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Here’s what you should know about CBD-dominant strains

If you’re just coming across CBD, you may be wondering what its supporters’ claim that the non-psychoactive compound can treat. From general ailments like “chronic pain” to more specific disorders such as rare epileptic seizures where CBD has, in places, been medically prescribed, it’s easy to see why cannabidiol is being cast as a kind of ‘wonder drug’.

Strains advertised as “high-CBD” or “CBD-rich” typically have at least 4 percent CBD, but stronger strains can reach potencies in excess of 20 percent. Like THC, CBD is a cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant but, instead, it doesn’t get you high. CBD is known for enhancing mood and having anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and calming effects on users. It’s also used as a sleeping aid, a muscle relaxant and also to boost appetite.

Some advocates believe CBD’s medical potential extends even further, but let’s stick to the ailments and disorders CBD has been prescribed for and to general areas where the cannabinoid works as a health-promoting supplement.

Over recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of strains available with improved access in legalized states allowing growers to crossbreed strains in peace. Although, there’s often little to choose between these top CBD strains, which offer similar potencies, and strains are also renamed, creating an illusion that there are more on sale than there actually are. This is the case for Charlotte’s Web, which is actually just a renamed Cannatonic strain, after youngster Charlotte Figi was treated for Dravet syndrome with CBD oil. R4 and Harlequin, other well-known potent CBD strains are really just Cannatonic too.

Most medical marijuana CBD strains on sale right now contain between 8 to 15 percent CBD. While some states have chosen to open up access to CBD but restrict THC, research has shown that CBD performs much better when administered at a 1:1 ratio with THC – this whole-plant form of medicating also allows the user to benefit from other cannabinoids and terpenes present in marijuana. And while it’s a development we’d like to see in the future, at the moment CBD strains aren’t designed to treat certain ailments – just pick a few strains and experiment.

If you live in a legalized state – or even certain states with CBD-only laws – you’ll have no trouble finding high-CBD strains in dispensaries. However, in states that haven’t yet progressed with marijuana legislation, CBD strains are very hard to find as the black market is predominantly used by recreational smokers.

CBD is sometimes extracted from hemp, technically a strain of cannabis sativa, but with very low THC. Hemp isn’t as restricted in the U.S. as typical cannabis sativa since it cannot be used recreationally because it’s non-psychoactive.

The quality of hemp products can significantly vary with manufacturers operating in an unregulated market. Some companies use expensive, high-quality CO2 extraction as it makes the purest CBD oil, but cheaper brands will use more inefficient methods that see contaminants picked up from the soil end up in the oil. Hence, some medical marijuana users in legalized states opt to grow their own plants.

With authorities generally not clued up on marijuana, ordering seeds online can cause you more problems in some states than others. If an officer doesn’t understand the difference between CBD and THC, it can be a hassle to prove your innocence. However, the best companies know how to distribute their seeds discreetly.

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So there you have it. CBD-dominant strains have soared in popularity thanks to lawmakers’ new liberal attitude toward the cannabinoid. But let’s not forget about arguing and lobbying for THC too.

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