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Excellent products excellent speed in delivery excellent customer service ! If you’re looking for CBD products definitely go to cbdvapejuice.com - Christine 

Product Description

Each preroll contains our smooth, near odorless, all natural hemp. We process our prerolls to remove the “hemp” odor so you can feel comfortable smoking them just about anywhere.

72mg per roll.

Tightly rolled into a filtered cigarette rice paper, you get the ultimately discreet smoke.

Our hemp presents a calming experience. Perfect for when you need a break, are feeling anxious or are getting ready to sleep.

The 10-count includes 1 package with 10 rolls inside.

Learn more about Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes 

If you love to smoke CBD-rich hemp, but are worried about the smell, then these hemp pre-rolls from Plain Jane might be the perfect cannabidiol (CBD) product for you. The manufacturers have recognized the increasing demand for CBD cigarettes, but also appreciate that the aroma of a typical joint makes it impossible to use them discreetly – hence why they have come up with a low-odor solution.


In this review, we will outline the advantages of these organic hemp leaf cigars, and why smoking CBD is much better for your well-being than smoking tobacco. We’ll also look at three important health benefits that you can get from CBD, especially in cigarette form.

Make smoking CBD-rich hemp easier with CBD Cigarettes

Looking for a luxurious hemp smoking experience? Then these Plain Jane pre-rolls are everything that you’ve been after. They come in a pack that appears the same as a regular cigarette carton.


If you don’t know how to roll a cigarette or joint, learning to can be a painstaking process. It’s so much easier to get these tight pre-rolls which deliver a smooth and even smoke.

10 CBD Cigarettes per pack (72mg of CBD per Cigarette)

We currently sell these pre-rolls in a pack of 10, bringing the total CBD content to 720mg, which is split up into 72mg per hemp cigarette. This is the ideal amount of CBD if you want to relax, relieve pain or generally improve your mood without any psychoactive effects. Should 72mg be too much for you to take in one go, you can always stub the hemp blunt out and enjoy the rest later.

Discreetly enjoy these Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes


These hemp cigars look a lot like cigarettes, given the cigarette rice paper that they have been rolled with. But rest assured, they contain no tobacco – it’s all hemp goodness in these pre-rolls. However, Plain Jane smokes have been made with hemp that doesn’t have the notorious pungent smell that a cannabis joint does.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy CBD relief by smoking a hemp joint discreetly, you can do so with this product, while still getting the pleasant and unique flavor that this ancient plant is renowned for.

3 benefits of smoking CBD hemp cigars

While we certainly do not claim that smoking itself is healthy, the benefits of inhaling CBD from a cigarette are undeniable. Scientific studies into the effects of CBD are being released on a regular basis, and its therapeutic potential for a myriad of illnesses is, after so long, now being realized. Here are three possible health benefits that you can get from Plain Jane hemp cigarettes.

Instant pain relief

Smoking has always been a leading way of consuming hemp because of the instant results that this intake method provides. Unsurprisingly, for those who are suffering from intense and debilitating pain, the speedy relief that is obtainable from a hemp cigarette rich in CBD is rather appealing. CBD from hemp is effective for pain-causing conditions thanks to the interactions it makes with CB1 receptors in the central nervous system and endocannabinoid system.

Enhance mood naturally

Depression is a mental illness which quite literally takes the fun out of life. The symptoms of low mood and motivation don’t just make you feel upset, but often leave you with a lack of drive to put things right. CBD is a powerful natural mood-enhancer, elevating available amounts of anandamide in the body, and most importantly the brain. Flooding the brain with these endogenous antidepressant chemicals puts the user in a better frame of mind, without causing dependence or intoxication.

Clear your mind for increased focus

Many smokers comment that a tobacco cigarette helps them to concentrate better when they are working or doing other mental tasks. But we all know how addictive nicotine can be. CBD has the reverse effect, boasting anti-addictive properties, but it can be harnessed to give you better clarity of thought and focus when you need it. While a cannabis joint may leave you feeling mentally fuzzy, a Plain Jane hemp cigarette will clear your head in minutes.

Are hemp wraps safer for you than cigars?

Hemp cigarettes certainly are safer for you than regular cigars, for some of the reasons that we have just mentioned. CBD is non-addictive, in stark contrast to nicotine, so you will not feel a compulsion to smoke excessively. It’s much easier to regulate your use of CBD, and an organic hemp cigarette also contains much less plant material than a cigar.

Final thoughts

These are the only hemp cigars for sale on CBDVapeJuice.net that do not have a pungent marijuana-like smell. If you want to smoke hemp discreetly, Plain Janes are the way to go.

35 reviews for CBD Cigarettes By Plain Jane CBD

  1. Kathryn

    What can I say about their Mary Janes , I love them, I love that they look like a cigarette 🚬 and how convenient they are to take with me when I go out, and that my noise neighbor Judy can’t find the person who is outside smoking 🚬, do you smell that lol I just hold my Mary. Jane up and say I’m smoking my cigarette 🚬 lol , take that Judy lol I love these !!

  2. Rajkumar

    Good for on the go

  3. Michele E.

    I love the “Original” Plain Janes. Great, convenient way to relax and unwind. CBD Genesis has the best price and customer service in my opinion!

  4. Charles

    Great for minor pain and stress relief!

  5. Dorothy

    Tasted to much like a cigarette.

  6. tyler

    I got more “cigs” than showed in the display photo so thats cool, the price is really good especially since I haven’t seen a product like it. be aware though it smells at least somewhat like a real cigarette

  7. Robyn Hudson

    Amazing, just what I was looking for.

  8. Billy

    Smooth taste and very relaxing

  9. Ann

    As a former smoker, who still carries some nostalgia for the pleasure of an actual cigarette, PlainJanes are a real treat. A nice CBD calm with the added benefit of the smoke, the box…remember the innocent 80s, anyone?

  10. Lyudmyla

    Great for whenever I need a relaxing smoke.

  11. james

    Often canoed on me but they still nice

  12. Melissa

    I wanted to pretend I was smoking cigarettes because I quit smoking a few years ago and have had super big cravings during the pandemic. It\’s not quite the same but on the other hand, it immediately helps with pain

    • Genesis

      We are glad to hear it is helping with your pain so quick! Thanks for the review.

  13. Norma Ibarra Ochoa

    These guys ship like no other. Super fkn fast lol. I love the gummies, plain janes and the cbd flower. I suffer from anxiety and I got off my antidepressants a few months back. This makes me feel normal again. Thanks again guys..

  14. Debra

    Like these they are descrete

  15. Ann

    The CBD cigarettes are a lot of fun. I am a former smoker so I enjoyed the whole nostalgia of lighting up the little bugger. One half was good enough for me, I felt relaxed and happy to prepare dinner and welcome the family. The downside is that they do smell strongly like cigarettes. If you are going to be around people who don\’t like the smell, a little lavender spray might be in order. I enjoyed it on a walk.

  16. Christine

    Excellent products excellent speed in delivery excellent customer service ! If you’re looking for CBD products definitely go to cbdvapejuice.com

  17. Carol

    Great product.. coukd be packed a little tighter though

  18. Richard Gillis

    First time trying these and VERY impressed! They arrived the same day that I had extreme nausea and I tried one and felt no more nausea about 5 to 10 mins later, feel calm and ready to unwind from a long day, will update on my sleep tonight at =)

  19. Ashiley Bedford

    I love these the calm my anxiety and relieve migraine pains that I suffer from great product

  20. Carralyn

    Really convenient

  21. Jake

    really good. could be packed more but mellow and overall good. easy transaction as always. great shop!

  22. Sherry

    Just what I was looking for! Will be ordering again. Thanks! =)

  23. Misty

    These are definitely not for those that dont like regular cigarettes. They smell and taste like a cigarette. It was awful. Could only stomach a half of one before I couldn’t handle the taste.

  24. Ryan

    Customers love these. Hard to keep them in stock!

  25. Michael

    I loved these rolls and I would definitely buy again and recommend

  26. Michael

    These hemp rolls were very good and I would buy again.

  27. Jill

    very convenient, I would like to see some of the other choices of hemp available in a pre-roll. Easier to smoke by far.

  28. Tiffiny

    I love the way I feel after I smoke Plan Jane my body is so relax and my mind it’s clear and not to mention I sleep like a baby. Will buy again and again…

  29. Jill

    Great option when you can’t roll your own. I was very impressed with the quality and same results as the Nugs.

  30. Tasha

    I lit one of these and could smell the marijuana smell like other cigs have. Do Not Pack Them. I tried that and a few lost the hemp inside.
    They are good, but I want a cigarette without the marijuana smell.

  31. Uriah Jay Johnson

    Before taking the cellophane off PACK THE LIVING CRAP OUTTA THEM as you would do a pack of cigarettes ( take the pack upside down in yer right hand and strike them on yer open left hand palm) I would suggest packing them for about 5 minutes cause mine came super loose. almost half of the hemp in the cigs had fallen out into the pack which i dunno if I had packed them more if it would have made a difference. I was able to smoke the loose stuff in a bowl which defeated the purpose of why i bought these. I was looking for a convenient way to smoke hemp on the go. Needless to say I was not impressed with this product supposedly containing 72 mg. of CBD in each cigarette. Great idea for a discreet delivery system however needs improvement.

  32. Jordan


  33. Shaun

    Plain Jane!
    Awesome stuff! I recommend for people who do not want much attention while enjoying some relief. I had the full flavor it kinda smell like it but it’s has a great taste.

  34. Pamela

    Plain Jane Hemp PreRolls started giving me relief from a migraine immediately and within 2 minutes it was completely gone. I will order them again.

  35. Frederick

    These are new in my town. My customers were surprised to see this product and guess what? They absolutely love it! Sold out in 2 days!

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