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The advent of CBD cigarettes

At the moment in the medical marijuana industry, hemp is primarily used for CBD oil extraction. But since the hemp plant itself is what contains the CBD, could the plant be used for any other CBD purposes besides oil?

Indeed, how about breeding a CBD-dominant strain of marijuana that has negligible levels of THC, but CBG and other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. Such a product would have all the medicinal benefits of cannabis with no “high” feeling, but appear, smell and look just like standard bud.

You could even take this high CBD strain of marijuana, grind it up and use it as the base for a hemp cigarette. Mix in some tobacco, add a filter and you’ll make a CBD cigarette.

They may not be healthy per se, but for smokers in search of a healthier option, these medical joints are a savior. First of all, if hemp is making up a sizeable portion of the cigarette, then there’s less tobacco and hence less nicotine.

CBD cigarettes are now a reality, with a company in Switzerland hoping to profit from the idea.

Heimat in Switzerland

Known for their free market approach, it’s no shock that the Swiss have developed such a revolutionary product. As reported by USA Today, a prominent supermarket chain has started selling a brand of CBD cigarettes called Heimat. More than 700 stores are stocking the product, indicating widespread availability.

These cigarettes aren’t cheap, with packs costing a hefty $20. But the price isn’t putting customers off, with Heimat receiving excellent reviews so far. Users report a mellow feeling from smoking hemp cigarettes, noting that it feels akin to toking on a normal joint. Customers must be 18 or over to purchase Heimat.

Based in Eastern Switzerland, Heimat’s manufacturer styles its product as a “tobacco-and-hemp cigarette,” making them with natural CBD hemp and Swiss tobacco. They claim that Heimat is the first of its kind.

Laws in Switzerland toward THC are more lax. Hemp products can contain up to 1% THC, more than three times the limit in the US. The compound is restricted since it causes a psychoactive ‘high” in users.

But the concentration of CBD far outweighs that of the THC in Heimat, and scientific research has shown that CBD actually reduces the psychoactive impact of THC when the two are combined. With CBD levels in Heimat pushing 20%, it’s no wonder that smoking one brings relief and leaves a mellow feeling. CBD can help deliver calm, ebbing away at the body’s aches. However it’s also recognized for its mental effects – many use CBD to reduce anxiety.

Stop smoking with CBD cigarettes?

Suppose you take the tobacco out of Heimat and just smoked pure hemp, or used a substitute: would it be possible to use these “healthier” cigarettes to help quit smoking for good?

Studies are limited, but a connection has been made with CBD and stopping addiction, having been used to treat opioid addicts. With addiction to opioids and pharmaceutical drugs sweeping America, an addiction-stopper like CBD, if indeed that’s what it is, could be a serious game-changer. It’s clear to see why CBD is touted by some as a way to stop smoking if it can help with cravings.

The University College London recently found that CBD reduced cigarette use of regular smokers by a remarkable 40%. The research was published in the Addictive Behaviors journal. Consuming CBD in smokeless fashion is admittedly preferable, but it’s important to realize harm reduction works, and if long-term smokers can take a less-harmful route, then it should be encouraged.

Nicotine-free cigarette make a lot of sense. For a smoker, CBD cigarettes closely recreate the smoking sensation without doing the damage, and over time, the CBD could eliminate nicotine cravings altogether, empowering a smoker to give up tobacco cigarettes entirely.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Hemp cigarettes are niche right now and future research may find dangers with smoking hemp. But the concept of smoking CBD cigarettes to quit tobacco cigarettes is gathering pace!

Only in Switzerland

You probably can’t wait to get your hands on a hemp cigarette now, but you may find it a struggle. Heimat is currently only available in Switzerland. Not being inside the European Union means that the Swiss are not subject to the restrictive regulations – known to trouble vaping – that neighboring countries are. Heimat is federally illegal in the United States and will be for the near future at least. In fact, it will be a hard push to convince the government and the public that cigarettes that smell like marijuana but aren’t actually marijuana are a good idea.

No American manufacturers have developed a Heimat-like product that conforms to the US’ THC regulations yet, although there was an attempt in 2016 to crowdfund a hemp cigarette project.

But not to worry, there are many viable CBD products here at home – you don’t need to go all the way to Switzerland to medicate! Check out our extensive CBD range of e-liquids, oils, edibles and creams and begin experiencing the body peace that you deserve.


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