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All you need to know about CBD cartridges

CBD cartridges are excellent for vaporizing, as they are more efficient and simple to use than refillable CBD E Liquid cartridges. The market for prefilled CBD cartridges is growing all the time, with lots of new companies getting involved. In this article, we are going to assess all the benefits of these products, and help you to find the ideal CBD vape cartridge for you.

Unfortunately, some brands selling disposable CBD cartridges will claim that they are refillable – while some can indeed be refilled, they tend to fail soon afterwards, so can hardly be classed as refillable. However, the vast majority of vape devices that are compatible with disposable CBD cartridges also boast USB charging functionality, giving you plenty of charging opportunities if you want to vape on the go.

What to look for when purchasing a CBD cartridge?

Strength: When buying a CBD vape oil cartridge, it’s important to know the exact potency of the CBD – the dosage you need will depend on the ailment you’re attempting to remedy. Any good CBD vape juice cartridge will state the amount of CBD on the label of the product. New CBD users will likely find small doses to be enough, but those attempting to treat chronic pain may need a stronger cartridge. The strength of a CBD cartridge product is given in milligrams.

Cost: As expected, cheap CBD cartridges will be weaker than more expensive CBD cartridges, but the only way to work out whether you’re getting a great deal is to compare the relative price. For instance, CBD cartridges for sale containing 100mg of CBD for $50 is better value than a 50mg cartridge being sold at $30, with each milligram of CBD costing $0.50 in the former and $0.60 in the latter. When using high CBD cartridges, you won’t need to take as many draws for the same effect.

Origin: Another thing to check out before you buy CBD cartridges is the source of the CBD extract, as some companies use higher quality extraction methods than others. Look for products that are made using supercritical CO2 extraction – while these can cost a little more, this is the only extraction method that ensures heavy metals and toxins which the hemp plant may have picked up while growing doesn’t make it into the cartridge.

Reputable CBD manufacturers have no issues with providing third-party lab-test reports to their customers, which confirm the authenticity and quality of the CBD. When buying CBD cartridges online, this information is typically available on the product page. Such test reports generally clarify the percentage of CBD (and other cannabinoids) in the oil, and often the source of the hemp.

Ingredients used: Make sure you know the full and exact list of ingredients used to make the cartridges. Some products are made with pure hemp-based CBD oil, while others use a carrier oil – either propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). The main purpose of these carrier oils is so that vaping can recreate the big, white clouds associated with smoking cigarettes. But while PG looks cool, it’s not an essential – so if you aren’t fussed about clouds, don’t hesitate to purchase pre filled CBD cartridges made just with CBD oil.

Type of CBD: There are two main types of CBD cartridge, which produce marginally different effects: CBD-isolate cartridges and full-spectrum CBD cartridges. Cartridges made with CBD-isolate will just provide the benefits of CBD, and are not made with a whole-plant extract. In contrast, full-spectrum CBD cartridges have a little extra therapeutic value, thanks to the inclusion of terpenes and other cannabinoids from the plant – these cartridges may have up to 0.3 percent THC, which is the US federal limit for hemp products.

People often choose CBD-isolate cartridges to ensure they have zero THC in their body, meaning there is no way whatsoever that they could fail a drugs test. This is rarely ever a problem, but in the unlikely circumstance that a daily full-spectrum CBD user who takes huge doses faced a test where the THC limit was set rare low, there may be a slim chance for a fail. It’s best to be aware of this possibility before purchasing a product.


CBD cartridges are ideal for those who don’t want to spend time refilling their vape tank every few sessions, which can be a fiddly process. Furthermore, many cartridges are made to release a specific quantity of CBD with every puff – if you are looking to dose consistently and accurately, this is a great way of doing so.


If you think that cartridges could be great for your business, then consider buying wholesale CBD cartridges – this will help to significantly reduce your costs.

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