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Marijuana Pills – How to Make Them and Why you Should use Them

Over the past few years, as marijuana legalization has allowed companies to come up with more innovative ways of administering the plant, cannabis capsules have boomed onto the market. And the early indications are that they could be the new and long-term way of bringing medical marijuana to patients. These are different to typical edibles and far healthier than smoking weed. So what makes these cannabis capsules different to other edibles, and why should you be taking them?


The cannabis capsules emerging at the moment are focussing on delivering a slow and extended release of CBD and THC. Whereas with smoking marijuana, the effects come quickly and subside after a few hours, the weed pills being created now can last for up to 12 hours, releasing a steady dosage of the cannabinoids into the body. The most high-tech capsules have two doses which release at separate times – the first takes effect immediately, while the other doesn’t start activating until four hours after ingestion.

The beauty of time-released cannabis capsules is that it makes marijuana much more accessible to those who have never tried it before, and wouldn’t know where to start. Descriptive labelling about the dosages and recommendations on how much you should be taking allows a non-marijuana user to get started with litvftle help. Moreover, if the marijuana is being administered in pill form, it’s very recognizable to patients, who will know all about taking pills, but perhaps nothing about smoking weed. Furthermore, a slow release ensures that a patient can be comfortable in the know that they’ll be getting a hit for a specific period of time. Weed pills are consistent, whereas marijuana is notorious for being inconsistent, especially if you aren’t sure which strain you’re buying.

It’s an exciting development, as you can see, and perhaps the way that marijuana can go from being an out-there form of medication, to one that doctors and physicians prescribe regularly. It’s a much safer of taking THC and CBD, and one that satisfies long-term marijuana users, and those who’ve never so much as picked up a joint.

Making Cannabis Pills
Some people are intimidated when it comes to making marijuana pills, but the reality is that it’s a very simple process. First off, you need to decide whether it’s CBD or THC that you want the most of, and then buy the right strain of cannabis accordingly. Perhaps research the symptoms that you have, and find out which cannabinoid is recommended for treatment. Since CBD isn’t psychoactive, you’re probably best off going for CBD-dominant strains at first, before searching out a more even ratio strain once you become accustomed to it.

You need to bake your cannabis before you can do anything with it, so take around 6 grams of weed and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 225 Fahrenheit. It should also be baked in an aluminum foil bowl.

Once the cannabis is baked, you can easily grind it into a powder which is then mixed in with coconut oil, or hemp seed oil if you prefer. For every six grams of cannabis that you bake, aim to mix in one tablespoon of oil. If you want a stronger capsule, use less oil, if you want a weaker one then use more.

After you’ve created the mixture, slow cook it for four or five hours to ensure all the ingredients are fully activated. Then carefully pour off your cannabis-infused oil into the capsules and seal them. Give them a few hours to dry before consumption, and refrigerate them to extend their life span.

Should I Take THC Capsules or Smoke Weed?
Some people are nervous about taking THC in any form due to the psychoactive effects and, due to the stronger doses often present in other pills, a few wonder whether they’re best off just smoking marijuana. It’s also important to note that the health issues surrounding marijuana are nowhere near as great as with tobacco. However, due to the immeasurable health benefits from going for THC pills over smoking, you should still seriously consider a move to cannabis capsules.

A common argument is that THC capsules are much more of a familiar way of medication to those who have never come into contact with cannabis before. Some people are turned off by smoking entirely, so marijuana pills certainly introduces them into the weed world in a much softer and friendly way.

One advantage that smoking does have over pills is that you can decide your dosage as you go. When smoking, it becomes clear rather quickly when you have had enough, and you can simply stop and put the rest back for later. However, due to the slower release with THC pills and other edibles, it’s easier to take too much. This is usually because you don’t know which dosage is right for you, or because you didn’t think you had taken enough first time around because the pills take longer to kick in. Whichever, with psychoactive THC, taking too much can be dangerous – which is why cluing up beforehand is vital in ensuring pleasant weed experiences.

However, THC capsules are far superior for those who want big doses of THC in a short space of time. For those needing a lot, smoking multiple joints or bowls can be time-consuming and off-putting. But if you know that one pill is going to sort you out for hours, you can go about your day without having to make time for your medication. In addition, there’s no strong smell with pills, making them more portable.

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the method which suits you best – everyone is different as we all have different bodies and certain ailments we’re trying to overcome. The important thing to know is that cannabis capsules offer a healthier and easier way to medicate your body with marijuana. So if you’ve had enough of smoking, make the change today!

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