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7 cool pieces of cannabis equipment 

Want to take your cannabis experience to the next level? As the legal industry has developed, innovative manufacturers have come up with a range of exciting products, to speed up and simplify the process of rolling a joint, or making edibles. We’ve got several revolutionary devices to show you, including: 

  • An automatic joint roller 
  • A cannabutter machine 
  • A glass blunt 
  • Innovative 3-in-1 vaporizers
  • Bubblers 
  • Bluetooth-connected vapes 
  • Cannabis potency analysis devices 

The equipment featured in this post is compatible with both hemp and marijuana flower. In terms of using them, these are essentially the same. It’s only in the cannabinoids that there is a difference – hemp has lots of CBD; marijuana is stacked with THC. 

Automatic joint roller 

An automatic joint roller is almost certainly the invention of somebody who has tried – and failed! – repeatedly to roll a joint. For some, the art of rolling is as simple as can be, and they may have years of experience rolling joints. For others, it doesn’t matter how many guides they read or new techniques they try, their joints are still loose, and virtually unsmokable – that’s if they can even roll a joint at all. 

The automatic roller is perfect for those who cannot roll, and also for people just looking for high-quality joints on demand, with minimal effort. The Otto from Banana Bros is the leading product in this market right now. This device boasts awesome, one-touch simplicity. 

The Otto even grinds up the weed automatically. Just place the marijuana flower into the top of the device, and position a RAW paper cone at the bottom. Then just press the button, and wait for the Otto to work its magic. The grinder has sensors which determine the density and consistency of the flower being used. The Otto can grind clockwise or counterclockwise, and changes direction automatically, depending on what the sensors think is best. The speed of the grind also adjusts without any human input.

There’s a lot of talk these days about “the robots taking over”. Bet you never thought they would be able to roll the ultimate joint! 

Manual joint roller 

Don’t want to invest in a pricey automatic joint roller, but looking for a device to improve the quality of your joints? Manual joint rollers are available at a really low cost. They are easy to use, and will provide you with a smokable joint in just seconds. The only downside with these is that the joint will look more like a cigarette than a cone-shaped joint. 

Cannabutter machine 

Ready to make some edibles, but find the process too long, cumbersome or difficult? A cannabutter machine could make all the difference. With this device, you’re guaranteed to get quality, infused cannabutter time after time that can then be added to any recipe of your choice.

The most famous in this range is the MagicalButter Machine. While the makers of this product don’t specify that it’s for use with cannabis, preferring to talk about “herbal infusions,” nobody’s fooled about what this device is for! 

The MagicalButter Machine takes care of absolutely everything, from grinding up your hemp or marijuana flower, to heating, decarbing, stirring and steeping the extract, ensuring it comes out just right. With this machine, you can make infused butter, oil, cream, tincture oils, and more. For the marijuana enthusiast who wants to start making their own infused products, a device like this is a must-have in your kitchen. Not only will it save time, but it will likely be more cost-effective in the long run, too. Since the butter always comes out perfect, there’s no risk of a bad batch. 

Once you have cannabutter or an infused oil, there are so many recipes you can make. There are many cannabis-themed recipes online. And even if you can’t find the perfect one, as you can use the butter or oil in literally anything, there’s always room for experimentation. 

Glass Blunt 

Glass blunts have become more popular – but are they an expensive gimmick, or a necessity? Since most people still consume cannabis in joint or blunt form, there’s definitely a market for glass blunts, not least because – as we mentioned earlier – some people just can’t roll! As with the automatic joint roller, glass blunts resolve the issue of getting an enjoyable smoke. 

There are a few different glass blunts on sale, each with their perks and downsides. The ideal glass blunt is one that’s made with borosilicate glass, is easy to pack, and ideally doesn’t have the screw design which tends to be fiddly. 

Glass blunts are healthier than smoking a joint or blunt, as the only material burning and being inhaled is the plant. Companies like RAW have introduced safer rolling papers to the market in recent times, but nothing beats a smoke where no papers are needed whatsoever. As we all know, smoking isn’t the healthiest way of consuming cannabis. But for many, it’s their favorite way, or even the most therapeutic, thanks to the fast cannabinoid delivery. Glass blunts – or should we say “glunts” – help to make the smoking experience slightly safer, without detracting from the effects or flavor. For those reasons alone, this innovative piece of kit is a winner.  

3-in-1 vaporizer 

All new CBD and cannabis vapers have a question to ask themselves before they buy: which products do I actually want to vape? For those with no prior vaping experience, this can be a difficult question to answer, and one that incurs significant and unnecessary costs, as they rush to grab all the equipment and accessories they can find. Then it’s a case of trial and error, experimenting with different products and devices before settling on the perfect combination. 

But what if you didn’t need to do any of that? What if there was a vaping device that could handle dry herb, concentrates and e-liquids? Thankfully, now there are. And if you can’t find any of the heralded 3-in-1 devices, there are a plethora of 2-in-1 options to cover most vaping bases.

What’s more, 3-in-1 vaporizers aren’t even that expensive. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a solid device for under $100. 

What can I use in a 3-in-1 vaporizer?

E-liquids: Vape juices are great as you can choose from a range of strengths and flavors. Moreover, it’s easy to mix different e-liquids together, to enjoy a combination of effects. Some choose to do this with multiple CBD e liquids, others like to incorporate CBD or cannabis with their nicotine vape juices. With e-liquids, vapers have ample opportunity to experiment. 

Dry herb: Many vapers find dry herb the safest option when it comes to vaping, especially compared to THC vape cartridges. There are prescient safety concerns about psychoactive cannabis cartridges, and primarily those that are unregulated and not lab-tested. Marijuana flower is natural, and doesn’t contain any potentially risky carrier oils or other ingredients. Vaping dry herb also provides a classic, cannabis flavor, bringing the delicious terpenes to the fore, as opposed to artificial flavorings. 

Concentrates: Concentrates are typically more potent than e-liquids and dry herbs. This makes for a stronger high for recreational users, and extra therapeutic relief for medicinal users. Wax, shatter, crumble and crystals are among the most common CBD-rich and THC-rich concentrated products. 

Bluetooth-connected vaporizers 

Some vaporizers offer just a couple of temperature options – indeed, with vape pens, there may only be one temperature setting. But for CBD and cannabis vapers who want more control over their experience, a vaporizer that connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth is a great investment. Such a vaporizer is perfect for enthusiasts who want to learn more about the effects and flavors at various heat settings. It’s also great for vapers who know that they get a more efficient, economical and effective vape session when they can set the device to a particular temperature. For instance, perhaps your strain works best at a specific heat setting, because of how the cannabinoids and terpenes interact. With a Bluetooth-connected device, you can set your device to one-degree intervals.

A few brands are getting involved with these “smart” vaporizers, and they are at the upper end of the market. Some smartphone apps will have a range of settings, to give you a special type of experience. This may involve tweaking with the temperature settings mid-session, perhaps delivering a “boost” at various points. The PAX is renowned for this feature, which lets you relax and enjoy your vaping, while getting a better experience than normal.


Sometimes, a pipe can be a little bit too hot, as the smoke barely gets chance to cool before it’s inhaled. On the other hand, bongs greatly reduce smoke temperature, but can be a hassle to set up and maintain. A bubbler meets the two in the middle. These are still really easy to smoke from, like a pipe. However, a bubbler can hold a small amount of water in the bottom. This helps to cool down the smoke significantly before it’s inhaled. Therefore, you can take a much bigger hit with a bubbler than is possible with a regular pipe.

Bubblers tend to be really classy and stylish. They’re a great addition to any cannabis user’s collection. Moreover, bubblers are relatively easy to clean, and only need a small amount of water to operate. To use a bubbler, all you need is some delicious dry herb, and a gauze to place on the bowl. This stops any flower from falling into the bubbler itself.

Cannabis potency analyzers 

Cannabis potency analyzers are an absolute essential if you want peace of mind when using marijuana or hemp products. It’s now effectively a responsibility for comapnies to get their products tested by accredited laboratories. Brands that fail to do this risk losing out to competitors who better meet their customers demands for authenticity. However, for those who are still skeptical about these unregulated industries, a cannabis potency analyzer is an ideal way to test products for yourself.

These analyzers used to really expensive, but have become much more affordable. A standard device checks for CBD and THC content, and sends the report directly to your smartphone. A potency analyzer is really useful for those making homemade cannabis products, such as oils and edibles. There’s always the risk that you make an infusion that’s too strong, or too weak. With a testing kit, you can stay safer with homemade edibles and oils.

Final thoughts

There are lots of exciting cannabis-themed products on sale nowadays – and marijuana still isn’t federally legal in the United States. That is perhaps an indication that we can expect even more super cool cannabis equipment to hit the market over the next few years, transforming your weed experience further. See anything you like here? Why not invest in a glass blunt or high-tech vaporizer, and then try it out with some of the CBD products for sale at!  


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