and slightly different flavor. I still have my Favorite I will not Say They Might sell Out !

  78. Jonathan

    Great product! Very dank and all the effects without altering your mental state!

  79. Anthony

    Great buds great prices fast delivery!!!

  80. al

    must be good, I keep coming back!!

  81. Stacey Johnson

    I am a BIG THC smoker. That being said I LOVE Cbdvape’s hemp nugs. I have tried Catatonic & sour patch. I like Sour better. Very relaxing for the body and a great night’s sleep. Great to use for a THC break.

  82. William

    Completely satisfied with my purchase from CBD VAPE JUICE as always

  83. Drew

    I love these flowers❤️❤️

  84. Charles

    Since about a Month ago I had ordered a convection vaporizer and I must say the flavor of the Hemp nugs is so different from the usual delivery devices. Can\’t wait to Order again.

  85. Jacob

    Best cbd flower ever love it

  86. Carmels

    Taste good will buy again

  87. Nadine

    I love it and wasn’t expecting to get a free watermelon cartridge it is amazing

  88. Rhonda

    As always..good service..and fast delivery!!

  89. David

    The staff is amazing and the product is superior! I found the Green House Electra smokable hemp is as effective as a Xanax with none of the side effects. The body feels great and the stress is reduced while feeling alert, calm and clearheaded. It is a great natural alternative to Babylon pharmaceuticals. We have ordered through Fedex and UPS and delivery went through without a hitch:)

  90. Dottie

    Love these buds.

  91. William

    As always very satisfied with this product and all the products I purchase from CBD Vape Juice. The products helps me to relax

  92. Ann

    I used to smoke marijuana to help with anxiety and migraine reduction but was never really happy with the accompanying paranoia and confusion. My doctor prescribes Valium but I don’t like taking it regularly. The CBD nugs are incredible. I feel a gentle sense of optimism and positivity, anxiety is gone. And they so gorgeously resemble really good marijuana, that they are fun to smoke. I also have to add that I knew NOTHING about CBD and the staff (Sue!!) walked me through my purchase. In short, making the call to CBD.vapejuice was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my overall mental and physical health! Thank you! Ann

  93. Lowell

    The Green house Electra is good if you like to smoke

  94. nathan

    nice flavor will buy again

  95. rajkumar

    Best product really good buds not seed cannot beat this site

  96. jennifer

    Great products Lifter is by far my favorite. Shipping is fast and cust service is the best thanks for all you guy\’s do.

  97. Thomas


  98. William

    All the products I purchase have always met my expectations. I have nothing but high praise and have never been disappointed with CBD VAPE JUICE. Will continue to use their products

  99. Jeff

    Shipping is very fast and the product is top notch! the flower calms me and helps with sleeping disorder , I particularly like the greenhouse bubba kush it is a very nice smoke. tasty and smooth and relaxes me almost instantly I will remain a satisfied, returning customer .

  100. Lowell

    The Premium Greenhouse Electra is the best I’ve tried yet. Thanks to SUZIE for the fast and helpful service! Keith

  101. Tabbatha

    Great product..

  102. al

    everything was great! happy with nugs, Esp.greenhouse Electra

  103. Daniel

    Excellent Stuff. Will Buy again.

  104. william

    Nice and relaxing. Keeps my a1c in check. Wonder do you guys recycle I have a bunch of 1/4 jars.

  105. Brady

    I can’t believe I actually got sUch high quality CBD flower and such high quality multi purpose Tincture. You want your shit fast? Heres your quick top notch shop! 🙂 (.) (.)

  106. Amy

    Great shipping…this wasn’t as good as the Catonic in my opinion…I give it a 4 on the personal quality although over all great…will buy again of course! Best company hands down & wonderful customer service….thanks guys! Oh yeah not to mention the extra gift I’m always given BEST EVER again thanks! 100%

  107. Stephen

    Sticky buds, excellent product, fast shipping, What’s not to love? Wish I could afford every strain.

  108. Rhonda

    The customer service and the product are top notch!!

  109. William

    Great product,enjoy and definitely a five star product that I\’ll continue to order

  110. Tiffiny

    I enjoy

  111. Tiffiny

    I was really happy with this order and you will too…

  112. Carol

    amazing product… top quality!

  113. Bianca

    Very good product

  114. Robert

    I’m very impressed with the help for any question I might have. I’ve had a bad back for 20 years thank you for your products.
    If you have any free samples that would be great.

  115. Kalam

    Absolutely amazing smell ans taste and the relief is almost instant

  116. al

    Premium greenhouse Electra works great for my aches & pains. Tried other strains but this is the best for me!

  117. Michael

    The Cool Mint is OK. I need to have a bit to feel a decent effect, something in contrast to another company’s buds they I use. Not sure if it’s this strain, and the other things I’ve gotten from here have been very good so I’ll try another to see what happens.

  118. Reno

    Definitely buy from this company

  119. Madeline

    Very nice, calming !

  120. Lowell

    Very good product

  121. Sadie

    thanks is was great lots of selection

  122. Alice

    Great product and wonderful customer service

  123. Amy

    Best company EVER HANDS DOWN! Words can’t say enough!! Excellent customer service & I have & will continue spreading the word about how wonderful your company is…hats off! P.S.
    Than the best product, highly happy n it’s extra effective to boot! Yesssss! Thank you, again!

  124. joe

    Very good, moist flower. Great taste, nice calming effect.

  125. Joshua Gooden

    This is an outstanding product for a great price. Great flavor and great potency, just the ticket to quickly knock the edge off your stress, anxiety, and inflammation (I have all three, personally, and this never fails to help).

  126. Mackenizie

    Always works great

  127. Audrey Rodriguez

    I want to thank CBD Genesis for having such an awesome product I ordered super haze and pineapple haze I have tried other strains in the past from this company and they are all very good have not been disappointed can’t wait to try these out they smell very rich and look good Such premium product and they always have fast shipping But their products aren’t only the good thing Their customer service is very fast to respond helpful and kind will buy again !!

  128. nathan

    good aroma, soothing cramps very happy with it and the timely delivery

  129. Jo

    I have been ordering from CBD Vape Juice for about a year now. Never disappointed with my order. It always arrive on time and everything is always in place. Will not order from anyone else and always happy with the product when it arrive. The Hemp Nugs work great and they also has a description for each product. Hopefully the service will continue and I will be a customer for life. The Hemp Nugs help with anxiety.

  130. Alice

    Great customer service

  131. Matthew

    Smells great and smokes smooth, Works well for pain and calming nerves without all the anxiety. Highly recommend A+

  132. Charles

    I really Like to smoke the Hemp Nugs and use a rolling machine. I like the smell and hope to Order The Premium batch more quantity but on fixed income its not easy. I think it helps my side effects along with the CBD Genesis Vape Oil. would like to try other products soon and keep ordering what I do like . Nice stuff CBDvapejuice.net Keep up the good service. Happy Holidays !

  133. Kelly

    Green house Bubba Kush flower is AMAZING !!! Great taste and aroma. Flower was in good condition and the effects were outstanding. I WILL DEFINITELY CONTINUE PURCHASING THIS 🙂

  134. Derek

    I enjoy smoking the lifter strain for a quick boost. It’s definitely a nice on the go strain to start the day or any occasion. I’m going to give the lifter greenhouse a try next! CBD Genesis always has the best CBD products!

  135. Audrey

    I can’t begin to tell you how much these products have helped me! My anxiety has dramatically improved and I can actually relax without using harmful ingredients. Prices are so affordable, shipping is so fast and the free gifts I’ve received!!

  136. Angela

    I tried something new , the Bubba Kush hemp Flower was great. I felt exhilarating and relaxed with the feeling. ThankS and keep the good work up.

  137. Dave Latorre

    Not only giving 5 stars for the buds but 5 stars to CBD Genesis. This IMO is money well spent and the best bang for your buck over other forms of cbd delivery. This stuff is pure flower with no other additives like what you get in vaping oils or other edibles. I will say that the bubba kush isn’t worth the extra money and prefer the pineapple haze over all the others that I’ve tried thus far. But I have to give it up to CBD Genesis. I was very unhappy with my recent order that was not shipped properly which led to a big issue with what I actually received. I voiced my concerns to CBD Genesis and within minutes of receiving my complaint, they shipped the same order the proper way and threw in some extra love with my shipment. Can’t show my appreciation enough and I will continue to patronize this business for the foreseeable future.

  138. Steven

    I got The Bubba Kush, and was very pleased with the smell, and taste. Liked the fast shipping.

  139. Shannon

    This cbd is excellent and im transforming to just using cbd products… I love the bubba kush… Sour patch is also great they have their oen unique qualities.

  140. Clayton

    Great product! Catatonic is my favorite. Thank you for such high quality product!

  141. Michael

    The best quality and friendly service and excellent prices

  142. Clifford

    Great product and the best that I have tried.

  143. Monica

    I’d love to give this 5 stars because I’ve ordered the product before and it was great. The effects are strong and relaxing. But this order was mostly trim stems instead of the awesome bugs I’m used to. So lots of popping and cracking when smoked even when doing my best to remove excess stems.

  144. Wiletsy

    Love this product. Best flavor I have tried.

  145. Alice

    Great product Wonderful customer service

  146. Brett

    The particular strain I selected was the Green House Lifter. Just the smell of the nugs is uplifting and smoking them definitely is delightful. I have tried five other varieties and none of them came close to producing the level of calmness. Hmmm, I think it is time for a pipe full…
    Navigating the website was very easy, the selections are awesome (thanks for having the COAs easy to access), shipping was incredibly fast, and the jar was indestructibly packaged. Great job!

  147. benjioc714

    Very good flower relaxes me

  148. Chris James

    My choice to go to over cigarettes or vaping, I’m so glad I found this product! Not gonna get you high as kite but I can feel a very mellow high come over me. Tastes great and smells great.

  149. Jo

    I am so glad I found CBD Vape Juice. I love the ease of using the website and my orders are always shipped in a timely manner. Kudos to you CBD Vape Juice

  150. Emma

    Smooth product and ships fast

  151. Rhonda

    This is the best CBD nuggets.. I’ve ever tried!!

  152. Laurence

    Terrifically effective for treating my severe fibromyalgia. The Greenhouse varieties are especially mild and mellow, reminiscent of Jamaican Lambs\’ Breath.

  153. Michael

    The Catatonic is not as high in CBD as some of the other Indicas they have. It is a little dry and harsh but still helps with sleeping.

  154. Michael

    Bubba Kush is one of their strongest Indica strains.Tastes great and you can feel it\’s effect immediately. I see they now have a premium version of this. I need to try that as well.

  155. Michael

    Tropic Thunder is becoming one of my favorites. It\’s pretty smooth to smoke, smells great and really creates a relaxed feeling. I will be getting more of this strain.

  156. amber


  157. Morton

    Great quality will definitely buy more

  158. Kelly

    CBD flower Catatonic was good, only reason it doesn\’t get 100% is 3.5 grams was leaf (large sun leaves and stalks) and unfortunately it was a half gram short. However the quality of bugs that were there was very high and flavorful. Will definitely buy again and I am positive quality and accuracy will improve.

  159. Steven

    I got the Electra strain, and I liked it so much I have already ordered more. Smells great, tastes great. Fast and free shipping, as always.

  160. Mariah

    Loved it…. and got free chocolates with both orders i placed. Will definitely buy again

  161. Justin

    I have to say. The flower Buds have been the best ever. My absolute favorite for the daytime is Sweet Tooth. It’s a very happy, uplifting strain. Catatonic would be my night time choice. Always quality bud. And you can’t leave out the staff. Any problems, or questions they are there, and quick to help. Very much appreciate it! I would highly recommend shopping Genesis

  162. Temeka Rachelle

    I love these products and am pretty much a dedicated customer. I\’ve tried both Catatonic and Cool Mint. Don\’t let the names fool you – I\’ve looked at the lab reports (so awesome that those are available!) and Cool Mint has the highest concentration of CBD, which for me means that I feel the calming effects of the strain pretty quickly. The Cool Mint buds don\’t look that great though, and they can be leafy. Still, I get a great effect from it. Catatonic is high in CBD too with better looking buds and fewer leaves, but I don\’t feel the calming effects very quickly at all, though I do get to sleep well when using it too. My choice, as a person who no longer uses substances containing THC, will always be either of these two strains. Great price, great packaging, and quick shipping.

  163. Matt

    Nice stuff

  164. Angel

    Cbd vape juice products have been a lifesaver for me. I have purchased several of their products and have had more than positive results. I have recommended their products to family and friends. Cbdvapejuice is my go to when I need to.

  165. Kayla

    Love it. Great aroma very easy to use.

  166. Rhonda

    Good quality…and fast delivery…as always

  167. Rhonda

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  168. Rhonda

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  170. Gabriel

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  172. Alice

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  173. Rhonda

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  174. Rhonda

    As always..good quality..and service…also fast delivery..

  175. Rhonda

    As always.. good quality..and service and fast delivery!!

  176. Rhonda

    As always..good quality..and service…and fast delivery!!

  177. Rhonda

    Good quality…and fast delivery….

  178. Wiletsy

    Best CBD I have tried. Great flavor and quality.

  179. Rhonda

    Love this stuff.the smell and the look..and fast delivery

  180. Anna

    Love this product, I always come back to it. Cool Mint is my favorite strain I\’ve tried so far, it has a higher percentage of both CBD and THC than some of the other strains, it gives me a nice buzz without being stoned

  181. Donyelle

    I love the Catatonic hemp nugs. They really help and taste great. Very satisfied customer.

  182. Alice

    Great customer service great product

  183. Brandon

    First time buying and didnt know what to expect. Came in mail pretty fast. Had to pluck out about 10 seeds and steams. Tasted great. Didnt give me no energy like the description said. Over all it was a good thing

  184. Christina L Commee

    Please bring back the pineapple and berry wine!!! Those are my 2 favorites

  185. jeremie

    Love quality

  186. jeremie

    j – great

  187. jeremie

    great quality

  188. jeremie


  189. Tom MacMillan

    enjoy the hemp nugs alot. taste is good really works well for energy. my last enjoyment in smoking now( quit smoking cigs over 3 months now using cbd nugs and oil. thank you cbd vape juice!!

  190. Angela

    I enjoyed the experience of hemp without the high, I really enjoyed the way Catatonic mellowed me out at night. I enjoyed the mellowness of Berry Wine a truly great relaxer.

  191. Jefferson

    Great product

  192. Carralyn

    Very enjoyable

  193. Laura Harris

    Absolutely love it ! Not too minty, smooth. Will buy it again.

  194. Lamarr

    The product I ordered is awesome! The CBD (Electra) is an amazing product and one of the best CBD I have ever utilized. I take it in the morning and evening and it helps considerably with my chronic knee/back pain.

  195. James

    Arrived quickly and securely, with no smell.

  196. Jefferson

    The best

  197. Victoria

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  198. Victoria

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  199. Roger

    The Berry Wine nug is a great choice if your looking for a smooth smokable to help relax and unwind. Have tried other smokables from different suppliers but keep coming back to these nugs.

  200. Roger

    The Berry Wine product is an excellent choice for someone who likes to enjoy a smooth smokable that has a nice relaxing effect. I have recommended this to several of my friends.

    I would give 5 stars but there is always room for improvement.

  201. Steve

    Speedy delivery

  202. Tom MacMillan

    we do like the hemp nugs at night befor bed for some quite time and a smoke. all the differant types have been very good i enjoy the berry wine my self but my wife enjoys the tsunami it works very nice no matter what one we use we allways get good night sleep now

  203. Michael

    You guys are the best in quality and service of products.
    Thanks for all the excellent choices.

  204. Orvil

    i was very satisfied with this product although i place a order and only received one of my products and i sent them a email and they got back with me within minutes and sent my package out that day they have excellent customer service i would highly recommend this site to anyone

  205. Rachelle E-K.

    I prefer the Cool Mint strain – very relaxing and great for sleep. I’ve also tried Catatonic, but always go back to Cool Mint. Great taste, little to no seeds. Shipping is quick and email inquiries are responded to very promptly. Great products, great company. I can buy hemp flower locally, but prefer to order them from CBD Genesis.

  206. John

    Electra is my favorite so far. Great customer service and fast shipping

  207. jennifurz

    Good flavor and hits smooth. Good price too. Would buy again.

  208. John

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    The nugs are great. I like to light one up after a long stressful day. It also makes a great mix to stretch out the good stuff.

  210. Rhonda

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  211. Athena

    Love them for me anxiety. Don’t want the high just the relaxation.

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  213. Rhonda

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  216. John

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  217. marc

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  218. jborczynski

    Got this stuff quick in the mail and loved it. It wasn’t too dry and smoked nice and smooth.

  219. Roger

    Great product helps to relax and unwind after a tough day, shipping is fast and tracking updates are very helpful. Will recommend to friends and would buy again.

  220. George

    Would be 5 stars but was a bit sticky. Gunked up my grinder pretty good. But works great.

  221. Rhonda

    I am most generally satisfied with the nugs.. good product..and fast shipping

  222. Rhonda

    Awesome customer service. I had trouble getting my card to go through and had to end up calling you. I was treated with the upmost respect. The product received was of great quality. I highly recommend you all to my friends and colleagues.

  223. Brian

    Fast delivery and a GREAT product. I have back and neck issues and it helped greatly.

  224. John Owens

    Great customer service. Love the nugs. Will order again

  225. John

    Love the catatonic. Will be trying others

  226. Michael

    Also this product gives relief of pain and helps with falling asleep at night.

  227. Tom MacMillan

    we enjoy the hemp nugs it hard to pass up good smke some times

  228. Traysia

    Excellent product!

  229. Chris

    I ordered the cool mint and the greenhouse Elektra. No visible crystals, but was a bit sticky. Smells good, smokes easily in a pipe, and will definitely mellow you out. I like it for the entourage effect.

  230. Misty

    Was fantastic, worked really well for my anxiety and stress. Taste and smell were great. Would definitely recommend super haze it was great.

  231. Matthew

    Stress relief, helps with joint pains, and anti anxiety properties. 5 star Nugs!

  232. Jake Bayuk

    amazing! smokes really well and has quality affects. very pleased with everything this site has. amazing customer service and shipping in very fast. thanks!

  233. Brandy

    This product dulls my back pain and helps with my social anxiety.without me being sleepy like pain pills.

  234. Greg

    I love the flower, seems to last me longer and the cost is not quite as expensive

  235. wayne

    Very good

  236. Daniel Sias

    I tried the catatonic and was pleasantly surprised. Smoked by itself it had a great terpene profile and did relax me with out getting me high. I also used it as a mix to blend with some high dollar bud to help make it stretch and it worked great.

  237. Angela

    I like nugs just like the real thing with out the same feelings

  238. Athena

    I love the hemp nugs! I prefer smoking rather than vaping. It does what it says. Helps me relax and sleep.

  239. Michael

    Always the Best service and quality products

  240. Daniel

    Great product.
    Wish it had more thca.
    Would also like to hear if they are doing any genetic engineering to increase it\’s potency.

  241. ktundertaker8

    If it had a 10 star I would use it . I love the nugget. Keith Tuck

  242. Gary


  243. Tray

    Bought the Berry Wine and i just got it today. Beautiful flower and mild. Perfect for my inflammation and anxiety💛 amazing product!

  244. Jo

    I actually googled a company that sold the hemp nugs and I found CBD Vape Juice. I am so glad I found this company because I have been so happy with shipping and the product itself. It this continues I will be a customer for life. The Hemp Nugs are amazing and really make a difference in my life. Thanks a lot CBD Vape Juice for the great service.

  245. Ken

    Wife loves it. Crushes her anxiety and helps her sleep.

  246. Abel

    Very good product. I get great feed back on the flower. I want more and different kinds too.

  247. jeremie

    Great quality..great stuff

  248. Stephanie

    I\’ve tried the Green House Lift and the Cool Mint. They work well but are too harsh on my throat, so I a going to stick with capsules.

  249. Todd

    Good quality and flavor. Shipped very quickly!

  250. Michael

    I only buy from this company because it is the best for service and quality products.

  251. Daniel

    Great product. Wish they had some with more thca in it but otherwise, it arrives quickly and is of a consistent quality.

  252. Jennifer

    I\’ve tried the Cool Mint, Catatonic, Green House Lifter and Berry Wine. They\’ve all been excellent but my favorite is the Berry Wine, I love the flavor and how quickly it relaxes me. I\’ve always had anxiety but after losing both of my parents 6 months apart it got unbearable. I vape the Genesis CBD e-liquid (that\’s good too) all day but when a panic attack hits nothing helps like smoking hemp. I also smoke it every night before bed and no longer have insomnia.

  253. Wiletsy

    Great product. Quick Shipping. I am glad that I found CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs as it has helped me with anxiety and sleep problems. I am one to stay hyper and have insomnia, I use this product before bed and it helps me relax and fall into a deep sleep. I even find that I sleep better as I dont wake up every few hours with this product. I noticed that consistency is key, I use it every night.

  254. Nicholas

    One of the best CBD that I smoked. A recommended for everybody up there Genesis CBD one of the best

  255. Jefferson

    Best hemp flower on web

  256. randolph

    so far the best in quality and very quick shipping also a very large selection of Hemp Buds

  257. Thomas Smith

    First time purchasing the hemp nugs and I Will say that I will likely purchase again.

  258. Donyelle

    This was my 3rd time ordering the cbd hemp nugs. They were out of my favorite strain, Catatonic, so I tried the Cool Mint based on reviews and the lab tests. It\’s a pleasant strain and helped with my anxiety but not so much with making me tired. I was expecting a slightly minty flavor but there wasn\’t any, which was nice for me since I don\’t really like mint in my smoke. The buds were really nice. I will be buying from them again, but hoping to get Catatonic next time, it\’s so good!

  259. Michael

    Excellent quality and service always

  260. Bubba

    I ordered lifter and it is a amazing product. The look & smell is spectacular as well as the effects I will be ordering again and I highly recommend if you are debating to get it or not I’m telling you just get it you will not regret!

  261. Temeka Rachelle

    I love this product and would recommend it highly. I have tried the Catatonic and Cool Mint strains and I prefer the Cool Mint. Excellent taste, great bud quality, and great for sleep and relaxation. So glad that these products are available.

  262. Temeka Rachelle

    I love these products and buy them frequently. I prefer the Cool Mint strain – very relaxing and great for sleep. Quick shipping and great communication are bonuses too!

  263. Stephanie

    Enjoying the Cool Mint nugs but they are harsh on the throat.

  264. Joshua Gooden

    These were outstanding. Great flavor, great mellow effects. Absolutely stellar.

  265. Michael

    The super haze was a bit dry and somewhat harsh to smoke but it still has a very calming effect and helps with sleep and joint pain. I\’m finding other strains on this site to be much better. Fast shipping.

  266. Tom MacMillan

    great product the one i tryed super haze tasted very nice will order again very fast shipping any thing i have ordered from this site i have had in few days

  267. Pedro

    This is a great strong flower and I will purchase again.

  268. Ben G

    Catatonic is good I tried other flower from other sites but this one is better. Highly recommend it

  269. Craig

    fast delivery and excellent value

  270. Jill

    absolutely like all the Nugs I have purchased!

  271. Jefferson

    It’s nice – borat

  272. christopher

    You guys are awesome thanks for the free and very fast delivery excellent Nugs 😊

  273. Nick Santiago

    I got Sour Patch, one of the best and this is my 3rd order and I’m very happy with the shipping so the quality is very good I recommend to everybody up there. Always mix it up my CBD with a little bit of THC always do the job.tnx Genesis 🤪

  274. Sarah

    First time ever tried and could definitely tell a difference. Can\’t wait to try more kinds!

  275. Michael

    The best quality product

  276. Tom MacMillan

    i will be reording soon , fast shipping well packed great flavor

  277. Alice

    Great service and fast shipping

  278. Jefferson

    Very good

  279. Brent

    Always fast getting here and have not been disappointed in the quality of the product. The nug have helped my joint pain and I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and it has even helped with the inflammation .

  280. mdw75

    Ordered the Mint, but didn’t notice any flavor of mint!! Oh well. I was using CBD oil for anxiety, joint / body pain, help with Ulcerative colitis and migraines. The oils worked but this (smokable) CBD is on point.. So far I’m very impressed and will be trying other buds. Wish the Mint had a stronger minty flavor thought. All in all great , product.

  281. merrandajoyce

    The catatonic is amazing for my anxiety! It is great to smoke before bed, hanging out with friends/family. I’ve gotten this for a few months now and it’s always been great, my latest jar was a little more dry compared to the others but still is phenomenal! It’s a little harsh at first but you quickly get used to it!

  282. Shaun

    Customer service is always A1!

    Just finished my GREEN HOUSE ELECTRA. It was very good everything the customers service reap Susan said it would be. I would definitely buy again.

  283. Drew

    And I thaught the 1000mg oil was great til I tried the nugs! Lets talk about INSTANT PAIN RELEIF!!! Very rmooth! Problem is that to the average person it looks like you are actually smoking true weed! Be private, gnd isolated when used! Even there there is this ‘other people problen of ignorance’, i will continue using it!

  284. Larry

    Good but kidda harsh on throat pretty flower but like my flower mild on throat.

  285. Adam

    Good stuff, would recommend

  286. Jefferson

    It’s nice

  287. Eric

    These nugs are quality! I smoke mainly for pain / inflammation. CBD takes a while to build up in you system so give it a couple weeks. I buy from here regularly even though I can get it locally.

  288. Pedro

    Great flower I have purchased others but have found that this one is so much more stronger. Thanks again.

  289. Adam

    Tropical Thunder and Catatonic are my favs. Always fast and reliable shipping prices not too bad, quality product. Sign up for the notifications and wait for discounts usually every couple weeks. Best CBD online period.

  290. Nikola

    Always good. On par with other online strains.

  291. Josh

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these buds!! The berry wine is my favorit so far. Iv tried 3, that an tropic thunder which is amazing also an the pineapple haze. Didnt care for it like i thought i would. Its got more of a skunky smell an taste. But yall have done great creating the product!

  292. juanita

    Great product

  293. Bobby

    Three days was a real time three days didn’t feel like I had to wait forever

  294. Nathan

    Highly recommend! I was finally able to get a decent night sleep!

  295. Brendan

    Cool Mint and Lifter are wonderful. Love em!
    The Dray dry herb vape is awesome! I can’t believe I’ve gone so long not knowing how wonderful vaping dry herb is. So happy with this company and my orders. Only thing I’d change is the suggestion to please include a label on every container with nugs. Only two of my eigths came with a label to state what it is in the container and THC level. Otherwise great stuff!

  296. Jill

    I love this product. It is nice to find relief without getting the high.

  297. Justin

    I’ve ordered different strains from here. They have all been absolutely amazing. I’ve had tropical thunder, A/C Diesel, Sweet Tooth, Berry Wine, etc… I have not yet been dissatisfied with any of them. They both smell great and taste great, and they definitely do the job. I suffer from multiple issues, and especially chronic pain from an accident. I have literally not had to use any pain killers, (Tylenol, Ibuprofen). I love this product, the nugs are amazing. I will definitely continue to order more!!

  298. Michael

    This is my first try for the catatonic strain. Not as high in CBD as others but produces a great relaxing feel as do the others. Really helps my joint pain and insomnia. Fast shipping too.

  299. Donyelle

    I\’m on my second order of CBD hemp nugs, and I will DEFINITELY be ordering more. My 1st order I got an 1/8th of Catatonic & an 1/8th of Electra, and I really liked them both, but this time I got a quarter of the Catatonic because it worked so well for my sleep and high anxiety. It is a magical indica and smells very yummy. I have nothing negative to say about this brand or their products. And shipping is super fast. Highly recommend the CBD nugs!

  300. randolph

    this product is something new for me, I used it and it really had a very strong effect on anxiety and a big drop in my blood pressure very positive health effect

  301. Urian

    This stuff is the best out there as far as cbd bud. I started with the catatonic, cool mint and bubba kush but now the green house lifter is my go to, definitely the most potent of all the strains. I’ve tried all types of cbd and the nugs are by far the best. It actually takes my joint pain away for hours and i can actually sleep a solid night . been using for about 7 months and still get the same results to this day, great stuff! Shipping is always on time and customer service is second to none. Great people who actually care about their customers… Thanks guys! You have a loyal long time customer

  302. king57

    Very excited to review, got my green house lifer today. shipped in two days, great! love the jar that it came in. nice buds with orange hair, mild on throat and effective.been using cbd flower 7 months and can say this is top shelve in my opinion. i have spent more on other sites plus shipping fee, so you see if they hold up there end then i will surely will be getting all my cbd in one place. i believe i have found the right site, and good reviews has helped, and now i see for myself. never got a product anywhere this fast and good looking flower.

  303. Donyelle

    2nd time ordering the hemp nugs, because I loved my 1st time. Ordered Catatonic again, it helps so much with my anxiety and sleep, so I got a quarter this time. Will definitely be getting more! It’s not pricey and arrives very fast.

  304. drewsefi

    I keep searching for the best flower!

  305. Clarissa

    Works like a charm couldn’t wish for anything better

  306. mark

    Fast shipping, good smoke, will buy again!

  307. Frederick

    Great quality! The strains are amazing.

  308. Rony

    Very good and reliable product. Good quality as well.

  309. Jen

    Fast shipping and a great buy. The are always adding more selections too.

  310. Jennifer

    I love this stuff. A seriously high quality product.

  311. bobbi

    Smooth flower

  312. Matthew

    Works really well!!!

  313. Patrick

    good stuff

  314. jeremie

    great flavor great smoke…swwwweeeetttt!

  315. Aleksandar

    The only company I stick with! Weekly poll purchases and amazing stuff! Support these guys!

  316. demonicusprime

    Pretty impressed. Tastes nice, breaks apart like you’d expect, and seems to have a pretty nice effect. Will likely order again.

  317. Eric

    Love these guys. Quality product and they\’ll go above and beyond if there are any issues. Don\’t hesitate, it\’s legit.

  318. Debbie

    First time user….will be a repeater.

  319. Pamela

    Cool mint nugs never disappoint me!!!

  320. Jesse

    Pretty good for outdoor grown. Would be much more potent if it was indoor grown. The company is really good on processing/shipping your order same day. I\’ll be buying from this website again!

  321. Donald

    Best hemp nugs I’ve found available on the market!

  322. Mason

    It\’s hard for me to give a 5 star rating. However, my 4 star rating is to be taken as a really solid rating. It\’s still a little harsher than I would like – it surely isn\’t as harsh as the few other strains that I\’ve tried.

  323. jennifer

    Auroma and taste are wonderful. Very nice relaxing feeling also great for sleeping. Didn\’t move all night

  324. sandra

    Ok just what I wanted I little moist but very nice flavor and I sleep like a baby thank you

  325. sgsilverg0807

    Its sooooooo smooooth! Just got Greenhouse Lifter, the taste is so clean no cotton mouth or bad taste. I felt the the benefits in a matter of minutes. Now lets talk about the customer service. The day that i ordered they hit me up and upgraded my deliver status from two day to the next day! Now im enjoying this wonderful product going into the weekend. What great service!

  326. Patricia

    I’m happy with the product, it helped my anxiety a great deal. Also, the package arrived sooner than I expected.

  327. Mitchell

    High quality product, excellent!

  328. Uriah Jay Johnson

    The Green House Lifter is by far the most potent strain I have tried. I have been smoking Hemp for a year now and have habitually smoked marijuana cigarettes for over a decade. So i am somewhat of a Hemp junkie therefore I know of what I speak. Green House Lifter is a lovely sativa that helps ease my anxiety and depression. It is making the hell that is opioid withdrawl tolerable. Green House Lifter is worth the extra $10 compared to the other strains in quality and potency. I use half as much of Green House Lifter so for me spending $10 more gets me twice as much. Green House Lifter and cbdvapejuice.net 5 stars all the way! BTW I think the drop down menu mistakenly has Green House Lifter listed as a Hybrid instead of Sativa 😉

  329. randolph

    Excellent nugs best I could find

  330. Anna

    Love this product. It helps my anxiety a lot and is very relaxing. Smoking bud is the most effective way to use CBD that I’ve found personally

  331. Michael S.

    great stuff. really helps with my joint and back pain, gives me deep sleep or awake alertness when i need it. wish it was cheaper but hey, that’s the way she goes bud.

  332. Matthew

    Excellent product as describe great relief of inflammation and pain without the aniexty A+

  333. Quinten

    Thank you!! For the Wonderful Experience!!!

  334. sara

    I have ordered from this site many times, and recommend to anyone I know who could benefit from CBD. The flower I get is top quality and always puts me in a great mood and able to go on with my day! Also helps me get a good night sleep. I highly recommend

  335. Kara

    Extremely helpful for minor aches and pains and very soothing for anxiety

  336. jennifer

    Fast shipping, have gotten the Bubba Kush and Catatonic both are great. Will be getting more Thanks!

  337. juanita

    I love your product will order more

  338. mark

    Great for my anxiety, will buy again! Thanks so much!

  339. Jefferson

    So. Good

  340. Mackenizie

    Always great service and top quality products

  341. Corey

    Love the product. Tried the catatonic and the cool mint. Just order the ac diesel and looking forward to trying them all. The shipments came pretty fast and I and when I recieved the product it was well worth it. Definitely will keep buying from them

  342. doggonemaddog

    I wasn’t thrilled with the taste of the Cool Mint. I still got some pain relief & help with my PTSD, but the taste was so bad I had trouble using this as often & as much as I needed. Other strains are much better tasting & seem to help me more, such as the two Premium House strains: Lifter & Electra. Unfortunately their cost are a bit too much for me as I am fully disabled & live well below the proverty level. I plan to try the regular Electra strain in June & possibly the AC Diesel. Hope this helps!

  343. Nicholas

    This is one of the best CBD did I smoke I see smooth relaxing viendo pelicula en Netflix best. I recommend the guys you got to try.

  344. Rachel

    I was nervous to try this out because it reminded me too much of smoking heavy THC content but no, I LOVE it! I use this product for both my scoliosis pains and anxiety. I purchased the Cool Mint and it does give you a small daze and if I\’m not doing anything I\’m more inclined to go to sleep. But if I\’m keeping busy I just feel really great and relaxed for once. Thinking about purchasing a strain that\’s not a hybrid and just sativa.

  345. Jefferson

    The best

  346. Lyle

    I\’ve tried a lot of CBD concentrate products with little to some satisfaction, but was blown away by smoking hemp. This has BY FAR the most potent effects of any CBD product I have ever used, plus it has all the terpenes giving strain-specific effects as well. So far I have tried Super Haze, Berry Wine, Catatonic, and Green House Lifter, and I use a Davinci IQ vaporizer to smoke it (I was kinda hoping the Berry Wine tasted like berries, but it tastes more like wine lol).

    These hemp nugs are now a permanent part of my daily/weekly routine. I will obviously be buying more.

  347. ggabegonzalez

    Great nugs. I love how fresh and sticky they were. Hits nice, overall would recommend

  348. Jason

    I have ordered all the varieties of the hemp nugs. I am sticking more with the higher CBD ones such as bubba kush and green house lifter although, I am a big fan of berry wine, super haze, cool mint and catatonic. Can\’t forget Tsunami too, really good. When I make smokable blends of the nugs, I always add in cool mint too. Not only is it refreshing but it has a nice affect too and reduces the harshness. I have recently begun infusing into coconut oil and avocado oil with the nugs. If you do this, you need to decarb the flower. 15 min at 250 does the trick. 6 grams makes a pretty potent cooking oil for making amazing CBD brownies. I use the about 1.5 TBSP of the infused oils into my
    hemp seed mocha coffee latte in the morning. It really eases the anxiety and pain and allows me to function better in the world. As a lifelong sufferer of severe anxiety, chronic pain and PTSD , I can tell you that high quality, high dose CBD has been a very effective and safe personal treatment for me.

  349. Michael

    I tried Greenhouse Electra. Wow, it packs a punch. Very relaxing and the buds smell great. Will be reordering again.

  350. George

    Helped with my leg cramps . Have to give it an A+

  351. Lisa

    I bought some tropic thunder and I really enjoy it. If you want to relax and not stress out this works great!!!!!! highly recommend!!!!! Thank you!

  352. Drew


  353. Matthew

    I ordered pretty much all of them, the best one for calming down is tropic thunder, the best one for relaxing is berry wine, a good just normal everyday one is super haze, the buds are really the real stuff, the hybrids are settling and energizing the indica are tightening the sativa are uplifting, still want to try the premium. The first time I order though it was pineapple haze and the bud was really dry and had seeds and no plastic sealing it. Some time the buds are dry and come with a humidifier in them. They’ve really been a blessing in my life , especially if you are a real smoker. For the most part you can expect real bud that is really purple or yellow or green with orange or red hairs , I just use a grinder besides that I’m really greatful and cbdvapejuice is a really great company always sending me specials and discounts even through in a free eighth when they had a Easter special and I ordered but one I forgot to put the code in they still gave it to me. You won’t be disappointed shipment arrives in three days.

  354. Rebekkah

    Shipping was fast. Got Super Haze and I am not disappointed!! Takes care of my early morning aches and pains (osteoarthritis) and gets me on the go!! First try and I\’m so very happy with this product and especially this company. 5 stars all the way!!

  355. colin

    great for my anxiety .

  356. Karisma

    Outstanding Product

  357. Donyelle

    First time trying cbd nugs (I\’ve used in vape and sublingual forms prior, which have both worked well for me). I ordered Catatonic and Electra based on the lab studies, and both are wonderful! The prices are very affordable, the nugs smell divine and look amazing, and they smoke really smooth. Catatonic helps with my anxiety and sleep. Electra helps with my anxiety as well, but doesn\’t make me sleepy at all, better for daytime. I will definitely be ordering more hemp nugs in the near future. And the shipping was very fast, another plus.

  358. Abigail R

    Great nugs, with fantastic effects! Do I want to be motivated? Do I want to go exercise? Do I need to wind down? There are strains for each of these. Completely and totally worth every penny!

  359. James

    I loved the bubba kush… It smoked good it smelt great and was fresh and sticky…. Very relaxing put me to sleep every night…. Cant wait to try more..

  360. Lacey

    I love this stuff! It smells great and hits hard. I highly recommend the pineapple haze!

  361. Audrey Rodriguez

    Everything that I buy from this company I love . Their Products ever disappoint I bought Berry wine very Relaxing help me go to bed!! I will buy more Strains

  362. Amy L.

    These people are the best and have been since I started buying CBD products… great job everyone!

  363. Amy L.

    I’ve never had any medicine for pain that works as well as these do the new strains definitely worth every penny!

  364. Rach

    This product is fantastic. I know that people rave about Catatonic, but my favorite strain is Cool Mint. Excellent aroma, taste, and relaxing properties. Order processing and shipping are incredibly fast as well which, coupled with the price, makes me a faithful customer of this business.

  365. Steven

    Great for rest and relaxation

  366. Tyron

    This is a GREAT website!! Quicc,easy and fast delivery!!

  367. Sheryl

    I have ordered 3 times from this company after purchasing directly in a store in Destin. The quality is always the same.

  368. Ronald

    Nice terp profile for the Super Haze very smooth sweet, fruity and most of all it smells like that HAZE n looks like it. when smoked is smooth and Nice on the Dry Vapes. and it was cure better this time. i would. start at 320F no more than 370F or you will miss out on the Goodies and you will burn it out and no get its full efffects, GREAT WORK CBD GENESIS and great price fast shipping

  369. Hannah

    Love this! Such good quality and relieves my anxiety without the “high”

  370. Samuel

    Had a great experience ordering and using your product I recommend it all out you on the fence with CBD, try it, You’ll thank me later!


    The best CBD I ever had keep the good work

  372. bobbi

    love this product

  373. Lowell

    Very good

  374. Brandon

    Good stuff I’m get more

  375. Michelle

    When I discovered the hemp nugs I wasn’t sure what to expect. I tried the tincture, then the cbd vape but the buds are something totally different. Smoking it gives you the same relaxation and body feel as smoking Cannabis but without the THC effects that can make some (me included) terribly paranoid, anxious, rapid heart beat, dry mouth and burn out crash after. I was a little nervous at first trying it because I didn’t want the same reaction but it doesn’t happen. I now realize it’s the thc that gives me the unwanted effects. This bud is grown with only a trace so doesn’t give you that thc effect. Most will realize that you don’t need the thc to experience the benefit from smoking it. My friend who smokes bus with thc didn’t believe me about the quality and effects. She was blown away and said she is just going to order it from here because she realized she doesn’t need the thc to help with her medical issues. Once you try it you will be very pleased. This stuff is a hidden gem that many don’t know exists yet and is totally legal. Just a FYI… my husband can only smoke on Fridays and Saturday’s because he drives CDL and can be randomly tested. This did show up in a at home drug test ( It’s the trace amount of thc ) so he doesn’t smoke Sunday’s and by Monday the home thc test comes out negative.

  376. Rhonda

    Love this stuff.the smell and the look..and fast delivery

  377. drewsefi

    I think, no, I KOW the next aspirin has been discovered! If the oil worked as well as it did, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NUGS!

  378. Chris E.

    Greenhouse Lifter, very good! Get it when you can! Is getting up there, real nice-ly!☝️✨

  379. stevehoney43

    Bubba Kush is awesome. It gave me a great feeling and i was able to fall asleep and sleep like a baby. Im going to have to try them all now.

    The customer service is amazing and the shipping is always fast.

    5 STARS

  380. LyleBabcock

    I have tried a lot of various cbd concentrate products and the hemp nugs completely blow them all away. Seriously there is no comparison when it comes to the effects. I will def be a repeat customer.

  381. Jenna

    I am smoking the berry wine right now and I love it. I usually get my cbd from a dispensary but it’s a lot pricier, this is a bang for your buck compared to that. It feels relaxing, like a relaxed buzz but not in a head high kind of way, more so body. I came back to order a second kind and figured I’d drop this. 🙂 if you’re skeptical of this, don’t be. They smell great too!

  382. Hamzah

    This is the best Cbd with out a doubt I’ve tried! I am a fighter and have many aches, stress and Notting helps like cbd from cbd vape juice! Love you guys

  383. John Ed Moore

    I tried diffrent hemp flower nuggs from shops in my area and none compare to the bubba kush (indica) i got from here i instantly fell in love with it super relaxing im talking about fall out on the couch relaxing will be trying diffrent strains. You have you a loyal customer here.

  384. Richard Gillis

    Catatonic great for inflammation and for a good night sleep

  385. kaitlynbeck

    So far I’ve tried Cool Mint and Sweet Tooth! I love both. Hit smooth, smell amazing. Can’t wait to try more strands.

  386. Khyla

    Great product will be ordering again.

  387. William

    My order of Pineapple Haze is extremely dry and crumbles to almost dust when you try and break up a bud and also burns up quickly with little to no affect. Going by other reviews I hope this is just a old batch and not the normal seeing that some reviews state how sticky their buds were. Trying the damp paper towel trick to try and add a little moisture back into the buds to see if it will help in results of burning and effects of product. At this time can only give 3 stars and struggled to give that but buds did look good and smelled ok.

    • Genesis

      That is very unusual Will. Haven’t heard that issue yet from anybody else. Let us know if the same thing happens to the next one you view/try.

  388. Peter

    Good hard hitting, but smooth smoke

  389. Robert

    Electra is the current favorite, but I\’m interested in these new strains. The 2 I\’ve tried were fantastic and so sticky. Better use gloves If you break it up by hand or you\’ll have the aroma all day long.

  390. Robert

    Tasted good smelled great, worked like a charm. After a long shift at work I can finally get some quality rest with this.

  391. saffron_moon

    Wow!! I just want to say that the cool mint is absolutely fantastic!! Very smooth and it really help me sleep! So far I love CBD Genesis!!

  392. Henry Morgan

    The Haze is amazing, puts me to sleep and relaxes me. I think is a Great strain specialy in Looks Aroma and Big Nug. I got this for my Wife and she Loves it. I have also try pineapple Haze they work very similar to the Haze Strain. OVERALL I GIVE IT 5 STARS. Cbdvapejuice.net have done it again. I am not sure how Hemp Cbd looks like Haze or how they did it, but they did it. I also wish they Had more TEST RESULTS OF THE NEE STRAINS AND PICTURES… well thats my honest review. I will try another strain later.

  393. Corben


  394. Joseph

    Smells great and smokes great

  395. Rhonda

    I’ve been trying different varieties..all smell good bc and look good…so far my favorite has been the Catatonic..still have a few yet to try..and as always..great service and delivery!!

  396. Faith

    The hemp nugs were awesome, I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Wow I really like the look of the nugs , quality and quantity excellent. No complaints here , your delivery speedy. Thanks for all you do for people like myself. (Peace and much Success)

  397. kaitlynbeck

    Absolutely love the nugs! Tastes good and hits smooth.

  398. Amy

    Great people and fast delivery!

  399. Amy

    Customer service is very good and you can’t beat that price

  400. Katie

    The smell was better than any plug in or candle. It was a mild feeling when I Vaped it and took the edge off. About to try a new one! Great price. Thank you!

  401. Peter

    Good smoke. Burns smooth…

  402. Peter

    Smooth smoke, Great hitter!!!

  403. Lowell

    It tastes and and works great

  404. Jefferson

    Tsunami is awesome! It’s legal, doesn’t show up on drug tests, doesn’t contain thc, but will give your body the relief it needs after a long days work to relieve muscle soreness or pain. Also your face will go numb which is nice.

  405. jeffhkirby26

    This stuff is awesome! The tsunami strain is nice. Can’t wait to try some of the others!

  406. Karisma

    Great product help with my nerve pain.

  407. Danielle

    Still great 😊😊😊

  408. martin

    Got the Cataonic strain and was great smoke.. little harsh on the throat, seems like it could have been cured better to preserve the terpene profile because it didn’t have much flavor but it extracted nice into coconut oil for a very effective topical.

  409. Paul

    Outstanding product!

  410. Megan

    Helps me with my chronic illness surprisingly

  411. Edith

    Love CBD Vape will be ordering again in a few days also shared your site with a few other friends love your site I give five ⭐️ rating

  412. Amy Lilly

    I’ve almost tried all of these and gonna try more this month

  413. Amy Lilly

    This is the best stuff for pain and anxiety and I’ll be ordering more and this store is the best customer service ever!

  414. Joseph

    Giving 4 stars because it was pretty dry. I think I’m spoiled from my 1st order of the cool mint strain. Did the trick though.

  415. Joe Robertson

    Giving 4 stars because it was pretty dry. I think I was spoiled with the higher concentration in the cool mint strain. Still a very effective flower though.

  416. Jen

    I have yet to try a strain that I didn\’t like. The indica do seem to pack a bit more of a punch but this product is great either way. I\’m so happy I found it.

  417. jen.s.oliver15

    This is such a great product. I can’t get enough of it!

  418. Michael W

    These are great!! I began taking Genesis tinctures in 2016 for pain relief and have now included these Genesis hemp nugs, which is relieving arthritis pain and neuropathy in my legs. I have tried other brands, but I keep returning to Genesis because of their products and services are above reproach.

  419. Danielle

    Love the taste and hope to get more. I wish there will be more selection to or have more description on the product on flavor and effects before purchasing so I don’t have to google or something.

  420. Adriana

    So far, Catatonic has helped me chill out when my anxiety is high especially before bed 🙂

  421. Amanda

    have done this already lol love you genesis

  422. douglas

    After watching a few episodes of Bong Appetite’ I wanted some options to infuse in cooking…the mugs make a perfect fit and the smoke is great also.a new version of the term ” comfort ” food…..another great product for PTSD symptoms….

  423. Amanda

    everyone loves the hemp nugs they were far better than I expected every strain was different in its own way and the smell and taste where on point thanks Genesis

  424. Anna

    Love this product. I get the strain Cool Mint and it has a nice effect where you do actually feel a little high, but not in a way that\’s overwhelming. It helps my anxiety a lot and helps me relax after a stressful day.

  425. Katie

    Great!! Love this product and will definitely be purchasing more very soon!

  426. Josh

    Out of all of the gummies/zape juices/tinctures the hemp buds gave me the best benefits out of everything I’ve tried. Beautiful looking nugs and they all smell FANTASTIC.

  427. CBD Master MASON 33rd Degree

    The HAZE and the Pineapple Haze are kinda the same.. but it does look and smells like HAZE…..
    after trying both they are both nice and reminds me of that oldskool HAZE.. Great JOB! Thanks CBDvapeJUICE

  428. Jerry

    Our Customers Love them!!

  429. Temeka Rachelle

    I love these hemp nugs. My favorite variety is Cool Mint, though I’ve also used Catatonic and really enjoyed it. Cool Mint has an amazing scent and flavor, plus it results in a very calming effect that helps me with my sleep problems. Catatonic is also relaxing, but less so for me than the Cool Mint. See which works best for you – I LOVE that there are lab test results available on the site! I love these products and will use them for a long while. Best price and best quality that I’ve found online.

  430. Amanda Vradenburg

    ok the DC hemp is super tasty holy sweet hemp nugs

  431. Amanda Vradenburg

    i got the 13 kinds and the sweet tooth was the nicest looking the quarters look to have two kinds in them some really dark purple almost black nugs then green and even red the first hit i took i could feel it the calming sensation that was the catatonic , each one smells amazing thanks Genesis

  432. Debra

    My favorite CBD, Love CBDVAPEJUICE fast service. They always make things right!

  433. Joe Robertson

    Very nice and effective. Immediate results after a couple pulls on dry herb tank. Is there anything stronger than cool mint?

  434. t.rachelle.ellis

    I love these hemp nugs. My favorite variety is Cool Mint, though I’ve also used Catatonic and really enjoyed it. Cool Mint has an amazing scent and flavor, plus it results in a very calming effect that helps me with my sleep problems. Catatonic is also relaxing, but less so for me than the Cool Mint. See which works best for you – I LOVE that there are lab test results available on the site! I love these products and will use them for a long while. Best price and best quality that I’ve found online.

  435. hannah strother

    My husband has very bad anxiety and he decided to try this. Helps mellow him out and he enjoys it! I toked a little with him and it’s very good!
    So glad he made this purchase.
    We use the Royal Purple strain.

  436. Michael

    Good value

  437. Eric

    Super Awesome Product!!!! Buy It Now

  438. Cherie

    Nothing calms my anxiety like these hemp nugs do!

  439. Peter

    Good nug size . Tastes ok had better. Catatonic is still my favorite.

  440. David

    OMG! This is for Tropic Thunder. Amazing relaxation, peace of mind and overall good feeling. Also amazing for sleep. First time I smoked, I overdid it and fell asleep! What a great product!

  441. General Pantera

    Thought of giving 4 stars cuz trim seems to be getting a little law and some of the flower isn’t my personall cuppa tea/. But I can’t not give 5 for dat haze. Someone put some blood sweat and years into their breeding game. Top notch. Really I’ve at least somewhat liked all I’ve tried. But the Pineapple Haze and AC diesel are probably my faves. Big ups to the crew for dealing with shipping issues promptly and courteously. Always a pleasure.🙏

  442. Tony

    Love this product. Helps me with my anxiety and allows me to relax.

  443. David

    Holy crap! By far, the most effective, relaxing and sleep-inducing CBD ever!

  444. at.moonlight.music

    great product it’s a little harsh to smoke.

  445. zva252

    Love it! Helps me get to sleep during those restless nights when i’ve had too much caffeine or life and my anxiety kicks in.

  446. Robert

    I love it

  447. tess

    Really great do not hesitate because there is no picture. Perfect to offset negative side effects from certain strains. Buying forever.

  448. T. Rachelle

    Excellent product. Smells and tastes great, good effect too. I recommend Cool Mint for maximum impact.

  449. Averie

    Makes me extroverted

  450. Monica

    Truly an indica with awesome effectiveness. My fiancé an I loved it. Trying tropic thunder next.

  451. davidjvogel

    I left a review earlier the first time I tried Catatonic. This is my follow up. I am 100% serious!
    I spent over a thousand dollars on different CBD products, even more on worthless MJ crap (did not like the feeling), and finally found a company that grows hemp with pretty much zero THC, which means all the benefits of actual MJ but no high! Catatonic has literally killed my manic episode. Not even 2 days, my episode is gone. I already posted a link to this product on our discord server for those with bipolar disorder/insomnia. I will recommend Catatonic to anyone with similar issues, insomnia, stress, seriously anything you want to relax from… I will even be giving this website to my psychotherapist. I am SO glad my google searches (it took a while) eventually turned me to CBD Genesis Nugs. This NOT a paid-for advertisement 😉 This is a totally and way over over the top satisfied customer! Sorry if I shared too much, but I want everyone who wants to relax to try Catatonic!

  452. Cheri

    Awesome product I cannot wait to try other varieties !!

  453. Clayton

    I was very impressed with the quality of the product and how quick my order came in. Will definitely order from you again!

  454. davidjvogel

    This is for the catatonic strain. Absolutely the most relaxing CBD product I have tried thus far and I have tried a lot of them looking for something exactly like this. Also great for falling asleep. Will definitely be buying again and trying a few more strains too!

  455. CBD Master Jonathan

    I have order from here always, from day one customer. for some reason my order was delayed. it took like 12 days to get to me.(usually takes 2-3 days)and when it did package was cut and open. missing 2g so I only got 5g Jar had no seal
    I was afraid to use it bc I was told the Seal wrap was missing, and it sure was it had no seal. I am not sure what happend but CBDvapeJuice is send me a Replacement asap( I wasn’t even aware they did that. ( THANK YOU! This Had a wrap seal and Bubble wrap also I weight I and it was 7g
    overall I order the Super Haze, BEST CBD Nugs I have ever tryed, Good Price lots of Nugs Good Taste Looks and smells amazing I am Shocked at this product, Lots of good vapor. slept like a baby. I give it five stars and I will Buy again

  456. Jonathan

    Good product. High quality, dense, sticky buds. Just what the Dr. ordered!

  457. Jonathan

    Impressed with this Product. Will be back for more.

  458. Philip

    Best quality cbd I have ever had. The royal purple helps with sleep and anxiety. Also the shipping is extremely fast. Every order has only taken 3 days to arrive at my door unlike other places. Hands down best place to order !!!

  459. George Andres

    I ordered the Royal Purple and i have to say i far exceeded my expectations. Look amazing and smelled great. Smoking it was smooth too. Definitely recommend it, and will be buying again very soon.

  460. ms.toni82

    I love it. I tried Pineapple haze and at first the the taste was tabacco-ish but it was the way I used it. The smell is amazing and it really relaxes me so that I can sleep. I suffer with severe insomnia so I’m in love❤. Definitely ordering again

  461. Domenic

    Good strain and smokes good 👍

  462. Ching Yu

    Probably best you can get online. CBD Genesis game is high. Hard to beat for the price.

  463. Jen

    I love this stuff. The quality is top notch and the customer service is excellent. My questions were answered right away and once it was delivered I knew I would be a repeat customer. Tropic thunder is what I ordered first but I plan on trying them all!

  464. Debra

    Love Nugs, very helpful for pain and anxiety. Thanks cbdvapejuice for fast , friendly service.

  465. Frederick

    I love to see my customer’s reactions to this product. I always keep a sample bottle that is open, so they can smell it and touch it. It’s so good, sometimes they just won’t put it down.

  466. Frederick

    This time I tried the “Elektra” Great looking Bud’s, wonderful Aroma, does the job and gets to the point!!!

  467. Frederick

    I ordered the “Tropic Thunder” Hemp Nugs. Oh how beautiful the huge Bud’s looked. When I opened the jar, I was fumigated with a wonderful scent of a skunky, citrusy, and sweet Aroma. Was a true joy to smoke. How wonderful life is.

  468. Barbara

    Excellent product. High in CBD and nice full buds. Great for pain relief from my Crohn’s. Only side effect I didn’t like was that it fills your taste buds; but that’s a small price to pay for the relief from the pain.

  469. Philip

    Best quality cbd I have ever had. The royal purple helps with sleep and anxiety. Also the shipping is extremely fast. Every order has only taken 3 days to arrive at my door unlike other places. Hands down best place to order !!!

  470. Brian


  471. Mr. Adrian Nicholas Coleman

    Geeat for pain relief and i have a lot of health issue thank ypu

  472. Rykerj779

    This CBD flower helped with my anxiety a lot great product!!!

  473. Jonathan

    My first order was CBD Genisis Hemp Nugs. I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The quality and aroma of the product was outstanding. I tried the Lifter strain and was immediately in a better mood, distressed, calmer but with a more focused mind. I was also able to sleep through the night with the most restful uninterrupted sleep I remember having for ages. 5 stars from me. The only problem I have is trying to decide what strain I’m going to try next and that’s the kind of problem I like to have.

  474. catefairchild

    Great product, will definitely order again

  475. Canek

    greate !!

  476. Patrick James

    Product is good but the product is over the legal amount of thc 0.3, most being 0.4 0.5 0.6 if your worried bout drug test do not buy this product

    • Genesis

      It is not over the legal amount, which is measured in delta-9 THC, not total THC (which is mostly comprised of THCA)

  477. Jill

    7g turned to 6.8g after trimming so not too much waste with product. Super Haze had great appearance, smell and taste. Already ordered 2 more.

  478. Jerry D Rogers II

    I have reviewed this product before but after another order I would like to add that the super haze has thick and dense nug structure and is covered in red hairs and smells awesome but the electra has the best effect that surprised me a good bit because I thought that the cool mint would have the best effect after looking at the lab tests cant wait to get the next order in the mail
    trying DC hemp , sweet tooth and catatonic. will report back!!

  479. Chris E

    I have to cool Mint and is most agreeable and satisfying! I recommend it fully and I’m shure you would too. Am hoping too see the rest of the lab tests for the latest, it helps too pick with a fuller profile, thank you☆☆

  480. philip arca

    Royal purple is amazing!!!! Helps with sleep and anxiety. This is my first time buying Flower and i am very impressed with its effects. I dose before bed and feel great when I wake up.

  481. bigaaron16bb

    Orderd electra and. Coolment .tryed a little of both. Cool ment seemed to help .with my back pain no feeling. Of being mellowed out or relaxted .all and all a good strain for. Akes and pains . Electra gave me a a nice feeling of. Relaxation mellowed out all around good feeling . Both strains are worth trying for sure . sure

  482. Evan

    Great product

  483. Thomas

    Great seller at my retail shop! Lots of repeat customers means this is working for so many folks! I only wish they would disclose the total amount of CBD on the packaging (or anywhere for that matter) and the specific strain!

  484. Travis

    I have tried all the strains offered by CBD Genesis and by far the two best strains are pineapple haze and super haze. The smell, taste, and effect of both strains is superb.

  485. Trista

    Great product! I ordered Royal Purple and it has helped my anxiety immensely. I smoke a little every day and my family has noticed a positive difference. Im looking to try another strain for pain but will definitely purchase again.

  486. Lance

    I was very surprised and impressed by it s aroma and pain relief as I just got out of surgery it helps me relax and works great
    I very much like it’s smoothness and I don’t cough tearing out my stitches, highly recommended

  487. Dale

    Perfection as usual!

  488. Joe

    Worth the money.

  489. big joe

    Good product. And a price to match.

  490. big joe

    Taste good. Smokes good. And is an all around good product if your interested in trying cbd. Wether or not you’ve tried cbd products in the past, this is not a product to let pass.

  491. Tracey

    This stuff was killer!

  492. Peter

    Nice big buds, tastes good, very please with this CBD product.

  493. Travis

    The emerald smells better than the royal purple , however, both strains taste great and give an overall nice feeling. Very nice quality product

  494. Happy Reviewer

    For all of you, wanting the best this product has to offer, “Cool Mint”.

  495. bgroese

    Awesome deal!! The quality of the product is fantastic it helps me so much with my pain and anxiety. Even helped me with my depression. Took a few days of use before I really had noticed pain relief, but almost instantly puts me in a better mood. I placed two more orders after trying this. On top of that the customer service for this website is just top notch answered all my questions quickly and the shipping is spot on arrived very quickly! I’ve used a couple of other sites, but so far this is the best one. I will definitely be a customer here for a long time. CBD hemp Flowers have been a life changing product for me. Can’t wait to try more!

  496. dachrismaster

    Very good product for the price, defently recomend, will be buying again.
    I purchased the emarald star and will be trying more.

  497. Anna

    I love this product! It\’s so affordable for the quantity and it came with a piece.

  498. A Happy Reviewer

    Just from the names they we’re exactly what I expected. “Emerald Star” is more of an sativa relaxing feel, “Royal Purple” on the other hand is a strong body relaxation, for the price and amount this is definitely love right here.

  499. David


  500. Brittany

    Most amazing CBD on the market! Strong, relaxing, smells great and tastes even better!

  501. Jeremy

    Great product royal purple is great strong relaxing feel..

  502. Ryker

    Great quality for the price!

  503. Dale

    perfection and a great value!

  504. Jerry D Rogers II

    I really was surprised by the quality for the price. The Packaging was nice not too flashy seem to be airtight. If I’m being honest I feel like some not all but some nugs we a little under trimmed but not at all what I would say is leafy. I would definitely buy again especially if they released some new and better strains. I would also like to see a wider range of sizes. all and all a great product try it

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According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products are legal in the United States, providing the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content does not exceed 0.3% of the overall product.

When reading our lab reports, you may come across a substance called tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). THCA is converted into THC when it’s heated. But crucially, THCA is non-psychoactive.

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