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Note: Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).
This really worked for me! The peppermint flavor was pleasant and I felt relaxed and calm but not sleepy. Will be purchasing again! - E.B. 

Product Description

New Enhanced Natural Premium Delta-8 THC Dropper

Our Delta 8 Tincture contains the purest Delta 8 Distillate with terpenes and broad-spectrum hemp extract. For therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects of  its cousin, Delta 9. 
This Delta 8 product is Hemp derived.

We just made the best product even better! Enhancing the formulation and adding Full spectrum gives you the best of both worlds of Delta 8 and CBD. Getting the full entourage of the CBD and THC from the Full spectrum formulation, you’ll get the best relaxation that you could ask for. With the CBD added, the anxiety that you get and paranoia from the strong effects will not be a factor anymore.


  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Clear head
  • Natural


Organic MCT oil and Delta 8

About Delta 8:

Delta 8 is a powerful cousin to the infamous Delta 9. Both from the cannabis flower, Delta 8 is found in smaller compounds unlike Delta 9. Being found in the smaller compound comes with its own benefits. Very similar to each other, Delta 8 is more of a body sensation, primarily targeted for relaxation. Our delta 8 tincture contains the purest delta 8 distillate and terpenes. Unlike the psychoactive effects of delta 9 THC, you can get the therapeutic benefits of delta 8 THC with a milder buzz.

Suggested Use:

Measured with the dropper to the desired amount of Delta 8 tincture. Shake Well. Micro dose desired strength orally. Sublingual is very sedative so we suggest swallowing for full effects. Do not take while driving or operating machinery. Consult a doctor before using the product.

10 reviews for CBD Farmhouse – Delta-8 THC Tincture

  1. Emily

    Lovely. Highly recommend 🙂

  2. Kimberly

    The Price is Right it’s perfect for what I need without it and the regular CBD that I mix I would not be walking!

  3. E.B.

    This really worked for me! The peppermint flavor was pleasant and I felt relaxed and calm but not sleepy. Will be purchasing again!

  4. Scott

    Nice. Relaxing.

  5. Ronda

    Works perfectly, helps me relax and get a great night’s sleep

  6. Ronda

    Works perfectly, helps me relax and get a great night’s sleep

  7. Jo-Ann Falace

    Love the Delta 8. It helped me with pain and sleep. It took about two hours to take effect. The cap became very difficult to open after a while, so I never twisted it back on.

  8. theproximian

    The labeling is misleading. The product is good, but I thought I was buying 2000 mg of Delta 8, but it was 1000 mg of Delta 8 and 1000 mg of CBD.

  9. wowclap

    Worked very well. I bought the Natural 500mg when it was on the store. Enjoyed it. It provided the high I expect from Delta 8 tinctures. It does have the typical taste.
    I agree with other reviewer to be sure you test the amount that works best for you (and I haven’t even tried the higher doses!).
    The childproof cap got finicky toward the end (not at first), but that’s just a minor inconvenience.
    Definitely worthwhile, and now that I see the price on the 1000mg, I’ll probably check that out too in the future.

  10. Samuel Pagenkopf

    Good stuff, just be careful not to take too much unless you know what you’re doing. It peaks for me at 3 hours, and trails off around 12 hours. It can be tempered with CBD and/or black pepper.
    0.3ml (10mg) is what I would take on a productive day, up to twice a day for mood and focus. This is a good first-time dose.
    2ml (66mg) is the largest dose I took. It was an introspective and challenging experience, and I listened to a lot of music.
    “Natural” is the flavor I bought, and it is smooth and sweet unlike the bitter aftertaste I get from d8 gummies. The top is a bit tough to open, it is child-proof and that’s probably a good thing. The measuring lines on the dropper mean you can control your exact dosage easily. The 1000mg bottle is a good value for $60, and will probably last me a few months.

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