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7 strains to manage depression

Marijuana was once seen as a boon to mental health, however the new information about CBD products is transforming the herb into a mental health patient’s best friend. People with depression are finding that cannabis elevates their mood and boosts their sense of wellbeing more effectively than anti-depressants such as SSRIs. The short-term mood-lifting effects of marijuana are well-documented, and the plant also improves sleeping patterns, stopping you from getting too fatigued – a notorious symptom for those with depression.

Some cannabis strains are better at treating depression than others. Both THC and CBD can tackle the debilitating disorder but take unique routes in doing so. In this article, we’ll showcase 7 awesome strains that may be of use to depression patients.

What makes a cannabis strain good at combatting depression?

The research on marijuana for depression isn’t as comprehensive as we’d like, with most studies being carried out on rodents, since their brains are similar to humans’. Micro-dosing THC can help to increase rats’ serotonin levels, although in larger doses the compound can reduce them.

THC was the first cannabis compound to be discovered and is the main psychoactive compound in the herb. Many pharmaceutical antidepressant meds interact with serotonin, a neurotransmitter. While antidepressants are slow to show results, often taking a fortnight to a month, anecdotal depression stories and studies on animal models indicates that THC and non-psychoactive CBD take effect much more quickly.

Of course, rodent studies are no substitute to human studies, but the research gives scientists reason to spend time investigating the potential of cannabinoid medication in treating depression. The preclinical trials indicate that high-CBD, low-THC treatments could be efficacious, however preference and endocannabinoid chemistry also has a part to play.

Now let’s look at 7 excellent strains of marijuana for managing depression.

1) Harlequin

Some with depression find CBD most beneficial, while others like the mind-altering qualities of THC. Harlequin caters to the former with a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. In fact, smoking this strain won’t leave you feeling “high” in the traditional sense at all. Instead, expect to feel relaxed and in good spirits.

The reduced THC content in this strain is good for those who want to use cannabis at work. Also, novice cannabis users may want to start with a strain like Harlequin to ease themselves into the world of psychoactivity.

2) Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is similar to Pennywise, with its one-to-one ratio. No euphoria with this strain, but a calm mind and perky mood are in order. In small doses, you probably won’t notice any psychoactive effects, although the THC comes through somewhat if you consume bigger amounts. The average cannabis user will find Sour Tsunami a brilliant daytime strain.

3) Pennywise

Depression patients may like to try Pennywise, a strain famed for maximizing the entourage effect with its one-to-one CBD to THC ratio. Pennywise is an indica hybrid with moderate psychoactive effects and is perfect for daytime use.

Mild sedative effects are probable thanks to Pennywise’s indica traits, but it’s more likely to leave you slightly relaxed and totally couchlocked. You won’t feel sleepy, just at ease. For medically-minded cannabis users, the more nuanced psychoactive effects of this strain are welcome.

4) OG Kush

OG Kush is a legendary cannabis strain, perhaps the most famous ever. It’s known for its strong euphoric properties and is the sort of bud that guarantees good vibes. For that reason, it’s a go-to strain for those looking for a lift out of their depression.

For regular cannabis users, a high dose of OG Kush is the best way to enjoy its qualities. Beginners may be somewhat overawed by the high THC content, though, which can induce paranoia and anxiety – therefore, keep to low doses. OG Kush is most suitable for evening use.

5) Granddaddy Purple

Those with depression are often fatigued, and that is usually because of insomnia. Having a healthy sleep pattern is crucial for mental recovery, and high-THC cannabis strains such as Grandaddy Purple ensure that you get the shut-eye you require.

The potent sedative properties of this strain have been harnessed by depression and insomnia patients. It’s no surprise therefore that this strain is recommended for night-time use. Anticipate a powerful body high coupled with a mental boost.

6) Chocolope

Some depression sufferers say that their symptoms are akin to having the flu, and that the worsened mental state also leads to physical pain and chronic tiredness. For depression patients with the full set of symptoms, the THC-rich sativa-dominant Chocolope strain may be well-suited to you. It’s certainly a popular choice among depression circles.

The sativa effects produce a natural energy boost that increases happiness and wellbeing. The high-THC nature of Chocolope makes for an intense experience, and those who find THC anxiety-inducing in high doses might not take well to this strain. However, anyone can benefit from Chocolope by starting with small doses and carefully increasing them until you find the sweet spot.

7) Blue Dream

Blue Dream is comparable to OG Kush, with boast strains boasting huge THC concentrations. Considered one of the easiest strains to grow, Blue Dream’s delightful mix of indica and sativa is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs and depression patients.

Blue Dream is sure to give you a bout of the smiles and is the uplifting strain you need to get through a drawn out, dull day. For those who’ve lost their creativity, Blue Dream is the sort of cannabis that can help you recapture it.

Disclaimer: Please remember that this article is purely informational and should not be treated as medical advice. If you need specific advice about using cannabis to manage depression, consult a doctor, ideally one with cannabis expertise.

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