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9 Awesome Black Tie CBD Flower Strains [December 2019 Review]

Black Tie CBD is yet another emerging hemp-based CBD brand from Oregon. The West Coast state has become a hotbed for cannabis and hemp particularly in recent times. Black Tie’s goal is to bring pure, high-quality products to you, whether it’s flower, e-liquids, concentrates or topicals. 

The brand has an impressive range, that’s expanding all the time. In addition to cannabidiol (CBD) products, Black Tie also has a growing line of cannabigerol (CBG) products. Both of these compounds are cannabinoids, and neither produce the intoxicating effects marijuana is famous and notorious for. 

This Black Tie CBD review will focus primarily on their flower strains. We’ll provide detailed information about appearance, aroma, flavor and potential effects. In the second part, we’ll also discuss other products in the Black Tie collection, including topicals, tablets and pet treats. And don’t miss out on the Black Tie CBD discount code, exclusively for use at! 

CBD Hemp Flower

Hemp flower rich in CBD and low in THC is a popular, non-psychoactive alternative to cannabis. In terms of look, scent and taste, hemp buds and cannabis buds are pretty much indistinguishable, and are enjoyed in exactly the same way. Most of the time, this is by smoking or vaping. But CBD flower won’t get you high, not even if you smoked through a whole plant! 

CBD flower contains a full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These compounds combine to deliver greater effects than when CBD is taken alone. The unique set of terpenes in each strain also means the aroma, flavor and effects vary, depending on the flower you’re using.

Amnesia Haze

This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with almost 18% CBD and a total cannabinoid content of more than 22%. Amnesia Haze has a complex aroma of orange, cinnamon, hops and wood, with a dash of citrus. The flavor is also very lemony, but complemented with buttery and creamy notes, as well as some earthiness. The primary terpenes detected are myrcene, limonene and pinene.

As a sativa, Amnesia Haze is most appropriate in the morning and daytime. That’s when the uplifting and energizing effects can be put to best use. This strain is great for banishing fatigue, and putting you in the mood for socializing. So, enjoy Amnesia Haze alone, or with friends! 


BubbleGum is a balanced sativa-dominant hybrid, offering a mix of sedation and stimulation. This strain has more than 17.5% CBD and in excess of 22% cannabinoids in all. BubbleGum has a pleasant cinnamon and hoppy aroma, with some sugary sweetness thrown in. The flavor is fruity, spicy yet a little sweet, and provided by the primary terpenes of myrcene, bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene.

BubbleGum has a calming effect on the body, but as a sativa-dominant hybrid, the couchlock sensation isn’t too intense. The energizing and cerebral effects are linked to improved mood and a more present, meditative state. This delightful, all-round strain is recommended for use in the afternoons. 

Chem Dawg

Chem Dawg is one of America’s most popular high-CBD strains. Loved for its sativa properties, this strain is stimulating, and has a CBD concentration nudging 17%. A myriad of secondary cannabinoids bring the total cannabinoid level to 21.2%. 

Chem Dawg has a chamomile and cinnamon aroma, but also a diesel fuel aroma – no surprise given the name! That diesel aroma also comes through in the flavor, along with hints of ammonia. Myrcene, pinene and beta-caryophyllene are the most prominent terpenes in Chem Dawg.  

Smoke or vape this strain in the mornings or afternoons for increased sociability and relaxation sans couchlock. Many credit Chem Dawg for unlocking their creativity. If you have an artistic side, find out whether these buds will unlock it! 

Fruit Punch

This sativa-dominant hybrid certainly packs a punch, with 16% CBD and 19% total cannabinoids. Fruit Punch has, as expected, a fruity aroma, although users note a little sugary, candiness, too! Overall, these buds have a pungent aroma and a sugary flavor, with a piney finish. Myrcene, humulene and beta-caryophyllene are the most common terpenes in Fruit Punch.

Take this strain at any time of day for enhanced energy, mood and motivation. Fruit Punch may also elevate focus and mental clarity, thanks to the cerebral effects of sativas. This flower may also put you in a more sociable frame of mind, especially if you have anxious tendencies.

Bleu Cheese

Bleu Cheese is a cross between “Cheese”, a British favorite, and “Blueberry”. Compared to the others, this is a mild strain, with a tick over 13% CBD, and 16% cannabinoids in all. The aroma is unsurprisingly cheesy, although hints of blueberry also get through. The cheesy taste is also complemented with some fruitiness at the end. 

Users report Bleu Cheese producing thick smoke and vapor that’s potent on the palate. Myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and cis-nerolidol are the three terpenes to know about in this strain. 

As for the effects, Bleu Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid, so is soothing, relaxing and ideal for de-stressing with. A higher dose translates to a stronger couchlock, which may aid with sleep and relieving aches and pains.

Zweet Tarts 

We finish our Black Tie CBD flower review with Zweet Tarts, a lemony sativa-dominant hybrid with more than 16% CBD and a cannabinoid content of 19.1%. These nugs have a sweet and tangy aroma and flavor, along with some pungent lemon and lime citrus notes to finish. Myrcene, limonene and pinene are the three key terpenes in Zweet Tarts. 

These bright green buds have an uplifting effects, and will calm your mind and body without leaving you zonked. Therefore, Zweet Tarts is an excellent daytime strain, and a suitable one for socializing with. But if on your own, this flower has nice cerebral and motivating effects to enjoy.

CBG Hemp Flower

CBG strains are fairly new, and are high in CBG, but relatively low in CBD and THC. Otherwise, these flowers appear and taste pretty similar to your CBD and cannabis favorites. Black Tie’s CBG selection is limited at present, but we have got three intriguing strains to introduce you to.

Lemon Cream Diesel

This strain boasts lot of sativa properties, and has a CBG content in excess of 20 percent, and more than 21% cannabinoids in total. Lemon Cream Diesel has a predictively lemony and diesel-like aroma, with some creamy floral notes too. The flavor is similar, with a slight gaseousness, not unlike OG Kush. Lemon Cream Diesel has cedrol, nerolidol and alpha-bisabolol terpenes. 

This CBG-dominant strain is perfect for starting your day on the front foot, and is a nice substitute to coffee and other caffeinated drinks. Lemon Cream Diesel also provides increased concentration and cerebral effects, without leaving you feeling anxious and jittery. 


These are indica-dominant buds, and OJ is certainly popular for its relaxing and calming effects, with a CBG count topping 16.5%, and a THC level below 0.3%. OJ has a grassy and hoppy flavor, that we’re confident you’ll enjoy. In addition to having calming properties, OJ won’t leave you feeling sleepy, so you’ll be able to focus your mind on any tasks at hand. 

Super Glue  

Super Glue just falls into the indica-dominant classification, but is very similar to a regular hybrid, and a cross between Northern Lights and Afghani landrace. With a whopping 22.31% CBG, this is the most potent CBG-rich strain in the Black Tie range. 

Super Glue has a skunky and soury aroma, but connoisseurs will pick up on a sharp and piney scent, too. This strain has a woody and earthy flavor, and smokes fairly harshly. Cedrol, nerolidol and alpha-bisabolol are the most-concentrated terpenes in Super Glue. 

The thick and acrid smoke may produce a head rush at first, although Super Glue is completely non-psychoactive. Ultimately, these buds are associated with benefits for focus and motivation, with an underlying theme of relaxation. 


Black Tie CBD Flower is also available in the form of pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolls work out a little more expensive than buying loose flower, but are the convenient option if rolling-your-own isn’t desirable. 

Black Tie packs 0.75g (750mg) of finely-ground flower into its pre-rolls, and fit a long mouthpiece for a cooler and smoother smoking experience. Pre-rolls are sold individually and in packs. Right now, Black Tie has three options: Sour Lemon, Strawberry Gelato and CBG pre-rolls. 

CBD Concentrates

Concentrated CBD products have a much higher cannabinoid percentage than flower, but remain perfectly legal! Concentrates are typically dabbed, vaped or smoked, but in some cases can be used as food ingredients or stirred into beverages.

Black Tie stocks a potent Afghani CBD Hash with a 41%+ CBD concentration and less than 0.3% THC. This product has a classic hashish aroma and taste, and have deeply relaxing effects. Due to the strong dosage, careful consumption is advised to avoid excessive sedation.

CBD Kief is a potent extract made from the CBD-rich resinous trichomes of flower. Black Tie sells terpene-rich CBD and CBG kief in 1-gram pots. Dusting kief on a joint or bowl is a clever trick for increasing potency without increasing the amount you smoke. 

CBD Tablets

Herbal tablets are an appealing way of dosing with CBD if you are opposed to smoking or vaping. Expect gradual effects from tablets, since the body does not immediately absorb orally-taken cannabinoids into the bloodstream. However, tablets do produce long-lasting effects, which is better for reducing chronic symptoms. 

Black Tie’s infuses 200mg of decarboxylated flower into its CBD and CBG tablets. This means the cannabinoids are pre-heated, activated and ready for use. The brand also manufactures CBD-isolate capsules, where the CBD is separated into an isolated extract from the rest of the hemp plant. With 350mg of CBD per capsule, this is a remarkably strong product, and only recommended if you know you need extra relief.


Sample skin-based relief with CBD topicals (i.e. creams, oils, gels and salves). Black Tie stocks products from Mary’s Nutritionals, a big player in the hemp industry that specializes in topicals. 

The Remedy Oil contains 500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, sweet almond oil, myrrh, cinnamon oil and terpenes, delivering an array of therapeutic effect. Black Tie markets the Remedy Oil as Mary’s best-selling tincture, and it works under the tongue as well as on the skin.

The Elite Transdermal Gel Pen is an attractive and patented topical, filled with activated hemp extract, cool citrus basil, natural terpenes and menthol for a cooling effect. Application on the skin may help with skin complaints, pain, inflammation and infections.  

The Elite Transdermal Balm is another Black Tie featured product from Mary’s Nutritionals. The formulation used allows for deeper penetration into the skin than regular topicals, and consists of a full-spectrum hemp extract, mango butter, beeswax and an essential oil fragrance blend. 

Pet Treats

CBD-infused pet treats are gaining traction, as researchers find out more about the compound’s beneficial possibilities. CBD pet treats are not a gimmick, as canines have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) that need regulation, just like us humans! 

Black Tie CBD stocks a range of pet treats in various flavors, such as bacon and salmon. The formulations make giving CBD to your pet much easier than giving them regular medicines! All treats are grain and gluten-free and contain only natural ingredients. CBD supplements for pets may assist with pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety. 

Black Tie CBD Discount Code!

We’re really happy you’ve taken the time to learn more about CBD on our blog! With news about the industry, information about products and brands, and the latest in research, we’re sure this will become your number one stop for CBD! 

As a token of our appreciation, we have an exclusive coupon code for 10% off your next order! Just enter save10 in the discount box when checking out, and the system will automatically apply your discount. Thanks for shopping with us, and don’t forget to share this offer with your friends! 


Black Tie CBD is yet another hemp-based brand specializing in flower, and coming up with some pretty incredible strains! All the right steps are taken to ensure their nugs are pure, potent and effective, and the independent analysis for all strains shows Black Tie has nothing to hide! 

Have you experienced any of the CBD or CBG flower strains listed in this Black Tie CBD review? Share your impressions in the comment section below!

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