EcoDrip Gold

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This product contains less than 0.3% THC

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7ml bottle of CBD Drip Platinum containing 14.5+mg of CBD.

CBD Drip Gold is the regular strength CBD liquid of The Official Vape Additive line. Every bottle of Gold has a minimum of 14.5mg all natural, non-synthetic and organic CBD sourced from the highest quality European industrial hemp. This proprietary blend of liquid can be added to any of your favorite e-liquids, or put under your tongue as a sublingual solution.

Under 0.3%
No Vitamine E
Lab Certified
Ships from CBD DripShipped from CBD Genesis
Nothing but the best right here, always use this to relax on stressful days or chill days...always a good vape - DaZhawn 

Product Description

Ingredients: CBD Enriched Multi Cannabinoid Full Spectrum EU Hemp Oil, USP Kosher Glycol, USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin and Natural Terpenoids

  • Regular Strength
  • Single 7ml Frosted Glass Bottle with Child Resistant Cap
  • 14.5+mg of CBD
  • All natural and organic European sourced full spectrum hemp oil
  • Proprietary Blend of VG/PG Engineered specifically to mix with your favorite E-Liquid
  • Full Spectrum


Find out more about CBD Drip Gold

CBD Drip Gold is an all-natural vape additive, with a minimum of 14.5 mg of cannabidiol (CBD). This product is made from industrial hemp, and can be mixed with any e-liquid, and also used as a tincture oil. This is the medium-strength e-liquid in the CBD Drip range. It is made with a full-spectrum hemp extract that has less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


In this CBD Drip Gold review, we will check out all of the ingredients in this CBD Drip product, show how it can be used effectively. Weโ€™ll also look at some mental and physical benefits of vaping CBD.

Created with full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD products are made with the complete hemp extract, and feature all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the herb. This promotes the โ€˜entourage effectโ€™, which boosts the overall therapeutic value of a CBD extract, thanks to a special synergy that occurs between the compounds.


This leads to a more efficient and cost-effective experience with CBD. You don’t need to take as much to get the benefits.

Lab test results

CBD Drip Gold has been analyzed by SC Labs, a popular cannabis and hemp testing lab based in California. They found that this product contains trace amounts of cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabidivarin (CBDV), three non-psychoactive cannabinoids with unique health benefits.


CBD Drip has made the results of their testing available for all potential customers. You can find the analysis for the Gold CBD vape juice by clicking on the โ€˜Lab Testsโ€™ tab.

European-sourced hemp

The hemp used by CBD Drip has been sourced from northern Europe. The company notes that hemp from Europe is high-quality, and perfect for making CBD e-liquids. The hemp is grown in organic, non-GMO conditions, and is cultivated without the use of pesticides.

Proprietary blend of VG/PG

Nearly all CBD e-liquids are made with a carrier oil, as this dilutes the extract. CBD Drip keeps things simple by using vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Blending the two makes for an ideal vape juice consistency, which is neither too thick nor too runny. The PG generates a lot of vapor when heated, and provides a smoother throat hit.

How to use CBD Drip Gold

CBD Drip Gold can be used as a solo e-liquid, even though it has no flavor. However, most will choose to use this official vape additive with their favorite e-juices, as it gives them an easy way to get their daily dose of CBD. This product comes in a 7ml bottle, which has been made with a child-resistant cap. With at least 14.5mg of hemp extract in the Gold, each ml will contain at least 2mg of full spectrum CBD.


If you intend to use this product as a tincture oil, we suggest that you hold it under the tongue for at least 60 seconds. This allow for maximum sublingual absorption. The sublingual method means that you can still get all the benefits of CBD Drip Gold, without having to vape.

Reasons for using CBD Drip Gold

One reason why CBD has become so popular is because there are so many possible uses for the substance. It affects the body differently to other natural treatments that we have seen in the past. This is thanks to cannabinoids being able to affect the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this CBD product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Mental benefits

CBD Drip Gold is not too potent, so is great for getting many of the mental health benefits of the compound. Small doses have been found to improve focus in many users, which can pay dividends at work, when studying, and even for day-to-day tasks. A low amount of CBD is perfect in this situation, as the effects will increase alertness, and not make you sleepy.


Research on the ECS also suggests that CBD can help to boost mood and motivation. The system is active in the bodyโ€™s central nervous system, which controls our mood. Taking CBD increases levels of anandamide in the blood, a natural compound that binds with the CB1 receptor in the ECS to regulate mood.


Furthermore, CBD improves the health of the hippocampus, by encouraging neurogenesis. The hippocampus is implicated in memory and motivation. CBD Drip Gold is especially good for this brain region because it has CBC in it, which also stimulates neurogenesis. Cannabinoids in general are helpful for the brain because they are antioxidants, which relieve oxidative stress.

Physical benefits

CBD and the other cannabinoids in the full-spectrum CBD Drip Gold are novel anti-inflammatories. Of late, inflammation has been shown to be the root cause of so many illnesses, This product could be effective for conditions ranging from arthritis to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Vaping CBD Drip Gold efficiently suppresses pain signals in the body. This is because of the fast action of cannabinoids, which get into the blood rapidly via the lungs. For those with neuropathic illnesses, which have intense and seemingly random symptoms, this is particularly beneficial.

Endocannabinoid system regulation

CBD Drip Gold can also be used as a supplement, and is superb for regulating your ECS. The benefits of CBD for the ECS are well-known, with the compound having a regulating effect at both of the systemโ€™s receptors. However, having the other cannabinoids present along with the entourage effect brings extra benefits.

Final thoughts

CBD Drip is drug-test friendly, as all products in the range have less than 0.3% THC. This is considered one of the premium CBD vape juices for sale on our site, and is available at a great low price. It suits those who are yet to try CBD, but want to start off with a top quality hemp oil vape additive. This product has a relaxing effect, and will complement your favorite e-liquids.


138 reviews for EcoDrip Gold

  1. Michael

    I use this as additive with my favorite e- liquids. After filling tank I leave about 1 to 2 ml on top which is about 2 full droppers.. very Clean!

  2. Michael

    Thank You again ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. Lana

    Great product! Wonderful on the go and high quality CBD. Thanks CBD Vape

  4. Ev

    No complaints here! It does it’s job good!
    Works for everything I was hoping for!
    Also, this site is amazing! They have everything you’re looking for and more!

  5. Michael

    Bought Again and Again excellent Vape Additive or Taking Alone !! GREAT ๐Ÿ‘ PRICES

  6. Gabrielle

    Love it every time

  7. Mia

    Nice small size for taking out and about; using sublingually it’s a bit sweet but not bad at all – good to see NO VITAMIN E clearly stated so if/when it’s vaped you don’t have to worry about that craziness.

  8. Randy

    Quick delivery and honest prices

  9. Beth

    this is the best CBD additive I have found, reasonably priced. Will buy again when on sale.

  10. Partha

    Good product.

  11. Michael


  12. Linda

    This is a great product. Helps some with chronic neck pain, but helps great for anxiety. I live in a state that has passed the use of medical marijuana, however not many people can afford not just the cost of the prescription, but insurance does not cover all the specialists needed to get a script, but also a charge from the state as you have to be followed by having to have a license to take the prescription, and this is a yearly cost. All in all, this companyโ€™s CBD works better than many other I have tried. Thank you.

  13. Linda

    I tried a small bottle to see if it works. It really does work for me. Seems like this shop has integrity, and there customers mean a lot to them.

  14. Jose

    Cbd Drip Gold is the best product for beginers like me, taste good and is very conmfortable and pleasure. My pain gets easier with this products , Cbd Drip Gold i am very happy i found you. Thanks.

  15. Simon

    Good product works very well

  16. Melissa

    This is a wonderful double use product: vape/sublingual that I recently started to use. Thanks for offering its great addition to my CBD experience!

  17. Ambralei

    First time trying this & I absolutely love it !

  18. Susan

    Quick shipping!
    Awesome relief for pain.

  19. susan

    my favorite cbd e juice. i vape it straight. helps me with anxiety panic attacks and over dose on THC drops. helps me relax and ease the pain all over

  20. susan

    This is one of my favorites vapes. I vape it straight without mixing it with other juices. 25w to 50 watts vaper. I was in hospital 2 months ago because i over dosed on THC that i also take for pain and this 1x cbd is the only thing that put me back on my feet and counter acted the effects of THC , high blood pressure and heart palpitations.. will always buy this product.. help ease pain and anxiety and panic attacks..

  21. Charles

    Great product, good price,,,got here fast,,,what more can a person ask for

  22. Diana

    This stuff works great!!!!

  23. susan

    I am trying little by little all the products they sell here… I think i have tried over 15 different ones already. This one by far has been the best e liquid i have used so far. I vape it at 65watts and 7mls which it one bottle lasts me a week…7 days.. great to alleviate pain and stress and nice feeling and relaxed.. this so far is my best and go to cbd.. thank you and will purchase more . I take 2 puffs every 2 hours.. for 6 seconds each and holding my breath for another 6 seconds then exhale then bottle lasts me a week.. i am so surprised even thou it has only 14.5 mg cbd that this product lasts me a week … shocked .. i usually take near 100mg a day of other products but some do work a bit better. this one does not make me extreme tired and that is why i take it. when i am more stressed i reach for something stronger..

  24. Hope

    I love this CBD vape liquid! Very smooth and great taste. I add it to my menthol e-liquid and it creates a perfect combination!

  25. Joe

    I like to add this to the “Hemple Box” juice to give it a little boost. Also really enjoy this product

  26. Betsy

    Easy to use. Did exactly what it says!

  27. Norma

    Love the product. First one never made it to me, even though it said it was delivered. They sent me another one free of charge but required a signature. The CBD vape juice works amazing. I donโ€™t vape, so I put 2 drops under my tongue, itโ€™s awesome and Iโ€™ve been able to reduce my medication.

  28. Dwight

    Works good but I’m gonna try the platinum one to see how that does for my ptsd.

  29. Raeofsunshine4U

    I have neuro CRPS and For my high pain levels, this wasnโ€™t enough, it was weak for pain relief but it did help with anxiety a bit. It vapes well, and mixed well with my nic juice Also. But I just need something between 1,000-2,000 CBD so I ordered the Hemplucid to try. I like that cbdvapejuice has a variety to pick from!

  30. Bryan

    This Vape Juice has really good flavor and works in almost any type of vape pen even my smaller one.This product works very well for Chronic Fibromyalgia and RLS.

    This product has 3 different levels of CBD 15-20mg for beginners(GOLD) , 45-50mg(Platinum) for casual users and 75-100mg(Onyx) for people who want the full CBD experience.

    I highly recommend this product it helped me overcome my depression and improved my mood , mental alertness , and overall just made me way more relaxed, I can’t wait to try thier Platinum and Onyx Strength’s!!!!!!

  31. Partha

    Good product. Thanks.

  32. comcast9099

    Great Product A++ works great for my chronic lower back pain non-addictive and very easy to use would buy again!!!

  33. Rene G Volpi

    Need Platinum at the very least, for this one is too weak. Otherwise a good product.

  34. Latanya

    This is my first time ever trying cbd drip vape, gold is ok but a too low for me.

  35. Cheryl

    Great to mix with your everyday favorites vape juice…

  36. Caelan

    Just advertised, and works great. Wish there was more per bottle though

  37. Laura

    Wasnโ€™t satisfied

  38. steve

    very good

  39. isaiah

    very nice

  40. Deborah

    Very helpful…so happy to be able to get this product for my 2 dogs….fast delivery….thank you

  41. Tracey

    Delivery was on point and ordering was easy

  42. Kathryn

    It was great for me when I was on the go. I just didn’t like that it had a numbing effect.

  43. Arbind

    This juice is as advertised. I felt relaxed after a few hits and lasts for 20 mins

  44. Katherine

    Although this is not the highest potency of CBD offered, it works well with my vaporizer. Helpful product for those who need a lower dose.

  45. Tyrone

    Great stuff

  46. Ashlie Hatcher

    It’s working great so far!

  47. Danielle

    Excellent customer service, I had am issue and it was fixed right away… I like the product, it has helped with my anxiety and i am not currently taking my anxiety meds. I just add it to my vape and go ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Aaron

    So far I’ve Orderd cbd vape drip gold. And. And use have to. Say it’s a grate. Product no bad taste or smell . And it helps. Releave small akes and pains . Grate product .

  49. John

    Itโ€™s alright. It works, but you basically need to vape the whole thing to feel any effects. I felt the value wasnโ€™t great. Not very happy with my experience.

  50. John

    Does what itโ€™s supposed to, and tastes nice to boot.

  51. brattienative90

    By far this is a daily use that is great to relax and take the edge off of pains in the body.

  52. Sierra

    I use these daily. They are relaxing but not overwhelming .

  53. Allen

    I recently received my first order from your service. I appreciate your quick service and look forward to doing business next time.

  54. Saul

    Great for anxiety

  55. Sidi

    This is a decent starting level for trying CBD, but even this is way too expensive for the amount of CBD that\’s actually in it. The taste is terrible and I\’d suggest their CBD Genesis brand to start first.

  56. David

    Great product great staff fantastic support

  57. Stan

    I had an incident with the delivery of my first order with the postal service and I emaled these guys and they took care of it instantly. This is great customer service and I would definitely purchase from them again.

  58. savannah

    I love this product so much it doesnโ€™t taste like anything which is great and exactly what I wanted it helps me calm down a lot

  59. Siert

    Thanks for the product. It’s very good medicine. Anxiety down, sleep better, plus other benefits, as well. I will purchase more.


    This was really good. I’m thinking about a higher dose but it gets the job done.

  61. Tara

    Loved it and would recommend this to anyone !

  62. Dyriece

    Great product just wish it lasted longer ๐Ÿ˜‚

  63. Leticia

    Great product!

  64. Jason

    Legit and good for newbies like my self ๐Ÿ’ฏ and pros with cbd


    I love this stuff.


    Great product.

  67. Ashley

    Very good. Odd flavor but I was so relaxed when I used it. Even gave some to my mom!

  68. Rosalie

    Got this one to test out. It tastes amazing by its self could use a higher CBD mg myself but could tell a slight change in my stress levels. Totally worth it for the first try and see what its about.

  69. Jason

    Great for newbies like my self in cbd #420

  70. Jason

    ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’จ,good product

  71. Telly

    Love the product and will be getting more tommorow I love it so much , just in three days I can feel the difference in the pain . Thank God for the gold and platinum mixes they are great.
    Telly Dean

  72. Abigail

    The product came as labelled and was great, but the strength was not for me. I went through half the vial for one tank and didn\’t feel the effects

  73. Williamdickerso

    Is good.

  74. Michael

    Very satisfied

  75. Munirah

    Helps me to relax and is great for minor aching pains

  76. James

    Works great

  77. James

    Good stuff it does what it is suppose to do

  78. MythBard

    Decent vape additive and also vaped nicely on its own. I think this is a great starter product for someone who wants to try CBD for the first time. Relaxing but not super strong.

  79. Edward

    Pretty Good It Calms Me Down a Littile Bit I Think If I Buy Higher Dose It Would Be Amazing

  80. Juan

    Good for dogs


    Very good product.

  82. Juan

    Good to start with and easy on the eyes with the love of my ass out there when ya get it in. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  83. brittbabe27

    Worked great! Helped with anxiety and my insomnia! Not to mention I quit smoking cigarettes while vaping with this! Now that I donโ€™t have anymore I crave cigarettes again. I want a higher dose so it last longer and I will order more just with a higher milligram! Product is awesome, I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone all the time!

  84. Nicholasa R

    First Time Trying CBD Drip, Wont Be My Last. Perfect When Trying It With Flavored E_juices Giving My PropsTo CBD DRIP 5+

  85. Neco

    First time trying CBD Drip, Wont Be The Last. Great With a Little Flavor of flavored e-juice Giving My Personanal Props 5+

  86. David


  87. Enrique

    Good for a low dose

  88. Corinne

    Very impressed

  89. Juan

    Real good to start on

  90. ANITA

    I love this product i started with this and was informed by another customer that if i went up on my dosage i would have more of the relaxation feel. I love this product

  91. Allena

    Great product!

  92. keledwards2121

    Love this product, will definitely recommend!

  93. Misty

    I loved the purchase I made! No complaints here and plus the delivery time was before time! Thanks you guys!

  94. Blake

    Good product. Not that potent though

  95. Blake

    Decent product. Great add on. Doesn’t last too long though.

  96. William

    This was a pretty good product it mixed well with my e-juice

  97. Sam


  98. Sam


  99. Tracy

    I love this stuff! I mixed this into my vape mod with any flavor Vape juice I have. It’s amazing. I qualify for medicinal THC, but for now this is helping me a lot. Thank you!

  100. tiari

    I battle tremors and widespread pain due to long term Lyme, this is what I’ve been looking for. I do not wish to take narcotics for pain, and haven’t. It hasn’t cured my pain, but it helps me not focus on it. It’s been excellent before bed, knock right out in five minutes. Will buy again, but might try higher dose.

  101. Arnedra


  102. krainey62409

    Worked great for my anxiety and depression. Worked so good my brother in law stole it from me. So here I am to order more ๐Ÿ˜•

  103. JAMIE

    Great product and received qjick

  104. Brandy

    Not bad! Doesn’t do as much for me as I was hoping but it’s not bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. David

    Good product! Onyx is the way to go though!

  106. Yuritzy

    It’s was ok for the dose amount

  107. Yuritzy

    It’s not as strong as I thought but it’s only regular strength. I will try a higher potency and see if it makes a significant difference.

  108. Nick

    It was ok

  109. Kerry

    The Gold worked pretty well for taking care of a lot of the pain I have to put up with, but decided to move up to platinum. Getting really good reliefs and also seems to help keep my diabetes in check. As far as the quick service you provide, I really can’t see how you could make it much better. I am very pleased with the service I have received and I plan on being your customer for life. Thanks so much for the wonderful treatment, that is a commodity that is very scarce these days.

  110. Christian

    It was worth it

  111. Dave

    Worked good and mixed well with other juices without changing the flavor. Shipping only took a couple days and arrived as described

  112. Leah

    Bought this today at my local vape shop and I am SO impressed. Mixed perfectly with my e-juice, and has been helping with all my ailments today – period cramps, anxiety and insomnia. Will definitely purchase again!

  113. melody

    I love this stuff, it works so well on my migraine pain as well as well as arthritis inflammation.

  114. Michael

    This was my first experience with cbd oil. This oil mixed well with my normal e-liquid and the taste was not bad. I felt noticably calmer and my aches and pains went away.

  115. Carolyn

    So happy with CBD Gold….I was recommended to try this from my cousin and it was well worth it. I tried two drops under my tongue and within 15minutes it relieved my lower back pain and I was able to have a good night’s rest. Definitely will purchase again.

  116. Rebecca

    Amazing, helps my muscles relax after work. I will buy this again

  117. Mollie

    Very good product

  118. Christina Cooper

    Wasn’t strong enough for me, but mixed well when my vape juice. Plus, customer service was great! I’d recommend this site to anyone.

  119. Curley

    This was my first experience with CBD oil, and it was great! This product helped to calm my anxiety, but for my next purchase, I ordered a product with a higher concentration of CBD.

  120. Daniel

    Good quality. Blends well with other e juices. 9/10

  121. Sharon

    I ordered 2 bottles of cbd drip gold. I was suprized at how fast I got my order. Also customer service is great! I will order from here again.

  122. vopemz

    Great juice for beginners

  123. Tabbatha

    price is awesome

  124. Deb

    Seems ok. Haven’t done it much I’m new to cbd oil

  125. Orted

    It was bussin son

  126. DaZhawn

    Nothing but the best right here, always use this to relax on stressful days or chill days…always a good vape

  127. Theresa

    I love that this is a CBD additive that I can add to my favorite vape juice. Just a few drops and I\’m good to go.

  128. Sean

    Smooth and good smoke

  129. Ronald S

    Awesome! Price is amazing

  130. Jessica

    I love it! It’s perfect for all day vamping and it keeps my chronic headache at bay. Will be ordering more sooner than later.

  131. Dom

    This stuff has changed my life. Absolutely love it for anxiety and panic

  132. Marlana

    I have been looking for cbd oil to help with my anxiety noticed that it takes a lot more for me to get that \”relaxed\” feeling have been researching higher strands this one hasn\’t really helped in that sense for me personally

  133. Danielle

    This CBD was the best by far and shipped fast and came even faster. Deff helped with my stomach issue and was worth the buy. would buy again but from another company.

  134. Katie

    I really loved this product. I’m wheelchair bound and in pain most days, so I was skeptical that this product would give me the relief I’ve been searching for. The first night I vaped it before bed I can honestly say that I got the best sleep I’ve gotten in a really long time, and I’ve been more comfortable during the days. I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain and discomfort during the day or someone who could use some help with restful sleep. I will definitely be buying this product again

  135. Andrew

    Works wonders

  136. Leelia

    Nice to vale with will purchase more in the future

  137. Julie

    I was surprised to find this product to be so effective. It helps me get through the week with a lot less irritability, anxiety and stress. I have bought this product twice and will most likely buy again.

  138. Jordan Mays

    Absolutely phenomenal to wake and vape to. Light and breezy

  139. Leeya Mcconville

    I was looked for a easier way to help my headaches, back or leg pains, plus my bad anxiety and I got to say wow I’m in love with this, don’t have to worry about carrying or smoking it around anyone when I’m in needed. It’s helped me so much that I didn’t even notice all my coworkers would say there’s something new about you that I seem happy and more open with anyone not hiding in my shell anymore. I can’t wait to see how much more it will help.

  140. Holly

    (I didn’t buy it here; I bought the same, exact product at my local tobacco shop.)

    This is simply amazing. I never knew such a thing existed. I was so terrified to try it, initially, due to my anxiety. I now use this with my vape juice every night and it has all but cured my decades-long insomnia. I am mellowed out and much more relaxed!

    Trust me. It is worth the $10. There’s no THC in this CBD drip, therefore, no high. It’s very beneficial. ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. Carlos

    Exactly what I needed, I can’t smoke bud so I saw some reviewers talk about this far it’s everything I hoped it would be ., I use it maybe 2 times a day , and it just relaxes me after a long day at work . Also it was a fast shipping. If anyone has any questions about CDB look it up on YouTube, you’ll find all the info about this product,

  142. Nick

    As with most things, I’m a skeptic. I quit smoking weed when I was 19, because while I was high I would get severe anxiety and depression. So I assumed CBD would do the same thing. Not at all. CBD is a godsend. I started with Gold. All I can say is wow. At my age now, I suffer from anxiety, and I take ADs to battle depression. CBD has made my day to day life so much more tolerable. It completely nullifies my anxiety. Which can be devastating at time. That’s not the only reason I love CBD. I suffered from severe hardcore drug abuse, for over 10 years. I’ve been clean now for 6 years, but I still have cravings and temptations sometimes. CBD helps prevent cravings and keeps me from the moments where you get stuck thinking about bad things. I’m so more even keel now. Don’t let me forget sleep!!! I drip before bed, and I’m sleeping through the night. For the first time since I was in my early 20s. Sleep for me is invaluable. If you have been considering trying CBD, you can go ahead and get some. Thank you so much to for carrying this amazing product.

  143. Rex

    Bought this a couple weeks ago. CBD is on the rise and I felt like I should give this brand a try considering its extremely popular. The price for this Gold CBD drip is great, however its pretty weak as far as getting the job done. I purchase the platinum my second order and that is much better. I guess if its your first try ever the Gold isn’t a bad idea. But for those are purchasing CBD for a purpose you are gonna wanna go with a minimum of the Platinum. I will be a returning customer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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