CBD Drip Onyx

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7ml bottle of CBD Drip Onyx containing 140+mg of CBD.

CBD Drip Onyx is the max strength CBD liquid of The Official Vape Additive line. CBD Drip Onyx has 10x the strength of our Gold CBD Oil. Every bottle of Onyx has a minimum of 140mg all natural, non-synthetic and organic CBD sourced from the highest quality European industrial hemp. This proprietary blend of liquid can be added to any of your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.

Under 0.3%
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

I ordered the onyx cbd and it got here very quickly, and it is great quality! I definitely recommend! - Stephanie 

Product Description

Ingredients: CBD Enriched Multi Cannabinoid Full Spectrum EU Hemp Oil, USP Kosher Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Terpenoids

  • Max Strength
  • Single 7ml Frosted Glass Bottle with Child Resistant Cap
  • 140+mg of CBD
  • All natural and organic European sourced full spectrum hemp oil
  • Proprietary Blend of VG/PG Engineered specifically to mix with your favorite E-Liquid
  • Full Spectrum


Your guide to CBD Drip Onyx

The Onyx from CBD Drip is the strongest vape additive in their range. This is the best CBD vape juice for when you are looking for more potent relief to manage your symptoms. Made with a high-quality, full-spectrum extract, this product brings all of the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to the fore. The Onyx is more than 10 times as strong as the Gold, and more than twice as potent as the CBD Drip Platinum. It contains at least 140mg of natural, organic CBD.


In this review, we will outline the properties of the various compounds in the extract, and give you some tips on how to get the most out of this vape additive. We’ll also check out the third-party lab report for this vape additive, which has been carried out by SC Labs.

Benefits of full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum extracts are generally regarded as more therapeutic than isolated extracts. All of the compounds in the hemp plant are incorporated in this product. The compound profile of the hemp plant is complex, with hundreds of unique chemicals. The most important of these are cannabinoids, of which CBD is one. Cannabinoids can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), to boost mental and physical health.


Full-spectrum extracts also feature second-tier cannabinoids, such as cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabigerol (CBG). The benefits of these compounds may not be as pronounced as CBD, but when taken with the CBD the effects can be enhanced, because of the ‘entourage effect’.


This only occurs when the full profile of hemp cannabinoids are consumed together. This means there may be trace levels of THC in the CBD Drip Onyx vape additive, but less than 0.3%, which is the legal limit.

Rich in terpenes

Also found in full-spectrum CBD products are terpenes, aroma chemicals that sweeten the taste of the extract, while providing some additional beneficial properties. The terpenes present vary depending on the strain of hemp used.

Made with VG/PG mix for universal use

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) have been used to make the carrier oil for this CBD vape juice. This combination makes for a great e-liquid consistency, which has a slight thickness, but isn’t overly syrupy. This ensures that all vaporizers can handle the CBD Drip Onyx, and that it will go well with your favorite e-liquids.

How to take CBD Drip Onyx

As a vape additive, the CBD Drip Onyx has been designed for mixing with another e-liquid. The Onyx is flavorless, so won’t distort the taste of your current e-juice. If you don’t currently vape but want to enjoy the full-spectrum qualities of the Onyx, you can also take this e-juice as it is.


Find yourself in a situation where vaping is not an option? Then why not try using the Onyx as a tincture oil. The product can be used in this way because the CBD was activated during extraction. Therefore, no further heating is required, and you can have a dose of this vape juice simply by applying it under the tongue. This is discreet, and handy for when you are in a location where vaping is not allowed.

Is CBD Drip Onyx the product for you?

The Onyx is much more potent than the Gold and Platinum vape additives from CBD Drip. For those who know that they need stronger doses to have the intended effect, the Onyx is better value than the other vape oils in their range. In this section, we’ll present some reasons for why you may want to vape higher doses of CBD. If you have children, then this is a safe vape additive to have, as it comes with a child-resistant cap, in a 7ml frosted glass bottle.


This CBD product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. This content is for informative purposes, and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Physical reasons for using Onyx

The maximum strength Onyx is ideal for people struggling with pain. It’s really good for those who are looking for a natural solution, so they can cut down on their intake of painkillers. The beauty of vaping CBD is that the relief is pretty much instant. There is no delay from the cannabinoids being taken into the body in the vapor, and absorbed – by the lungs – into the rest of the body. Then, the CBD can begin to help with your ailments.


The rapid effects of the CBD Onyx is brilliant for those who have experienced a reduced quality of life because of their pain symptoms. The regulating qualities of CBD on the ECS may be particularly effect for people with fibromyalgia, according to recent studies.

Mental reasons for using Onyx

Research that has been conducted for CBD on anxiety indicates that strong doses have the most benefit. With vaping the most efficient way of bringing symptoms under control, the Onyx is a great choice. Studies have also shown that CBD boosts anandamide, an antidepressant created by the body. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect the brain from inflammation and oxidative stress respectively.

General reasons for using Onyx

The Onyx vape additive can be taken as a supplemental dietary product. The recommended supplement dose can vary, but a good starting point may be vaping 1ml of this product daily. CBD has benefits for the ECS, but the compound’s therapeutic value may also go beyond this system.

Lab test results

The Onyx has been tested by California’s SC Labs. The priority of this third-party lab is to confirm that the CBD and THC content meets the stated levels. Check out the lab report in full, by clicking the ‘Lab Tests’ tab. With CBD Drip, drug tests will not be a problem.

Final thoughts

This is a really popular CBD vape juice for sale in our store – read the customer reviews to find out more!

124 reviews for CBD Drip Onyx

  1. Donald

    Absolute great company will order over and over again thank you so much for your service 😁 extremely fast service!

  2. Bruce

    Good stuff. Well worth it

  3. Bruce

    Good stuff

  4. Lynne

    Excellent! Definitely the strongest strength and amazing results/experience. Great little bottle… very secure making it very discreet.

  5. Lynne

    Excellent! Definitely the strongest strength and amazing results/experience. Great little bottle… very secure making it very discreet.

  6. Carl

    Potent and powerful . Works wonders

  7. Angela

    It is an excellent product!

  8. Nikomi

    I’ve bought from CBD gensis many of times due to the great service. Always delivered on time, never had no problem with the purchase. I have got in contact with constumer service about a question reguarding the CBD oil change I had and they were very patient and knew the answers with trouble.

  9. George

    Top notch

  10. Brian

    Fast delivery and great product

  11. Ashley

    good product for the money will buy again

  12. Tom MacMillan

    i got this to try some thing strong for after cutting firewood i use it under the tounge just a few drops really and i relax and feel no pain after hard work very nice product very easy to use the bottle size would be very easy to travel with if you need too . and as allways your shipping is awsome very quick thatnk you for great pricing and many good choices

  13. sheri

    Love this cbd oil it helps with my anxiety. It is also well priced.

  14. Cheryl

    This really helps with pain where a lot of other CBD has not.

  15. TROY

    So far works good i just need to figure the correct mixture when i add to vape juice. It is stronger than i thought

  16. Michael

    Very glad i found your online store! Been using your product for more than a year and the business where i’ve purchased it b4 stopped/couldn’t get it anymore. I am a t-12 l-1 paraplegic/disabled vet and have less/no pain since using onyx cbd vape drip than the 25 yrs of prescription opiods! Needless to say i no longer take those pills! Thank you for an excellent product

  17. David

    Very fast shipping. Great customer service, and excellent product.

  18. Sallyann

    I buy the Onyx10 for my husband. He likes the product as a oral drip for his muscle aches. The ordering is easy and the shipping is quick. Can’t beat the price either!

  19. Lane

    Amazing product;Fast delivery 🙂

  20. susan

    This is the first time i have used this strength and for me its too strong. I get a little nausea and a headache from it.. I usually use the 1X strength but maybe my body needs to get used to this one.. I will stick to the 1 X . but i will soon try the 4X. I will still give this 5 stars because it does help me with pain and anxiety and panic attacks but i think its a little too strong and causes nausea for me.. Good stuff ..

  21. Christopher

    I only shop here. I’ve tried regular stores but this is the only place where I’ve gotten exactly what I need. The prices are competitive and the customer service is second to none. By the way, the ONYX CBD oil is legit! A few years ago I bought the Platinum thinking it was the best thing from a regular store for 3X as much money. I was running out and noticed the same thing here but for much, much less. I decided to try the ONYX and I’m very satisfied. Only one puff and I’m all set. It’s a stronger flavor though so I definitely recommend mixing it up with your favorite vape juice. I prefer one called Stacy’s Mom (funny name). It’s fruity flavor reminds me of mangos.

  22. Serena

    Works well for anxiety and sleep. However it did not do much at all for my pain issues.

  23. Deanda

    Haven’t tried it yet. Fast shipp8ng!!

  24. David

    A great price for the Onyx 10x. About half what a local vape store charges. And super fast delivery, and customer service that responded immediately to my question.

  25. Mia

    Thumbs up 🙂

  26. Jacob Loeb

    This is hands down my favorite CBD product, and now it seems cleaner than when i bought it a year or so ago. I was very pleased at how clean and golden the liquid was, and absolutely gets the job done with just a few drops. Will continue to order.

  27. David

    Very fast delivery, excellent customer support, and good price. About half the price of what the local shop here charges.

  28. ietvts2

    I have been a returning customer since inception. Always went with Platinum but now into the Onyx.
    I hear people talking about the taste, STOP THAT, it’s what you get from the real stuff. Even chew in a stem of the plant?
    If you don’t like the taste then vape it with a flavor or suck it up. IT WORKS.
    I have terrible anxiety and it helps ALOT.
    Calming and you get a full spectrum that you can count on, inlike other brands jumping on the band wagon.

    Just my opinion.

  29. Samantha

    It was a good as any I have tried. Bottle was way too small

  30. David

    Good price and quick delivery. Thanks.

  31. Jesse

    It taste like dirt but it works really really well adding some flavor would be outstanding.

  32. Curley

    Effective but I really didn’t care for the taste. There are other CBD products that are just as effective (if not more) that don’t taste as bad.

  33. Hershey

    I find this product to be just as described in all of the comments and reviews I’ve read. I am very happy with this product and will purchase it again. It’s a nice peaceful addition to my vape pen juice flavors.

  34. Toni

    This works BETTER than any other I’ve tried! I have terrible anxiety. Calms me down! Great company, fast shipping and I love the coupons! Thanks CBD Vape Juice!

  35. Cheyenne

    Great product, friendly customer service, good price, fast shipping! Thanks!

  36. Grant Cohen

    Honestly… This stuff is a godsend. The best cbd juice I’ve ever had.

  37. Lorica Janeiro

    So I got my oil last night and I used a cbd fx VAPE kit which is great for new people. The oil does what it says im not going to jump any hoops yet I figure it will kick in better when I learn to get a good hit on it. If not it’s going under my tounge. I have RH ARTHRITIS AND SEVERE FIBROMYALIGA AND barley get out of bed but today I seemed alot better. Maybe a good day but i actually sprang up for once… oh I did move from the coast and is my 3rd night so it could be that. I will redo my review if anything changes but i got to say so far I do feel a bit of relief im not on fire and that’s a plus. So yes CBD OIL WORKS. just find your way of takung it all in some is different for others. I may have to eat mine where some can smome and feel great. Thats a wrap!!!

  38. Samantha

    Love this product, I will purchasing again!

  39. Margaret

    Good price, super fast shipping!
    Thank you!

  40. Derek

    Great Product and fast delivery!

  41. Angelica

    Thank you for a great product, speedy shipping and, the free full size samples! The kush cake was good. I will be ordering more kush cakes in the future.

  42. Samantha

    Great product and fast shipping!

  43. Galahad

    FAST shipping and top quality product. The best CBD I\’ve ever tried. Price is also on point

  44. David

    Love the Onyx 10X CBD drip. Good price (half the price of my local retailer) and fast shipping.

  45. Becky

    Wonderful service wonderful product.. Thanks

  46. Zachary Turner

    I had almost given up on CBD after buying many concentrates like this and mixing it with ejuice…decided to try this out over vacation and will definitely be buying again, actually helps with horrible anxiety and depression and helps me recover from workouts faster, new lifetime customer here

  47. Chris

    Taste is hard to get used to but in my vape is awesome

  48. Katherine

    Great potency but this product tastes awful. If using in a vaporizer you have to use a very strong flavor to mask it. Taking it sublingually is out of the question but it is effective CBD

  49. Gena

    My husband and I love this stuff! It really works! We definitely recommend it.

  50. Gena

    Love this product! It really works

  51. Julia

    Awesome stuff, has really helped with my nerve pain pretty much straight away. 2 thumbs up!

  52. stacy.helms

    This is the best cbd oil I’ve tried. I’ve purchased a 100$ cbd oil from a local store and it was not as effective as this one. I always recommend this one to my friends and family. It’s the best. I use it for chronic anxiety and ptsd. It got me off of Xanax and now I just vape this and take lexapro.

  53. Meron

    Onyx 10X seems to be the only CBD that helps my pain. It works in less than 10 to 20 minutes . I am pain free all day. I use it under my tongue and follow it with OJ. There are no side effects other than the pain goes away. I am happy not to have to take drugs that do cause so side effects.

  54. Meron

    So far theOnyx X10 has been quite helpful in relieving my pain. The taste has taken me about a week to tolerate. It has a sweet bitter taste. I put it under my tongue for about 20 seconds and follow it with juice. My pain is gone within 10 to 20 minutes and am pain free all day.

  55. George

    Great product

  56. Audrey

    Very pleased with this product.
    I buy it for a family member who no longer has to take blood pressure medication!

  57. Jennifer

    I started with the platnium. I love that, but I love the Onyx more. I have RA, Lupus, Fibro and degenerative disc disease…always in pain. I started this before I went in for back surgery, and it was with me through post surgery. I am back to work. I use this in the evening to let the nerves settle. It helps me sleep more soundly! I need it for my demanding job, the better I sleep, the better my days are. You have a CBD Drip fan!

  58. Veronica T

    My boyfriend bought me a vape pen and the Platinum CBD for my birthday from our local vape shop and it has done wonders for my fibromyalgia pain. I mean I went from looking like a 90 year old woman trying to get out of bed to being able to wake up and bounce right out with no issues. Seems to really have helped my anxiety and bipolar depression as well. I am still taking my regular medication for that for now, but with my doctors permission will start to wean off of it. The side effects to weaning off Effexor are horrible, but I think the CBD will make it alot easier to do.

  59. Todd

    It’s understandable why the pharmaceutical, alcohol
    and tobacco industries are nervous. This oil helps with
    many of the ailments the others are used for. Stop hurting
    your body and mind, and start healing. CBD=Can, Be, Done

  60. Don

    Awesome product very first time trying and my anxiety seems to be gone. Will be buying again

  61. Megan

    This stuff is perfect!

  62. Joan

    Love this product! Helps with the pain and I just add it to some menthol vape… shipment was super quick… my husband came home with pain and went straight to bed and I gave him a few drops under his tongue he’s relaxing now! Going to try a few others! Thanks

  63. Darl

    Great product would recommend to try for yourselves.

  64. Scalar

    I’m a recovering opioid addict and been white knuckling it for about 8 months, this product takes the urge away. Also helps with get me off the anxiety meds. Best product I ever tried

  65. Boubacar

    I am loving it , and saving it too for days of great needs when I add it to one of the cartridge I fill with my other e-juices, almost all from CBD Vape Juice.

  66. Michelle D

    I have not been using the product for very long .. So I am unable to really tell what it is doing towards my aches and /or pains yet .. It does have a strong flavor when I use as a tincture under my tongue .. I also am using it in my Vape to .. The main thing I can tell about this item is it has been making me feel a lot calmer .. And I have been more laid back and relaxed .. Which is also a great improvement towards my stress levels .. I will definitely be purchasing again in the future .. I am just beginning to experiment with different cbd oil and cbd items ..

  67. j-kistler

    I’ve purchased about 5 times and absolutely love how much it helps with my depression and anxiety. It helps with the agitation and mood changes that I suffer from being Bipolar. The taste takes a bit to get use to, but I vape it in my Smok V8 stick with my eliquid. I introduced my mom to your products and she also suffers from depression and anxiety. Great product, hands down the best customer service and shipping time. I receive my order in 3 days. Love buying from you guys.

  68. Megan

    Love this CBD oil. Immediately helps calm me.

  69. steven

    It really does help me sleep and relaxes me

  70. tracy

    This product is Great! I been using it for my anxiety disorder for about 3 yes now. And it really works! I won’t get behind the wheel to drive without it, because driving really set my anxiety in high gear. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get help with there anxiety or pain. This is natural with no high or side effects.

  71. David

    Great product great staff fantastic support

  72. Todd

    Nice to have something for stress that is natural. Todd

  73. A.J.

    Great product!! Helped alleviate my pain!!

  74. Tom

    I’m very happy with overall effectiveness of the product. It is easy to use and works wonders on my inflammation. Also quick and easy to order. 5 stars

  75. Betty

    Great product..fast shipping..will buy again…thank you

  76. Jennifer

    I love your product. It helps my aches and pains without addiction.

  77. Jennifer L

    I love this stuff it helps with everything

  78. Jennifer L

    I love this stuff. It helpsme with my anxiety and pains

  79. Thomas

    Everything about it was easy and direct

  80. Tawnya

    This products seems to reduce my neuropathy, and decreaaes the inflammation that causes my pain.

  81. jessica

    i love this cbd oil. it really helps with my anxiety and stress! i like the taste too. shipping was super fast. i will be getting more!

  82. Jean

    Tried to put in the coupon I had received previously but it wouldn\’t work. I like the product. Helps my 85 yr old mother with buzzing ears. Make it not so severe. Helps my arthritis.

  83. Joseph

    Great product!

  84. Greta G.

    The CBD drip onyx is the best I’ve found for nausea and anxiety.

  85. Greta G.

    This is an excellent product, especially if you have anxiety.

  86. Danielle

    Your CBD vape juice is just what i needed to help with everyday stress and pain. Shipping was fast and it’s well worth the price. I’ll def be ordering again!

  87. Jacob

    High quality.

  88. Jacob

    This is one of my favorites for my anxiety and insomnia.

  89. Tyler

    First batch tasted great, second batch harder to swallow but same instant great effects, better than taking a pain killer

  90. nicholas

    Awesome product, great price!

  91. Andrew

    I had tried this before when a friend had some. I usually just dab a couple drops on my dripper coils that already had my favorite juice in it. The effect is fabulous, but I gave 4 stars due to the taste. Its not awful by any means, but it is just a little harsh. I probably wouldn’t know any better if I hadn’t gotten the Genesis juice too, which tastes much better. I would still recommend this guy though, small, discreet, great effect. Remember taste is subjective too, so it may appeal to others. I’m most def going to finish it, lol.

  92. kim

    Fast shipping great product!!

  93. Kevin

    Nice earthy vape, helped me relax

  94. Sallie

    This is my 4th bottle and I won\’t be without it!! Thanks for such an amazingly helpful product!

  95. John

    Works in my atomizer that came with an oil in it. Good product but I ordered a stronger oil based concentrate when this ran out. I might buy it again.

  96. Melissa

    Have no complaints love this product and what it does

  97. Alan

    My first experience with CBD oils. 8-10 drops in my normal vape each night before bed. Definitely helps with sleepless nights of tossing around several times nightly.

  98. Michelle

    CBD drip onyx is the best I’ve found. It has done wonders for my anxiety and nausea.

  99. David


  100. Julian

    Very strong plant taste. It definitely works faster than the other two. I used this with some nicotine drip which is unusual for me and felt an instant calming feeling. As this has a very small percentage of THC it won’t make you feel high. I have been passing drug screens once a month using this product.

  101. Sarah

    Best CBD Vape I\’ve ever used! Love it!!!

  102. Sarah

    The bebefits I\’ve gotten from vaping this CBD Oil is amazing!! No more chronic pain!

  103. simon

    Excellent pain relief and nice mellow mood.

  104. David

    one drop under the tongue and no more pain the rest of the day. Outstanding product.a

  105. RICK

    Great. Everyone should try and enjoy and oil.

  106. David

    Onyx has relieved my knee and back pain.
    Will be reordering!

  107. Bryce

    Tastes great d put it in my vape all day

  108. Betty

    One of my favorites

  109. Mary Ellen Parks

    I have sarcoidosis and it has almost healed the scarring on my face!! Nothing has worked for me, but this!! I can’t believe it!! It’s a miracle!! I promise it works! I can’t wait to show my dermatologist!

  110. Rhys

    I prefer this now, vs the 4x I was getting before. Both products are excellent. Delivery is fast, and the product is high quality.

  111. christopher

    Unique flavor.
    Works as expected.

  112. Stephanie

    I ordered the onyx cbd and it got here very quickly, and it is great quality! I definitely recommend!

  113. Hilary

    Great product and great service. Very happy.

  114. Thomas

    great product worked very well to calm my nerves. fast shipping overall very satisfied!

  115. Thomas

    great product worked really well for me! extremely fast shipping. would definitely order from cbdvapejuice again.

  116. Rhys

    Switched to this from 4x. More than double the potency at less than twice the price.

  117. Travis

    I have tried many brands and dosages and this works under the tounge or added to your favorite vape liquid. It works great.

  118. Michael

    Great site! Easy to navigate and checkout! Cheers!

  119. Pete

    Excellent customer service. Very fast shipping and item is exactly as described.

  120. Raoul B.

    Will be purchasing more soon

  121. Sarah

    This is a great quality product but the price you pay for the ML’s you get and the MG of CBD is high IMO. I purchased this in a headshop for $49.99 and it got me through until my shipment arrived but I found that other products are just as high of quality and less expensive.

  122. Ashley

    Most of the vape shops I go to sometimes I feel that I pay too much for their products. With this website the shipping is fast and I have to say that the products are as they say they are.

  123. Andres

    I being using it with all my favorite e-liquid and it works great!!!

  124. Susan

    Been vaping CBD drip for over a year now. Onyx is def my go to choice. The strength is perfect and the price is great. The only thing I would change is the size of the bottle. 7mls goes kinda fast. But other then that I love this stuff.

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