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7 cannabis products to combat menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are one of the most frustrating pains that a woman faces, and the lack of treatment options has done little to help matters. But women no longer have to suffer and get on with it, thanks to medical cannabis. The key CBD and THC compounds can help to relieve pain in the uterus and reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. Here are seven great marijuana products to help get you through the pain.

1) Mary’s Medicinals 3:1 CBD to THC Vape

The anxiolytic properties of CBD promote a reduction in both stress and anxiety levels. During the phase of the months where you get bogged down by hormonal mood swings, the properties of CBD can be useful – as can this 3:1 CBD to THC vape pen manufactured by Mary’s Medicinals. This ratio of CBD to THC is ideal for reducing spasmodic brain signals. Furthermore, it allows patients to medicate with marijuana without experiencing a high.

2) Homemade THC tincture

You’d think that making a THC tincture would be incredibly complex, but the reality will leave you pleasantly surprised. All you require to make a potent, menstrual cramp-busting mix is some decarboxylated cannabis, high-proof alcohol and a strainer – ideally, cheesecloth.

Not got enough time to go through the thorough process? The Magical Butter machine or a similar pressure cooker is much quicker and far simpler, and it’ll still provide you with great marijuana oil.

However you choose to make your THC tincture, the final product will be easy to microdose with, which will help you find the perfect dosage for beating your cramps and uterus pains. The quickest way to get the cannabinoids from a THC tincture into your bloodstream is by dripping a few drops under your tongue with the dropper. If you consume the tincture like an edible, you could be waiting an hour or longer for relief.

3) Earthly Body Intensive Cream

CBD products derived from hemp are the ones that you see in all 50 states, and Earthly Body Intensive Cream is an excellent CBD cream to combat menstrual cramps. The muscle-relaxing qualities of CBD, the most important non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana, are extremely helpful, and liberal application of this cream across the back and lower torso is sure to soothe the pain.

Tackling localized pain with a cream or balm is often more effective than orally ingesting CBD via tinctures or edibles. CBD-only creams cannot make you high, and in addition to the pain relief that they bring, they help to improve the quality of the skin. An all-round fantastic cannabis solution.

4) Not Pot chocolates

Not Pot chocolates are also derived from the industrial hemp plant and contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. At this concentration, there’s not enough THC to get baked, meaning full focus is on the non-intoxicating cannabinoid, CBD. A favorite for treating anxiety and chronic pain, these chocolates are also great for tackling the piercing pain of menstrual cramps. And they taste great, too!

5) Whoopi & Maya Soak

Whoopi & Maya have developed a range of products specifically intended to treat the pain of menstrual cramps. Their Epsom salt-based bath soak may be the most impressive product in the line. The presence of THC encourages anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects, and helps to cut down the frequency of muscle spasms.

However, with just 25mg of THC per tub, there’s not much chance of getting stoned. Whoopi & Maya’s products are thought to contain more terpenes than other brands since the cannabis they use is sun-grown, not cultivated in a greenhouse. For those who aren’t keen on the pungent aroma, Whoopi & Maya also stock “fragrance-free” products.

6) Good, old-fashioned cannabis bud

Not keen on any of the new medical marijuana products? Good, old-fashioned cannabis bud can serve you just as well, especially now there are so many CBD-dominant strains to pick from. Now consumers have a choice of high-THC strains, high-CBD strains and strains with balanced levels of the two compounds. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to treat your menstrual cramps by sitting back and blazing a joint.

There are a few good strains for easing muscle pains, and therefore menstrual cramps – most of them are high in CBD. The two widely-available CBD Critical Mass strains have 1:1 and 1:2 CBD to THC ratios. Rare Dankness also cultivates a one-to-one strain called CBD Ox. If you would rather treat your pain by distracting yourself from it, then a high-THC strain like Critical Plus is up your alley, with its eye-popping 20% THC, 1% CBD profile.

7) Foria Vaginal Suppositories

Not everybody is a believer in “THC tampons,” although there are many anecdotal reports of users finding them helpful. The tampons sold by Foria Vaginal Suppositories have a THC to CBD ratio of 6:1. One would think that such a ratio would cause noticeable psychoactive effects for the user, but due to the cannabinoid concentrations, this is not the case.

Instead, the THC to CBD makeup is more likely meant to bring out the “entourage effect”, a synergistic reaction that boosts the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

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