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CBD Drip Product Guide for 2019

Welcome to our comprehensive CBD Drip review. In this post, we’ll look at the unique qualities of this CBD brand that sells legal hemp-based products all over the United States. 

We’ll check out the best-sellers in the CBD Drip range, and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs), including how to use CBD Drip products. 

If you’re new to CBD and CBD Drip, this detailed guide is the perfect way to get acquainted with different types of products, and the most popular e-liquids and tincture oils in the CBD Drip range.

Who is CBD Drip?

CBD Drip is a long-standing American hemp-based CBD company that claims to have sold more than one million products! CBD Drip has been in business since 2008. They are one of the industry’s more respected brands, specializing in full-spectrum hemp products. The brand makes a big deal on their site about explaining why not all CBD is the same, clarifying the differences between CBD-isolate and full-spectrum extracts. 

CBD Drip has authenticated itself as a legitimate CBD company by submitting products for independent testing. The analysis from SC Labs is extensive, checking for cannabinoid and terpene levels, and for the presence of heavy metals, microbes and residues. 

CBD Drip regularly has its products tested by the batch. All the most recent reports – as well as historical results – are easily accessible online. CBD Drip is transparent about its practices, and leaves no stone unturned. In an unregulated market like CBD, these are the assurances customers need when looking for a brand to place their trust in. 

What stands out about CBD Drip products?

Unlike many US-based brands, CBD Drip imports industrial hemp from the European Union. This has become less common since hemp cultivation was legalized in the United States, but it’s simply a point of interest, rather than a concern. Hemp is hemp, no matter where it comes from, and the lab tests show that CBD Drip products are perfectly safe. 

No products in the CBD Drip collection contain more than 0.3% THC. This is the legal limit for hemp-based products sold in the United States. CBD Drip has an impressive range of products, such as vape juices, infused drinks, capsules, tincture oils and products for pets. 

CBD Drip review

This section will focus on CBD Drip’s best-sellers. Please note that any information about CBD is just for educational purposes, and should not be construed as medical advice. CBD Drip products are dietary supplements, not medicines, and should not be taken in lieu of prescription medication. If on medication and planning to use CBD Drip, consult with your doctor first. 

CBD has many exciting prospective benefits, like lowering inflammation, reducing pain and improving mental well-being. Simply having a good functioning endocannabinoid system (ECS) is thought to be key to good all-round health. CBD Drip products, made with high-quality hemp extracts, are ideal for getting these therapeutic benefits.

CBD Drip GoldCBD Drip Gold 

The Gold is a CBD vape additive, with a minimum of 14.5mg full-spectrum CBD extract, and a blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Flavorless e-liquids are excellent for vaping alone, or in combination with other e-juices, whether they’re CBD or nicotine. Such e-liquids also work sublingually, although under-the-tongue consumption is a little slower to take effect than inhalation.

This fairly low CBD concentration is a nice introduction into the CBD Drip vape additive line. 14.5mg of extract in a 7ml bottle works out to a shade over 2mg per ml. These small doses are great for drawing out the stimulating benefits of CBD. These only shine through in tiny quantities, with bigger doses much more relaxing. In a sense, a small CBD dose is like a non-addictive nicotine – good for focus and concentration. That’s what you can expect from CBD Drip Gold. 

CBD Drip Platinum 

The Platinum takes things up a notch, with more than 58mg of hemp extract in a 7ml bottle (8mg per ml). This is four times stronger than the Gold, and good if you’re already familiar with CBD vaping. CBD Drip Platinum also contains PG and VG and is suitable for vaping and taking sublingually. 

This e-liquid works well if you have slightly more troubling symptoms, that would benefit from additional relief – perhaps persistent pain or nagging anxiety. Full-spectrum CBD is also great for reducing inflammation, and easing symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. 

cbd drip onyxCBD Drip Onyx

The Onyx is more for seasoned CBD users, with 140mg of hemp extract packed into a 7ml e-liquid (20mg per ml) – that’s 10 times stronger than the Gold! Everything else is the same, with the perfect mixture of PG and VG making a product that is effective when vaped and taken sublingually. You could even add CBD Drip vape additives to your food and drink. 

This higher potency helps to see off more severe symptoms. Maybe you have an acute form of neuropathic pain that must be quickly quelled. Or perhaps social anxiety is stopping you from taking part in various activities. The fast administration of a high CBD dosage may do the trick if the Gold and Platinum wasn’t quite strong enough.

CBD Tincture by EcoDrops

The EcoDrops is a premium line from CBD Drip. These tincture oils are centered around a full-spectrum extract, but are also blended with unique sets of terpenes to deliver specific effects. 

If you are looking for a CBD oil that zones in on your symptoms, these four may pique your interest. The 10ml oils hold 3000mg of hemp extract (around 500 to 600mg of CBD). The 30ml oils hold 9000mg of hemp extract (around 1500 to 1700mg of CBD). When comparing these tinctures with those from other brands, it’s the CBD figures that are relevant.


Boost: This tincture has a special blend of terpenes that promote improved mood and better energy levels. The alpha-pinene and beta-pinene is combined with linalool, D-Limonene, alpha-Bisabolol and more, with these terpenes all contributing to the overall effects. The Boost is worth trying if you’re experiencing low mood or motivation, or suffering from fatigue. 

Dream: The EcoDrops Dream is designed to promote sleep. Key to easing insomnia symptoms and correcting your body’s sleep-wake cycle is a cleverly crafted mixture of indica-like terpenes, secondary cannabinoids, vitamins and nutrients. The Dream tincture may also appeal if you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, or simply want an oil to help you relax. 

Relief: Ready to get some Relief? With this EcoDrops tincture, now you can. The terpene formula for this oil helps with pain and recovery. If you train hard and are fed up with aching muscles and annoying pain, then the Relief tincture is perfect. 

It contains several terpenes with anti-inflammatory properties, such as geraniol, eucalyptol, myrcene and humulene. Like all EcoDrops tinctures, the extract is mixed with fractionated coconut oil for increased effectiveness.

Focus: Get your head back in the game with Focus. Failing to stay in full concentration mode at work? Procrastinating when you should be doing your studies? It happens to all of us, and that’s why it’s vital to give our brains a helping hand. That’s possible with Focus from EcoDrops more than other CBD oils. The terpenes in this tincture are akin to those you’d find in sativa-dominant cannabis strains. 

cbd capsulesCBD Capsules by EcoCaps

EcoCaps from CBD Drip are made with non-GMO, organically-grown hemp extracts, and are 100% vegan-friendly, right down to the capsule itself. With 30mg of full-spectrum extract, CBD Drip considers these high-strength, and suggests taking 1 or 2 per day. 

Capsules fully mask the hemp taste, give you an accurate dose and provide lasting relief. The trade-off is having to wait an hour or so for the effects to be completely realized. Capsules are typically taken with a glass of water, although it’s equally possible to split the capsule open, and add the extract to a beverage. This isn’t a cost-effective way of using EcoCaps, but it works all the same. Capsules are popular for long-term chronic pain and sleep. 

CBD Drip EcoShot

CBD DRinkGet CBD relief easier than ever before with the EcoShot. These ready-made drinks are infused with CBD-isolate hemp extract, and have no THC. CBD Drip makes two types of EcoShot: one for ‘Focused Energy’ and another for ‘Chill Relaxation’. Each has a different ingredient list. 

Focused Energy: Start your day off right with some Focused Energy. A solid serving of 25mg CBD is complemented by caffeine, L-carnitine, taurine, D-ribose, L-arginine and much more, giving you a real zip in the mornings. If you find waking up and getting motivated difficult, this infused beverage could become your new best friend! It’s also effective as a natural pick-me-up drink in the afternoons.

Chill Relaxation: This 2oz drink holds 25mg of CBD extract, and helps with relaxation, although is not marketed for sleep. The beverage also contains GABA, a calming neurotransmitter, L-Theanine, relaxing kava and lots of other soothing ingredients. It’s a nice drink to wind down with in the evenings, as you let stress and anxiety wash away. 

How to use CBD Drip

CBD Drip Gold, Platinum and Onyx are all e-liquids that work just as effectively as tincture oils. Most will use these products for vaping, either by dripping, or adding the e-liquid to a vape tank.

If using CBD Drip vape juices as tinctures, hold under the tongue for at least one minute to maximize absorption. CBD is taken into the bloodstream directly from the mouth via sublingual mucous membranes. 

Neither of these consumption methods take your fancy? Try adding CBD Drip to your tea, coffee or water, or maybe even include it in your next recipe. The possibilities are endless!

Will CBD Drip make me high?

No, CBD Drip will not make you high, as it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. Let us explain. 

Marijuana is intoxicating and psychotropic because of one key cannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But the hemp plant is quite different from other forms of cannabis. For one, the THC level is naturally very low, while the concentration of CBD is much greater. CBD naturally reduces the psychoactive effects of THC, through interactions in the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

In addition, like any hemp-derived product sold in the US, CBD Drip e-liquids must contain less than 0.3% THC. Therefore, with most CBD products, you’re completely safe when it comes to drug tests. That said, there is a small chance of a positive test if you take a high-strength full-spectrum product on a daily basis.

CBD Drip vape juices are full-spectrum, and lab tests show a small quantity of THC, albeit below less than 0.3%. Just be aware that regular consumption of the strongest e-juices will lead to some THC build-up in the blood.

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We’re so happy you’ve taken the time to read our blog. We use this space to inform you about all the CBD brands we stock, and all the different types of CBD product, so that you can get more from them! We also keep abreast with all the latest CBD research, bringing you the most important breakthroughs.

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Final thoughts

CBD Drip is fiercely ambitious, always looking for ways to refine their extract and improve overall product quality. Their detailed and careful approach to creating CBD products stands them in good stead, and the brand’s best-sellers certainly deserve their heralded status.

Take the EcoDrops for example. Instead of just opting for a pure CBD oil, they’ve thought long and hard about which terpene combinations they can add to deliver a more targeted experience. This focus on making specialized products shows that the CBD industry has room for improvement, and that the products are set to get even better. CBD Drip is just leading the way.

Are you a fan of CBD Drip products? Have you already tried one or more of those featured on our! Share your story and help others find success with CBD today!

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