CBD Chocolate Bar (50mg) w/superfoods

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30 gram chocolate bar with 50mg of CBD.

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CBD Chocolate Bar Review

The CBD Genesis Chocolate Bar with superfoods is an exciting new addition to our range. This bar weighs 30 grams (1.1oz) and contains 50mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD). In this article, we’ll look at what makes this dark chocolate bar stands out, and how you may benefit from this CBD product.

What’s in the CBD Chocolate Bar?

This CBD chocolate bar is not only about the CBD. The full-spectrum extract used enhances the overall effects of the product and the raw cacao makes for a delicious chocolatey taste.

70% Raw Cacao

With 70% raw cacao, this bar offers an authentic dark chocolate experience. And, interestingly, dark chocolate has lots of health benefits in its own right. Research shows that dark chocolate is very nutritious, and is packed with fiber, iron and magnesium – all of which are daily essentials.


Dark chocolate is also rich in antioxidants, which help to alleviate oxidative stress on the brain. The cacao may also provide general benefits for cognition.


Intriguingly, cacao has been found to produce the natural endocannabinoid anandamide (AEA). This compound is produced by the body, and is key to optimum functioning in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), where CBD has its biggest benefit. AEA helps with appetite and mood regulation, is an anti-inflammatory and dampens sensitivity to pain.

Full-spectrum CBD

The lab report that we provide confirms that this product is made with full-spectrum CBD. This can be found by clicking the link under the ‘Lab Tests’ tab on this very page. The analysis shows that there is a high CBD content of 1.68mg/g, which works out to a shade over 50mg CBD in the 30-gram bar. The report also clarifies that there is less than 0.3% THC.


As a full-spectrum extract, the presence of other cannabinoids is guaranteed. This product has trace levels of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabichromene (CBC). The inclusion of other cannabinoids with the CBD even boosts the therapeutic value of the CBD itself.

Cannabichromene (CBC)

CBC is a useful anti-inflammatory, an effect that it exerts by binding to the CB2 receptor in the ECS. Research indicates that the cannabinoid is also a helpful analgesic, and that it has a restorative effect on the brain. CBC stimulates neurogenesis in the hippocampus, which may have benefits for both short and long-term memory.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles are products infused with CBD that are taken orally, like this CBD Genesis Chocolate Bar. The effects of CBD vary depending on the consumption method. Edibles are unique, and last for hours longer than any other type of CBD product.


However, before the CBD can become active, it must be digested. This takes a short while, although the delayed response is well worth it. The potency and efficiency of the CBD edible experience is improved when the CBD is taken with fats. As chocolate has a high fat content, this CBD chocolate bar is the perfect way of getting more from your CBD edibles.

How to use CBD edibles

Both first-time and seasoned CBD users may have a thing or two to learn about edibles. For the latter, just because you may have vaped or used a tincture doesn’t mean your edible experience will be the same or even similar. Even though you don’t have to be concerned about psychoactive or other intoxicating effects, it’s best to exercise some caution when using CBD edibles for the first time.

Gradually build your dose

Beginning with a low dose gets you acquainted to CBD edibles, and shows you how long that they take to have an effect. This can be anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the speed of your metabolism and other variables. Give the CBD a chance to fully set in before upping your dose.


You could even write down how long it took for the effects to become noticeable, and how successful your dose was – especially if you were trying to relieve an ailment. You can then use that information to work out if you need a stronger dose, a weaker dose or the same again.

Get to know CBD chocolate’s effects

Now that you know exactly what’s in this edible, and how to use it safely, let’s discover what you can use it for!

All-day pain relief

CBD products are very popular with those seeking natural and non-addictive pain relief. The cannabinoids interact with the right receptors, effectively reducing perception of pain. With edibles, the CBD is released gradually into the bloodstream, rather than all at once.


This steady influx helps to stretch out the benefits. So, if you want all-day or all-night pain relief, try this CBD chocolate bar from Genesis.


Insomnia is a frustrating sleep disorder that causes fatigue, and reduced mental and physical performance as a result. Take a step to banishing your insomnia with CBD chocolate, which promotes sleep, and also regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycle.


CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory, and this chocolate bar is even better in this department because it has some CBC as well. There is a deep connection between the ECS and the immune system.


Cannabinoids are less aggressive in treating inflammation than standard anti-inflammatories, nurturing the immune system to find a balance between pro and anti-inflammatory signals.

Final thoughts

This tasty, CBD-infused chocolate bar is one of the many CBD edibles for sale at CBDVapeJuice.net. Why not check out other products in our Genesis range, or those from other featured CBD brands.


Hopefully this CBD edibles review has demonstrated the potential of the CBD Genesis Chocolate Bar. However, this article has been written for informational and educational purposes only.


None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA. This content is not medical advice, and this CBD product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition. Consult with a physician if you need medical help.

8 reviews for CBD Chocolate Bar (50mg) w/superfoods

  1. tony beckett

    Excellent quality. Relaxing immediate effects. Shared with 2 of my friends and they loved it as well.

  2. Brad

    Kind of bitter at first but the taste grew on me as I ate it. I was very pleased with the effects. I’d buy again

  3. deathix

    Tastes awful. Not enough CBD. Definitely not dark chocolate. I usually eat 80-90%. 70% just not enough. Stick to the brownies.

  4. Jenifer

    Awesome so glad i tried it!

  5. Ashley

    taste great

  6. shelly

    Taste great. Very relaxing.

  7. Joe

    Not bad. Decent flavor. If you like chocolate you should like this.

  8. sandra

    Good taste smooth after taste I like it thanks

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