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Alabamans to be given better access to CBD oil

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has ended speculation and signed into a law a CBD-only bill which received overwhelming support in Alabama’s House and Senate. The legislation permits approved patients for specific conditions to possess CBD oil.

“Leni’s Law”, as it is known, won a 95-to-4 vote in the House of Representatives and a convincing 29-to-3 decision in the Senate. It marks Alabama’s second piece of medical marijuana legislation, after Carly’s Law, which allowed qualified patients to partake in a CBD study supervised by the University of Alabama at Birmingham was passed in 2015.

Leni’s Law is good news and bad news, depending on which marijuana advocate you listen to. Some have praised the move, recognizing that it introduces the concept of medical marijuana to conservative Alabama, while others have criticized it for not allowing marijuana to be cultivated for CBD oil, nor for it to be distributed in-state. Similar CBD-only legislation across America has forced patients to visit legalized states to buy the oil before breaking federal law as they inevitably cross state borders during the trip back to their home state.

But the mother of the girl who Leni’s Law was named after, Amy Young, lavished praise on the state of Alabama. She said “we are incredibly grateful” to Alabama for realizing the potential of CBD in offering children relief from their illnesses and giving them the chance at a better quality of life.

However, it seems the medical marijuana debate in Alabama is far from finished.

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