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Product Description

Replacement Atomizer for Ice Cream Man

Satin Rubber Finish
Quartz Crystal Chamber
Dual Quartz Rods
Titanium Coil
Deep Chamber
Leak Proof
510 Thread Compatible
No Dyes
Developed and Designed in the USA
For Aromatherapy Purposes Only
Cross Compatible with Galaxy, Donuts, Elite, and Gravity Pens

Reviewing the Ice Cream Man Atomizer (vape pen equipment)

We are pleased to offer this replacement atomizer for the Ice Cream Man portable vaporizer from Kandypens at fantastic value – and you’ll be glad to know that it also works with many other vapes from the Kandypens range. This handmade equipment will ensure that you get the best from your vape juice, every single time that you pick up your electronic cigarette.


This post will concentrate on the advantages of having a premium quality atomizer on your vaporizer, and cover a ton of other important information regarding atomizers. You’ll be well-versed in this Ice Cream Man atomizer by the time you’re done reading. Let’s get started, and guarantee you a fantastic vaping experience whenever you use your device.

What is an atomizer on a vape?

If you are completely new to vaporizing, or have previously only used disposable vaporizers, you may be asking yourself just what an atomizer actually is. In regard to vaping, an atomizer refers to the part of the vaporizer that warms and vaporizes the e-liquid. Previously, the word “atomizer” was used to refer solely to the coil of a vaporizer tank, but is has also been used to describe the whole tank. Safe to say, this could be more than a little bit confusing for vapers.


In today’s world, “atomizer” is a word that refers to the part of the vaporizer which is removable and rebuildable. In the case of this atomizer, which is used for the Ice Cream Man and other Kandypens vapes, it means the small piece of equipment that, when screwed onto the device, heats up the e-liquid.

Why does my vape say “no atomizer”?

It’s possible that you have a vaporizer which states “no atomizer” on it. But how could this be the case, given that atomizers are used to heat the e-liquid? A “no atomizer” or “check atomizer vape tank” sign on your vaporizer likely means that the battery and the atomizer are not connected, or that the device is failing to pick up an already attached atomizer.


Double check that you have correctly installed the atomizer if this is the case, and failing that, it may be worth returning the vaporizer to the manufacturer.

What is a dripping atomizer?

Dripping is a type of vaping that is different to the regular method, where you fill up your vape tank with e-juice and vape away. When using a model that has a dripping atomizer, you must apply the vape oil directly onto the coil of the atomizer, and vape it that way. Dripping is often the preferred method of consuming e-liquid among seasoned vapers and enthusiasts, who like to mix and match with various vape juices. This is much, much easier when using a dripping atomizer, as there is no need to switch the tank each time you want to change your e-liquid.


‘Dripping’ is only really a vaping technique that you can practice at home, when you have time to fiddle around with your equipment. You need a pair of steady hands to get ‘dripping’ right, but a succesful drip tip with this type of atomizer should give you up to 10 draws before you need to apply more e-liquid.

What is a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA)?

Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) is a type of vaping system that comes with a rebuildable coil. These work by adding the e-liquid you want to vape to your tank, and then enjoying it until the tank is empty. Then fill up your tank again and repeat.


RTAs have several parts which can make them a little bit too complicated for the novice vaper, however those with more vaping experience tend to prefer RTAs, complimenting the extra flavor and vapor production they can get from these.

Why this is the best vape atomizer

The Ice Cream Man vape atomizer stands out from the crowd thanks to the materials that have been used to make it, and the shape and design of the piece.

Quartz crystal chamber and dual quartz rods

Many vaping products are made with quartz, and there’s a good reason why the chamber and rods have been manufactured with it. This material allows for the best vapor flavor. The high temperature that quartz gets to when heated is perfect if you enjoy harder vape hits, and generally more potent vape sessions.

Titanium coil

Titanium is one of the safest metals that you can have in a vaporizer, as it has an extraordinarily high boiling point, well over 1000 Celsius. The immune system does not respond badly to titanium, something which we can tell due to the fact that the metal is used for the screws in hip replacements.

Deep chamber

The deep chamber on the Ice Cream Man atomizer allows you to add a large quantity of vape juice, so you aren’t constantly having to refill. For portable vapers, who like to consume lots of e-liquid throughout the day, a large chamber is absolutely necessary for a convenient vaping experience.

510-threaded for universal use

The Ice Cream Man atomizer is 510-threaded, hence why it works with other vape pens in the Kandypens selection, and likely many other devices too. The other Kandypens vaporizers that you can use this particular atomizer with are the Galaxy, Elite, Donuts and Gravity.


It goes without saying that you don’t want an atomizer that is going to leak! Not only would this result in lost vape juice, but it would likely ruin your clothes and at the very least leave you with a pricey cleaning bill. The Ice Cream Man atomizer is leak-proof, so all of these issues are avoided, and you don’t have to worry about storing your vape in a certain way.

Final thoughts

If you already have the Ice Cream Man from Kandypens, it’s worth picking up a replacement atomizer, as eventually it will need replacing.

6 reviews for Atomizer by Ice Cream Man

  1. Ben

    Great product for a great price. Always fast and accurate shipping.

  2. moldham

    These atomizers are great….I was worried that they wouldnt be the same, but they are terrific! Thank you! Will be ordering more!!

  3. michelle

    This is a fantastic company, terrific customer service, outstanding products!! Will be a lifelong customer, thank you!!

  4. Kristie

    Exactly as described quick shipping, I would definitely buy from you guys again

  5. Uriah Jay Johnson

    Not as good as the atomizer that came with the Ice cream man pen. The replacement atomizer’s air holes line up with the air hole in the pen’s mouth piece which straddled them on the original. The replacement atomizer works best when I cover the air hole in the mouthpiece however does not hit as well as the original. The real tragedy is I bought the whole ice cream man pen kit for the same price as the replacement atomizer a couple months before on at least it works…….

  6. Mary

    I haven’t had to use this yet as the original one from the Ice Cream Pen is still working very well.

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