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A Guide to CBD Creams and other Cannabis Topicals

The modernization of cannabis is bringing with it advantages that no one would have imagined before. We’ve spent years stuck in our ways that cannabis must either be rolled up into a joint or smoke from a bowl. It’s only recently that the wider public has realised that marijuana isn’t just there to get you high either.

One brand new cannabis product that is getting people excited is CBD cream. We have seen a surge in hemp cream, CBD lotion and other sorts of topicals, with patients loving the efficiency, accessibility and safety that they deliver. You don’t have to ingest anything as it just goes onto your skin, but you can still reap all of the benefits.

Explaining Topicals
Topicals come in many shapes and forms. The most common types of cannabis topical are hemp lotions and hemp creams. You can also buy hemp hand cream and hemp oil for skin. These are ideal if you’re suffering with physical pain as you can apply to the affected area and watch the results – inflammation and soreness, along with skin complaints can be tackled with hemp lotion. CBD products are non-psychoactive (not that you’re ingesting anyway) which is why they are much more easily available than other marijuana products.

You can also buy strain-specific topicals, which look to cash in on cannabis’ other non-psychoactive qualities. There are more than 60 cannabinoids in cannabis, as well as many terpenes – when all of these compounds interact, the effects are greater (this is commonly known as the entourage effect). Depending on which state you are in, you may be able to access topicals which contain THC.

When using topicals, the cannabinoids present in the CBD cream will bind themselves to the CB2 receptor, as these are situated all over the body.

Some topicals you can buy are indeed THC active, although this isn’t an issue as THC cannot get into the bloodstream if it has been applied transdermally – although if you are using patches with high THC contents then you’ll have to be a little wary. But on the whole, there are far fewer psychoactive concerns with transdermal application than there are through smoking or eating.

What symptoms could I treat with CBD creams?
As we briefly mentioned, hemp lotion is very good if you are trying to treat localized pain, inflammation and muscle soreness. While the research on what CBD lotions can officially treat is limited, there’s plenty of anecdotes which suggest marijuana has more wide-ranging effects. These include skin complaints such as acne and psoriasis, but also extend to cramping and headaches. With no side effects of hemp cream, it’s definitely worth checking it out if you think you have something that could be treated with it.

Not all topicals are the same – some are specifically tailored to treat certain issues. This variation of ingredients and increased knowledge of how marijuana and its derivatives work is allowing companies to develop better products that are more consistent in treating certain complaints. It’s not one size fits all anymore. With that in mind, you should definitely experiment with the products that you use to see if there is a more optimum one for you out there.

One of the big brands in CBD creams, lotions and balms is Hempz. Let’s have a look at their huge range of products and see which ones that you could benefit from.

Hempz’ original moisturizer is probably the company’s most popular hemp product, and it’s one of the best hemp lotions that you can buy. This moisturizer is made up of 100% hempz oils so you know exactly what’s in it and what you are applying to your skin. As well as helping you out with your ailment, this CBD lotion is also superb for your skin, containing a wealth of anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients. Vegans can rest assured as its free of any meat and dairy products – there’s also no THC so this Hempz moisturiser is available across the nation.

There are a few different “flavors” but it’s hard to beat the original, which is stacked with glorious strawberry and floral hints to leave you smelling as fresh as a daisy. The bottles are available in various sizes, so you can always take some with you if you think you’ll want Hempz lotion on the road.

This is also a wonderful hemp hand cream if you find that your hands are taking a battering throughout the day. Perhaps you have very manual work or just repetitive work that involves constant use of your hands. Applying this cream every now and then provides some much-needed soothing, and there’s no concern of burning or irritation since there are no nasty ingredients. It’s also a very economical moisturizer – you’ll find just small amounts will achieve the desired effect.

How CBD lotion can improve your skin
There have been a couple of references so far, but we’re going to go into further depth about why CBD is highly beneficial for your skin.

A study conducted recently involved administering a CBD serum to a group of willing participants, to see if it would improve their facial skin. The results were staggering, with 100% of those tested reporting that their skin was looking better just two weeks of being on hemp cream.

It took just one week for six out of seven to report improvements, and after a fortnight, the remaining participants who hadn’t previously reported benefits were then doing so.

It wasn’t just appearance that improved, with more than 80% saying that their skin texture was improved, and notably smoother. Moreover, the same number spotted magnificent changes around the mouth area, with wrinkles and fine lines smoothing out, delivering an anti-aging effect.

It’s not the first time that CBD has been proven to have skin-healing qualities, with psoriasis, acne and dermatitis three of the most notorious skin complaints that have been effectively treated with the marijuana derivative. However, while CBD is legal in all 50 states (providing it has been extracted from industrial hemp – a cannabis sativa strain with low amounts of THC – and not marijuana), the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has yet to give its approval of CBD as a medication for skin.


Final Thoughts
Another reason you may wish to go for CBD creams and lotions is because it’s non-aggressive and simply healthier. While smoking or vaping marijuana is sufficient for some, others who are more concerned about their health or have been advised to stop smoking in the past can use CBD topicals with full peace of mind. Furthermore, children could also be administered CBD in this way, whereas it would be highly irresponsible for them to smoke.

If there’s one thing about marijuana and CBD, it’s that everybody has their own reasons for embracing and taking it. The vast range of products has given everybody a route into this pioneering medication, and creams and lotions are just the latest step in the plant’s development.

If you’re ready to fully dive into the CBD world and bring yourself some relaxation and that pain-free life you have been searching for so long, have a browse of the Hempz range and get started right away.

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