AndHemp CBD Hot Spot Spray for Pets 250mg

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Fractionated Coconut Oil, Active Aloe, Hemp Seed Oil, Red Grapefruit Oil, Phytocannbinoid Rich Hemp Oil

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Product Description

AndHemp Pets CBD Hot Spot Spray rushes to the aid of your furry friend for unbelievably fast acting relief. When there’s no time to put something in their food and play the waiting game, one spritz does the trick. Cannabidiol works together with aloe, red grapefruit, and coconut oil for a quick soothing feeling. AndHemp believes that AndPets products should have just as high a quality of CBD as what you give yourself. When a Hot Spot causes serious inflammation and itchiness, it affects them just as much as it pains your heart. Keep them from scratching and biting at their skin with a quick squirt to stop the hurt. To prevent heightened sensitivity or hair loss, this should always be part of your arsenal. Keep them frolicking and running with AndHemp Pets CBD Hot Spot Spray.


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