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Vape Brighter Starter Kit

Welcome to Thrive, Vape Bright’s revolutionary first product, designed to help you prosper and flourish. Each Thrive cartridge contains 200 mg of great-tasting pure CBD oil with no PG or other carrier liquids. Designed for your convenience, the Thrive cartridge is easy to take with you and use anytime, anywhere that vaping is allowed. Each puff of Thrive delivers 1 mg of pure organic CBD — up to 10 times what you get from competitors. Your day just got brighter!

The best in portable CBD vaporization, this 510 thread battery charges quickly and will keep up with you.

  • No button just inhale and enjoy!
  • Long battery life, giving you over 100 inhalations
  • Fast and easy re-charging in any USB port (30 minutes)
  • 3.2 volt setting allows for a heavier draw with maximum vapor

More Info:

The incredible effects of CBD are now well-known by an increasing number of the public, and many are looking for new ways to enjoy this alternative form of medication.          The Vape Bright Thrive sets out to bring patients a new way to get CBD into their system, more discreetly and effortlessly than ever before.

This starter pack has everything you need to get you going with Vape Bright – it also contains a carrying case. To vape with the Thrive, attach the cartridge to the battery and you can begin. What makes the Vape Bright cartridges superior to many of the CBD products around is that it’s totally free of nicotine and propylene glycol, so there’s no way you’ll get addicted.

Zoning in on the discreet properties of the Vape Bright Thrive, it’s an awesome device that’s inconspicuous and isn’t going to get you noticed – there’s no discernible smell produced when you take a toke. While CBD is perfectly legal, for some there’s still a stigma associated with it, but the Thrive allows you to get some peaceful puffs whether you are at home or out in public.

The Vape Bright Thrive is miles ahead of its rivals in offering far more efficient and worthwhile vaping. With other vaporizers, you find yourself having to spend all day puffing just to get a mediocre hit of CBD. However, with the Vape Bright Thrive, you are delivered a huge 1mg hit of CBD with every toke. Such a quick method of administering CBD makes this way of vaping the optimum way for patients suffering with long-term, harsh physical pain, and for those who get unexpected bouts of pain and need a way to take the edge off in seconds.

What’s more, the Vape Bright Thrive is a brilliantly portable device that gives you access to massive quantities of CBD without needing recharging. The cartridges compatible with the Thrive contain 200mg of CBD, that’s 200 hits per cartridge. Moreover, the CBD you are inhaling is entirely pure, with no additional substances – the Vape Bright Thrive uses only the best and richest CBD oil that will consistently come through for you time and time again. Vaping with this device is far easier than with other vaporizers, you simply just have to inhale to get your hit – no fussing around with pressing buttons and setting temperatures required!

Meanwhile, the Thrive comes with a powerful battery that lasts for more than 100 puffs per charge. It also has a convenient USB charging feature so you can charge up in nearly any place at any time in just half an hour. The battery connects via the same 510 threaded system that many vaporizing products utilize. Operating on a 3.2 volt setting, the Vape Bright Thrive’s battery ensures that vapers can take longer draws with phenomenal potency.

The advantages of the Thrive are clear to see. So don’t delay, take your CBD vaping to the next level today with the Vape Bright Thrive!

Vape Bright Thrive: A Unique Vaping Device for E-Liquids


Vape Bright have made clear on their intent to bring vapers the cleanest and purest CBD vaping experience in the business, and the development of the Thrive device has proven that they can deliver on their talk. This model, which is sold at $60, brings a combination of taste and value that has never been seen before.

The e-liquid vaping market has always been restricted because it hasn’t been possible to vape pure CBD – vapers have always been left having to dilute it with other properties like vegetable glycerine. This would make a vaping session much longer as lots of draws would be required to get a sufficient hit of CBD. With the Thrive, Vape Bright have come up with a vaporizer that brings strong, potent blasts of 1mg CBD per draw, ensuring vapers get the effective hit they need in double quick time.

There’s a lot of competition in the vape market now and Vape Bright really do put their eggs in one basket by sticking to a single product and banking on its success. But, as the name suggests, they really do thrive with the Thrive that stands out as a unique device bringing an unrivalled portable CBD e-liquid vaping experience.

The Vape Bright has been designed to be both effective and discreet, and the small design ensures that it’s extremely portable without attracting attention. Each cartridge you buy for the Thrive is 510 threaded and will connect to any battery with the same connection design.

What Makes the Vape Bright Thrive a Success?

The standout feature of the Vape Bright Thrive is the stunning quality that it delivers. CBD is a really effective form of medication that works even better when consumed in its purest and most potent state. Those after rapid pain relief for severe inflammation, anxiety disorders and more will enjoy the Thrive for the strong dose that each draw can provide. They’ll also appreciate that a vaping session with the Thrive can be extremely quick – they aren’t going to find themselves having to puff all the time.

The cartridges used with the Vape Bright Thrive contain only the highest-grade of CBD, which ensures that the medicinal benefits are provided at their fullest, with no side effects that outside substances could bring. Unlike with say traditional marijuana, there’s no THC which will cause psychoactive side effects. Just the relieving benefits of CBD are felt. Making the Most of the Vape Bright Thrive

There are a few techniques worth adopting to maximize the potential of the Vape Bright Thrive. The vapor produced from the Vape Bright Thrive tends to be strong and dense and this may at first be a little strong for newbies. Therefore, when starting out, try to take smaller draws to adjust to the added potency and then build things up over time. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself having a longer session because you feel the need to take shorter draws.

The Thrive comes with a carrying case, and to prevent leakage you should keep the cap that comes when you buy the cartridge and re-fit it when the pen is not in use – the last thing you want is an unnecessary mess.

Any Concerns with the Vape Bright Thrive?

thrive-singlecartridgeNo product is perfect – even the Vape Bright Thrive has a few areas that could benefit from some attention. The obvious issue that could arise is the e-liquid leaking, which could be a real problem if you were carrying the pen on you. While we didn’t suffer with any leaking, others have reported that it can occasionally happen. Product defects do seem to be very rare though, and Vape Bright’s support is renowned to be second to none.


The Vape Bright Thrive is a revolutionary e-liquid vape pen that shows quality can indeed be combined with value. The taste offered by pure CBD and the Thrive is pleasurable, and the high concentration of CBD found in the cartridges makes this pen a real winner with those who suffer from chronic pain. At $60, the Vape Bright Thrive is a real steal and is certainly one of the best vape pens currently on sale.

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All you need to know about CBD cartridges

CBD cartridges are excellent for vaporizing, as they are more efficient and simple to use than refillable CBD E Liquid cartridges. The market for prefilled CBD cartridges is growing all the time, with lots of new companies getting involved. In this article, we are going to assess all the benefits of these products, and help you to find the ideal CBD vape cartridge for you.

Unfortunately, some brands selling disposable CBD cartridges will claim that they are refillable – while some can indeed be refilled, they tend to fail soon afterwards, so can hardly be classed as refillable. However, the vast majority of vape devices that are compatible with disposable CBD cartridges also boast USB charging functionality, giving you plenty of charging opportunities if you want to vape on the go.

What to look for when purchasing a CBD cartridge?

Strength: When buying a CBD vape oil cartridge, it’s important to know the exact potency of the CBD – the dosage you need will depend on the ailment you’re attempting to remedy. Any good CBD vape juice cartridge will state the amount of CBD on the label of the product. New CBD users will likely find small doses to be enough, but those attempting to treat chronic pain may need a stronger cartridge. The strength of a CBD cartridge product is given in milligrams.

Cost: As expected, cheap CBD cartridges will be weaker than more expensive CBD cartridges, but the only way to work out whether you’re getting a great deal is to compare the relative price. For instance, CBD cartridges for sale containing 100mg of CBD for $50 is better value than a 50mg cartridge being sold at $30, with each milligram of CBD costing $0.50 in the former and $0.60 in the latter. When using high CBD cartridges, you won’t need to take as many draws for the same effect.

Origin: Another thing to check out before you buy CBD cartridges is the source of the CBD extract, as some companies use higher quality extraction methods than others. Look for products that are made using supercritical CO2 extraction – while these can cost a little more, this is the only extraction method that ensures heavy metals and toxins which the hemp plant may have picked up while growing doesn’t make it into the cartridge.

Reputable CBD manufacturers have no issues with providing third-party lab-test reports to their customers, which confirm the authenticity and quality of the CBD. When buying CBD cartridges online, this information is typically available on the product page. Such test reports generally clarify the percentage of CBD (and other cannabinoids) in the oil, and often the source of the hemp.

Ingredients used: Make sure you know the full and exact list of ingredients used to make the cartridges. Some products are made with pure hemp-based CBD oil, while others use a carrier oil – either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). The main purpose of these carrier oils is so that vaping can recreate the big, white clouds associated with smoking cigarettes. But while PG looks cool, it’s not an essential – so if you aren’t fussed about clouds, don’t hesitate to purchase pre filled CBD cartridges made just with CBD oil.

Type of CBD: There are two main types of CBD cartridge, which produce marginally different effects: CBD-isolate cartridges and full-spectrum CBD cartridges. Cartridges made with CBD-isolate will just provide the benefits of CBD, and are not made with a whole-plant extract. In contrast, full-spectrum CBD cartridges have a little extra therapeutic value, thanks to the inclusion of terpenes and other cannabinoids from the plant – these cartridges may have up to 0.3 percent THC, which is the US federal limit for hemp products.

People often choose CBD-isolate cartridges to ensure they have zero THC in their body, meaning there is no way whatsoever that they could fail a drugs test. This is rarely ever a problem, but in the unlikely circumstance that a daily full-spectrum CBD user who takes huge doses faced a test where the THC limit was set rare low, there may be a slim chance for a fail. It’s best to be aware of this possibility before purchasing a product.


CBD cartridges are ideal for those who don’t want to spend time refilling their vape tank every few sessions, which can be a fiddly process. Furthermore, many cartridges are made to release a specific quantity of CBD with every puff – if you are looking to dose consistently and accurately, this is a great way of doing so.


If you think that cartridges could be great for your business, then consider buying wholesale CBD cartridges – this will help to significantly reduce your costs.

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Why you should invest in a CBD Vape Kit

After hearing about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the therapeutic cannabinoid that is very helpful for the endocannabinoid system, a lot of people want to jump straight in and sample it for themselves. Vaporizing is the preferred consumption method of many of these new CBD users, but with all the devices and e-liquids out there, getting started is often cause for confusion.

This is why buying a CBD Vape Kit is a sensible idea. Not only will you get an excellent mighty vaporizer and a compatible CBD-infused e-juice, but also included in most packages are a collection of accessories that you never knew you needed, but serve to enhance your experience.

Benefits of vaporizing CBD

Our main focus in this article is on the starter kits themselves, but let’s quickly cover some benefits of CBD. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is the complete opposite of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The possible pain relief, improved mental health and reduced inflammation which can come through endocannabinoid system regulation is delivered without intoxication.

Vaporizing is a way to get these therapeutic properties as quickly as possible. Your endocannabinoid system is boosted almost straight away. This is exactly what’s needed when dealing with physical and mental pain.


Your CBD vape pen kit will typically come with either a vape pen or a slightly larger portable device. These are refillable, which is great in the long run as you get to try different flavors and potencies. As you work out what you want from CBD, you’ll appreciate this flexibility. Some devices, such as the Vape Bright Thrive, are only designed to work with specific cartridges. The upside of this is that the cartridges emit the same amount of CBD with each draw, allowing unrivalled dosing accuracy for vaping.

Nearly all devices nowadays come with a USB charging port and lead. This is to make recharging easy and accessible wherever you are. With USB charging, you can power up via your laptop, games console, portable power bank and more. So if you need a hit at a moment’s notice, you’ll never be left dry.

Vape juice

All of the CBD starter kits sold at come with e-liquids that are made using high-grade industrial hemp, which meets legal specifications. Some e-juices will contain full-spectrum CBD, whereas others consist of CBD-isolate. Many consider the former to be more effective, as it allows the ‘entourage effect’ to take place. However, CBD users who are reliant on very strong doses often like to stick with CBD-isolate, as this ensures that there is absolutely no THC in their body, easing drug test concerns.

A CBD hemp vape complete starter kit will come with a fairly low-strength CBD vape juice. As these kits are tailored for new users, this gives them the opportunity to see how CBD makes them feel, while keeping costs down. Even though there’s no way of overdosing on CBD and the cannabinoid can be tolerated in high amounts (see people who use concentrates), a new user may find a strong dose makes them sleepy. Hence, it’s better to incrementally increase the dose so that every experience you have is pleasurable.

When purchasing a CBD oil vape pen starter kit, you can rest assured that you’re getting pure and safe CBD, which doesn’t contain residual solvents or heavy metals. The top CBD companies take their hemp extracts using the supercritical CO2 extraction process, and going the extra mile certainly pays off with product quality.

Other features and accessories

The Veedverks starter kit contains a delightful cigar box with magnetic closure for storage, as well as some cool stickers. Veedverks also introduce CBD users to the therapeutic qualities of multiple terpene profiles, showcasing the benefits of indica, sativa and hybrid e-juices. Indicas are more conducive to a body buzz, while sativas are more energizing and cerebral. As you would expect, a hybrid fits somewhere in the middle.

The CBD Genesis starter kit comes with spare parts and a vape band to show off your love for vaping CBD.

The Juul is one of the vape industry’s most popular devices, and with the kit you’ll get a selection of Juul pods of various flavors.

Final thoughts

Vape starter kits are a must-buy if you are keen to get up and running with CBD, and just want to make a single purchase!

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This is why you should vape CBD  

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are more popular than ever. Media coverage has increased and the growing variety of products, thanks to innovative manufacturers, are just two reasons why. CBD has numerous health benefits. The hemp derivative has a list of uses, all related to ECS regulation.

The role of the ECS and optimization of the ECS are the focus points of this article. Furthermore, we will explore pro-CBD vaping arguments – how it is a safer option than smoking and a more effective way of taking CBD.

CBD’s long history

CBD was a scientific unknown until researchers put the spotlight on cannabis. The 20th century was a critical time, accounting for the discovery of most of the plant’s compounds. Researchers viewed the plants a single entity until then.

But this increased understanding has shown us that THC holds the psychoactive properties of cannabis. More importantly, we can see that compounds like CBD are non-intoxicating, and that people can enjoy the unique health benefits of such substances without getting high. CBD e-juice, CBD tinctures and CBD capsules can be used for this purpose.

Humans have used cannabis and hemp plants for thousands of years. The ECS has always been in humans, so this makes perfect sense. Through cannabinoids like CBD, we can balance this system, and enhance our physical and mental health. Consider CBD not as something new and unknown, but as something ancient and recently rediscovered.

The endocannabinoid system

The ECS is a part of our body that we’ve always had, but have only just started to find out about. Despite researchers anticipating the existence of the ECS for decades, as an explanation for the unusual effects of cannabinoids, that anticipation only became a reality in the 1990s. Cannabinoid research has since advanced considerably.

The most important components of the ECS are the endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. Endocannabinoids lock into the cannabinoid receptors. Think of a key unlocking a padlock – you need the right key to unlock it! Cannabinoid receptors are the same. Anandamide (AEA) is the primary endocannabinoid in the ECS. The compound binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptor.

However, the ECS isn’t quite that simple. CBD doesn’t bind to either CB1 or CB2, but is still vital for the ECS. Suppressing these receptors can sometimes produce a therapeutic effect. For example, CBD reducing activity at the CB1 receptor has an antipsychotic effect.

CBD must elevate the amount of available AEA in the ECS. CBD blocks reuptake of AEA, by inhibiting activity at the catabolic FAAH enzyme.

That’s just a primer to the science, and you’re welcome to learn more by exploring the other posts at But now you know a little about CBD and the ECS, we are going to take a closer look at vaping.

Vaping CBD: the advantages

CBD e-liquid, vape juice, vape oil, e-juice – there are plenty of words for what is essentially the same thing. CBD vape juices are made either with isolate or a hemp extract, and a carrier oil (typically vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a combination of both). These specially-designed vape products are for vaping in compatible devices. You can vaporize hemp and cannabis flower, although our focus in this article is on e-liquid.

The only other CBD consumption method that kicks in at the same rapid speed as vaping is smoking. However, while smoking a joint is a guilty pleasure for some, the negatives outweigh the positives. Smoking any substance is harmful to the lungs and may cause serious health issues later in life. Vaporizing eliminates this carcinogenic risk. It also ensures the user better value for money, as there is no burning, and therefore no lost CBD.  

CBD oil vape juice’s rapid effects are more than convenient. For some conditions, the user needs the relief from pain, anxiety, inflammation or whatever else immediately. A long wait time for the benefits to take hold would defeat the object of using it.

Knowing that CBD hemp oil vaped can administer fast therapeutic effects can bring peace of mind for many users, while improving quality of life. For instance, those with chronic pain issues may find their mobility affected. Even if they aren’t experiencing pain all the time, the constant threat of it can make it more difficult to go about life as normal. However, with a CBD vape pen on hand, you can regain lost independence.

CBD-isolate or full-spectrum CBD?

Decided that you want to buy CBD vape oil? If you think that you may benefit, you now need to choose whether you want an isolate or full-spectrum vape juice.

CBD is the main component in both, but in an isolate, that’s the only cannabinoid you get. In a full-spectrum vape oil, you get a mixture of other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, flavorful terpenes and other chemicals in the plant which may or may not have therapeutic potential. Full-spectrum products may also have up to 0.3 percent THC, which is the maximum legally allowed. Despite being psychoactive, such a small level of THC is permitted because it is not enough to get a “high” from.

However, isolates may be preferable for those taking a specific CBD dose. Furthermore, isolates ensure the THC levels in your blood stay at zero. Some also like to mix CBD-isolate concentrates into their vape juices. This helps to make the e-juice more potent. CBD crystals are great for this purpose.


Some users prefer a more tailored CBD experience, and like to have a special set of terpenes in their products. Many brands cater to this, offering a wide variety of strengths and flavors.  

Products with a complex terpene profile not only taste great, but they can be more therapeutic, too. Some terpene profiles can boost inflammation relief, others may better alleviate anxiety. Products with terpenes are made either with a full-plant hemp extract, or with a CBD-isolate base, and the terpenes added later. You can even buy isolated terpenes and add them to a vape juice yourself.

This is just a glimpse at what a refined CBD product can do. As researchers begin to learn more about the isolated effects of cannabinoids and terpenes, or understanding of what compound profile is necessary to remedy certain ailments should improve.

Final thoughts

When buying a CBD vape juice, make sure that the company uses third-party lab testing. This is paramount because it is a way of brands validating quality in an unregulated industry. This transparency comes in the form of an easily accessible lab report. Enclosed is the exact concentration of CBD and other compounds in the product. Top brands include the source of the CBD.

Look out for is supercritical CO2 extraction. Manufacturers that use this extraction method clearly have quality as a priority. Supercritical CO2 extraction removes metals and toxins from the extract. The hemp plant picks these up during growth.

We welcome you to browse to see our full range of CBD vape oil for sale.

CBD products are not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The contents of this article are purely informational, and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions.

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About Select CBD

Select CBD is a CBD company operating out of Portland, Oregon, one of America’s main hemp hubs. Hemp from the Beaver State is renowned for its great quality, and this is clear to see with Select CBD’s vape pens and drops. They also use a unique ingredient in their products, which we will get onto shortly.

Select CBD is proud to manufacture CBD products that are free from pesticides and solvents – when a company makes and backs up this claim, you know you’re onto a winner. They are completely transparent with their customers, giving a full analysis on the packaging of each product, detailing when it was made, whether it passed the pesticide checks, when it was tested and which laboratory tested it. Select CBD’s lab-test reports are accessible with the lab code – you’ll have to contact the lab for the specific details.

Select CBD blends are perfect for those who don’t like the natural flavor of CBD, which can be very potent and earthy. The best in the Select CBD drops range is perhaps the Lemon Ginger Tincture, which is made using lemon and stevia extracts, as well as turmeric and ginger – as well as tasting incredible, these natural ingredients also boost the therapeutic value of the drops. Another bonus is that this product seems to work much more quickly than the 30 minutes which Select CBD suggests.

Select CBD’s pet range is also worth checking out.

Select CBD’s lavender pen

For some, CBD products are taken for relaxation purposes, and Select CBD is acutely aware of this with their vape pens. The Select CBD pen infused with lavender contains essential lavender oil and fractionated coconut oil, in addition to the CBD oil. As well as enhancing the total relaxation, this vape pen also has a calming fragrance.

Vaping or tinctures – which is best?

Select CBD specializes in vape pens and CBD tinctures, but which product type is best suited to your needs? Since the effects of CBD hit fairly quickly with both, it’s mostly down to personal preference. The benefit with Select CBD’s disposable pen is that they are smal and provide discretion, and don’t need to be recharged. Retailing at a shade under $50, each pen has 150 puffs of CBD – a puff takes approximately six seconds. The calming and relaxing effects of Select CBD’s vape pen can be felt pretty much straight away, even though the company themselves says that it takes around 15 minutes to work.

On the other hand, tinctures are taken via a method known as sublingual absorption. Each bottle of tincture oil comes with a dropper, which can be filled up and then applied under the tongue – it should then be held for about 90 seconds, while the CBD can be absorbed through the tissues, before swallowing. Most people choose to take one dropper as a dose, and the exact strength depends on the overall potency of the oil.

As we have said, the vape pens do work slightly faster and getting feedback from a dose straight away is part of what makes them popular – then the user knows whether they have had enough or need more. However, some find that disposable pens aren’t economicals, since they have to be thrown away after using. But they are very portable, much more so than tincture oils, which carry an increased risk of spilling. Perhaps have a bottle of tincture oil at home, and a vape pen to take with you on the go. To preserve the lifespan of a CBD tincture oil, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Select CBD’s vape pens and tincture oils are both available at a great price, and experimenting with both is a great way to determine your specific CBD needs.

The essential oils which feature in Select CBD’s lavender pen is a nice touch which we haven’t found elsewhere. As with the CBD, these oils are also organically sourced from Oregon.


The only downside about Select CBD is that you cannot immediately access their lab-test reports – although they still go through the process like any other reputable CBD company, and can be easily gotten hold of if requested. The vape pens go through several levels of quality control during production before they go to market, and the pens are cured for 24 hours to eliminate technical failures and ensure that the vape oil saturates totally into the wick.

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The comprehensive guide to Koi CBD

Koi CBD is a company that operates both sides of the Atlantic, with its headquarters in the south of the United Kingdom and its operating offices in southern California. The beautiful hemp used in their CBD products is sourced organically from farms in southern Colorado. This is an excellent location for growing hemp, thanks to the fresh waters of the Rio Grande river and the elevated land which provides maximum exposure to sunlight.

The hemp material cultivated for Koi CBD is processed at a cGMP certified extraction facility which meets pharmaceutical standards. They use the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction methods, which rids the extract of any heavy metals and toxic chemicals which may have been picked up by the plant during growth. This happens because the hemp plant is a bio-accumulator – while it has a cleansing effect on the soil, all the nasties end up in the plant, hence why high-quality extraction is necessary!

As soon as Koi CBD have the extract, they get to work infusing it in the various products which make up their impressive range. In addition to the typical CBD tincture oils, Koi also makes delicious gummy bears and other edibles, tasty e-liquids and also products that are suitable for pets. Before products go on sale, they are subjected to testing by third-party laboratories, who certify the concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids, as well as the purity and safety of the edible, oil or e-juice.

Knowing the manufacturing process, from plant to bottle, is one reason why Koi CBD has proven to be one of the most reputable companies in the CBD industry. They offer total transparency, showing potential consumers exactly what is in their products and how they are made.

Exploring the Koi CBD range

But It’s not just the excellent ethics of Koi CBD that has made them such a successful brand in the world of non-psychoactive cannabis. They also have a superb range of products which rival any being sold on the market for both taste and effectiveness. Their e-liquids deserve a special mention.

The popularity of vaporizing is soaring, as an increasingly health-conscious world decides to put down the cigarettes and joints and give their lungs a break. You may wonder why people choose to vape at all when there are other options that don’t involve inhaling. But it’s the rapid onset of effects from CBD e-liquids which are better suited to treating acute conditions, such as migraines and anxiety attacks than any other products.

CBD vape juice from Koi CBD

Koi have a fantastic selection of CBD vape juices that seem to provide much more effective pain relief than other product types. The Fuji Apple flavor delivers an eclectic hit of nectarine, strawberry and, of course, apple, with the 500mg and 1,000mg strengths delivering strong and soothing hits. There’s no need to spend on an expensive vaporizer to get the most out of Koi CBD’s vape juices – just about all devices are equipped to handle a mixture of propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerin, the carrier oils used in their e-liquids. We’ll get onto this later, but e-juices can also be used like oral tinctures.

The beauty of Koi CBD e-liquids is that they contain no THC whatsoever. A lot of CBD brands still contain traces of THC, albeit below the legal limit of 0.3 percent THC. While these products are perfectly fine to use and won’t make you “stoned,” those who may face a random drug test will appreciate the peace of mind of having no THC in their system at all.

As we said, all Koi CBD vape juice products can be used as if they were a standard CBD tincture oil. These are taken under the tongue – hold for a couple of minutes while the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. This is very useful for when your vaporizer is out of battery or you simply just don’t feel like vaping.

There’s a lab-test report for every Koi CBD product, which is even more impressive than just having a single report for the entire company. Koi have their third-party testing done by SC Labs, a well-respected analytic laboratory that operates on the West Coast of the United States.

Koi CBD’s full-spectrum products offer additional therapeutic value – as well as the CBD, other non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) also feature. Research has shown that when cannabinoids are combined, they produce stronger effects than when the CBD is administered as an isolated treatment.

Furthermore, Koi CBD takes care of U.S. military veterans, with a 25% discount available on all products. Considering the quality of their oils and vape juices, this really is a fantastic deal.

Downsides of Koi CBD

It’s hard to think of any downsides for Koi CBD, but for the sake of balance, let’s look at a couple of things that could be done better. There is little guidance on how to use the vape juices, and it is not as simple as filling the tank to the brim and then vaping, as one would assume to be the case.

The mixture of propylene glycerol and vegetable glycerin makes Koi CBD’s e-liquids somewhat thicker than other e-juices – they are made this way so that they can be easily taken under the tongue, like an oil. Therefore, it may work better to mix the Koi CBD e-liquid with another e-liquid that’s made with just propylene glycerol. The result will be an e-juice that’s not quite as viscous, although the potency may be slightly weaker.

However, many vaporizers are able to easily handle the thicker e-liquid without trouble – therefore, just experiment until you find the most effective way to use Koi products.

Our experience with Koi CBD

We used the 1,000mg Koi CBD vape juice to deal with anxiety, and had fantastic success with it. Because anxiety is a condition where symptoms come on suddenly, the speedy effects of vaporizing Koi CBD was preferable to applying it under the tongue – however, the latter method worked extremely well when the anxiety was not overbearing, but a constant issue. With the 1,000mg vape juice, just a couple of draws using a portable vaporizer was enough to clear away my anxiety in a couple of minutes.

Koi CBD’s sublingual oils are also brilliant if you don’t want to vape – but for those who do want to vape and consume sublingually, it makes more sense financially to just purchase a vape juice since these can be used for both.

Other Koi CBD products

As we mentioned further up, Koi CBD also makes edibles, CBD products for pets and even a lavender-based CBD moisturizer. Here’s a more detailed look at the full range, although please bear in mind that these products may not always be in stock.

Also, featured is a rough guide to the prices of Koi CBD’s products – please remember that these are only correct at the time of writing and may change slightly.

Koi Naturals Oral CBD Oils – These CBD oils are designed purely for taking under the tongue and are not intended for vaporizing – so don’t put them in your device! Koi Naturals oils are available in Natural, Orange, Spearmint and Lemon Lime and come in two sizes, 30mg and 60mg. First-timers should start with the 250mg, while more experienced users may prefer the 500mg and 1,000mg potencies.


Cost: Prices between $39.99 and $249.99, depending on potency of the CBD (250mg, 500mg or 1,000mg) and the size of the bottle (30ml or 60ml)

Koi Naturals CBD Vape Cartridge – This vape cartridge from Koi CBD contains 250mg of CBD and boasts a natural hemp flavor. This cartridge works with a 380mAh battery.

Cost: $49.99 without battery, $64.99 for cartridge and battery

Koi Stik/Koi CBD Pods – The Koi Stik is a great value available from Koi CBD, and it works with Koi CBD pods which can be purchased separately. To use, buy an e-juice from Koi, fill up the pod, insert it into the Koi Stik and start vaping!

Cost: Koi Stik costs $16.99, sold with 1 empty pod and 1 empty 30ml e-liquid bottle used for refilling vape juices. For additional $8.99, get 2 empty Koi Pods. Koi CBD vape juice must be purchased separately

Envii Fitt CBD Vaporizer – The Envii Fitt is another CBD vaporizer sold by Koi, but it has slightly more power than the Koi Stik. This vaporizer is sold with a 3.2ml refillable cartridge.

Cost: Complete kit costs $49.99 and comes with vaporizer, micro USB charger and one 50mg Koi Blue Fitt pod). 2-pack of Fitt Pods available in any of the six Koi vape juice flavors of your choosing for $21.99

Koi CBD Vape Juice – These e-liquids are what we have come to know and love from Koi CBD. The vape juice can be used for vaping and sublingual consumption but give the bottle a shake before using. Available in four potencies – 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg – Koi CBD’s vape juices are all sold in bottles of 30ml.

Choose from six flavors: Red Strawberry Milkshake, Gold Vanilla Caramel Custard, Jade Watermelon Green Apple Sour, Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit, Pink Lemonade and White, Koi’s flavorless option.

Koi also does a 5-count Koi Variety Pack, where you can pick and choose from five flavors and various potencies to satisfy your requirements.

Cost: Prices between $29.99 and $99.99, depending on potency of the CBD (100mg, 250mg, 500mg or 1,000mg). All Koi CBD vape juices are sold in 30ml bottles

Koi CBD Soft Chews for Pets – Koi’s soft pet treats are veterinarian-formulated and are made with 100% non-genetically modified ingredients. The CBD content in these products is much lower than for humans at 2.5mg per treat, as pets simply don’t need so much to balance their endocannabinoid system. The treats are available in either chicken or bacon flavors, so your dog is sure to love them! Dogs under 25lbs should be given 1 or 2 treats per day, dogs between 25 and 75lbs are good for 2 or 3 treats, and dogs in excess of 70lbs are recommended to take 3 or 4 treats daily.

Koi CBd Soft Chews

Cost: Bag of 20 for $29.99

Koi Naturals CBD Spray for Pets – The spray from Koi is like a CBD oil tincture, but only much easier to administer. Instead of having to get your dog to sit still so you can drip the oil into their mouth, simply spray it onto the food to ensure they get the benefit. The spray is veterinarian-formulated and once again 100% non-GMO. This oil is sold in a 60ml spray bottle and consists of 500mg of a broad-spectrum hemp-CBD extract.

Dogs under 15lbs should be given 1 or 2 sprays daily, medium-sized dogs between 15 to 40lbs should take 2 to 3 sprays per day, dogs between 40 and 75lbs are good for 3 to 4 sprays per day and extra-large dogs in excess of 75lbs should have 4 sprays or more on their food.

Koi Pet tincture

Cost: 60ml bottle containing 500mg CBD for $59.99

Koi CBD Tropical Gummies – Koi’s tropical gummies are made differently to most CBD gummies, making them more effective and consistent to dose with. Instead of just being sprayed with a CBD liquid extract, Koi’s gummies are mixed directly with the extract to ensure that each gummy has the same amount of CBD. The gummies are sold in packs of 20, with each gummy containing 5mg of CBD. Choose from natural or sour flavors.

Cost: Pack of 20 gummies, each containing 5mg of CBD for $29.99

Lavender Koi CBD Moisturizer – This moisturizer or lotion is sold in a 4.25oz bottle and contains 200mg of CBD. This lotion is soothing and relaxing, and can help to relieve aches and pains, as well as muscle stiffness and mild arthritic symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also help to ease eczema, acne and other skin conditions. The product also consists of organic aloe and coconut extracts, enhancing the therapeutic value of the moisturizer. This lotion can be used all over the body and face, including on sensitive skin.

Cost: 4.25oz bottle containing 200mg of CBD extract for $44.99


I would wholeheartedly recommend Koi CBD’s products as some of the best in the entire CBD industry. The vape juice is a particular highlight, since it can be used for vaping and as a sublingual oil. For people who are currently buying both products, this two-in-one option could significantly reduce their expenditure on CBD products.

Koi’s CBD spray for pets is an innovative twist on a CBD oil tincture, and a clever idea of easily administering CBD, since it can be a real challenge to get them to take the oil otherwise. Moreover, the moisturizer is so much more than a CBD product, with other beneficial extracts to protect and improve the quality of your skin. The CBD also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which may be useful for treating infections.

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Study indicates that CBD could be effective treatment for breast and prostate cancer

Breast and prostate cancer patients may have new hope, with a study in the Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs journal suggesting that cannabinoids from marijuana can help treat the illnesses. The research was initially published online, but is also due to go to print in the U.S. National Institute of Health journal.

The in-depth study has yielded plenty of promising results, with its abstract indicating that phytocannabinoids have a number of chemotherapeutic effects. Endocannabinoids (those already in the body) and synthetic cannabinoids which have been specially formulated have also shown signs of effectiveness against breast and prostate cancer.

The research found that it was the CBD cannabinoid (cannabidiol) that was the best in stifling cancer – good news as it’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD has been deemed effective as it has antitumor properties, including inhibiting activity in the IB-1 gene. Moreover, they can work alongside antitumor drugs a patient may already be taking.

However, the study made it clear that while the research was encouraging, it was far from conclusive and that there was still much progress needed to fully understand how CBD products could most efficiently be used to tackle the said illnesses.

Click here to find out more about the study.

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Hemp-derived CBD is now legal in Alabama

Steve Marshall, Alabama’s Attorney General has revised a public notice on the legality of cannabidiol (CBD) products in the state, in accordance to a provision in the Farm Bill which has just been passed in Congress.

The updated public notice followed a revision in November 2018, which clarified the exceptions to previous CBD prohibition in Alabama carved out by Carly’s Law and Leni’s Law.

President Donald Trump has not signed the Farm Bill yet, which is officially known as the Agricultural Improvement Act, but he is fully expected to do so.

The decision to legalize industrial hemp, which contains less than 0.3 percent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) across the nation, is excellent news for Alabamans, who are now free to purchase, possess and sell hemp-based CBD products.

Industrial hemp is an unusual strain of cannabis sativa, which is used regularly to make CBD products. Hemp is a good plant to use for CBD oils and vape juices because it naturally produces a very low amount of THC. The CBD-rich cannabinoid profile of hemp means it has no recreational use, and cannot cause any psychoactive effects. Politicians, especially in conservative states, have been hesitant about enacting cannabis legislation because of the perceived dangers with mind-altering substances.

CBD is non-psychoactive, and is therefore considered differently to THC and the full cannabis plant. Scientific research on the benefits of CBD is still somewhat limited, but the substance holds plenty of therapeutic potential. The cannabinoid works in the body’s complex endocannabinoid system, helping to promote chemical equilibrium.

About the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill was key to kickstarting the hemp-based CBD industry in the United States in 2014. The 2018 bill goes a step further. The legalization of hemp is good news for American farmers, who now have a lucrative new crop to cultivate. It’s also very promising for the development of CBD research, as scientists may find it much easier to access medical-grade hemp for studies.

Hemp legalization may also open the door for more regulation in the hemp CBD industry. Up to now, customers have been reliant on CBD manufacturers being transparent and having their products tested.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has taken a relaxed attitude toward CBD in recent times, with much higher priorities, such as the opioid crisis.

However, it will be up for the state departments of agriculture to decide the hemp policy in their own jurisdictions. So far, there is no indication that Alabaman farmers will be able to grow industrial hemp.

The history of CBD in Alabama

Alabama has been one of the most cautious states in America when it comes to medical cannabis and CBD, and despite a steady flow of research programs, citizens have not, until now, been able to get hold of CBD products for personal use. This allows them to remedy medical conditions themselves.

The first Alabama CBD oil bill of significance was Carly’s Law, which was signed by Governor Robert Bentley back in 2014. This allowed a study investigating the potential of non-psychoactive CBD oil to treat epileptic studies to be legally conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A handful of patients were accepted onto the trial and therefore benefitted from Carly’s Law. The UAB study has produced some positive findings, in line with the vast majority of CBD research on intractable epilepsy.

The next progressive step came with Leni’s Law, which was signed into law, again by Governor Bentley, in 2016. This bill permitted CBD-based cannabis oil with up to 3 percent THC to be prescribed to eligible patients.

However, the closed-door approach to CBD and medical cannabis with Carly and Leni’s Law in Alabama did not help the wider population. This means that the new Alabama CBD law, which has come thanks to the Farm Bill, carries extra importance.

The pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil Epidiolex, which is manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals, was authorized for medicinal use by the Alabama Department of Public Health in October 2018. This followed the oil’s approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

So, is CBD legal in Alabama?

It’s complicated! CBD oil in Alabama that is made using hemp extracts are legal, however CBD products made from the marijuana plant remain prohibited. The new Alabama CBD oil law only concerns hemp. CBD products have still not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Final thoughts

CBD and the wider issue of medical marijuana is still a work in progress in Alabama, particularly in comparison to other US states, many of which have adopted liberal marijuana laws. But crucially, the Yellowhammer State is moving in the right direction. With hemp-derived CBD oil legal in Alabama now for all citizens, those in need of pain relief, a natural anxiety treatment, an alternative sleeping aid and more, will now be able to get it.

It’s also a great opportunity for Alabama entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the CBD boom. They are now legally able to make wholesale purchases online, This helps to significantly reduce costs when buying hemp oil stock.

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All You Need to Know about Empire Wellness CBD

Empire Extracts is a company which puts a focus on producing some of the highest-quality CBD products, and specific terpenes to deliver magnificent results which best anything prescriptions drug can offer.

The problem with prescription drugs is that they can often do you as harm as they good – there are typically plenty of unwanted toxins which will see off one problem and bring on another. Empire Extracts, however, uses only organic, toxin-free ingredients, ensuring you an unrivalled CBD experience with the best terpene extracts.

It’s clear that given the choice, patients would rather opt for a medication that’s going to be better for their health, which is why Empire Extracts is always expanding its range to bring relief to more and more patients. Our research and development team are world-class, ensuring that they stay ahead of the game and their competitors.

What is CBD and why should I consider it?


Empire Wellness works with CBD medication – but what is CBD? CBD is a cannabidiol found in cannabis sativa and industrial hemp, and has many medical qualities which the medical world is now beginning to accept.

CBD, when isolated from the cannabis plant, operates purely as a medical cannabinoid, which is why attitudes towards it are much more relaxed than with normal marijuana. There’s no psychoactive effect when taking CBD, as this comes from the THC cannabinoid in the marijuana plant.


What are terpenes and how do they help the “entourage effect”?


The “entourage effect” is a scientific term used to explain how the various cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis operate together to produce a multiplier effect, which is far more effective than just straight CBD. For example, terpenes work with the CBD to enhance the impact of CBD, making it more efficient.


Terpenes aren’t the same as cannabinoids, but they are a natural occurrence in the cannabis plant which contributes to the scent of the plant. Terpenes and terpenoids come in a few different scents and are essential in making each cannabis strain unique.


Do I need medical approval to take Empire Wellness CBD?


No, there aren’t any psychoactive properties in Empire Wellness CBD so you can be comfortable taking it when you want and to the extent that you want. You should be fine to use CBD with other medications, but if you have any doubts, feel free to check with your doctor – they’ll know all about CBD!

Will I be able to pass a drugs test with Empire Wellness CBD?


Yes, drugs tests look for the presence of THC, and since there are no traces of THC in our products, you won’t be putting yourself at risk.


The only potential issue comes on the part of the drugs testers, who may also flag up CBD , CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids if you have taken really high doses. However, this is extremely unusual, and because you haven’t taken any THC, more extensive testing would prove that you haven’t done anything wrong, so don’t ever fret about taking Empire Extracts products.


What’s the recommended dosage?


It’s very much up to you and some people find that they need more than others, depending on what it is they are trying to combat. The best advice is to start off with a low dosage (around 50mg) and increase that as you become more comfortable with Empire Wellness CBD,until you find your sweet spot. You could take anywhere up to 250mg or more if you really wanted.


Experimenting and reviewing Empire Wellness flavors

We’ve been playing around with a few of the flavors from Empire Wellness to give you an idea about which ones we thought were the best. There are plenty of products from the company which have really amped up on the terpenes and we are big fans of these. You can vape these and experience superb flavors and relief, more so than you could with a plain CBD product. Let’s go over a few of the Empire Wellness CBD products:

Super Lemon Haze: derived from the cannabis strain name, Super Lemon Haze has, as you can perhaps imagine, really strong hints of lemon which you’ll love if you like citrus in your vapes. We found this one helped with improving mood too.

Strawberry Cough: the Strawberry Cough offers a really intense hit of strawberries which makes it really nice to vape. More importantly, the entourage effect is in full flow here and we experienced significant and quick pain relief.

Gorilla Glue: the Gorilla Glue is unlike any other CBD product we’ve tried before in terms of flavor, although we couldn’t help but notice the earthy notes. The entourage effect is on show again and we’d definitely choose to have it regularly.

Sunset Sherbet: another fruity one, Sunset Sherbet packs in a variety of fruits to offer a delicious flavor, and the entourage effect is a nice added bonus.

Jack Herer: if you don’t like strong flavors and smells in your vape, then Jack Herer could be for you. It’s less pungent than the others and it made us feel more creative and positive.

Hardcore OG: as you can guess, Hardcore OG is hardcore and very effective, although the flavoring isn’t quite as good as the others. But it works well, and the entourage effect here more than compares to the others.

Pineapple Express: making a play on the film name, Pineapple Express oozes pineapple goodness and was one of the best tasting products from Empire Extracts that we tried. Great for pain relief and mental complaints, this one’s a versatile choice.


The vast range on offer from Empire Wellness really puts it a cut above some of the other names out there, and every product we tried did the job asked of it, even if each one had its own little quirks in terms of flavor and reaction.

You’ll be in safe hands with Empire Wellness CBD, so dive straight in and start picking up some products today.

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Unlocking the Immense Power of CBD

People all over the world are waking up to the amazing power that CBD (cannabidiol) has to offer. One of the key cannabinoids in marijuana, CBD is infused with many fantastic properties that are phenomenally effective in tackling an array of physical and mental issues – from chronic physical pain to mental ailments like depression and anxiety, CBD can come to your rescue. What makes CBD perhaps the best form of all-round medication in the world today is its true versatility – it’s available in so many different forms, that everybody can find one that works and delivers the effects in the way they want them.

Nailing down why CBD is much safer than many traditional medicinal alternatives is essential in understanding why it is so popular. While other medicines are often addictive and contain nasty side effects, CBD is free of both. With that in mind, patients can feel freer in taking as much CBD as they like, as regularly as they like, knowing that it won’t have any adverse effects and that they won’t become reliant on it.

Furthermore, while marijuana also contains CBD and has become the alternative medicine for many, it has its downsides that are eradicated with straight CBD products. The THC cannabinoid in marijuana is psychoactive, which is why you feel “high” when smoking or eating it. With CBD however, you get all of the relaxing, calming and pain-relieving qualities that are present in cannabis, without any of these psychoactive side effects. Therefore, not only is CBD wonderfully effective, but it helps to promote your mental well-being and clarity too.


CBDfx was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to the remarkable benefits of CBD. Through the development of cutting edge products made with the best quality ingredients available, they have changed the life of thousands of customers. CBDfx uses high-quality, full spectrum hemp CBD oil and adheres to the highest pharmaceutical standards for production in its products. CBDfx is one of only a few companies to offer 100% state and federally complaint CBD oil products derived from the stalks of EU grown industrial hemp. All products are manufactured in cGMP certified facilities and are tested by third party laboratories. CBDfx is your guarantee for quality and compliance.

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Pills & Edibles

Plenty of funky CBD edibles are on sale right now, from gummy bears to lollipops – not only do they taste awesome, but they’re discreet too! CBD “drinkables” also tend to be popular since they can be mixed into strong drinks, hiding the CBD taste completely.

CBD pills and edibles don’t just have to be seen as a back-up choice either. The reaction on your body is slightly different when CBD is consumed in this manner. Unlike with vaping, CBD pills and CBD edibles take a bit longer to have an effect, but the release is much slower and therefore the impact doesn’t wear off as quickly – you’ll typically get a couple extra hours.

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CBD Extracted from Hemp

While the common consensus is that CBD is more powerful and cheaper when extracted from marijuana, unfortunately there is still a federal prohibition on the plant and it has only been legalized in a few states. But thankfully there’s a workaround, and it comes in the shape of CBD hemp oil.

Industrial hemp is rich with CBD and is legal because the THC (a psychoactive cannabidiol in cannabis) content is very low. This allows people in every US state to take advantage of CBD. CBD products online will consist of CBD extracted from hemp, and the packaging will have information on the THC content – stringent testing also guarantees that all CBD products you receive have less than 0.3 percent THC.

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Another quick way of getting CBD into your body is by using CBD tinctures. These tinctures are well- liked because you simply have to just drip a few drops under your tongue, leave it there for a couple of minutes and then swallow. The CBD only takes a few minutes to become active, and therefore you can always drip a bit more if you think you need to.

As with CBD vape oil wholesale choices, CBD tinctures come in all sorts of flavors, such as lemon and mint, to promote a relaxing and hassle-free CBD experience.

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More recently we have begun to see the introduction of many CBD syrups, which have been developed to make getting your CBD more enjoyable than ever before. Let’s see what CBD syrups are out there and why you should consider purchasing them.

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If all of those great CBD products weren’t enough, then there’s a revolutionary new one known as CBDreem – a CBD-infused syrup specifically designed to offer you an easy way to get your CBD hit. It’s sold in a few flavors, including grape, and is best mixed into a hot drink. As the name suggests, CBDreem is also the perfect CBD syrup for you if you want to use the cannabinoid to quell your insomnia or improve your sleep pattern generally.

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Cloud N9ne Syrup

Cloud N9ne Syrup is a tad different to CBDreem but it’s just as useful, especially if you want more than a basic CBD kick. This syrup also includes nine natural herbs that are all vital in improving your mood.

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Green Roads

We are also proud to sell Green Roads CBD oil, a pure CBD product that gives the vaper the same entourage effect that they could hope to get from marijuana use. Green Roads CBD oils are really flexible, and while you could just take them as they are, if you want to mix them in with other CBD e-liquids that you like, then you have the freedom to do so.

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About CBD Vape Juice

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a natural component of the hemp plant and an alternative to THC. CBD is used in CBD oil and other products to help relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

What is different about CBD than THC?

While CBD is a part of the cannabis plant, it is legal to consume yet provides beneficial effects instead of the harmful effects of THC (Marijuana). It effects different parts of the brain and creates a soothing and relaxing effect that is completely safe and natural. CBD has been shown to negate the effects of THC and it is impossible to get “high” off of CBD.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, it is legal in all 50 states without a prescription and unlike THC, is not a controlled substance and is legal to buy, sell, and distribute. CBD will also not show on a drug test as it doesn’t have the same properties of scheduled drugs prohibited by the DEA.

How do I use CBD?

CBD oil can be put into your vaporizer directly onto the coil, or mixed with your favorite e-liquids either in your tank or into the e-liquid bottle.

What are the effects of CBD?

The effects of CBD vape juice have not been shown to be harmful. It is suggested you do your own research as it is still under study and these effects have not been confirmed by the FDA, but for now it is a much safer alternative to TCH because you can’t get high off of it and it is non-addictive. Studies have shown that CBD does not interfere with psychomotor or psychological functions. Many people are confused by the terms and think that CBD has the same harmful effects as marijuana (THC) however it does not. It actually seems to reduce the intoxicating effects that THC causes. Effects such as memory impairment and the other negative effects associated with marijuana are not caused by CBD and are actually reduced with its usage as it interacts with the brain completely differently. CBD e-liquid is mainly used for relaxation, as it helps the relieve stress and anxiety, putting you in a good mood.

How is CBD produced?

CBD comes from industrial hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant specifically used for industrial products. It has a variety of uses and has been used for thousands of years. It is a fast growing plant and over 10,000 years ago was first used to spin into usable fibers, later being refined for use in textiles, paper and clothing. It has also been used in plastics, paint, and animal feed. CBD has very low concentrations of THC and is part of a different strain with very different properties, eliminating the negative psychoactive effects of THC. The United States import the most hemp than any other country in the world. Rest assured that CBD is safe and legal.

Vaping CBD

The most popular way of getting CBD into your system is by vaping it, purely because it takes effect almost instantly and you can easily adjust the strength of your dose. The CBD e-liquid market is huge, with many companies getting in on the act, developing flavored products – from sweet to savory – so that taking CBD is fun rather than a chore. CBD e-juice can also be mixed in with your other favorite e-liquids, such as nicotine-based ones, making your self-medication process that little bit more efficient.

If you find yourself using a lot of CBD, the more severe the pain the stronger the dose you will take, then you may want to buy CBD e-liquid wholesale. Buying in bulk proves to be a much cheaper method in the long-run than purchasing CBD in small batches. If you’re looking to buy CBD online, then this site has everything you could ever need, so do browse through our products.

Should vaping be your preferred to way to take CBD, then you’re going to need a good CBD vape pen to do so. There are a number of superb vape pens and other vaporizing devices around nowadays that are compatible with CBD e-liquids.

CBD Drip products are some of our best-sellers and these contain varying strengths of CBD, enabling you to experiment and pinpoint the exact type of response that you want.

Understanding the difference between e-liquids and vape oils

The days of smoking being cool are long gone but vaping is firmly taking its place. Vaping lets people get the hit they desire from their tobacco or chosen herb, but without the damaging side effects. The vaporizer merely “cooks” the tobacco or herb instead of burning it, preventing carcinogens from being emitted and transported into your lungs. Furthermore, vaporizers are far less intrusive than joints or bowls. There’s no pungent, off-putting smell, allowing you to vape pretty much anywhere. Moreover, these small nifty devices are portable and quick to work.

There’s a lot of terminology surrounding vaping, particularly between vape oils and e-liquids. Many often confuse the two or think that they are the same, but they are actually rather different.

E-liquids are specially made “juices” for vaporizing purposes. These juices contain nicotine, CBD or whatever someone wishes to vape, and are typically flavored. They also contain propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin (PG and VG). PG helps to deliver the smoky effect, while the VG makes the vapor smoother and thicker. Usually distilled water will also be added to the e-liquid to eliminate any harshness that remains in the vapor. Both artificial and organic flavorings are used to make e-juices, depending on the brand.

E-juices became popular with smokers who wanted to find a way of getting nicotine without suffering the damaging side effects that come from the actual smoking process. Nicotine is addictive and e-juices are sold in various strengths. As well as being a substitute, some use e-juices to help quit smoking, as this allows them to easily control the dosage of nicotine that they are taking, and gradually take themselves off of it over time. On its own, nicotine is nowhere near as dangerous, and has a few similar effects to caffeine.

Vape oil, on the other hand, is hashish oil which is derived from marijuana. While some strains of cannabis offer recreational usages of vape oil (depending on the amount of THC), it’s liked by medical marijuana users as a fast way of administering CBD – and on occasions THC too – for pain relief. Vape oil is smeared onto a coil and then heated (for vape pens), or decanted into an oil tank. Some oil vaporizing devices heat the oil via a metal plate which in turns heats the coil, which leads to the vaporizing. Hashish oil tends to be highly concentrated and a suitable medication for patients who need high doses to find relief.

Both e-liquids and vape oils have their uses, but remember that they are different. E-liquids are manufactured vaporizing liquids whereas hashish oil is more natural and derived straight from the marijuana plant. Both vape oils and e-liquids are a much safer alternative than smoking, so whether it’s nicotine, CBD or THC that you are seeking, consider making the switch to vaporizing if you haven’t done so already. All that’s left now is to find the right e-liquid or vape oil for you and start enjoying vaping!