FTP 500MG – 1000MG @ 30% CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge

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This CBD cartridge is a pure, 100% additive-free, organic CBD vaping experience with maximum milligram potency.

Under 0.3%
Lab Certified
Pesticides Free
Ships from CBD For The People
Sweet and fresh and good and I love the cart with the adjustable intake valve. Excellent for pain and anxiety. - Melissa 

Product Description

CBD Cartridge 1000mg @ 30%

Many CBD cartridges on the market today are CUT with either PG/VG, MCT, hemp oil, or other unnatural chemical carriers. These additives produce a thinned out, free flowing finished product and maximize profits by “spreading out” the CBD milligrams to as many products as possible. We do NOT do this. This cartridge is a pure, 100% additive-free, organic CBD vaping experience with maximum milligram potency. Extra maintenance is required, but every ingredient is RAW and grown from the earth.

Cartridges are 11mm at the widest part. Please measure your existing battery unit to ensure it will fit. If you are unsure, we sell battery kits here.

Ingredients: 100% UNCUT, non-GMO, cannabinoid-rich, winterized, hemp-legal aerial cannabis extract. Full spectrum cannabinoid profile and natural terpenoids.

Absolutely NO artificial flavoring, no cutting agents, no PG/VG, no additives, and no preservatives of any kind.

31 reviews for FTP 500MG – 1000MG @ 30% CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge

  1. Pierre


  2. catherine

    I myself couldn’t work the batter charger,, so I’m very disappointed with this product and will go back to disposable,, maybe I have the wrong battery that’s not suitable for my ftp 500mg. it went on perfectly , but the charging was confused,,, but still love cbd vape juice🤔

  3. Allie

    Like others have said it helps with anxiety not so much for chronic pain. I have the 65% formulation and 81% CBN as well, works way better for pain. 81% CBN is super heady and relaxing and helped with most of the pain, but still need thc for complete pain relief.

  4. Javier

    Above everything, I really enjoyed the unique flavor 😋

  5. Lynne

    A++ Wifi is proper. And yeah this is the best 510 thread cbd cart by far and I only tried X1. Can’t wait to try the pods they make too. It’s expensive but at least it’s worth it!!! Def top shelf 👌

  6. Yeesoon

    Great! love this CBD cart!

  7. Monique

    Won’t get this one again. Has a very heavy residual/residue on the throat and lungs.

  8. Kyle

    In terms of the product, I do like and enjoy it. Flavor is good and draws well. My only complaint is in relation to the diameter of the cartridge. If the aluminum portion on the bottom was a bit smaller, it would be more “universal”. I had to grind it down with a Dremel to get it to fit my battery. Something you may want to look at in terms of cost savings too

  9. Amy

    I love this cartridge for right before I go to sleep. Works great to relax you and gets me even more sleepy. I fall asleep much faster than I used to, and sleep more soundly!!

  10. Jose

    I really like the taste of pineapple express cartridge, gives me a nice focus chill mood. Will buy more of the other varieties that they offer.

  11. Jill

    I use this 1000 mg cbd cartridge to address Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. This is the best product I have tried, in terms of quality and price. Helps with MS hug, insomnia and lowered my blood pressure enough to keep me off medication. Try this product! Jill

  12. Robert

    I really love it, it helps me relax my aches after work. Since I live in Texas thc is not legal so this is the next best thing! I never knew this company existed, but I am happy that I found them out. They have a great CBD amount and for the price they sell it at is a great deal! Will be buying from here again!

  13. Widman Esquivel

    Love For The People Carts, helps so much with my depression and anxiety. Will be long time client. Thanks CBDVAPEJUICE

  14. Amy

    I use this stronger one when I first get into bed, a take a couple puffs of it and I’ll be asleep in no time!! It’s amazing!! No more tossing and turning just trying to get to sleep for me anymore!!!

  15. Bill

    Love it!!

  16. Michael

    Awesome stuff shipping was fast an the best deal in town for cbd stuff no jokes or gimmicks. Hard to find these days everyone’s always got some hidden fee of they send ya some knock off watered down stuff. Will be ordering from these guys again soon thanks alot.

  17. Christopher

    CBD Genesis is hands down the best place to purchase your CBD needs! The finest products, Lightning fast shipping, and superb customer service!!! As for FTP, I’ve only tried their 500 & 1000 mg uncut wax cartridges. All I can say is, Grandaddy Purp is the bomb!!! The absolute best!!! It will definitely help what ales you! Not to mention it smells and tastes delicious!

  18. Deandra

    So far I’m very pleased. Will order again!

  19. Deandra

    Very pleased

  20. mfsliney

    Wow, I really love this product! Highly recommend. The shipping was fast and easy, and the quality of the CBD and vape pen are amazing. Definitely will buy again.

  21. Brian Spiro

    The price is well worth the product ! I would recommend trying this product out. I ordered the 1000mg and I will do the same when reordering.

  22. Amanda Barrett

    Great product. Will order agian.

  23. Melissa

    Sweet and fresh and good and I love the cart with the adjustable intake valve. Excellent for pain and anxiety.

  24. Cassandra

    Loooooove it

  25. Brett

    Good quality product for a great price.

  26. Evan

    WARNING! This product is produced and held at a different warehouse then the one we all love. It took around 3 weeks for me to receive the package and when I did the whole cartridge was completely smashed! The package and everything inside looked like it was ran over! All I can say is thank God for this site and thier warehouse! When I order from them I get my package in perfect condition in about 2-3 days!!! Also, they take so much better care of the items they ship. They have layers of bubble wrap around cartridges and pretty much everything I order for protection, this place had absolutely nothing!! I emailed customer service photos of the whole package so hopefully they take care of the situation like I said I’ve never had a problem before. Like I said this site is amazing and the customer service is fantastic as well!! I’d suggest to ask one of the employees if the item is carried in their own personal Warehouse or somewhere else! So, this product/warehouse gets 1 star although cbdvapejuic.net gets 5 stars!

  27. Princess

    Real smooth and piney. Love the flavor and it works like a charm!

  28. aliciacampbell2010.ac

    Awesome product if you suffer from anxiety or just needing to relax. So glad they started carrying my favorite brand!

  29. Dave

    Love it. Gonna order more

  30. Daniel

    Great awesome ty

  31. Rodina

    Excellent and premium quality. Gonna order from this site from now on.

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