Air Factory CBD Vape Juice

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Product Description

Air Factory CBD Melon Lush vape juice takes an already ridiculously smooth honey dew and sprinkles in sweetness from watermelon to create an excellent taffy. The two prepare the perfect bed for either 250mg or 500mg of broad spectrum cannabidiol. This fruity mix matches the serene flavor profile that you may have already been familiar with. You can trust the Air Factory CBD Melon Lush vape juice because this brand has been at it for years. Take that same love for the perfected blend and start relaxing with the additional help of hemp extract. You’ll quickly see that it didn’t take much to make this fruit taffy taste like candy. The evolution was an unavoidable occurrence just waiting to happen.

Air Factory CBD Mystery vape juice presents a not too hard puzzle to solve with its varied mixed berries. The only teaser is figuring out how this taffy blend can cover up the terpene taste so well. With either 250mg or 500mg of cannabidiol, you can easily seek relief without thick oils or strong smells. Instead, focus on the sweet candy wrap and on relaxation with your Air Factory CBD Mystery vape juice. Although it doesn’t take much to start picking apart the various profiles of the berries, it’ll be a fun exercise. Like doing a crossword in your free time, you can integrate cannabidiol without thinking about it. Just enjoy the brain tickler and puzzle your way to wellness and relaxation.


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