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2-month-old girl becomes world’s youngest CBD patient

A 2-month-old CBD patient in Colorado is the youngest person ever to be treated with the herb. Amylea, from New Mexico, arrived with her family in the Centennial State in search of a suitable medication for her rare epilepsy, after all other anti-seizure treatments failed. Amylea’s parents, however, understood that the CBD compound found in hemp and marijuana may be able to help their daughter, and were determined to make the trip to Colorado to find out.

Another huge step for hemp CBD

The Nunez family were aware of Charlotte’s Web CBD-rich hemp oil, and how it could possibly treat Amylea’s condition – there are now countless stories of epileptic patients who have had enjoyed phenomenal results with CBD. Unfortunately, no New Mexico doctors were prepared to administer CBD treatment to Amylea, despite the fact that Charlotte’s Web, a form of CBD oil derived from the hemp plant, is legal in all 50 US states.

Furthermore, there was the possibility that child protection services would step in if Amylea’s parents went ahead and treated their daughter with Charlotte’s Web. But the family did not give up their fight to treat Amylea with a product that is safe and could help, and eventually the Children’s Hospital in Colorado agreed, providing that it was the parents who gave the extracts and not the doctors.

In a statement on the matter, Children’s Colorado said that exploring medical marijuana treatment is a “tough decision,” and that the hospital will “continue to provide care to these children” if the parents choose this route.

Was Amylea’s CBD treatment a success?

It didn’t take long for Charlotte’s Web to start producing remarkable results for Amylea. After just a fortnight of administering CBD, Amylea experiences seizures much less often, and when she does, they are nowhere near as severe as they used to be.

Amylea’s mother has noticed that Charlotte’s Web has helped to make Amylea more alert. Prior to CBD treatment, her daughter was unresponsive when she tried to interact with her.

Thankfully, the Nunez family were on the ball, and realized that there could be a treatment out there for Amylea that doctors wouldn’t initially think of. Many children with intractable epilepsy are benefitting from hemp-derived CBD oil, which is a much safer alternative to powerful pharmaceutical painkillers, which are often ineffective – they often only mask symptoms rather than treat the condition. Consistent use of strong pharmaceutical drugs in babies and toddlers can affect development in the brain and body.

Amylea can now enjoy a higher quality of life

Amylea’s Charlotte’s Web treatment continues to be a roaring success and Children’s Colorado are also showing more support than they did initially – they have started to sit in on the parents and, to some extent, are even getting involved. While it’s amazing that a child as young as two months is able to safely receive cannabinoid treatment, it’s also a victory for the wider movement – Amylea is enjoying a better quality of life thanks to a parent-led decision to try cannabinoid therapy.

We should make the distinction between hemp-based CBD oil and medical marijuana. While CBD can be extracted from marijuana, a plant that also contains significant quantities of psychoactive THC, it can also be obtained from hemp, which is high in CBD but low in THC. Children’s Colorado has decided to call Amylea’s treatment medical marijuana, however it’s completely unlike the marijuana that mainstream society knows about. All recreational strains are high in THC and typically very low in CBD.

Unlike medical marijuana derived from the cannabis plant, hemp-derived CBD is legal everywhere and can be purchased at grocery stores and health stores all over America. If you haven’t experimented with CBD, this efficacious treatment with few – and no serious – side effects is worth a shot.

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