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Does Delta 8 THC Show Up on a Drug Test & How to Pass

Delta 8 THC drug test

Delta 8 THC has become a favorite choice of marijuana users looking for a mellow, transient state of euphoria and relaxation. But will this cannabinoid that is federally legal and half as potent as its psychotropic cousin – Delta 9 THC – show up on a drug test just the same?


The effects of Delta 8 THC are notably half the psychoactive high of Delta THC 9, but they both metabolize in the body’s fat cells as THC. This means that Delta 8 THC metabolites might still be detected by most drug tests, but tests are not finely-tuned instruments, they can be manipulated and passed with the right information.


To find out if Delta 8 THC shows up on a drug test or not, keep reading what we have to say about it.


What is Delta 8 THC?


Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid found in hemp. It’s considered to be the bridge between CBD and stronger psychoactive cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC. Under the 2018 Farm Act, it became federally legal to extract the Delta 8 cannabinoid from hemp because it contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


Being an isomer of CBD, yet molecularly very similar to Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC users may experience a heavier body feel that is absent from CBD, but without the undesirable euphoric effects of Delta 9. 


Delta 8 THC vs CBD


When CBD hit the market, it was in everything from face creams to socks, to gummy bears, ice pops, and other fun edibles. CBD was a legal product so it took no time for it to blow up, selling everywhere, even in rural mom and pop shops. 


Here are some other factors about Delta 8 THC vs CBD:


  • CBD left something to be desired for the cannabis user; missing was a buzz or a heavy body feel, Delta 8 THC finally provided that. Delta 8 THC entered the legal market in 2019, dwarfing CBD in sales since its introduction. 
  • Its peak popularity lies in the 14 states that have no access to the medicinal or recreational marijuana market, where it’s being sold at CBD shops and even gas stations. 
  • In the states that have legalized marijuana use, Delta 8 is still growing in popularity as more people realize the smooth high they may get minus the adverse side effects of Delta 9 THC.


Unlike Delta 9 THC, which has been the most widely available cannabinoid, Delta 8 THC will not give you an overwhelming intoxication that goes on all day. 


Does Delta 8 THC Cause Anxiety?


If you have suffered from the adverse psychotropic effects of Delta 9, such as anxiety, elevated heart rates, decreased memory, paranoia, or hallucinations, then the more subdued Delta 8 THC may be the less potent high you were hoping to feel.



Though the FDA has not approved any findings, The National Cancer Institute has found that Delta 8 THC may provide the following effects:


  • Reduces anxiety
  • Pain management
  • Reduces nausea and vomiting 
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Protects against the breakdown of the central nervous system
  • Increases mitogen-activated protein kinase activities


These findings have made Delta 8 THC an ideal medical choice for cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s patients. Recreationally, users have reported additional benefits like helping with insomnia, helping users stay focused, and having a light, uplifting high that doesn’t last all day and has no withdrawal. But more research still needs to be conducted.


Will Delta 8 THC Show Up On a Drug Test?


Like other cannabis products, Delta 8 THC is broken down into THC metabolites which are then stored in your body’s fat cells. Chronic use of Delta 8 THC products may add up the amount that is stored in your body and if the amount metabolized reaches .03% percent or higher, it could likely show up in a drug test. 


According to Mayo Clinic Laboratory, the following numbers show urine test examples of how long metabolites from Delta 9 THC typically stay in the system without detoxing and based on the frequency of use:


  • One time use – clear after 3 days 
  • Moderate use (several times a week) – clear after 5 days
  • Daily use – clear after 10 days 
  • Chronic heavy use (multiple times a day) – clear after 30 days


These numbers represent the most common urine samples of Delta 9 THC users, but the safest assumption is to assign the same durations to Delta 8 THC.


If Delta 8 is Legal to Buy and Use, Why Isn’t It Exempt From a Drug Test?


delta 8 drug test


Both Delta 8 THC products and even CBD products have this same problem- they can show up in a common drug test as THC. The results fail to distinguish the source of THC found in your urine. There are currently no tests that trace your body’s THC to the exact cannabinoid it came from.


How to Cleanse Your System to Pass a Delta 8 Drug Test


If you have enjoyed a Delta 8 THC product too soon before your upcoming drug test, don’t worry, there are trusted ways you can detox and purge the THC out of your system. 


Here are two of those ways:


  1. After your last Delta 8 use, increase your water intake immediately; two gallons a day will help flush out metabolites. Over-the-counter diuretics and natural diuretic supplements or teas of ginger, hibiscus, dandelion, and parsley should increase your urine flow and stimulate the kidneys; the organ responsible for filtering out toxins. 


  1. As THC is metabolized in the fat cells, now is the time to sweat it out! Participate in cardio activities: running, jogging, dancing, boxing, swimming, biking, and other sports. Replace any fatty foods with antioxidant-rich leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 


It may be best to assume that THC may be picked up by any test if there has been the consumption of Delta 8 THC within a certain time frame, but with the combination of hydration, diuretics, antioxidants, and cardio, you may be able to sweat and pee out the Delta 8 THC in time to and pass your urine test. 


Final Considerations About Passing a Drug Test When Using Delta 8 THC


Depending on your usage, health, and fitness level, it can take three days to four weeks for THC to pass through your system, but passing a drug test after using Delta 8 THC is more likely if you have already been living an active lifestyle. 


While the definitive way to pass a drug test is to abstain for a period of time relative to your usage, it’s still possible to pass if you have enjoyed a Delta 8 THC product too soon before an expected drug test. 


A body detox that includes hydrating, diuretics, cardio, and a healthy diet, might speed up the time it takes for the body to cleanse out the THC metabolites. In the end, the best advice is always to conduct proper research and find out for yourself.

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Introducing 3Chi’s Delta-8-THC Product Range

3Chi’s Delta-8-THC

Delta-8-THC products are making a big stir in America’s legal hemp scene. This is especially thanks to brands like 3Chi, which is making an impressive range of premium products.

3Chi is an American company manufacturing hemp-based products, with a focus on niche cannabinoids, such as delta-8-THC. 3Chi’s collection consists of vape cartridges, distillate syringes, gummies, tincture oils and more. In addition to delta-8-THC, 3Chi also makes CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN products.

Want to find more about the 3Chi experience, and what delta-8-THC could do for you? In this guide, we look at the general effects of delta-8-THC, and the specific benefits offered by each of 3Chi’s products.

What is delta-8-THC?

Essentially, delta-8-THC is the legal version of the better-known and, mostly illegal, psychoactive delta-9-THC. Legal delta-8-THC is mildly psychoactive, and appears to be taken mostly for recreational reasons. That said, like regular THC, delta-8-THC may also some therapeutic benefits.

You are probably wondering why delta-8-THC legal, since it’s similar to THC and you can get high from it. This all comes down to a legal loophole. When the US federal government legalized hemp, the only restriction was that products must have less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. The law didn’t mention delta-8-THC at all, hence why companies like 3Chi are able to legally manufacture products rich in this cannabinoid.

Product range

Delta-8-THC products may be new, but 3Chi already stocks a broad collection, ensuring there is something for everybody. As with CBD, there are numerous ways of consuming delta-8-THC, each of which produces slightly different effects.

Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges

There’s no quicker way of getting cannabinoids into the body than vaping, and 3Chi’s delta-8-THC vape cartridges deliver an efficient and convenient experience. These cartridges are available in two sizes – 0.5ml and 1ml – and consist of 475mg or 950mg delta-8-THC. Therefore, the e-liquid used by 3Chi has an impressive 95% purity.

3Chi stocks a huge selection of delta-8-THC vape cartridges, from sativas, to indicas, to hybrids. Popular strains available include Blue Dream, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Jack Herer, OG Kush and Pineapple Express.

Delta-8-THC Distillate Syringes

3Chi’s distillate syringes are remarkably pure, boasting a whopping 91 to 99% delta-8-THC purity, and a 99.5% total cannabinoid concentration. Distillate syringes are perfect if you want a high-strength and versatile experience – distillates can be dabbed, eaten and vaporized!

Each syringe contains 1ml of distillate, and a minimum of 910mg delta-8-THC. The product comes with a 0.5-inch, 14-gauge tip for dispensing the distillate. 3Chi recommends a dosage between 5 to 20mg. First-time users should begin with caution. If the distillate hardens, the syringe can be soaked in a water bath, or heated with a hairdryer. This product should never be used for bodily injection.

Delta-8-THC Gummies

3Chi’s lab-tested delta-8-THC gummies are ideal if you want a longer-lasting high. Cannabinoids from gummies do not take effect immediately but are active for several hours longer in edible form than when vaporized.

Each gummy contains 25mg of delta-8-THC and are available in packs of 8 and 16. These edibles have a black raspberry flavoring, and 3Chi suggests taking them alongside a meal for best effect.

3Chi does warn that since the gummies are not heat-resistant, they could melt into one. While this does not affect the potency of the delta-8-THC, this does make it more difficult to dose with accuracy and consistency.

Delta-8-THC Tincture Oils

In general, tincture oils are the first choice for people who need fast-acting effects, but don’t want to risk their lungs by vaping. That’s a key selling point for 3Chi’s delta-8-tincture oils, along with the fact that tinctures can be taken under the tongue, with food, and even applied on the skin.

3Chi’s Delta-8-THC tincture is made with a broad-spectrum hemp extract, and hence has a full array of cannabinoids and terpenes. This tincture is infused with medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) oil, which enhances the potency of the product. 3Chi notes that this tincture oil should not be used in a vaporizer.

Delta-8-THC and CBN Tincture Oils

3Chi also makes a tincture oil comprising of delta-8-THC and CBN. Cannabinol (CBN) is a non-intoxicating, therapeutic cannabinoid, which may help to improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation. No surprise then that 3Chi has chosen to call this tincture oil “Comfortably Numb”.

This oil contains a 1:1 ratio of delta-8-THC and CBN, and is sold in three strengths: 300mg, 600mg and 1200mg. The tincture is also infused with beta-caryophyllene, a calming, peppery terpene that has sedative and anti-inflammatory qualities.

This is a great product if you want a more controlled high and increased relaxing effects. We recommend taking this oil in the evenings, when you are best placed to enjoy the mentally and physically soothing effects.

Delta-8-THC and CBN Vape Cartridges

Delta-8-THC and CBN come together once again in these 3Chi vape cartridges. As with the tinctures, these vape cartridges are focused on maximizing relaxation and delivering a less intense high, with enhanced therapeutic effects.

Part of 3Chi’s “Comfortably Numb” line, each cartridge contains 40% delta-8-THC, 40% CBN, in addition to 10% cannabichromene (CBC), 2% cannabidiol (CBD), and a smattering of tasty Strawberry Napalm terpenes. These vape cartridges are sold in two sizes: 0.5ml and 1ml.

3Chi promises that users will be enjoying the relaxing effects just “20 minutes after a puff or two”. However, they do note that vaporized CBN is not effective for around one-third of users.

Bulk Delta-8-THC Oil (Premium Grade)

Interested in selling delta-8-THC products yourself? Then 3Chi’s Premium Grade oil is a fantastic choice. Buying in bulk is a great way to get more stock for less, and 3Chi can produce as much as you need, and blend in whatever terpenes you like.

This oil has been lab-tested by Desert Valley Testing and contains between 94 to 99% delta-8-THC, and a 99.5% total cannabinoid content. There is no delta-9-THC int this product.

Bulk Delta-8-THC Oil (Lab Grade: 70 to 93%)

3Chi also manufactures a lab grade delta-8-THC oil, available for bulk purchase. This oil has between 70 to 93% delta-8-THC and is suggested for those who want to conduct the refining process themselves. 3Chi advises against consuming this oil in its current form, as the lab-testing does not account for all of the compounds present. This bulk oil is only good if you want to make your own delta-8-THC products.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it. We’re mighty impressed with the 3Chi Delta-8-THC collection, and the number of high-quality products they have already brought to market. Every product has been lab-tested, so you can be sure it’s up to scratch, which is always important in an emerging and unregulated industry!

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What is Pure THC & Is it Better?

what is pure thc

Pure THC is a much more highly concentrated version of THC than you would find in regular cannabis flower. With pure THC, you can enjoy a much more potent psychoactive experience, and get high more rapidly than with classic cannabis products.

Whereas THC levels in marijuana buds typically top out at around 25%, a pure THC product can contain as much as 99.99% THC. Subsequently, pure THC does not contain any CBD, or any of the other cannabinoids found in marijuana. Pure THC is ideal for powerful highs, but the rich THC content means tolerance builds quickly.

Are you ready to take your THC experience to the next level? Then keep reading to find out more about pure THC, and get up to speed with the most concentrated and potent products on the market today.

What is Pure THC?


Pure THC is exactly what it sounds like: a purified version of THC. While people smoke marijuana or eat regular marijuana edibles for the THC, standard cannabis extracts contain a limited amount of THC.

The strongest cannabis available may have up to 20 to 25% THC, but the rest of the plant is comprised of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and plant compounds. Cannabis cultivators have done everything possible to grow stronger cannabis that delivers better highs, but there is only so much that can be done. And that’s where pure THC comes in.

This distillate concentrate extract smashes through the 25% barrier, and allows you to enjoy THC in concentrations of 99% or more. This pure, decarboxylated version of THC is clean and incredibly versatile, with many cannabis advocates arguing that it’s the future of THC. But before we get into the wide range of pure THC products that are out there, let’s look first at how this super-potent extract is made.

How is Pure THC made?

Cannabis distillation involves separating the THC from the rest of the compounds in marijuana. This is typically achieved by a process known as short-path distillation, or fractional distillation. While not a new method, cannabis distillation has become more popular recently with the growing demand for high-strength THC products.

thc concentrates

But before short-path distillation can occur, the THC must first be separated from the marijuana plant, ideally via the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction technique. This process separates out the THC and any other important compounds. Fats and lipids are then removed from the extract via a process known as winterization, which involves a solvent such as ethanol.

With the short-path distillation technique, the distillation is passed between flasks, with the aid of alcohol and a strict temperature control. Extract is slowly poured into a flask, and as it is heated, the THC-filled vapor is sucked up into fractionating tubing and then a condensing tube through a vacuum. This convenient, compact approach is efficient and prevents compound loss. The process can be repeated several times for improved refinement.

Introducing the most popular Pure THC products

Because pure THC is so versatile, it’s no surprise that there is such a huge range of pure THC products. While THC in any form (except topical application) will get you high, the effects can differ depending on how you consume it. Hence each pure THC product has its own benefits.

Pure THC Oil

Pure THC tinctures are generally taken under the tongue, and offer the speedy benefits of sublingual absorption. This is the second-fastest way to get THC into your system after vaping, with the molecules swiftly entering the bloodstream via the sublingual glands and mucous membranes in the mouth. Tincture oils are great if you want a hard-hitting high, without the potential negative effects of vaping. Pure THC tinctures are also very discreet.

Furthermore, pure THC oil can also be used to make edibles and in any recipe of your choice. If using a tincture product in this way, be prepared for the THC to work more gradually, just like in an edible.

Pure THC Oil is a great product for experiencing the all-round benefits of THC. Whether you just want to get high as quickly as possible, or you want swift relief from your symptoms, tincture oils can do the trick.

Pure THC Crystals

THC crystals are perhaps what first comes to mind when you think of cannabis concentrates. These products have gained a reputation for their astonishing potency, and are the popular THC option of choice for the most hardened of consumers!

THC crystalline is as pure as it gets, although it does come in pre-psychoactive THC-A form, which means you’ll need to heat it to get high. Technically, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of THC-A by eating the crystals directly or dissolving them into your drink. But we get that probably isn’t why you’re buying them!

For the full, mind-blowing high, you’ll want to vaporize pure THC crystals, using either a vaporizer designed for extracts, or by dabbing them with a dab rig. This works by heating up a nail, “dabbing” the concentrate on the nail, and inhaling that THC-rich vapor.

Pure THC Syringe

Not everyone is a fan of the THC syringe, but they can actually be pretty useful. Of course, in the world of drugs, syringes can give off some bad vibes. But THC syringes aren’t dangerous, and aren’t meant for intravenous injection, so there’s no need to have such concerns.

Rather, pure THC syringes are great for accurate THC dosing, and can be used for vaping or direct consumption with minimal product loss. When dealing with highly concentrated products, any wastage is costly. You could choose to dab a little oil from the syringe onto your finger, and rub it into the inside of your cheek.

Pure THC Wax

Wax is another excellent pure THC product for vaping. THC wax is slightly less potent than crystalline THC, but the sticky nature of the product perhaps makes it easier for dabbing. Not to mention, THC wax is already activated, so you can eat it for a magnificent high, just like any other edible.

If you want the best of both – the fast-acting effects of THC vaping, and the drawn out impact of a THC edible – then pure THC wax has you covered.

Pure THC Gummies

Gummies are a classic THC edible, and provide you with a level of discretion that most other THC products simply can’t give you. It’s pretty much impossible to tell pure THC gummies apart from regular gummies, so you can easily combine them with your normal candies and get stoned under the radar.

The THC in gummies – and any other edible – enters your bloodstream through the stomach. This process happens more slowly than vaporized or sublingually absorbed THC, so don’t expect to feel the high straight away – and resist the temptation to double your dose. Once the effects do start kicking in, you can expect the high to last twice as long.

Pure THC Terpenes

Purified terpenes are great for mixing with any pure THC products to recreate the effects of your favorite strains. Since the THC distillation process removes terpenes, this eliminates the sativa, indica and hybrid effects that give strains their uniqueness.

These compounds are not just useful for delivering cerebral or relaxing effects, they are also pack a flavorful punch. Terpenes complement your high rather than reducing it, so if you want to enhance your pure THC experience even further, we recommend picking up some pure terpenes.

Pure THC Powder

THC Powder

THC powder is very similar to THC crystals, except it comes in powdered form rather than crystalline form, making it even more versatile. Pure THC powder products are typically dissolvable in water, so can be added to your favorite beverages for an edible-like high. THC powder also works as a food ingredient.

Pure THC Disposables

Disposables are the easiest way to vape. Rather than having to fiddle around refilling empty cartridges with e-liquid, with disposables, you can just pick up your pen and inhale, and start getting baked within seconds.

Pure THC disposables are highly potent, and most brands offer a wide selection of flavors, just like you would get if purchasing marijuana flower. The flavors are possible thanks to the addition of terpenes. For increased energy, opt for a sativa. For relaxation and a “couchlock” effect, choose a sativa. And for a well-balanced high, go for a hybrid.

Is Pure THC better than non-pure THC?

This all depends on what you are looking for from your cannabis. If you are all about the high, and want the strongest possible products, then you will definitely prefer pure THC. This is the only way to break through the natural THC limits of flower, and it will give you a stoned feeling that even chain-smoking joints for hours wouldn’t deliver.

However, don’t think of “non-pure THC” as bad. People have been consuming natural, “non-pure” cannabis for thousands of years. There may be some impurities, but the best cannabis growers are able to minimize these. And if you don’t want that mega powerful high of pure THC, the complementing effects of CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds may be quite welcome.

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THC Tests: Everything You Need to Know

Drug tests are a nightmare, but are often unavoidable. So, if you’re a regular cannabis smoker and THC user, it’s important to stay abreast on drug test developments.

THC tests come in many forms. Urine tests are perhaps the most common drug test, but saliva tests, hair tests and blood tests can also detect for the presence of THC. Increasingly, people are turning to synthetic urine products to help with passing drug tests – these sophisticated products contain all the necessary ingredients to fool a test.

Want to find out more about what the common THC tests entail, and how you can make sure you pass, all while staying lit? Then we’re glad you’ve stopped by!

What is a THC test?

A THC test is just another word for a drug test. Many employers require their employees to take drug tests, and some even require a clean sample as part of pre-employment screening. And in some industries, that’s fair enough – such as if you’re operating heavy machinery. But if you’re working retail or any other job that is clearly not dangerous, we think it is kind of outrageous for employers to test for weed – particularly in states where it’s legal!

A test for THC works by testing a sample for metabolites of THC, such as 11-OH-THC and THC-COOH. Regular delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC) and delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8) molecules are broken down into metabolites. That’s why tests look for these, rather than the THC cannabinoid itself.

THC Drug Tests

THC Urine Tests

Urine tests are a real nuisance for stoners and the drug tester’s biggest weapon. THC is detectable in urine for more than a month, depending on how much you smoke. The lingering presence of THC is what puts off many people from having a cheeky joint with their mates on the weekend.

The duration of time that THC stays in the urine is also affected by the amount of body fat the user has and the sensitivity of the drug test. Some tests have a very low THC threshold, whereas others are set at a higher level, meaning you probably could smoke and get away with it. The problem is that you never know what test you’ll be required to take!

THC Saliva Tests

This is another convenient type of test – well, for the tester, at least. If you smoke now and again, the THC will be gone in a couple of days, but for regular smokers it can remain present for up to a month. The general view is that THC saliva tests have a shorter detection time than urine tests, but a 30-day detection time will still prevent most from enjoying THC.

THC Hair Tests

Hair follicle tests are as bad as it gets for any hopeful weed smokers. There have been cases of THC being detected in hair samples more than three months after using. After taking THC, the cannabinoids are transported to the hair follicles via small blood vessels. A test will take a hair follicle sample from close to the scalp. Hair grows at about 0.5 inches per month, so a 1.5-inch sample should flag up any usage within the last 90 days.

THC Blood Tests

Since THC only stays in the blood for around 24 hours (unless you’re a heavy user, in which case THC can remain detectable to up for a week), THC blood tests are uncommon. They are also more challenging to do than other, less invasive tests, and therefore are rarely used. However, a THC blood test may be carried out in the immediate aftermath of an injury or work-related accident, or if under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

What is a THC Test Kit?

Cannabis or THC test kits can be used to detect the presence of THC metabolites in a urine sample. These single-use kits work by immersing the test in the urine sample for around 10 to 15 seconds, refitting the cap, and then waiting for about 10 minutes to see whether it turns positive or negative. The instructions may vary from product to product, but rest assured, they are all easy to use!

Are THC Home Tests Legit?

Investing in a THC testing kit is a good way to find out whether you will pass a test or not, and if you need to go to extra measures to stay in the clear. And the great news is that these products are perfectly legal, even for the everyman and everywoman. So, before you go investing in equipment to outfox a drug test, we recommend a small investment in one of these to check whether it’s even necessary!

How to Pass a THC Test

If the worst comes to worst, and you are required to take a test you’ve no chance of passing naturally, then it’s high time to get a little crafty. Be aware that while THC can fail you, so can delta-8, THC’s legal cousin. This is because delta-8 breaks down into the same metabolites that THC does, and a test wouldn’t know the difference.

Passing a urine test: Synthetic urine is your best bet here. The highest quality synthetic urine kits contain all the waste products of real urine, and boast the same characteristics. These kits work by heating the urine – either in the microwave or with heating pads – to body temperature, and then providing that to the tester, rather than a real sample. Providing the fake urine really does have all the qualities of urine, you should be fine.

Passing a saliva test: Take a couple of days off the green and wash your mouth out thoroughly before a test. Eat plenty of fatty foods, and use a saliva detox mouthwash. If you get the chance to swab yourself, steer clear of your teeth and gum line.

Passing a hair follicle test: Detox shampoo is your best friend when it comes to passing a hair follicle test. This will help to remove any THC, no matter how much you smoke. These typically aren’t cheap, so we recommend massaging the shampoo into your hair for as long as possible. Apply the shampoo very liberally if you have thick hair – you don’t want to leave anything to chance!

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THC Tinctures: Are They Right for You? Benefits, Dose, How to Use & Make It

what is a cbd tincture

Cannabis tincture oils are perhaps best known for their medicinal benefits – but THC tinctures work great whether you’re taking them for therapeutic purposes, or simply to get high. And you may even find them preferable to traditional THC products, like marijuana flower.


THC tinctures are perfect for people who want to enjoy cannabis without risking their lungs by smoking or vaping. These products are typically taken under the tongue and can be used to take very precise quantities of THC. Cannabis enthusiasts can also make their own tinctures by following a simple process.


Are you looking for a healthier way to take THC, while still getting that awesome high? Or do you want a cannabis product that you can enjoy without drawing attention to yourself? If either applies, then we recommend diving into our comprehensive guide on THC tincture oils.

What is a THC tincture?

CBD Tincture genesis

THC tinctures are cannabis oil products containing extracts of THC, the primary psychoactive component in the plant. THC tinctures are typically made up of the cannabis extract and high-proof alcohol, and sometimes feature a smattering of essential oils and/or terpenes.

You may have heard about tinctures in regard to non-psychoactive, hemp-based CBD oils, and they are extremely popular in that industry. THC tinctures are the same type of product, except with the THC, of course! That’s the crucial ingredient in marijuana that makes you high.

Different types of THC tincture

Pure THC tinctures: THC-only, or THC-isolate tinctures just feature THC from the cannabis plant, and none of the other cannabinoids found within it (or any terpenes and flavonoids for that matter). If you’re after a powerful high, then THC-only tinctures are just brilliant, as there’s nothing in them to temper the psychoactive effects.

THC-CBD tinctures: Some THC tinctures are made with a full cannabis plant extract, and therefore have a full array of cannabinoids – notably, cannabidiol (CBD). With its non-intoxicating effects, CBD helps limit the effects of THC, and produce a mellower high. THC and CBD complement each other, and while you won’t get as high, this clever combination should stop your tolerance levels from shooting up so quickly.

7 Amazing Benefits of THC Tinctures

Cannabis users are spoilt for choice nowadays, with so many fantastic THC products on the market. We’ve picked out seven reasons why a tincture should be your next purchase.

Much healthier than smoking (and vaping, too!)

Tincture oils are consumed orally, and do not involve smoking or vaping in any way. That’s great news if you are apprehensive about smoking cannabis because of the negative health effects. Even though cannabis smoking is not as dangerous as tobacco smoking because it doesn’t contain any super-addictive nicotine, cannabis smoking is still bad for the lungs. And while vaping isn’t as dangerous as smoking, it’s still a net negative for your health.

In contrast, THC tinctures allow you to enjoy marijuana with the peace of mind that you aren’t setting yourself up for any lung problems later in life. And indeed, if you already suffer from breathing problems, thanks to THC tinctures, you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

Fast effects

Compared to THC edibles which can take up to an hour to start kicking in, THC tinctures get to work in lightning-quick time. If consuming your tincture sublingually under the tongue, you can expect to start feeling the effects within a few minutes.

But this isn’t just about convenience. Sure, getting high as quickly as possible is great, but it also means you’re less likely to get caught out, as so often happens with edibles. You know the drill – you aren’t feeling the effects of your edible, so you take a second dose, and then BAM. Since the effects of tinctures are felt more rapidly, you’ll soon know if you need to take more, or if it’s time to ease up. And this helps make your marijuana experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Tinctures are super discreet

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sparking up a fat joint and passing it around with your friends. But as any dedicated stoner knows, there are times when that’s just not possible and you need to keep your cannabis consumption lowkey. Any non-smokable THC product works a treat in this case, and we can certainly vouch for tinctures.

THC tinctures have very little smell (there may be a slight weed-like aroma if your oil has terpenes), and with CBD tinctures so common nowadays, there’s no way anyone would know the difference. Just keep a bottle to hand, and you’ll be able to get high whenever you like, without anyone being any the wiser.

Consistent, reliable highs

With THC tinctures, you have the benefit of knowing exactly how much THC is in your dose, with an accuracy you simply can’t get from natural marijuana flower. Tinctures are processed to have a set amount of THC per bottle, and the label will state how much THC you get per drop or full dropper.

This is perfect if you’re a novice cannabis user, who wants to keep full control over your experience, and gradually increase the dose as you become acquainted with the substance. This makes for reliable highs, and should put you as ease, as you’ll be able to keep a check on how much you’re taking, and monitor your use over time.


The most popular way of taking THC tinctures is under the tongue, as this is the fastest way to get high from it. But don’t underestimate the versatility of tincture oil products. In addition to sublingual absorption, you can also apply THC oil on the skin – you won’t get high from it, but THC boasts analgesic, anti-inflammatory and possibly even anti-aging properties.

You can also use THC tinctures to make edibles if that’s your thing. Indeed, it’s a lot easier to make THC edibles with a ready-to-go tincture oil than with standard cannabis flower. It’s simply a case of adding the tincture oil to your cooking mix, and ensuring temperatures stay below 240°F or so.


Stored correctly (that means in a dark, cool cupboard well away from direct sunlight), your THC tinctures will last for years. And, of course, since the bottles themselves don’t have any smell whatsoever, you don’t have to take any special measures to keep your product hidden, as is generally necessary with cannabis flower.

Pain relief

THC’s medicinal properties are hotly contested in the scientific community. While it’s clear that THC has therapeutic potential, we can’t say too much with certainty yet about the benefits. However, what is clear is the sheer number of people out there taking THC products for pain relief. And tinctures, with their safety profile and swift effects, are ideal.

So, why might THC tinctures work for pain? THC interacts in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which we all have. The body regulates pain sensitivity at the CB1 receptors, which are mostly found in the central nervous system. THC latches on to these receptors, and potentially produces a pain-killing effect.

The Perfect THC Tincture Dose

We’ll presume you’re using a THC-only tincture for this section. However, if you do have a THC tincture with some CBD in it as well, just increase the dose a little to get the desired effects.

5mg: This is a good entry point for new THC tincture users, and is comparable to micro-dosing. This small amount of THC will elevate your mood, and perhaps enhance your creativity, and you won’t experience any detrimental effects.

20mg: A 20mg dose will give you a pleasant high. This is a great amount to take when you just want to relax and joke around with friends, without the psychoactive effects becoming so potent as to cause a negative experience. Most users will be happy in the 20-30mg range.

50mg: For seasoned cannabis users, a 50mg THC tincture dose is a great way to take things further. However, when taking this much, you need to be in a calm environment – as this will help to allay any possible anxiety and paranoia. This isn’t for newbies, but if you’re ready for a little extra, then go for it!

100mg: This is a really, really strong THC dose and not something you should be playing around with on a daily basis. But for hardcore macro-dosers – and those who have acquired a pretty high tolerance – tipping the dosage into three figures is a sure-fire way of taking your tincture experience to new heights.

How to Correctly Use a THC Tincture

You can use a cannabis tincture oil in at least three different ways. Here’s how to get it right:

Sublingual absorption: Apply under the tongue, and hold for at least 30 seconds to give the sublingual glands time to fully absorb the THC molecules into the bloodstream. Effects should become noticeable after a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

Cooking edibles: Add a THC tincture dose into your recipe at any point. Just make sure to avoid exposing the oil to temperatures in excess of 240°F. This is some way below the boiling point, but you don’t want to burn off any of that precious THC!

As a topical: Simply rub the THC tincture onto your skin, and allow it to work its magic. You won’t get high from topical THC, but it may help to alleviate localized pain and skin inflammation.

How to Make Your Own THC Tincture

We recommend using high-proof alcohol when making THC tinctures. You can also use vegetable glycerin, although this doesn’t bind with the THC as effectively, leading to reduced potency. Only use alcohol that is safe for consumption (never use isopropyl alcohol).

  1. Grind up some marijuana flower and decarboxylate in the oven at 240°F
  2. Mix 750ml of high-proof alcohol with every eighth (3.5 grams) of weed in a mason jar
  3. Seal the jar and let it sit (preferably for a few weeks). Shake once a day
  4. Strain the oil into a bottle through a coffee filter. You can do this at any point, but the longer you wait, the more potent the tincture will become

And that’s all you need to do to make your very own THC tincture oil!

THC Tincture Side Effects

THC is a psychoactive substance, and does come with the risk of side effects – even in tincture form. Anxiety and paranoia are most common, and tend to occur after taking too much. You can either wait for the high to wear off, or take some CBD oil to counter the THC.

Stopping after regular use may lead to withdrawal symptoms in some users. Reduced coordination and cognitive impairment may occur during the experience, but will subside quickly afterwards. Do not take THC tinctures if you are predisposed to psychosis or schizophrenia.


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Best 5 THC Cartridges: How-to Guide

THC cartridges are the hassle-free way to vape marijuana, while reducing the stress on your lungs. These products are perfect if you’re looking for a flavorful way to get high, and a more discreet and healthier way to do so than smoking.


Pre-filled THC cartridges contain e-liquid with a pure cannabis extract. With cartridges, the vaper never has to touch the e-liquid, and can simply screw the cartridge onto a vape battery and dispose of it when empty. This makes for a seamless and convenient THC experience.


Want to know how THC cartridges can benefit you? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this thorough guide, we’ll show you how to use them, discuss the benefits and make you aware of any potential risks and side effects. But first, check out our five favorite THC cartridges on sale right now.

Top 5 THC Cartridges

The legal weed market has exploded in recent years, in several states across the US. THC cartridges are proving wildly popular with cannabis users. Let’s get stuck in.


PAX is one of the most famous names in cannabis vaping. PAX has a long line of popular herbal vaporizers, but was also the company behind the JUUL, before JUUL Labs became independent in 2017. Here, we have the PAX Era cartridges or pods, which work as part of a pen-and-pod system.

There are so many options with PAX Era cartridges to satisfy both sativa and indica fans. But while the e-liquid is of course critical to the experience, it’s the design of these cartridges that put them at the top of the tree. You won’t suffer from any clogging or leakages with these perfectly portable PAX Era carts.

ABX Live Resin

ABX promises to take vaping to the next level, incorporating CCell Dart technology into its live resin pods. Each one of these ABX carts is packed with 500mg of THC distillate cannabis oil and live resin, with the terpene profiles of all your favorite strains.

The cartridges magnetically connect to the pen, ensuring a tight fit, preventing any leaks. This stylish device also comes with micro USB charging port. With ABX, you’re never in danger of running dry.

The Clear

This brand is a leader in the THC vape cartridge market, being the first company of all to offer cannabis distillate cartridges. The Clear also makes use of the heralded CCell Dart technology which eliminates burnt hits. And as a 510-threaded vape cart, has pretty much unanimous compatibility with vape batteries.

Vapers love The Clear for the tasty e-liquids and full-flavored experience. If you’re looking for crisp hits that deliver a brilliant high, then make sure not to miss this industry favorite.


The Korova brand is best known in the world of cannabis for its delicious and super-strong edibles. Now, they’ve moved into the cartridge markets to give vapers a similarly punchy experience. Korova carts are better suited to THC connoisseurs rather than newbies with its high THC content and rich terpene profile, which helps enhance the effects. Korova caters for all scenarios by stocking a wide selection of sativa, indica and hybrid vape carts.

They also use CCell tech in their carts to prevent those nasty, burnt hits. Korova vape cartridges are 510-threaded, but the company also sells its own vape pen with three different heat settings, so you can play around with vapor production.


The Stiiizy vaping set-up is similar to the JUUL, with a rectangular vape pen that operates with rectangular pods. These cartridges work with the company’s regular Stiiizy pen and also the Big Stiiizy, which boasts a 550mAh battery, so you can vape for longer between recharges.

Stiiizy carts are sold in two sizes – 0.5 and 1 gram – and like all leading brands, vapers can choose between a range of sativa, indica and hybrid strains. These are great-tasting, leak-proof pods, and combined with the Big Stiiizy make for vaping excellence and convenience.

How to Use a THC Cartridge

Using a THC cartridge is incredibly easy. Simply attach the cartridge or pod to a compatible battery, make sure the device is charged, and get right to it! Some vape pens have a draw-activated firing feature, which means as soon as you inhale at the mouthpiece, the battery turns on and starts generating vapor. Other pens will have a button you either need to push or hold down. Every pen will have a simple set of instructions.

Dosing with THC cartridges

Using a THC cartridge successfully also means getting your dosing right. While carts don’t offer quite the same precisions that tinctures and edibles do, you’ll quickly learn how to get the right amount for you, with a little trial and error. Some cartridges emit a set amount of THC with each puff, whereas others allow you to inhale for as long as you like.

Rather than provide any specific dosages, we’ve just got some general tips for you – especially for the first timers out there.

When trying a new cartridge, start off with just a couple of draws so you can gauge the strength. Vaporized THC is as fast-acting as smoked THC, so you’ll know after a couple of minutes if you’ve found your sweet spot or need a little more.

Benefits of Using a THC Cartridge

You could choose from THC flower, edibles, drinkables, tincture oils or concentrates. The legal weed scene is bustling with all kinds of awesome products. But here are five reasons why your next cannabis product should be a cart.

Vaping is safer than smoking

The research is in, and it’s clear that vaping poses less of a risk to health than smoking. Granted, much of the science so far has concerned tobacco cigarettes and nicotine vaping, but the same basics apply. When you vape THC carts, your lungs aren’t being exposed to the array of nasty carcinogens and toxins that are present in smoke.

Vaping is not 100% safe – facts are facts, you’re still putting something into your lungs. But if you’re a current cannabis smoker thinking of putting your health first without wanting to compromise on your THC experience, vaping is the ideal middle ground.

Efficient delivery

Quick science lesson: when vaping, the THC is inhaled directly into the lungs, where it passes into the bloodstream and through the blood-brain barrier, before linking up with CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system to produce that wonderful high. This all happens within a minute or two, hence why you feel the effects from vaping so quickly.

This efficient delivery is great if you don’t want to wait around for up to an hour to get the party started. And as you know how your body is responding to a puff within a couple of minutes, you can easily up your dose and quickly get to the experience you’re looking for.

Very discreet

Compared to the big plumes of smelly smoke that waft everywhere when you spark up a joint, vaping THC cartridges is remarkably discreet. Vaporized terpenes will still create some aroma, but it’s nowhere near as obnoxious. This means you can get away with a few cheeky hits in places where you otherwise couldn’t. And since there’s literally no smell when not in use, you don’t need to go to the trouble of keeping a stash, to hide away your cannabis use.

All-round health properties

Not everybody uses THC cartridges for recreational purposes. Cannabis has long been used for medicinal reasons, and THC’s therapeutic value is enjoying increasing acceptance in mainstream science.

There’s still a long way to go, but many people are using THC to remedy their pain. The fast-acting nature of cartridges makes them great for nipping unexpected shooting pain in the bud. THC has also been touted for its anti-inflammatory effects, and may even benefit people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Much of this is still speculative for now, but if you’ve exhausted all other options, it may be worth giving THC cartridges a try. Marijuana is more normalized than ever in the United States, but don’t take it from us. Ask your doctor and see what they say – you may be surprised!

Side Effects of Using THC Cartridges

Anxiety and paranoia are two of the most notorious side effects of THC use. Some are affected more than others, and an unsettling environment can also make things worse, since THC is a psychoactive substance. This will subside when the THC wears off, but you can bring your high down to a more comfortable level very quickly with a dose of CBD, which counteracts the effects.

During your high, THC cartridges may cause a loss of coordination, focus and short-term memory loss. It is possible, although unusual, to become dependent on THC. Do not vape THC cartridges if you are predisposed to schizophrenia or psychosis.

While not strictly a side effect, sustained use of THC cartridges does cause tolerance, meaning you’ll need a higher dosage for the same effects. Unfortunately, the best remedy for this is taking a week or two off.

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Best THC Infused Gummies: Benefits, Dose, How to Make Them

best thc infused gummies

Are you looking for a healthier way to dose and get the benefits of THC? Then THC-infused gummies could be the tasty cannabis treats you have been waiting for.

THC-infused gummies have many benefits, from providing a pleasant recreational experience, to boosting mood and appetite. The ideal dose depends on the user’s experience with THC edibles, but 5 to 10mg is a sensible starter dose for a first-timer. Make THC-infused gummies by following a standard gummy bear recipe, adding in THC-infused coconut oil.

If all this talk about delicious gummy bears with a THC twist has whetted your appetite, then you’ll want to keep reading. We’ve got lots of golden info to share with you about benefits, doses and making your own THC-infused gummy bears, broken down into easy-to-digest chunks!

Best THC Infused Gummies You’ll Ever Have

Now, you could go out and sample every brand on the market, and sure you’ll get pretty high, but you’ll also burn a pretty big hole in your wallet. Instead of rushing in, we’ve done the research on what makes a great THC gummy, so you know exactly what to look for when picking a product for your next trip.

The world of weed is full of all kinds of gummies, some of which are better than others – and don’t forget, we’ve all got our own definitions for what makes the “best” experience.

THC-only gummies

Perhaps you just want to get really, really high. In that case, your best bet will be at type of THC-only gummy. These gummies contain lots of the THC you need to get high, but none of the CBD that limits your psychoactive experience.

You could just go for a straight THC gummy with classic candy flavorings, or you could take things up a notch with terpenes. These compounds are found in regular marijuana, and determine whether a strain has sativa (energizing) or indica (relaxing) effects. For example, a THC gummy product with the limonene terpene would have a lemony taste and give you an uplifting, exhilarating buzz. In contrast, a gummy with myrcene would have a mango-like flavor, and promote a soothing, “couchlock” effect.

THC and CBD gummies

Some THC gummy products blend together the two most important cannabinoids in the cannabis plant: THC and CBD. These cannabinoids complement each other, and a gummy with an even mix of the two will give you an enjoyable high, but without the intensity of a THC-only product.

THC-CBD gummies are great for novice edible users, who want to familiarize themselves with experience before hitting the more potent heights. They are also great if you want to sample the therapeutic benefits cannabis has to offer. Scientists are super excited about the medicinal potential of both THC and CBD, which act on the body’s endocannabinoid system!

Top 5 Benefits of THC Infused Gummies

You know how much you’re taking!

We all know what it’s like to be smoking a joint with no idea how strong the weed is, and therefore no idea about how high you are going to get. Thankfully, with THC-infused gummies, that problem is eliminated. The packaging will clearly state how much THC is in the entire product, and how much THC is in each gummy. This makes it easy to fine tune your dose and have a safe and reliable marijuana experience.

They boost your appetite!

Or, to use a somewhat less technical term, THC-infused gummies will give you the munchies! This is because of the powerful interactions that the THC molecules have with the CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid systems – these receptors influence how hungry we feel.

When you get high with THC-infused gummies, make sure you have some non-THC treats to hand to satiate your hunger. Getting the munchies and enjoying all the flavors is great, but you can’t be scoffing THC all night! We recommend getting your treats ready beforehand, as you’ll just want to chill once you are baked.

They relieve pain!

A lot of people are taking cannabis products for pain nowadays, and believe it or not, it appears to be that special, psychoactive THC compound that’s making all the difference. And that makes THC-infused gummy bears the perfect product to medicate with. As we’ve already covered, you get a precise dose with gummies, and the oral method of consumption means the effects of THC last much longer than if you’re smoking or vaping herb.

While the benefits of THC for pain look promising, we aren’t doctors and aren’t offering any medical advice. If you are suffering from some form of pain, get in touch with a medical expert who will know what’s best for your situation.

They don’t smell!

A real advantage for stoners who want to keep their cannabis use discreet, THC-infused gummies don’t smell. The only exception is THC products with terpenes, although any aroma still won’t be anywhere near as potent as if you were smoking weed. And even better than some other THC edibles, gummy bears look just like regular candies. Indeed, you can even mix them in with some regular gummies if you need to be extra cautious.

THC gummies are great for getting high in situations where you simply can’t smoke. Keep a trusty supply in your jacket pocket, and you’ll always have the opportunity to get stoned on demand.

They are healthier than other cannabis products!

Smoking marijuana isn’t as bad for you as smoking tobacco cigarettes, as marijuana doesn’t have the highly addictive component nicotine. But smoking anything is still bad for you, and for that matter, vaping isn’t risk-free, either. THC-infused gummies, however, are a much healthier way to get high, as you aren’t exposing your lungs to any nasty toxins or carcinogens.

You could say THC gummies aren’t 100% healthy as, after all, they are still candies, but that’s just splitting hairs. In contrast to smoking bud or vaping e-liquid, marijuana gummies are a much safer way to get your THC, and are matched only by tincture oils.

How Many THC Infused Gummies Should You Eat?

This all depends on whether you’re a seasoned THC edible user, or just dipping your feet in the water. But first of all, even if you have smoked cannabis before, that doesn’t mean you’ll have any tolerance to THC in its edible form – when it comes to edibles, you are a beginner all over again!

There’s no set rule as to how many THC gummies you should eat. After all, some gummies will have more THC in them than others. So, let’s go by milligrams, rather than a specific number of gummies.

1 to 2.5mg: This is our recommended amount for apprehensive beginners and micro-dosers who just want to get a sample of THC’s effects. In these quantities, you can expect improved focus and extra creativity, and some mild relief from your symptoms.

2.5 to 15mg: These amounts will give you slightly stronger relief from your symptoms, and also introduce some euphoric effects to your edible experience. This low-to-mid-range dose is great for getting you in the mood to socialize, and reducing your inhibitions while remaining in mental control.

15 to 30mg: These dosages will give you a stronger euphoric effect, but it’s also an amount that risks giving first-timers some anxiety and paranoia. It’s at this level where you have to start treading more carefully, but in the right environment, the benefits can be awesome.

30 to 50mg: The euphoric effects from a dose in this range will be even stronger, and incredibly potent if trying edibles for the first time. An oral THC dose in these quantities will impair your coordination and have some reality-bending effects, so make sure you’re in a comfortable location where you can relax and enjoy the ride.

50 to 100mg: These amounts are above and beyond the needs of most THC edible users. Chances of negative effects are much higher, but seasoned users will be able to go with the flow and enjoy some intense euphoria. Such a dose may also be appropriate if seeking substantial therapeutic relief.

Of course, you could go even higher than 100mg and there will be a few edible users out there who regularly dip into triple digits. If you take edibles a lot then, like any THC consumption, your tolerance will build all the time, which is one reason why you might decide to take such high amounts. But we highly recommend avoiding such high doses if your tolerance is low for two reasons: one, it’s a waste of edibles, and two, it greatly increases the risk of a negative experiences that could put you off them completely.

How to Make THC Infused Gummies…The Right Way

Why not get hands on with your cannabis and rustle up some of your own THC-infused gummy bears? They are actually much easier to make than you would think!

You’ll need some THC-infused coconut oil to get started. Coconut oil is great, as it contains MCT fatty acids which basically supercharge the effects of THC. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Grind up 7 grams of cannabis for every one cup of coconut oil
  2. Mix the oil and the flower in a slow cooker, and heat for six hours at around 230°F
  3. Use a cheesecloth to strain the THC-infused coconut oil into a jar

Now for the gummies!

  1. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of THC-infused coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of soy lecithin (for extra potency) in a pan, and simmer on low heat
  2. Mix until the coconut oil melts, and the texture becomes consistent
  3. Add 170 grams of flavored gelatine and 40 grams of unflavored gelatine, and whisk for 15 minutes – it’s important to keep stirring throughout!
  4. Using a dropper, begin filling your gummy bear moulds with the gelatine mixture, while keeping the pan on low heat – keep whisking and complete this step as quickly as possible!
  5. Freeze for 30 minutes, and enjoy!


Are THC Infused Gummy Bears Legal?

Kind of. In states that have legalized recreational marijuana – such as Colorado, California and Washington – you’ll be able to find all kinds of THC-infused gummy bears in dispensaries. However, since cannabis is still prohibited at the federal level, you won’t find these products in non-recreational states.

But fear not! While the famous delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) remains a legal, its lesser-known but equally impressive cousin, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8), has gone under the radar! When the federal government legalized hemp, it clarified in the Farm Bill that hemp-derived products were legal, providing the THC content remained below 0.3%. But it didn’t mention anything about delta-8, hence why delta-8 gummy bears and other products are now popping up online, perfectly legally. And yes, before you ask, they will get you high!


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6 Popular CBD Cartridges and Vape Pens (2020 Review)

If you need potent, on-demand CBD relief, vaping could be just right for you – and CBD vape pens in particular. Disposable and rechargeable CBD vape pens are both more convenient than regular CBD e-liquids, with so little preparation and maintenance involved. And with Funky Farms CBD, Green Roads CBD, CBDistillery all manufacturing vape pens and cartridges, vapers really are spoiled for choice. 

Maybe you’ve previously vaped, but haven’t experimented with CBD. Perhaps you’ve experienced other CBD products, but are looking for more efficient delivery. Or are you a smoker looking to reduce harm by making the change to vaping? There are several reasons why somebody may decide to start vaping CBD, and there’s an e-liquid for everybody.

In this comprehensive guide to CBD vape pens, we’ll be explaining the differences between hemp-derived CBD extracts, the advantages of vaping and reviewing some of the most popular CBD vape pens for sale at We’ll also investigate whether CBD has therapeutic properties and what they may be, before finishing up by answering your questions. 

Understanding CBD 

CBD beginners will want to know exactly what it is they’re vaping! Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from the hemp plant, and is noted for not having any psychoactive or addictive properties. A cannabinoid, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls a myriad of health variables, from perception of pain to mood, and appetite to bone health. 

Despite originating from a form of cannabis, hemp-based CBD products like vape pens are legal in the United States. Thankfully, hemp plants generate lots of CBD, but hardly any THC – the part of cannabis that makes you stoned. However, all CBD products must have less than 0.3% THC. Pure CBD does not have abuse potential, per the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Exploring extracts in vape pens

Not all CBD vape pens are the same. In fact, they can be quite different, depending on the hemp extract used. Knowing your extracts is key to getting the CBD experience you want. 

CBD-isolate: This is a pure CBD extract, with just CBD, and no additional cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. However, some brands mix natural terpene profiles into CBD e-liquids for extra flavor and effects. 

Typically extracted via the CO2 method, CBD-isolates offer maximum purity, and don’t have the earthy flavor of full-plant hemp extracts. CBD-isolate extracts don’t have any THC, making them perfect if you need full peace of mind with drug tests. 

Full-spectrum CBD: In contrast, full-spectrum hemp extracts do contain all the other naturally-occurring compounds in hemp. That’s a whole lot of cannabinoids and terpenes, and studies suggest even the flavonoids may have benefits, too. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with anti-inflammatory qualities; cannabidivarin (CBDV) is also non-intoxicating and has anti-nausea effects. 

More compounds likely means more benefits – especially with the “entourage effect” – and full-spectrum cartridges and pens do command a higher price tag. Full-spectrum products will probably have a little bit of THC, too, although not enough to get high from. However, just the presence of THC means these products can’t 100% guarantee a clean drug test.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Take THC out of the equation while keeping the rest with broad-spectrum hemp extracts. This THC-free extract is drug test-friendly, but still gives you the benefits of the other non-psychotropic cannabinoids, as well as all the terpenes. The lack of any THC may slightly diminish the therapeutic value compared to a full-spectrum product, but not by much.

3 reasons why you need CBD vape pens 

You could take CBD via a tincture, smoke it, eat it, drink it or even vape it with standalone CBD e-liquids. So, what are the advantages of CBD vape pens and cartridges, which are normally more expensive per milligram than other forms of CBD?

Swift relief

Vape pens streamline the relief, bringing you the benefits of CBD in just seconds. Vaping stands out against sublingual absorption and oral intake, delivering CBD into the bloodstream and to cannabinoid receptors at the fastest possible rate. Unlike oral consumption, vaped CBD bypasses the first-pass metabolism, preserving bioavailability and improving overall absorption. 

Furthermore, with no preparation needed, vape pens and cartridges are much more convenient than standard vape juices. You don’t need to spend time cleaning out your tank or inserting new coils to restore the flavor. Disposable vape pens don’t even need charging! And since all rechargeables are USB-compatible, you’ll never be without your vape. 

A flavorful and relaxing experience 

CBD oils, capsules and pills are all a bit too medical for some people. As CBD is meant for relaxation, many users like to take time out of their day to chill, and fully immerse themselves in the vaping experience. In this sense, vaping is similar to smoking – it’s a ritualistic activity. 

With vaping, you get a big blast of flavor, as the terpenes come to the fore. You just don’t get this with capsules, where the extract is contained within, or with tinctures which tend to have an overpowering hemp taste. The best CBD vape pens taste fantastic, give you a delightful hit and whip up plumes of vapor. Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes or so to vape CBD is both refreshing and revitalizing. 

Safer and more discreet than smoking 

Smoking hemp appears less harmful than smoking tobacco or even cannabis, since it doesn’t have an addictive component to keep you coming back for more. But a CBD-rich hemp joint still burns, and exposes your lungs to carcinogenic substances and tar. 

Vaping poses far less of a danger, according to British research – compared to tobacco smoking, experts reckon that e-cigarettes are 95% safer. The figures may be a little different with hemp, but it’s still a good indication of the vastly reduced harm. When vaping, the CBD e-liquid doesn’t burn. It’s just heated enough so that the compounds activate and a vapor is formed.

Vaping is also very discreet, relative to smoking. The pungent aromas that waft into the air when smoking are a real giveaway that you’re enjoying some herb. But vaping has a moderate odor that’s easier to go under the radar with. 

Popular cartridges and vape pens at 

We’re proud to introduce a collection of CBD vape pens and cartridges from some of America’s favorite brands. We set a very high bar when choosing which products we want at 

We feel that in this unregulated industry, it’s important CBD vapers have somewhere to come that gives them choice, without compromising on quality. That’s why we look for CBD manufacturers that go further to impress, and show true transparency. 

The mark of a good brand is one that conforms with now-expected independent testing, and you’ll find that with all our featured products, along with the lab results to prove it. Now let’s begin this CBD vape pen review.

Vape Bright Thrive Cartridges 

Vape Bright has one goal above all others: to make the safest CBD cartridges on the market. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with ‘Thrive’ cartridges. Nearly all brands have a carrier oil in their products, such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or MCT oil. But Vape Bright has bucked the trend. Because you don’t actually need PG or VG – sure they’re great for flavor and producing vapor, but they aren’t essentials. 

Thrive cartridges contain pure CBD vape oil, from organic, pesticide-free hemp, and that’s about it – no nicotine, no vitamin E acetate and less than 0.3% THC. Doubtful? Just check out the lab results on the product page. We stock 200 and 250mg Thrive cartridges, with discounts if you bulk buy! Perhaps consider a Vape Bright starter kit, which comes with a cartridge, battery, USB charger and carrying case. 

CBDfx Terpenes Vape Pen 

This broad-spectrum vape pen from CBDfx contains a proprietary blend of CBD, and a terpene twist. Infused with 50mg of organic, broad-spectrum CBD, these disposable vape pens are great for on-the-go vapers who need speedy relief. CBDfx recognizes the importance of purity, and harnessed the gold standard CO2 extraction process to make these pens. 

We currently stock six CBDfx disposables – let’s check them out! 

The products

Gelato: Famed for its fast-acting effects, Gelato is a nicely balanced strain that helps with relaxation and stress relief, while improving mood and enhancing creativity. It’s a classic hybrid.

Pineapple Express: Recharge your batteries with Pineapple Express, a sativa-dominant CBD disposable from CBDfx. This tropical pen has cerebral and mood-lifting effects, and a rich, fruity flavor.

Sour Diesel: Relieve stress and pick up your mood with Sour Diesel, an energizing disposable pen. Another superb sativa, this is a well-known strain in the world of cannabis, and the non-intoxicating version is great, too! 

OG Kush: When talking about famous strains, we can’t go without mentioning OG Kush, a world-renowned indica with mellowing effects. Indicas typically reduce stress levels, soothe anxiety and alleviate pain.  

Platinum Rose: This floral offering from CBDfx is for vapers who prefer lighter flavors. This easy-going strain is ideal if you like to kick back and enjoy longer vape sessions. 

Blue Dream: Transport yourself to blueberry heaven with Blue Dream, a vintage CBD hybrid pen. The balanced effects aid with pain, stress and low mood, without sapping energy and making you sleepy. Blue Dream is a strain for any time of day.

Naturally Peaked CBD Cartridges 

Naturally Peaked products contain premium, organic hemp sourced from Colorado, so there’s no doubt about the quality! Each lab-tested cartridge comes with 400mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, less than 0.3% THC, and no nicotine or vitamin E acetate. These 510-threaded cartridges will work with pretty much any vape battery on the market.

We’ve got seven CBD cartridges from Naturally Peaked, each with a unique terpene profile. 

The products

Tahoe OG: This indica cartridge has a pleasant citrus and pepper flavor. The potent effects and efficient delivery make Tahoe OG an attractive vape juice for sleep problems, pain and anxiety. 

Blue Dream: Enjoy thick blueberry vapor and a hint of pine with this Naturally Peaked hybrid. Blue Dream is ideal for keeping focused and alert, while reducing anxiety and stress. 

Watermelon: This indica cartridge does not have as strong a flavor as other cartridges, although the effects are just as potent. Watermelon’s lighter vapor is excellent for longer vape sessions, eases stress, lowers anxiety and aids sleep.

Zkittles: This powerful indica hits with blasts of pepper and hops, finished with a dash of citrus. Like all indicas, Zkittles helps perk up mood, alleviate stress and bring pain under control. 

Gelato: Many find that Gelato hits faster and harder than other strains. Either way, Naturally Peaked classes it as an indica, so expect deep relaxation that’s just perfect after a hard day. 

Pineapple Express: Sample CBD at its most cerebral with Pineapple Express, a world-class sativa packed with energizing terpenes. Send fatigue packing and get creative with this fantastic fruity cartridge.

Clementine: Get motivated and focussed with Clementine. This fruity sativa cartridge has a little pepper and mint to complete the flavor. Best enjoyed first thing in the morning or midway through the afternoon. 

CBDistillery Vape Pen 

CBDistillery has made vaping seamless with these disposable vape pens. The Colorado brand favors full-spectrum CBD, and you’ll get 200mg of their finest organic extract in each pen. And with draw-activated firing, there’s no need to worry about pressing buttons or accidental activations. The device will only switch on when you bring it to your mouth and inhale. This extra convenience means CBDistillery pens are well-suited to busy bees who need CBD on-demand. 

CBDistillery combines a terpene-rich extract, with TEC temper oil. This natural emulsifier is an excellent alternative to propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, making for smoother vapor. We currently have five CBDistillery pens in our collection.  

The products

Grape: Get an antioxidant boost with Grape. Antioxidants fight off free radicals, which have neurodegenerative effects. This CBDistillery pen may also reduce inflammation.

Lavender Vanilla: Unwind and relax with Lavender and Vanilla, a calming, indica-style vape pen from CBDistillery. The soothing effects shine through best in the evenings when you’re looking to destress, relieve aches and pains, and prepare for sleep. 

Gorilla Glue #4: An award-winning hybrid in cannabis circles, Gorilla Glue #4’s hybrid terpene profile is a must-try. Each spicy hit has a relaxing effect throughout the body, while keeping your mind in a calm and focused state. 

Granddaddy Purple: Let your troubles wash away with Granddaddy Purple, the king of all indicas. This pen has a complex citrusy and earthy flavor, and makes a great evening companion.

Strawberry Lemonade: Enjoy sumptuous strawberry with a citrus kick in Strawberry Lemonade. This beautifully flavored, zinging pen is refreshing and rejuvenating. 

Funky Farms CBD Cartridges

Funky Farms cartridges contain 350mg of broad-spectrum CBD, derived from organic, pesticide-free hemp. You won’t find any nicotine, THC or vitamin E acetate in these. Funky Farms has picked the best terpene profiles from some well-known cannabis strains to create e-liquids more therapeutic than regular CBD, while keeping them completely non-psychoactive.

These 510-threaded cartridges work with any vape batteries, and also contain MCT oil for enhanced bioavailability. Funky Farms cartridges are great for both home and on-the-go use. We have five different cartridges in our selection, and here’s what you need to know. 

The products

Frosty Watermelon OG: Improve your appetite or get into sleep mode with Frosty Watermelon OG, a rich and refreshing CBD cartridge from Funky Farms. 

Gelato: Improve your wellbeing in record time with Gelato, an unforgettable hybrid that balances relaxation with reinvigoration. These cartridges also have a cerebral effect, and lift mood and motivation. 

Lemon Cake: This power-packed citrus cartridge is a better natural energizer than caffeine and nicotine. Lemon Cake eliminates fatigue, boosts concentration and enhances mood with ease. 

Granddaddy Purple: Get into relaxation mode and let stress, anxiety and pain dissolve with Grandaddy Purple, an intense and renowned indica that also helps with sleep. 

Thin Mint: Stay focussed and concentrated throughout the day with Thin Mint, a well-balanced CBD hybrid cartridge, with a refreshing finish. This cartridge is great for getting creative.

CBD Vape Pen by SAUC 

Sauc – CBD Vape PenSAUC has kept it simple with its disposable CBD vape pen, and it’s paid off. Containing 150mg of organic, non-GMO CBD-isolate extract, natural terpenes and MCT oil, this pen maximizes bioavailability and flavor, without shirking on quality.

And unlike most disposables, the SAUC releases the same amount of CBD extract with each puff – 1.5mg – and has 100 draws per pen. This pinpoint accuracy is most welcome for vapers who want to know exactly how much they are taking, rather than having to guess.

The SAUC has a discreet, white design – it really does just like a regular pen! This sleek and anonymous design and limited vapor production is awesome if you don’t want to let the world know you’re vaping. And at an affordable price, the SAUC CBD Vape Pen is very appealing if you’re looking to vape CBD for the first time.

5 potential health benefits of vaping CBD 

Firstly, we must make it clear that CBD products are not medicines, and CBD has not received medical approval for any conditions, except for two rare epilepsies. Our CBD cartridges and pens are supplements, and should not be used as a substitute for prescription medication.

However, just because CBD has few clinically proven therapeutic effects doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Slow scientific progress over many decades can be pinned on the illegal status of cannabis and barriers. Much of CBD’s beneficial potential has been discovered since the early 1990s, and it could take decades for all the necessary clinical trials to take place.

Keep this in mind when reading this section. We’ll be keeping to the facts and existing evidence, and we certainly don’t suggest CBD is a cure-all for everything. Consider this content as informational and educational, but not as medical advice. 

CBD vape pens for anxiety 

Anxiety may be invisible, but for millions of Americans, it’s the barrier to leading a happy and fulfilled life. Anxiety is a pernicious mental disorder that makes you overthink things, panic and get obsessed with worst-case scenarios. And even though most of the things you fear most never happen, the thought of them is a nightmare in itself. 

Anti-anxiety drugs like SSRIs and benzodiazepines have been around for decades. Some find them helpful, but others simply don’t. Now, there’s a new kid on the block: CBD. The potential of CBD for anxiety was first seriously realized in 2011, when researchers conducted a placebo-controlled public speaking test. The group treated with CBD performed much better, and experienced reduced anxiety leading up to and during their respective speeches.

Acute anxiety is often the most troubling, because symptoms emerge from nowhere and spiral out of control within minutes. This is even worse if you couldn’t foresee the triggers. But vaping CBD is surely the best way of reducing acute anxiety with CBD. The fast onset of effects are more than a match for sudden and severe symptoms. With a CBD vape pen for anxiety in your pocket, relief is never more than a hit or two away.

CBD vape pens for pain

As of July 2020, researchers haven’t found any definite evidence that CBD products can help with pain. But user trends suggest that pain relief is the leading reason why people take CBD. Studies show that pain perception is regulated – at least in part – by the ECS, which may explain why so many people feel that CBD helps their pain. CBD also interacts with the vanilloid receptor, which is also implicated in pain regulation.

Suppose CBD does help for pain. Vape pens would be an excellent choice for neuropathic pain, thanks to the fast-acting effects. The convenient, on-demand relief provided by vape pens is perfect for getting symptoms under control, and maintaining a good quality of life. For long-lasting chronic pain symptoms, CBD vape pens are also a viable option, although you’d likely need to top up every few hours to get the maximum benefit. 

CBD vape pens for sleep

The mental and physical relaxing properties of indica-dominant CBD vape pens hold promise for people with insomnia, and those simply seeking a better night’s sleep. Getting quality sleep is critical for all-round wellbeing, as this is the time when the brain and body has a chance to restore and repair itself. Vaping offers that quick blast of calming CBD to get you into sleep mode within a matter of minutes. 

The combination of CBD and soothing terpenes in indica vape pens are great for unwinding with. Furthermore, preliminary research suggests the ECS may work to regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle, essential to a healthy and consistent sleep pattern. 

CBD vape pens for mood 

Feeling down in the dumps? If your mood is off, a sativa-dominant CBD vape pen may help lift your spirits in a natural and non-addictive way. Scientists are still trying to work out the answers to depression and mood issues. But over the last few years, cannabinoid researchers have found that the endocannabinoid anandamide is a crucial part of the puzzle.

Anandamide is an antidepressant, and CBD helps to boost its availability in the brain, by inhibiting the body from breaking it down. The rapid effects of vaping CBD are brilliant for enhancing mood, especially in the mornings if you’re feeling a little sluggish, and unmotivated for the day to come. 

CBD vape pens for concentration and creativity 

CBD may be relaxing in large doses, but smaller amounts can actually increase wakefulness, and therefore perhaps aid with focus, concentration and even creativity. The cannabinoid is capable of this thanks to its biphasic effects. A study featured in Current Neuropharmacology in 2014 showed that there is experimental evidence for CBD as a “wake-inducing drug.”

Because CBD appears to work best for concentration in low quantities, we suggest buying a low-strength pen and just taking a little at a time, at regular intervals. If exploring CBD for its creativity potential, an energizing and cerebral sativa-dominant pen may offer the best results. But as always with CBD, everybody is impacted differently, so be flexible and prepared to experiment!

Can vaping CBD hurt you?

Vaping CBD is not 100% harmless, although the risks are minimal. Firstly, CBD itself won’t cause any harm – this non-addictive and non-intoxicating substance is safe, even in gigantic amounts. However, vaping is not a harmless activity, even though it’s substantially less harmful than smoking. Vaping may still increase the risk of some cancers. 

You may have noticed several news stories about vaping illnesses and deaths. Thankfully, these have not been attributed to regular vaping, and legal CBD products. Rather, these illnesses have come due to “bootlegged” ingredients, and one specific culprit: vitamin E acetate. This ingredient has become notoriously common in illegal vape products, and the oil gets stuck in the lungs when vaporized, causing respiratory problems. 

The dangers of illegal products just reaffirms how important it is that you know what you’re vaping. Only ever buy vape pens and cartridges from brands that can show you independent lab reports. 

Does vaping CBD relax you?

Yes, most people find that vaping CBD has a relaxing effect, although it depends on the exact product and dosage. Studies show that CBD’s sedative effects are most pertinent in higher dosages, and indica extracts take the relaxation up another notch. 

However, smaller doses have more of a stimulating effect, boosting wakefulness and alertness, which in turn improves focus. Sativa hemp extracts contain energizing terpenes which double down on that stimulation. These strains might not be so relaxing, but they still shouldn’t leave you jittery like caffeine can. 

Does vaping CBD make you hungry?

CBD has a stimulating effect on appetite, albeit not anywhere near to the extent of psychoactive THC. Getting incredibly hungry – known as the “munchies” is one of the most common effects from smoking or vaping cannabis. This appetite surge comes from THC binding to CB1 receptors in the ECS. 

CBD blocks activity at this receptor, as a CB1 receptor antagonist, but it also blocks reuptake of anandamide, an endocannabinoid and CB1 receptor agonist. Anandamide isn’t as potent as THC, hence why it’s appetite-stimulating effects are not as potent. 

Does vaping CBD make you laugh?

No, vaping CBD will not make you laugh – at least not in the same way that intoxicating marijuana makes you laugh and giggle. Again, as a CB1 receptor agonist, CBD doesn’t supercharge mood and make you euphoric like THC does. 

That said, the relaxing effects of CBD will put you into a good mood, and relieve stress and anxiety. Full-spectrum cartridges and pens may be more effective at this than isolates. In that calming state, you may feel more jovial, but don’t worry, you’ll still be in total control.

Is vaping CBD addictive?

No, CBD is not addictive, and does not cause physical dependence, cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Drugs like opiates and nicotine actually change the brain so that you seek out these drugs more often. CBD just doesn’t have that effect, so even if you stop, there’s no chance that you’ll endure cravings. You may miss vaping if you stop after a long period, but these thoughts will soon subside. 

Regarding CBD, withdrawal symptoms and cravings, CBD may even boast an anti-addictive effect. CBD is an allosteric modulator of delta and mu-opioid receptors in the opioid system, both of which are associated with reward-seeking and addiction. Current opioid substitution therapy drugs morphine and buprenorphine both work on these receptors, suggesting a possible role for CBD. 

Can I vape CBD while taking prescription drugs?

CBD may interfere with some prescription drugs, so this question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis. So, make sure you consult with a doctor before vaping CBD if you’re taking medication at the moment. 

CBD’s possible interference comes through inhibiting cytochrome P450 system enzymes. These enzymes remove certain drugs from the body. Doctors set dosages for various drugs on the basis that these enzymes work as normal. By vaping CBD, certain prescription drugs may stay in the body for longer, creating a risk of overdose. 

Drugs metabolized by the cytochrome P450 system, and therefore potentially affected by CBD, include: beta blockers, benzodiazepines, calcium channel blockers, HIV antivirals, prokinetics, steroids, antidepressants, antivirals, antibiotics, antipsychotics and antihistamines.

If hesitant, we recommend avoiding vaping CBD until you’ve finished your medication. The uncertainty itself may make your CBD experience uncomfortable, which is the opposite to what should happen when using our CBD products. 

Can I fly with CBD vape pens?

Flying with CBD vape pens is a tricky one. While hemp-derived CBD e-liquid is not a problem, the vape pen itself can bring problems. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website states that vape pens (and all other e-cigarette devices) are only allowed in carry-on bags, and are not permitted in checked baggage. Vaping on planes is also not allowed. 

But as long as you keep your vape pen with you at all times, and don’t try taking a hit during your flight, you won’t run into any difficulties. 

How long do CBD vape pens last? 

Put simply, this depends entirely on the product and how often you use it! Some vape pens contain more e-liquid than others, and different products have different concentrations of CBD. Some pens, such as the SAUC Vape Pen, release a set amount of puffs per pen, making it easier to know how much you’re using. 

Get a 10% discount on your next CBD vape pen! 

It’s great to have you on the blog, and we hope you’re learning lots of cool information about CBD, and the variety of products available in our store. 

We’d like to thank you for stopping by with a special 10% discount on your next order with us. All you need to do is enter the code save10 at checkout. This offer is available for all our CBD products, including cartridges and vape pens! 

Final thoughts 

We hope this post has given you food for thought about CBD cartridges and vape pens. We’re proud to stock products from some of America’s favorite brands, including CBDfx, CBDistillery and Naturally Peaked. As for the benefits of CBD vaping, the jury’s still out on a lot of its proposed health effects, although new science is constantly adding to our understanding.

Are you a CBD vaper? Have you any experience with any of the products featured in this article? We’d love to hear your opinions about CBD vaping and how it’s helped you! Get the conversation going by leaving a comment below!

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The Best CBD Joints Available Right Now (2020 Review)

Seeking an authentic CBD experience with plenty of choice? Then you’ll love CBD joints. Perfectly legal and non-intoxicating, CBD joints recreate the delicious taste of regular marijuana, without the psychoactive high, and provide CBD’s calming effects at a rapid rate.

CBD joints aren’t for everyone, but if you enjoy a full-flavored smoke and need your CBD to hit quickly, they’re a standout product. And CBD-rich hemp flower poses less of a health risk when smoked than both cannabis and tobacco smoking. We’ll delve more into the science of that later.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you can expect from a CBD joint, and look at the variety of products available today, from brands like Hempzilla and CBD For the People. We’ll also look at how you could benefit from CBD, and address some common questions and misconceptions about CBD joints. Let’s get started. 

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive and non-addictive cannabinoid generated by cannabis and hemp. These products have sprung from nowhere in recent times, and can be found infused in anything from oils to edibles. 

CBD is an unusual compound that has profound effects on the body – although our present understanding of it is somewhat limited. Bear in mind researchers only isolated CBD in the 1960s, and didn’t discover the system it affects most – the endocannabinoid system (ECS) until the 1990s. 

But these discoveries have unlocked new doors in health and medicine, and set the stage for so much important research. The ECS plays a role in both mental and physical health regulation, hence why CBD has emerged as a natural remedy for everything from anxiety to inflammation. Now scientists must find out just how helpful CBD is for various ailments. 

Why are CBD joints legal? 

For the unacquainted, CBD joints – and the CBD flower they’re rolled with – just like typical cannabis joints and buds, and have that same herbal aroma. But that’s where the similarities end. While those joints are rich in psychotropic THC, CBD joints are laden with, well, CBD!

CBD joints are created from hemp, a high-CBD, low-THC form of cannabis sativa. When hemp products were legalized, it came with a caveat – all products must have less than 0.3% THC. Providing a CBD joint meets that requirements, it’s completely legal, no matter how it looks or smells! 

3 reasons why you need pre-rolled CBD joints 

With so many ways to get your CBD, why would you even want to smoke it? And for sure, smoking has health risks and isn’t for everybody. And if smoking isn’t your thing, we recommend checking out CBD tincture oils, edibles, syrups, capsules and even e-liquids. It’s easy to go smoke-free with CBD!

But naturally, there wouldn’t be a market for CBD joints if they didn’t have some special benefits. Here are just three reasons why they’ve become so popular. 

‘Full-spectrum’ relief 

‘Full-spectrum’ normally describes CBD products that contain whole-plant hemp extracts. This term isn’t really necessary for CBD joints, as you’re literally getting the whole plant! But it’s important to note that these joints are not just about CBD, but all of hemp’s other components. 

First we have the other cannabinoids. Researchers have unearthed more than 100, although we only really know about a handful. Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN) are three non-psychoactive cannabinoids that often appear in hemp strains, playing second fiddle to CBD. The trace levels of THC may offer a therapeutic effect, too. 

Terpenes and flavonoids shouldn’t be discounted, either. The former bring a punchy aroma, and some health benefits to boot. Flavonoids may also have some valuable health properties. 

And crucially, cannabinoids produce a synergy when enjoyed together, coined the ‘entourage effect’. The concept is that CBD has more substantial effects when taken as part of an entire plant, as opposed to when it’s isolated. 


Pre-rolled CBD joints are ready whenever you need them, and you’re always assured of a superb smoke. Rolling is an intricate and hassle-causing process that not everybody can or desires to learn – never mind rolling a perfect, tightly-packed joint that smokes evenly!

With pre-rolls, all the hard work is taken care of, for just a little extra cost. You also know exactly how much CBD is in your joint every time. When you just want to kick back and chill, pre-rolls are ideal, with no preparation required. 

Fast-acting effects

The reason why anybody smokes any substance is for the swift onset of effects, that other routes of delivery can’t match. With edibles, you could be waiting up to an hour, and even tincture oils take a few minutes to work. In contrast, CBD inhaled from the smoke of a joint (or the vapor of an e-liquid) starts kicking in within seconds. 

Not only is this convenient, but for some people, quick relief determines whether CBD is worth it or not. For instance, if you suffer from acute pain, the most viable remedy is the one that works the fastest. In addition, inhaled CBD swerves the first-pass metabolism altogether. This process affects the bioavailability and absorption rate of orally-administered CBD. Note that sublingually-absorbed CBD from tinctures also skips the first-pass metabolism. 

Introducing CBD joints at 

At, you’ll find only the finest CBD joints that meet our strict criteria. We look for quality and transparency from a brand – the two go hand-in-hand. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD joints or any other CBD products, so finding a trustworthy manufacturer isn’t always easy. 

However, independent lab tests help separate the wheat from the chaff. We only stock CBD joints from companies that are fully open, and provide third-party reports for its products. 

A classic report details how much CBD and THC are in a joint, and possibly other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’ll also confirm whether there are any heavy metals or foreign substances, and also provide a testing date, so you know you’re getting up-to-date information. 

Hempzilla Pre-RollHempzilla CBD Pre-Roll 

Hempzilla CBD pre-rolls are part of the brand’s Connoisseur Select range. These premium smokes created from Oregonian, artisan hemp flowers are packed with taste, and provide a first-class hemp experience. 

There’s no trim or shake in sight, just gorgeous CBD-rich, with 100mg of CBD per joint. Hempzilla uses a slow-curing method to enhance the flavor and effects from the terpenes. We have four types of Hempzilla pre-rolls – here’s what you can expect from each: 

Suver Haze: This joint has a skunky and earthy aroma, with a sweet and spicy taste. Suver Haze promotes calm and relaxation without making you sleepy, and contains the following terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene and alpha-Bisabolol. Suver Haze is a superb strain for all times of day. 

Special Sauce: Created from tiny, potent nugs, the Special Sauce pre-roll has a delightful berry-like and musky aroma that translates to a delectably smooth and floral flavor. Special Sauce joints are great for mellowing out after a hard day, and are rich in myrcene, caryophyllene and terpinolene.  

Hawaiian Haze: Expect wafts of tropical and pine aromas from this Hempzilla pre-roll, and a similar taste with a citrus finish that will transport you straight to Hawaii. With beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene and humulene, this strain leans toward relaxation, without being a full-throated indica.

Lifter: Get energized with Lifter, a sweet and skunky pre-roll with a lemon twist. Improved concentration is nicely complemented with some relaxing vibes. Lifter has plenty of alpha-humulene, alpha-Bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene, a terpene combo to keep your mind and body in balance. 

cbd for the people flowerCBD For The People Pre-Rolled Joints (7 Pack)

Another new addition to the collection, CBD For The People pre-rolls ooze quality and potency in equal measures. For years, FTP has sought the perfect hemp flower for its pre-rolls, and has finally found it with Wine Widow, a well-balanced hybrid with an eye-popping 27% CBD. This is astonishing given even the most powerful CBD flowers rarely exceed 20%. 

Each FTP hand-crafted pre-roll contains 0.6 grams of flower, equating to more than 160mg of CBD per smoke. And with six to a pack there’s enough to share, although we wouldn’t blame you for keeping them all to yourself! Fed up with rolling your own and failing to master the art? With CBD For The People’s premium and affordable pre-rolls, your troubles are a thing of the past.

Roll-your-own with CBD flower 

Maybe you like rolling your own, and are looking for more variety. Good news! We have lots of excellent loose CBD flower for sale. Choose from more than a dozen strains in our CBD Genesis collection, or check out CBD For the People’s premium nugs which range between 12 and 27% CBD. And not forgetting Blue Moon’s unique Cowdaddy Crush CBG Flower, an exciting strain that shows hemp isn’t just about CBD!

5 possible benefits of CBD joints 

CBD joints have immense therapeutic potential, going by our present understanding of CBD. While existing research isn’t extensive or conclusive enough for medical approval, it’s enough to hint at what CBD may be good for, and what it likely isn’t. 

This section will explore five possible benefits of pre-rolled CBD joints, based on recent science and the fast-acting effects of smoked CBD. Quick disclaimer: this content is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Never attempt to self-medicate CBD, and consult with a doctor if you need medical assistance.

Before getting into the science, let’s briefly run through some general effects of different CBD joints. 

First we have the sativas, which are rich in energizing terpenes. You’ll want these strains first thing in the morning or when your energy levels are sagging in the afternoons. Indicas are the polar opposite, bringing about all-body calm while relaxing your mind, too. Save these for the evenings, or when you have a few hours to fully relax. And thirdly, the hybrid strains – balanced in effects, and a great smoke anytime, anyplace. 

Eases pain and inflammation 

Although there’s no firm evidence to prove it yet, user habits suggest that CBD has some useful pain-killing properties. In comparison to opioids, CBD doesn’t cause euphoria, dependence or a range of nasty side effects. And you can’t overdose on it either. 

How might CBD work for pain? CBD regulates the ECS, which regulates pain perception. CBD also interacts with TRPV-1 (vanilloid) receptors. However, there could be other mechanisms we haven’t discovered yet, and other compounds in hemp may be essential to bringing out CBD’s effects. 

As for inflammation, the picture’s slightly clearer. CB2 receptors in the ECS are a gateway to the immune system, from which cannabinoids send anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating signals. This effect explains why some find CBD helps with osteoarthritis and even rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease. 

CBD joints are particularly attractive for neuropathic and acute inflammatory pain. For both, quickly suppressing a flare-up is vital, and smoking CBD does just that. If pain is affecting your mobility and quality of life, CBD joints may help you take back control and live life on your terms.

Instant anxiety relief

CBD’s benefits for anxiety are not a recent discovery. Pioneering research from European experts found that CBD could reduce social anxiety symptoms all the way back in 2011. Newer studies have largely focussed on how CBD may alleviate anxiety, and there are signs CBD promotes a neurotransmitter called GABA, which effectively calms down an overactive brain. 

Anxiety symptoms can be chronic or acute. A range of CBD products may assist with the former, but fast relief is paramount for the latter. Step forward CBD joints. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and panicky, CBD joints work to clear your head and recapture an inner peace. 

Sometimes it’s possible to foresee anxiety triggers, and other times it isn’t. The on-demand relief is perfect for dealing with unexpected symptoms. Keep a CBD joint in your pocket, and you’ll always have a weapon to fight back when anxiety decides to strike. 

Improved energy, focus and concentration 

Ever wake up feeling like today just isn’t going to be your day? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. CBD joints may make things a little easier. Sativas especially are renowned for having a genuine cerebral effect, helping with motivation and creativity and just generally flushing away physical and mental fatigue.

CBD could also improve your focus and concentration levels, which would come in handy in today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded with distractions. Research shows CBD boosts wakefulness. These stimulating effects may come out most from small doses, as higher quantities are more likely to induce sedation. 

CBD produces the stimulating effects of caffeine and nicotine, sans the downsides. If you’re looking for a sustainable way of staying focused and alert, CBD joints are an intriguing option. 

Enhanced mood 

The science behind depression is still evolving, although one thing is increasingly clear: serotonin is not the only contributing factor. Long described as the “happy chemical”, antidepressant drugs have targeted this neurotransmitter, stopping its reuptake to, in theory, alleviate depression. But the leading class of antidepressants, SSRIs, aren’t effective for everybody. 

CBD works in a different way. Firstly, CBD stops anandamide reuptake, an endocannabinoid with antidepressant properties. CBD also quells neuroinflammation, which may protect regions of the brain implicated in mood, including the prefrontal cortex. This two-pronged effect may somewhat explain why CBD products are used as mood-enhancers. Although we can’t rule out a placebo effect at this point. 

Should CBD work, the fast delivery provided by CBD joints strikes as a great way for breaking out of a mood slump. The motivating and brain-boosting qualities of sativas are perhaps most helpful if you’re experiencing a prolonged slump in mood.

Reduces cannabis tolerance 

While not a potential medical use, CBD joints are an ingenious way of bringing down your cannabis tolerance. Weed smokers will be well aware that the more you smoke, the more tolerant you get, and the more herb you need to get high. The usual advice is to take a break, but CBD joints can also help reset your ECS.

CBD promotes CB1 and CB2 receptor regulation – it’s the CB1 receptors that get desensitized due to THC. Switching out THC for CBD will quickly bring back sensitivity to these receptors so you can start enjoying cannabis once again. And even when on your weed break, you still get to enjoy a relaxing, great-tasting smoke, just without the psychoactive effects.

While we’re talking weed, having a pre-rolled CBD joint or two is a wise precautionary measure. Maybe you’ve smoked more than you can handle or double-dosed an edible. Perhaps your friend has tried weed for the first time and feeling anxious and paranoid, two common side effects. You could just ride it out, but smoking a CBD joint will quickly bring your high to a halt, restoring reality and dissolving any anxiety and paranoia within minutes.

How much CBD is in a CBD joint? 

The amount of CBD in each joint depends on the quantity of the flower and the CBD percentage of the strain. Some brands tell you exactly how much CBD is in a joint – but it’s pretty easy to work out if they don’t. Here’s an example: if a joint has 0.5g of 20% CBD flower, that means there’s 200mg of CBD per gram, and 100mg of CBD in a 0.5g joint. 

Do CBD joints smell?

Yes, the CBD joints for sale at do smell. CBD flower contains terpenes – these aroma molecules are responsible for that dank cannabis aroma. That smell only gets stronger when the flower is lit. For this reason, smoking CBD joints in public is a no-no, especially as bystanders will probably think you’re smoking weed.

But there is an alternative if you’re looking for a discreet smoke. Plain Jane has manufactured some revolutionary aroma-free CBD cigarettes. Taking the terpenes out during the processing stage eliminates the weed smell so you can enjoy a lowkey smoke. To learn more about Plain Jane CBD cigarettes, click here

Are CBD joints addictive?

No, CBD joints are not addictive! Smoking itself isn’t addictive – this is determined by the substance itself. CBD is not addictive and does not have abuse potential (according to the World Health Organization), and nor are any of the other compounds in hemp. THC is addictive for a small percentage of users, but not in the low amounts that you’ll find in a CBD-rich hemp joint.

Researchers exploring CBD and addiction believe the compound may even combat addiction. As an allosteric modulator of mu-opioid receptors, CBD may reduce reward-seeking behavior. A small trial looking at nicotine addiction found inhaled CBD could decrease overall cigarette intake. Therefore, smokers trying to quit cigarettes or marijuana may find CBD joints useful.

Does smoking CBD make your eyes red?

It’s well-known that smoking cannabis – or taking THC in any other way – can cause red eyes, much to the chagrin of users! Since CBD works in the opposite manner to THC, it may reduce the likelihood of red eyes. 

However, some CBD flower users have reported getting red eyes after smoking. This may possibly be due to having no tolerance to THC – even a tiny concentration could, in theory cause red eyes. But without research, this is purely speculative, and the only way to find out is by trying it for yourself. 

How long does CBD withdrawal last?

Because CBD is not addictive, there are no withdrawal symptoms to worry about. Regular CBD smokers who suddenly stop may find themselves missing their daily joint, but CBD doesn’t rewire the brain and make you crave the substance, so any withdrawal is purely psychological and will quickly pass. CBD may cause minor side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness, but there are no incidents of withdrawal symptoms after stopping smoking joints or taking tinctures.

How do you save a lit joint?

Don’t want to smoke all your CBD joint at once? Saving some for later on is easier than you might think! Just lightly grind the end into the ashtray, and the oxygen-starved joint will soon go out on its own, ready for when you next want it. 

How do you make a joint burn super slow? 

You’ll get much more CBD from a joint that burns steadily and slowly than one that burns through quickly. And that’s important when you’re smoking premium, CBD-rich nugs! 

The trick to making a joint burn slowly is finely-ground flower, a high-quality paper and a tightly-packed roll. But you don’t have to worry about any of that with a top-shelf pre-roll. 

The best joint manufacturers know exactly what’s required for a great smoke, and this rolling perfection is exactly what you’re paying for. All our featured joints burn smoothly and slowly, so you can take in the maximum amount of CBD. 

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The market for CBD joints online is not unlike that for cannabis joints – excellent quality and lots of variety. The only difference is that these joints are legal in all 50 states! We’re thrilled to stock joints from first-class brands, and will be expanding our range further in the near future. 

We hope this guide has shown you that CBD joints have an array of benefits, and that if you can get past the smoking aspect, they have a lot to offer. With more scientific research focusing specifically on inhaling CBD, we should be able to say with confidence just how effective CBD is and for what ailments.

But we know our customers are already enjoying CBD joints, and discovering the benefits for themselves. If you’ve experienced one of our pre-rolls, or rolled your own with some of our premium CBD flower, we’d love to hear all about in the comments. Thanks for reading! 

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The Complete Guide to CBD Hemp Flower in 2020

CBD Flowe

Best Premium CBD Flower 2020!


In general, sativas are strains that make you feel alive. Feeling sluggish and not on top of your game? Blow away the cobwebs with any of these.

Green House Electra

Green House Electra

A potent indica, Catatonic has a traditional earthy flavor. The high CBD content and calming terpenes could be helpful for all kinds of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had a long and exhausting day, and want a nice, sedative strain to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Maybe you have a condition that causes agonizing chronic pain. Or do you have a pounding migraine?

Catatonic has the cocktail of compounds you need to rebalance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This strain is a gem in the late afternoons and evenings. Once you’ve taken care of business, grind up some Catatonic, then roll up and smoke away. 

Green House Lifter

Sour Patch

As the name suggests, Sour Patch has that traditional sour taste that so many famous strains are renowned for. That said, the aroma and flavor is light and not overpowering, and therefore perfect if you want to stay clear-headed and on top of your game.

Sour Patch has a delightful mellowing effect, and will help put you in a good mood and peaceful state of mind. That’s a perfect combination for when you need to stay laser-focused while working or studying. Sour Patch is a brilliant strain to smoke for anxiety relief, too.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is an energizing sativa strain from the CBD Genesis collection. These nugs have a mild, herb-like aroma and flavor, unlike some of our punchier strains. Sweet Tooth offers fast and genuine relief from your symptoms.

Maybe you have a headache or migraine that’s getting you down, or are just feeling sluggish and fatigued from a bad night’s sleep. A joint or bowl of Sweet Tooth will quickly get you back to your best. Sativa strains are also associated with enhanced concentration, focus and creativity. Be sure to experiment with these potential benefits, too! Sweet Tooth is best enjoyed in the first half of the day.


Indicas are all about relaxation and calm. These strains are a treat to have at the end of the day, when you want to sit back, sink into your sofa, and binge-watch your favorite show. The only difference with a CBD-rich indica strain is that you won’t feel intoxicated as you do so!



A potent indica, Catatonic has a traditional earthy flavor. The high CBD content and calming terpenes could be helpful for all kinds of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had a long and exhausting day, and want a nice, sedative strain to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Maybe you have a condition that causes agonizing chronic pain. Or do you have a pounding migraine?

Catatonic has the cocktail of compounds you need to rebalance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This strain is a gem in the late afternoons and evenings. Once you’ve taken care of business, grind up some Catatonic, then roll up and smoke away.


Hybrids are a cross between sativas and indicas. Some hybrids are more sativa than indica, and vice versa. In essence, they’re the middling strains for CBD flower users who neither want deep relaxation nor stimulating cerebral effects, but something in-between.

Green House Lifter

Green House Lifter

This strain is very similar in terms of aroma and taste to Green House Electra. The Lifter hybrid is all about getting you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

Green House Lifter will lighten your mental load and brighten your outlook, without inducing any psychoactive effects. This hybrid boasts everything you need to improve your focus and concentration.

There’s so much going on in the world nowadays, it’s not always easy to knuckle down and work on your tasks. Green House Lifter will blow away any unnecessary mental junk, and give you the focus needed for office work, studying and more.

Green House Lifter

DC Hemp Flower

These buds produce a very light flavor and smooth hit, making DC Hemp Flower a strain you can come back to again and again. This hybrid balances the relaxing and energizing effects of CBD and hemp, reducing stress levels, while leaving you mellow and in a good mood.

DC Hemp Flower contains a wonderful mix of terpenes, which promote a classic cannabis-like aroma and flavor, without causing any intoxication. If you want a strain for use at any time of day for any particular reason, make sure you pick up some DC Hemp Flower!

Green House Lifter

Berry Wine

Enjoy strong, fruity hits with Berry Wine, a relaxing hybrid from the CBD Genesis collection. The aroma is all berry, and this flavor also comes through beautifully when smoked. This soothing strain will leave you feeling calm and chilled, but not as sedated as an indica. If you’re trying to ease anxiety and pain, but still need to be physically active, Berry Wine is a great option.

In the same vein, the relaxing properties of Berry Wine will put you in a good mental space, without affecting your concentration levels and stopping you from getting on with tasks.


Tsunami is a well-balanced hybrid strain, producing a pleasant mixture of stimulating and sedating effects. These hemp flower nugs have a pungent, earthy aroma. Tsunami generates thick smoke, and this smokiness dominates the flavor, too – although vaping may bring out the earthy taste a bit more.

Some find that Tsunami has very relaxing properties, and this likely comes through more with higher dosages. Therefore, this hybrid is excellent for late afternoon and evening use, when you’re looking for that delightful ‘couchlock’ effect. Tsunami may ease any physical discomfort you’re experiencing, and promote a great night’s sleep..

Best Premium CBD Flower 2020!



In general, sativas are strains that make you feel alive. Feeling sluggish and not on top of your game? Blow away the cobwebs with any of these.

Green House Electra

Green House Electra

A potent indica, Catatonic has a traditional earthy flavor. The high CBD content and calming terpenes could be helpful for all kinds of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had a long and exhausting day, and want a nice, sedative strain to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Maybe you have a condition that causes agonizing chronic pain. Or do you have a pounding migraine?

Catatonic has the cocktail of compounds you need to rebalance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This strain is a gem in the late afternoons and evenings. Once you’ve taken care of business, grind up some Catatonic, then roll up and smoke away.

Green House Lifter

Sour Patch

As the name suggests, Sour Patch has that traditional sour taste that so many famous strains are renowned for. That said, the aroma and flavor is light and not overpowering, and therefore perfect if you want to stay clear-headed and on top of your game.

Sour Patch has a delightful mellowing effect, and will help put you in a good mood and peaceful state of mind. That’s a perfect combination for when you need to stay laser-focused while working or studying. Sour Patch is a brilliant strain to smoke for anxiety relief, too.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is an energizing sativa strain from the CBD Genesis collection. These nugs have a mild, herb-like aroma and flavor, unlike some of our punchier strains. Sweet Tooth offers fast and genuine relief from your symptoms.

Maybe you have a headache or migraine that’s getting you down, or are just feeling sluggish and fatigued from a bad night’s sleep. A joint or bowl of Sweet Tooth will quickly get you back to your best. Sativa strains are also associated with enhanced concentration, focus and creativity. Be sure to experiment with these potential benefits, too! Sweet Tooth is best enjoyed in the first half of the day.



Indicas are all about relaxation and calm. These strains are a treat to have at the end of the day, when you want to sit back, sink into your sofa, and binge-watch your favorite show. The only difference with a CBD-rich indica strain is that you won’t feel intoxicated as you do so!


A potent indica, Catatonic has a traditional earthy flavor. The high CBD content and calming terpenes could be helpful for all kinds of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had a long and exhausting day, and want a nice, sedative strain to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Maybe you have a condition that causes agonizing chronic pain. Or do you have a pounding migraine?

Catatonic has the cocktail of compounds you need to rebalance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This strain is a gem in the late afternoons and evenings. Once you’ve taken care of business, grind up some Catatonic, then roll up and smoke away.



Hybrids are a cross between sativas and indicas. Some hybrids are more sativa than indica, and vice versa. In essence, they’re the middling strains for CBD flower users who neither want deep relaxation nor stimulating cerebral effects, but something in-between.

Green House Lifter

Green House Lifter

A potent indica, Catatonic has a traditional earthy flavor. The high CBD content and calming terpenes could be helpful for all kinds of problems.

Perhaps you’ve had a long and exhausting day, and want a nice, sedative strain to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. Maybe you have a condition that causes agonizing chronic pain. Or do you have a pounding migraine?

Catatonic has the cocktail of compounds you need to rebalance your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This strain is a gem in the late afternoons and evenings. Once you’ve taken care of business, grind up some Catatonic, then roll up and smoke away.

Green House Lifter

DC Hemp Flower

These buds produce a very light flavor and smooth hit, making DC Hemp Flower a strain you can come back to again and again. This hybrid balances the relaxing and energizing effects of CBD and hemp, reducing stress levels, while leaving you mellow and in a good mood.

DC Hemp Flower contains a wonderful mix of terpenes, which promote a classic cannabis-like aroma and flavor, without causing any intoxication. If you want a strain for use at any time of day for any particular reason, make sure you pick up some DC Hemp Flower!


Tsunami is a well-balanced hybrid strain, producing a pleasant mixture of stimulating and sedating effects. These hemp flower nugs have a pungent, earthy aroma. Tsunami generates thick smoke, and this smokiness dominates the flavor, too – although vaping may bring out the earthy taste a bit more.

Some find that Tsunami has very relaxing properties, and this likely comes through more with higher dosages. Therefore, this hybrid is excellent for late afternoon and evening use, when you’re looking for that delightful ‘couchlock’ effect. Tsunami may ease any physical discomfort you’re experiencing, and promote a great night’s sleep.

Green House Lifter

Berry Wine

Enjoy strong, fruity hits with Berry Wine, a relaxing hybrid from the CBD Genesis collection. The aroma is all berry, and this flavor also comes through beautifully when smoked. This soothing strain will leave you feeling calm and chilled, but not as sedated as an indica. If you’re trying to ease anxiety and pain, but still need to be physically active, Berry Wine is a great option.

In the same vein, the relaxing properties of Berry Wine will put you in a good mental space, without affecting your concentration levels and stopping you from getting on with tasks.